SIDE: Monica’s Story 5

The sound of the fire burning at the fireplace strangely sounded loud.

Even though the room is warm, there is a freezing atmosphere between Kralvane-senpai and his grandfather and we could only watch them, our backs breaking in a cold sweat.

Surprisingly, it was the Senpai who made a move first.


He sighed and went towards his grandfather. While I was guessing on what he was going to do, he laid his hands on the leather sofa across his grandfather and deliberately carried it. It seems pretty heavy at a first glance and with steady steps, he came back to me.

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“My apologies for showing you an unsightly scene. There is also a fireplace in the living room. We may talk over there.”

“I, I do not mind. . . but why the sofa?”

“Because there are not enough seats”

Yeah, but I still do not think it’s necessary for you to carry it. You’re going to be the next lord, at least ask a servant to do it.

When I acknowledged him, Senpai led the way. There was no hesitation in his appearance; he was rather composed. Surprisingly, this person has muscular strength.

I knew him for four years but his unpredictability has never changed at all. It’s good that he became Meryl’s lover.

“Wait, Gilbert. I’m still not done talking.”

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Naturally, his grandfather is still mad, and Senpai’s parents were flabbergasted at their son’s behavior. However, Senpai is well-known to us academy students for being an unstoppable man.

After seeing both sides, I made a curtsy at his angry grandfather and, together with His Grace and his manservant, followed Senpai and left the parlour. From the start, it was only Senpai whom we wanted to see and, at least, he is better than his grandfather.

“……I think it would be better if we put up a soundproof barrier.”

When I ran to Senpai and whispered in his ear, he looked at me with shrewd eyes, smiling wryly.

“You are going to become involved if you tell me troublesome things. If you are truly an ‘Eisler’, then you already had investigated my grandfather.”

“……Well, I am truly an Eisler so I already did.”

I also let a dry laugh at my own words.

Kralvane family . . . No, I am confident that I have investigated more than Senpai, Meryl’s lover. The reason for doing so is, of course, for the sake of my cute roommate.

There is no law that states that the nobles of this kingdom “should comply to the marriage arranged by their parents”. Rather, if they use too much coercion, there is a law to challenge it.

But why do children of nobles obey their parents and marry for familial connections? It is “in order to maintain their current standard of living”. They can fall in love with someone who are beneath their social status but they have to sacrifice a lot of things. Of course leaving one’s family is a great undertaking but mostly, that is the real intention. Because they could not abandon their life of luxury, nobles marry their fellow nobles. That has not changed ever since.

However, there are exceptions. They are “magicians” like Senpai and us. In our “Magical Kingdom, Rosevita”, magicians sometimes can defy the nobles. Especially those excellent people like Senpai who can secure sufficient positions without the need to have a troublesome marriage like nobles.

Well, it really seems that being a noble is more convenient for them in order to maintain their extravagant lifestyle. The “noble” Kralvanes are naturally inclined in that direction. I heard that they took the matter in their hands and had the Magical Society fully cooperate with them to stop Senpai’s marriage talk. The representative of the “nobles” now is his grandfather. If they move as an organization to mess with his (Gil) plans, then it’s a given that their relationship will go bad.

“……Maybe I’m wrong but when you said you will leave home, is it because of your grandfather?”

“It is not only because of him. Let’s talk about it later. More importantly, it is a topic about Meryl, roommate.”

“It’s Monica. Remember it.”

Again, his shrewd eyes only smiled. It seems that he does not concern with anything except for Meryl. [T/N: Ingrate!] I am grateful that he wholeheartedly loves my best friend but I’d also like him to remember my name as his conspirator.

Exchanging a stupid conversation, we soon arrived on the living room and the servants who were a little flustered greeted us. To the point that they are “a little flustered” even though a man carrying a sofa suddenly came in, the training of this house is truly perfect. Although his grandfather was not nice, the Kralvanes are stable as nobles.

When everyone has taken their seats and once everyone had a relaxing sip of black tea, Senpai broke the silence with, “By the way”.

“I had kept you waiting for long, but who are these people with you, roommate?”

“It’s too late for you to ask, Senpai.”

Rather, they should have welcomed him more than me. Although they were traveling incognito, they have truly treated them rudely.

Bending my body and lowering my head, His Grace waved his hand and said he did not mind. He then corrected his posture and answered Senpai with a gentle smile.

“Nice to meet you, Gilbert-kun. I am Meryl’s grandfather.”

“I sincerely apologize for my insolence!!!”

In the next moment, the tall figure was kowtowing on the floor. His Grace really knows that it is better to introduce himself as “Meryl’s grandfather” rather than “The Duke of Klassen”. And Senpai was also impressive for falling down the floor in a dogeza in a split second. If it’s related to Meryl, it is truly powerful. He immediately threw away his pride.

Well, the matter is between His Grace and Senpai from now on.

The manservant was confused at the sudden change in the atmosphere while I, as an outsider, slowly sipped the black tea.

I wonder how the dialogue would turn out, isn’t that so, Senpai?

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