Chapter 510 – Tasks and Errands

§ The princess kept throwin’ me suspicious glances throughout the day. At a guess, I’d say I caused it whenever I left her wonderin’ exactly how I would know this or that about her. But I couldn’t come out and explain the reason, because for now, at least until we could get that woman from ancient times into play, I ...

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Accepting that I am just not going to get my full health back quickly, I've decided to maintain one chapter per week for the rest of March. The next two postings will be March 20 and March 27. I'll resume 2 per week starting April 3.

My issues are my usual health issues complicated by a nagging cold that keeps putting me on my back for whole days at a time. I would think it was 'long covid' except I never tested positive for covid.

Once I get a one or two chapter stock built up, I will feel more confident about going back on a two chaps per week schedule.

So yeah. Training arc over. This begins the wrap up chapters for this volume. Basically, the next several (the end of the volume) are setup of next volume, but not passive stuff. We're done with that.

By the way, the fortress design I described in this chapter is called a 'Star Fortress' or 'Bastion Fortress', if one is inclined to learn more. It's basically what replaced castles as gunpowder became more prevalent in warfare. There are even things referred to as 'star cities' in Europe, in which entire towns were built within such battlements.

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