SIDE: Monica’s Story 3

The former Duke quietly listened as I recounted the events that happened thus far.

There were no commoner’s things inside the luxurious carriage. I held back because I was dripping wet, but the owner told me that it was absolutely okay so I am now sitting inside facing him. He lent me a towel and I am truly grateful for it.

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“Monica-san, right? What do you think?”

“Think, about what?”

His Grace finally uttered something, looking straight at me with intense, sharp eyes.

“About Gilbert-kun. What do you think of him as Meryl’s boyfriend? I would like to hear your opinion as a woman, not as a member of the Eisler family.”


It is as what Meryl’s father have said. It seems that Meryl is really important to His Grace, that he is curious about the man who snatched his granddaughter. It doesn’t matter to him that he (Gil) is from the Kralvane family. But then, although his Grace is of a much higher rank, it may not be a problem for him from the start.

“If I may say . . . Well, he is a man who is madly in love ‘in a good sense’?”

Although I emphasized that it was good, His Grace still wrinkled his eyebrows at the words that do not usually appear in conversations. Since he silently urged me to continue, I could only continue while keeping a smile on my face.

“But I think you could understand what I mean, Your Grace. First, as a higher ranking noble as yourself, you were looked upon by families with lower rank, right? I think he was also like that. And I do not think he liked it.”

Rather than that, I think he really thought that way. I could empathize with that feeling of being looked at even if you don’t want to, even though I am an inconspicuous “Eisler”. It is still unpleasant even if he is accustomed to it. As if convincing himself that “it can’t be helped”, he just tolerated it.

“Since he is a magician from the prestigious Kralvane family, he was especially looked at in the academy. Although he did not cause any problems, I heard that he always had that bored, expressionless face. If he was a condescending person, it may have been different.”

In the first place, anyone can enroll in the academy regardless of their origin, but at the same time, everyone will be equally received. No prestigious person or high-ranking noble is even allowed to be accompanied by a servant. And then there’s the dormitory system wherein there are two occupants in a room. It seems that freshmen who boast about their family causing problems is an annual event. However, Kralvane-senpai did not make a fuss about such matter but instead, was able to establish friendship with his roommate. He did not bring up his social standing that is why he is able to build such a relationship. He must have started to have a “bored, expressionless face” at that time. From the start, his facial muscles are already stiff.

His Grace must have understood him a little. His expression became a little calm and again, silently prompted me.

“Because he is handsome, he was popular with the women. However, it did not went well. Since only those who want him as a ‘Kralvane’ flocked to him, it seems that he had no genuine love affair at all. Well, this is common in the noble society.”

“Haha, you’re harsh.”

“……I’m sorry for being rude. But it is important to think about the having connection with other families, right? However, it did not work because he did not want it to happen at the academy. Perhaps he gave up the love affairs.”

Remembering that the person in front of me is also a nobleman, I lowered my head at the two people who were smiling bitterly. [T/N: Two people . . . I think that’s the Duke and the servant.] I received an almost proper education once, so I want to beg forgiveness for thinking like a commoner.

“Err, I’ll continue. I cannot explain it in detail, but he and Meryl actually met on a certain circumstance. He ‘had to be in a love affair’ with Meryl.”

“Had to? You mean, she was forced?”

“That’s right. Meryl was also very reluctant at first. But he was like an oracle. Because she did not ‘deny’ herself to fall in love. I did not tell Meryl this, but that girl’s taste is perfect.”

I smiled when the memories surfaced. I remembered it well what happened four years ago. His pursuit of Meryl was not a happy situation. He was like a dog chasing after his master. That person was shaking his tail. When I mentioned some events that happened in those days, whether it was connected to that handsome man, the two of them titled their heads in confusion and had a questioning look.

“I guess for him, he finally found the woman he is destined to be with in Meryl. He pursued Meryl with complete devotion and now, he got her. I may seem to be rambling right now, but from my point of view, there is no one in this world who can love Meryl more than that man.”

Perhaps no man will ever appear who will love Meryl more than Senpai.

I know it because I have been watching as her roommate. She even accepted the possibility of becoming a “birthing tool” of his family. She loved him so much that she refused to leave him.

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……If her relatives can be of assistance, then I can’t help but take action. Because I want Meryl to be happy.

Perhaps with thoughts more complicated than mine, His Grace stared at me and drew a deep sigh. He thought of his only granddaughter who lived in a dormitory for a long time and developed a romantic relationship with a man. They were also dating with the intention of marriage. That really sounded complicated.

Without a care for its passengers, the horse-drawn carriage shook for a while then stopped. Before long, a voice from outside announced. “We have arrived at the Kralvane house.”

“……You can identify him since you are acquainted with him. Are you sure he is now in this mansion?”

“Yes. If you believe in our information, that is.”

In an exaggerated manner, His Grace smoothed his clothes with a wry smile. I cannot see any signs of weakness in his old body.

Everyone was getting off the door that the coachman opened, when the gate shaped like a rose opened up.


Of course, we did not inform them of this visit. We could not do so at that time. Because of the bad weather, it was impossible for the gatekeeper to see us, so I could not imagine that someone will pick us up……

“……Huh? You’re Meryl’s roommate.”

“Eh? Kralvane-senpai?”

As soon as the gate opened, I heard a gentle, low voice. The one who unexpectedly appeared was Senpai, who wore a rain coat. Today, there was no evening party which he needs to attend, so I did not expect him to go out in this bad weather.

“What is it? Do you have a business with me?”

“Well, yes. Are you going somewhere, Senpai?”

Covering me with a cloak, he smiled bitterly, embarrassment on his golden eyes.

“Rather than going out, I will not return here anymore. I going to do it.”

“Huh?! Eh, please wait. This is your family house, right?”

When I raised my voice in surprise, he shrugged his shoulders a little and smiled.

“I decided to leave the Kralvane house.”

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