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With neither confusion nor hesitancy to say, Senpai’s one sentence made us stop in our tracks. Leaving the house…… With the way he said it, he probably does not mean going out on an outing or going back to the school district.

“What do you . . . mean?”

“Mean? It is just what I said.”

I haven’t heard anything from my contact person in this place. When I looked at him while making sure that my voice did not shake, Gilbert Kralvane replied in his usual tone. He should know as a noble’s heir, there is no way that they would easily let him go.

Under the continuing rain, before I could decide what to say, I saw some people chasing after him. “Wait.” A somewhat formidable-looking, blue-silver haired woman who looks so much like him called out to him strongly. A tall man rushed over as if chasing after them had a wry smile on his face.

……Guessing from their age and facial features, they must be Senpai’s parents. In other words, the Viscount and Viscountess of Kralvane. Although he was addressed by someone else who was not afraid of getting wet by the rain, Senpai turned a deaf ear.

It seems we came at a wrong time.

I do not mind waiting under the shelter of the rain coat, but an important person is waiting behind me. Moreover, with the roof of the carriage barely keeping out the rain, this is an extremely rude situation. To make him wait more than this, although he visited suddenly, I wish they could be a little reserved.

“I am sorry for interrupting, but I wonder if we can talk?”

“Oh? And who might you be?”

The mother and son kept on glaring at each other, and when I addressed Senpai’s father who is slightly far away, he gently smiled. He does not quite resemble Senpai, but he is tall. Maybe that’s what he inherited from his father.

While avoiding the rain, I took out my pendant and presented it, and made a curtsy.

“Nice to meet you. I am Monica Eisler.”

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“……Eisler, you say?”

Then, Senpai’s mother finally noticed me and entered the discussion. Senpai also…… Ah, no, he only looked surprised, as if saying, “Ah, that name.” Notice my family name, you blockhead.

“We haven’t done anything troubling that would reach ‘Her Majesty’s ears’, but is something the matter?”

“No, I did not come here to represent the Eisler family but rather, I have a personal business with Senpai this time. Right, Senpai?”

When I sent Senpai a signal, the handsome man looked hesistant for a moment but then changed his expression into a meek one and nodded his head. After confirming our identities, Senpai’s mother immediately called out the servants who had been waiting behind her and showed us into the mansion.

“……Hey, roommate. Did something happen to Meryl?”

Following them while choosing a path with less puddles, Senpai approached me and asked, still having that meek expression. Ah, that face, he wasn’t able to read the atmosphere I created a while ago?

“It’s Monica. Please remember my name. There is no problem at the moment, but it depends more or less on Meryl’s relatives. If you want to leave your house, please do so later.”

“……Got it.”

With a complicated, sour expression, Senpai went running after the servants leading us. Really, I wonder if all he thinks about is Meryl…… That was a foolish question.

Passing the opened big double doors, we entered the noble’s mansion’s somewhat small salon. The structure feels vintage but every nook and corner was carefully maintained, and it still has elegance to it despite the subdued color.

The servants quickly provided large towels for everyone, and the parlour we were showed in was warmed by a lit fireplace. Hmp, it seems they have trained their servants well. Thanking them, “We will get you a hot drink immediately,” they said before leaving. I went towards the sofa they offered . . . But there’s already a guest seated there.

This person is……

It was a man with slightly stern face that closely resembled Senpai and his mother. Although he seems to be a little older than His Grace, he is dressed in high-quality clothes and is sitting in good posture, his back not a bit stooped. The two staffs on both of his hands do not look like crutches, so those were probably symbols of his authority.

Is he the former Viscount of Kralvane?

Therefore, he is Senpai’s grandfather. If I’m not mistaken, the current and the former Viscount were “nobles”. His frown deepened he saw Senpai, so I must be right. When he glanced at us, his sharp eyes narrowed, making him look like scowling.

“I’m sorry for making you wait, Father. We have a guest, one of ‘Her Majesty’s ear’.”

“I am honored to meet you. I am Monica Eisler.”

At Senpai’s mother’s introduction, I properly dropped a curtsy instead of a simple one. Although I don’t appear soaked, I don’t think I made a mistake. And yet, I was treated lightly as if I was truly bothersome. When I introduced my self, he did not even stand up.

Uwaa, is this a “noble-sama” mentality? The viscount has guts. I am not a noble, but doesn’t he know that the Queen receives whatever we report? From now on, I will strictly monitor this area, you old geezer.

I was a little infuriated, but because Senpai’s mother apologized, I could only bow while keeping my emotions in check.

The reason why Senpai hates being a nobleman was probably because his relatives were watching him closely. It was very different from His Grace.

I was smiling as I thought of such things, when Senpai move forward one step ahead of his mother.

“They are going to discuss something important. I am sorry to impose upon you, Grandfather, but will you give them your seat?”

“Are they going to discuss to me something troublesome?”

“Yes, it is about an obstacle. Like the problems caused by the elderly.”

Tension filled the air when the frankly exchanged conversation ended. Senpai really hate this person more than I expected. His sharp golden eyes were tinged with contempt and bloodlust that is inherent to magicians. His mother tried to chastise him but her hand upon seeing his cold eyes. There is no way out in a noble family.

On the contrary, his magician father tried to diffuse the tension but it seems everyone did not hear him.

“Uhm, Senpai, your grandfather can stay on his seat. We don’t mind.”

When I tried to help Senpai’s father, four eyes stared at me contemptuously. Leaving aside the old man, do not glare at me, Senpai!

“I beg your pardon, Your Grace. It seems that we came at a bad time.”

“No, don’t blame your self. It is not your fault that you had to bring me here in this bad weather.”

When I stealthily peeked behind me, His Grace, along with his manservant, was rubbing a towel on himself. He has been quietly watching the situation with a gentle smile all this time.

……However, his gentle eyes were not laughing at all; instead, they have a harsh glint.

Meryl…… I am doing my best, okay……?

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Trapped in a situation wherein there is a disturbance in front of me and behind me, my stomach ached.

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