Book II – Bandit, Chapter 10 – Treasure sword: Autumn Saver, and the immortal heiress

Dessa Chimes was screaming at the top of her lungs as she desperately ran across the trembling ground and zig-zagged in-between falling trees. Behind Dessa was a rampaging beast that had a large horn on its nose appearing super sharp and imperious. Its huge maw that was still biting through trees as it stomped around in rage. The beast was the size of an elephant and had a major attitude.

Level 5 Vicious Baku!

In the trees, 10 meters above the girl and the beast, Jodye Trill landed lightly on a thick branch. He pondered to himself while observing the rampaging monster, “The Baku feed off of negative emotions such as fear, and are able to use a unique dream curse. They are similar to fiends in this aspect. This weak and tiny Baku is trying to play her to death. Once she passes out from fear, it will eat her dream and devour her soul force, becoming more powerful.”

Jupiter had memories of seeing terrifying Demon Baku, far more fearsome than this Vicious Baku. Besides, the Baku were very vulnerable to soul attacks. This level 5 Vicious Baku may have a dangerous 245 points of battle power, but Jodye’s current Serene Stare soul attack was strong enough to penetrate peak-level spiritual awareness. This Baku merely possessed a spiritual sense. Unfortunately, there was a large horn blocking the eyes on this magical creature. Jodye briefly considered fighting it out with this Vicious Baku by using the Baleful Glaive, but he changed his mind in the end.

His Serene Stare would be a risky move, as he had to make eye contact for it to work. However, Jodye felt something magical every time he used Serene Stare. The laws of serenity were mystical, and this illusion technique seemed to use an abstract principle of these laws to invade the soul and put it totally at peace. It made its victims calm and tranquil, like a frozen lake. Jodye knew that if he could fully comprehend this principle, his serenity laws would advance to the next level. As would his Cosmic Vision Scripture.

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“ROAR!!” Jodye Trill let out a loud shout from the branch he was on. The Baku immediately turned its head and spotted Jodye. It quickly switched targets and demolished the tree Jodye was in forcing him to run down the trunk, before jumping up above the Vicious Baku. The Baku glanced at this foolish human who overestimated his own speed gliding over his head. Just when the Baku was about slice Jodye in half with its horn, it suddenly focused in on his deep blue eyes, one of which seemed to shine with a dim blue light.

Serene Stare!

Jodye Trill flipped in the air and landed directly in front of the cowering Dessa Chimes, hoisting her up onto his shoulder.

“What’s up kiddo. No time to talk, we’re leaving,” as Jodye finished speaking, he was already dashing towards the way he came from.

“Mister… Mr. Jupiter? Ah!” Dessa Chimes previously had her eyes closed this whole time, pitying her insignificant strength and awaiting her gruesome fate. By the time she realized that she had not been squished, impaled, nor eaten, Jodye had already run for 50 meters. Upon smelling that familiar scent, she suddenly lost her mind and screamed, “MR. JUPITER, I FOUND YOU! I looked every~ where for you, you have NO idea.”

“Indeed, it is truly shocking that you’ve lived to make it this far. Merely, isn’t it I who found you?” Jodye Trill smiled over his shoulder as he carried the girl through the forest. After running for 8 entire kilometers, Jodye took to the trees for another 10 kilometers before finally stopping on a thick branch overlooking the wastelands ahead. He tossed Dessa on to her bum abruptly. Crossing his arms he looked into her azure eyes and spoke sternly, “You are stronger then you were before. How?”

“Ow, ow…oh…well~…um, my mommy made me memorize the scriptures of her Chimes family and the prayers of my Barong family,” Dessa Chimes puffed her growing chest out and spoke with pride, “Uncle Wyven also let me borrow his treasured sword. One night, a few days ago, it spoke to me and taught me in my dreams! When I woke up, I was a saint!

“It… spoke? The sword?” Jodye Trill was caught off guard. A treasure sword that could speak? This could mean only a few things, and many of them were bad. Jodye frowned, then silently begin to circulate the titanic rage law and activated his mind’s eye before speaking, “Present your sword to this sovereign.”

Dessa Chimes stood up in excitement, and lifted her palm up towards the sky, as she called out, “Autumn Saver!”

There was a flash of radiance, and the treasure sword flew out of a small sword hieroglyph on the back of her left hand. The sword was a four feet long, sleek, and elegant masterpiece. Six dim wood element runes were going down the center of the sword. Jodye immediately wrapped the sword up in his divine sense, before sending his perception inside to probe. He just wouldn’t believe any sword that Dessa could subdue with her frail soul would be able to overpower his divine sense.

He was right.

To Jodye’s shock and amazement, this sword had a mental space! That meant that this sword had a real consciousness, it was alive!

“Godly Armament, Godly Armament, no f****** way. How cool is this?” Godly Armaments were the intrinsic treasures of high-level Saints. When their natal-weapons reached a certain plateau these weapons would evolve into sentient beings with their own cultivation. These weapons were made directly from an immortal expert’s dao! How crazy was that? Not just anyone could have a dao, after all. Jodye was now very interested in meeting this so-called Autumn Saver, “Hello, is anyone here??”

Jodye tried to use his soul force to establish a telepathic link with the sword. He knew that the sword was open to communicating since his divine sense faced no resistance upon entering the sword. A drowsy voice that gave Jodye an ancient and lofty feeling appeared in his mind.

“So young… but such a vibrant… soul… and life force… are you truly… a hero? No… but this is the dao of the heavenly slaughter race?… Is it not… Strange. How…?” said the voice in a low drawl, pausing frequently. Its pitch was everywhere, at times it was low while at times it was high.

“Is it not a bit rude to ask questions before introductions are done?” asked Jodye Trill, slightly annoyed.

“You’re source spirit…is like a disordered flame. It is…a wonder that you are even… conscious. Do you even… remember… yourself?” said the voice of the Autumn Saver. The more it spoke, the clearer its voice became, although it continued its strange speech pattern. Likely it had not spoken for a very long time. “As for my name, it was the first thing you heard when I appeared.”

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“This…” Jodye Trill had never imagined that Autumn Saver would be capable of seeing through him to such an extent. He realized that although this sword wasn’t hostile towards him, it definitely was not at a disadvantage.

The soul of this treasured sword was powerful!

Jodye chose to be transparent as he was already being seen through, “Indeed, my memories are broken. I’m not sure what happened.”

“How curious. As a Sage, shouldn’t your source artifacts be able to help you stabilize your source spirit?” asked the ancient voice of Autumn Saver.

“Sage? Am I a sage?” Jodye Trill was dumbstruck. Of course! As a hero with concepts programmed into his mind, how could he be anything but a sage? He felt utterly stupid for not utilizing this fact. With one less worry, Jodye got down to the real questions, “So there was this route all along, haha, excellent indeed. Perhaps the truth is close at hand. Tell me, my friend, why is it that you chose Dessa as your companion? Is there something special about the girl?”

Jodye could feel positive feelings flooding over from their telepathic link after he used the phrase “my friend,” apparently this ancient treasure had truly been too lonely. The treasured sword was quiet for around a minute, before speaking to Jodye in a much more steady voice and tone, “I was once the Godly Armament of the legendary immortal sage, Autumn Rose. We traveled the vast cosmos together, until the day she sacrificed her life for love.”

Jodye could clearly sense a strong vibe of malice when Autumn Saver mentioned sacrificing for love, making the former a little tense. Jodye suddenly had a bad premonition as the sword continued, “This child has an aura that is 70% similar to my previous master… as well as my master’s hollow souls. This allowed me… to imprint my treasured seal on her source spirit. We are now one, and in the future, I will become her godly armament.”

‘How lucky,’ thought Jodye Trill. No matter what, suddenly being gifted a divine class weapon and inheritance, what kind of great luck and destiny did Dessa have on her frail shoulders? Had her karmic wheel completed a cycle, making her dharma evolve? Was her last life so full of strife? Of course, if her last life was truly that of an immortal, then perhaps so. To Jodye’s complete joy, the feeling of malice soon vanished.

“My master’s famous combat soul…was actually a lucky chance. However, this child is born with such a soul. Her potential is…endless. I was wary of such an… emotion taking root in this new host… however, you are so young. Your bravery should not be… a facade,” said the voice of Autumn Saver. “I will pass you a Worldly Saint Scripture39Worldly Saint ScriptureSaint Path mental cultivation method for refining and reproducing true worldly essence. . Dessa is… blessed. Your soul fluctuations are… similar to her own. I hope that you… will help Dessa to become… strong… sooner…”

As the sword’s words ended, a stream of information invaded Jodye’s mind, before his divine sense was ejected from Autumn Saver’s mental space. Jodye’s tense face finally eased into a slight smile, causing the nervous wreck that had been Dessa to suddenly relax. She was beginning to fear that the young master had found a problem with her sword.

Jodye Trill’s face turned solemn as he stared into the dark horizon. The ocean of stars over the wastelands gave him a harmonious feeling. Dessa Chimes admired her Autumn Saver behind him, while she watched as he pondered deeply in silence for a few breaths of time. Jodye Trill was currently reconsidering what he would teach Dessa. According to the treasure sword, Autumn Saver, she had far more potential than he had initially assumed. It was maybe more magnificent than even his own!

Jodye also had to figure out how he could activate his source artifact. However, he had a strong feeling that he would be able to as soon as the energy requirements were met. Jodye had always been aware that his body didn’t feel to be in its peak condition. Unfortunately, as he was still unfamiliar with the hero body, he could only move forward until he found the time and space to study.

Jodye turned around and looked Dessa in her azure eyes, suddenly having a crazy idea for the second time. Except for this time, there was a floating treasure sword that made so many things more possible.

“Dessa Chimes, would you like to become this Sovereign’s Right-Hand?”

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