Chapter 63: Middle Stage Spiritual Body

“Boss, this person had comprehended the White Tiger Sword Intention. Furthermore, he’s only in the 1st layer of Four Constellation Realm. If it wasn’t because…” Xiao Jiao’s eyes were filled with anger.

“If it wasn’t because of what?” Mo Wentian frowned

“If it wasn’t because his sword intention had reached the 2nd layer, I will definitely be able to beat him up!” Xiao Jiao replied in a rage as she looked at Mo Wentian.

“2nd layer of sword intention!” Mo Wentian’s eyes were filled with radiant. White Tiger Sword intention, furthermore, he used it in the East Barbarian Mountain Range. It was very obvious as to who this person was to Mo Wentian; Yuan Tianmo.

“2nd layer of sword intention? I would like to see what qualifications you possess to actually vie over my stuff!” The corner of Mo Wentian’s mouth curled up.

It would have been better off if Yuan Tianmo had escaped. But since he had stayed inside the East Barbarian Mountain Range, it would be better off finishing him here so as to avoid leaving behind a hidden danger to the Mo Family.

“Do you know where this person had gone?” Mo Wentian turned around and inquired coldly.

“That direction!” Xiao Jiao pointed towards the depths of East Barbarian Mountain Range.

“It’s actually the depths of East Barbarian Mountain Range!” Mo Wentian inhaled deeply. East Barbarian Mountain Range was the biggest mountain range outside of East Sword City. There were 3rd rank demon beasts existing at the core region of the mountain range.

In addition, there was also a rumour stating that in the deepest part of East Barbarian Mountain Range, there existed a 4th rank demon king!

“Unexpectedly, he had gone in. Then I shall let the Heaven Dragon Grass stay with him momentarily!” After harrumphing once, Mo Wentian’s gaze fell onto the ravine. A series of trembles could be felt from the ravine. The devil ape had turn frantic after losing two of it’s spiritual herb. A terrifying demonic qi surged forward from the whole ravine.

“Boss, it’s better if we leave. I’m afraid this devil ape had already turned crazy!”

Xiao Jiao crawled over to Mo Wentian’s side and spoke timidly while staring at the ravine.

“Indeed, it had turned crazy!” Mo Wentian smiled nonchalantly. Wasn’t it better if it had turned crazy? His Sword Break Heaven power weren’t weak either. If the person before him just now was a Four Constellation Realm Sword Master, the swordmaster might have already been… Dead!

Although the devil ape had yet to die, he was still gravely injured by Mo Wentian. The devil ape’s fighting strength had already been greatly reduced. In addition, it was releasing so much demonic qi currently. So long as he waited for a period of time, that devil ape would inevitably sink into an extremely weak stage.

“Boss, you’re trying to say…” Xiao Jiao’s eyes brightened up.

“Although Heaven Dragon Grass is very precious, the essence blood of this 3rd rank devil ape is not anyway less valuable than the Heaven Dragon Grass!” Mo Wentian laughed out once outside the ravine before waiting quietly.

15 minutes, 30 minutes…

The ravine finally quietened down after an hour.

“Let’s go!”

Mo Wentian called out to Xiao Jiao after sensing the aura in the ravine had grown weak. Both of them entered the ravine. The inside of the ravine was already in ruins. The cold pond had been covered up by debris and the dense spiritual qi had completely vanished. A paradise had been turned into ruins by the devil ape craziness.

“This idiot had actually destroyed such a good location!” Xiao Jiao’s eyes were filled with anger.

If this place was given to him, he would have become a 3rd rank demon beast or might even advance even further!

“Devil ape!” Finally, Mo Wentian and Xiao Jiao saw the devil ape in the depths of the ravine. They saw the devil ape lying on the floor and it’s body was filled with blood. Two deep scars that bore straight down to the devil ape bones could be seen on it’s chest. It was extremely shocking!

“Boss, this was done by you?” Xiao Jiao couldn’t help but voiced out when she saw the injuries.

“Heh heh heh… Do you want to have a test of it?” Mo Wentian smiled sinisterly.

“Boss is formidable. Xiao Jiao will never want to try it…” Xiao Jiao retreated immediately. She looked at Mo Wentian in fear. Even the devil ape had been beaten to this form by Mo Wentian. If that sword move from Mo Wentian had landed onto her body, wouldn’t she be…

“Boss, is this big thing dead?” Xiao Jiao suddenly grew excited when her gaze fell onto the devil ape body.

“Be careful!” It was at this moment, Mo Wentian cried out.

At the next moment, the devil ape suddenly stood up. It’s big fist smashed onto the location Xiao Jiao was at ruthlessly.

“Bam!” The ground trembled. Xiao Jiao stared at the devil ape angrily. However, she didn’t dare to advance a step as she stared at the devil ape closely. Her eyes were filled with restraining fear. A gravely injured devil ape was still something Xiao Jiao couldn’t be able to contend against.

“Awoh awoh awoh…” When the devil ape saw Mo Wentian and Xiao Jiao, it lamented. It’s big devil eyes were filled with anger. When the devil ape saw Xiao Jiao, it had a rough idea of where it’s spiritual herb had gone!

“Awoh awoh awoh…” It was as if she had recalled something as a Ice Marrow Grass appeared on Xiao Jiao’s hand. She flaunted complacently towards the devil ape.

“Awoh awoh awoh…” The anger on the devil ape eyes soared. It wanted to stand up but at the next moment, he collapsed back down.

“Howl!” Xiao Jiao grew even more complacent when she saw the devil ape had fallen down. She nipped on the Ice Marrow Grass as she crawled towards the devil ape arrogantly.

“This brat…” Mo Wentian looked at the scene with amazement. Subsequently, he grabbed onto Xiao Jiao’s tail and flung her out ruthlessly.

“Bam!” Xiao Jiao rammed onto the wall, producing an acute noise.

“Awoh awoh awoh…” Xiao Jiao stood back up from the ground as she grimaces in pain while looking at Mo Wentian. But at the next moment, Xiao Jiao grew excited.

“Little brat, quickly consume the Ice Marrow Grass. If you don’t want it, return it back to me…”

“Awoh awoh awoh…” Xiao Jiao bit onto the Ice Marrow Grass and retreated rapidly. The way she acted seemed as if she was afraid that Mo Wentian would snatch the Ice Marrow Grass back.

“Heh heh heh…” Mo Wentian couldn’t help but turn cheerful. Subsequently, his ice-cold gaze fell onto the devil ape’s body. The devil ape stared back at Mo Wentian. It’s eyes were filled with turbulence and anger.

“Devil ape, don’t blame me. Today, if my cultivation level was abit lower, I will inevitably die under your devil palm. Now that you are gravely injured, I shall devour you and walk to the apex!”

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Mo Wentian muttered to himself. After which, he struck at the devil ape’s forehead.

“Devouring Heaven God Art, devour!”

“Buzz buzz buzz…”

The formidable attraction force extended out from Mo Wentian’s body. The aura on Mo Wentian’s body instantly rose drastically.

“Awoh awoh awoh…”

The devil ape bellowed. It wanted to resist but at the next moment, the devil ape felt that the essence qi on it’s body was disappearing crazily.


It uttered a miserable cry before collapsing onto the ground gradually.

The aura on Mo Wentian gradually grew stronger and the rumbling essence qi surged into Mo Wentian’s body crazily.

“Hong long long…”

The nine sword jade revolved crazily as a series of formidable essence qi entered Mo Wentian’s body. Meanwhile, Mo Wentian’s physique grew stronger drastically.


Shocking vitality surged out from Mo Wentian’s body. After absorbing the devil ape’s essence qi, Mo Wentian’s physique had finally rose to the Middle Stage Spiritual Body.

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“So strong!” Mo Wentian’s eyes were filled with radiance after opening them up. The Middle Stage of Spiritual Body. The current Mo Wentian’s physique was as strong as a middle stage spiritual weapon. If he was to encounter the devil ape again, he would no longer need to be so passive. Mo Wentian could even rely on his physique and confront against the devil ape.

“My cultivation had also reached the 3rd layer of Leaving Sword Realm!” Mo Wentian smiled before standing back up unhurriedly. His harvest for the expedition this time was extremely huge. Excluding the Ice Soul Flood Dragon, his breakthrough for his undying body had already allowed Mo Wentian’s strength to grow by several times. Now that his undying spiritual body had reached the middle stage, he would possess the ability to fight against Four Constellation Realm Sword Master!

“If my cultivation could advance to the pinnacle of Leaving Sword Realm, my fighting strength would be equivalent to a 3rd or 4th layer Four Constellation Realm Sword Master!”

Just as Mo Wentian was about to consolidate his cultivation, a dragon cry resonated out and a light blue flood dragon soared up the sky. The might from the Flood Dragon body was extremely powerful. It was vast and suppressing.

“Howl…” When the howl resonated out, all the demon beast within the mountain range shivered as they prostrated onto the ground.

3rd rank demon beast! Ice Soul Flood Dragon had successfully breakthrough to the 3rd rank demon beast. The current Ice Soul Flood Dragon was several times stronger than when Mo Wentian met it.

“Boss, I had broken through to the 3rd rank!”

An excited voice rang out within Mo Wentian’s mind. At the next moment, the Flood Dragon that was above the sky rapidly shrunk and returned back into a piece of mini snake before crawling onto Mo Wentian’s shoulder!

“Not bad!” Mo Wentian nodded his head with a smile.

“Boss, I felt that my strength had increased ten folds. Currently, if I’m to face against the devil ape, I will definitely be able to smash him into smitten!” Xiao Jiao crawled onto Mo Wentian’s shoulder and cheered excitedly.

“So strong!” Mo Wentian’s eyes flashed. The devil ape’s strength was already close to the middle stage of 3rd rank. Xiao Jiao had just broken through. It could be counted as pretty decent if she could contend against an ordinary Four Constellation Realm Sword Master. Yet, it seemed like she was already able to contend against a 3rd layer Four Constellation Realm Sword Master!

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"The aura of an ancestral artifact!" Someone's voice rose in surprise.
The Great Galactic Era had begun.

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