Chapter 135: The disappearance of the class.

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Author’s note: finally, the timeline of the class is the same as the MC’s.


It was a world which could neither be called Earth, nor Heavens. It was another world, known as Anamz. The class which was led by Tenjouin overcame countless obstacles, trials, and adventures.

“I wonder how much time has passed…”

Tendou Miki muttered to herself while standing at the terrace of the castle, and gazing at the scenery.

“So you were here again, Miki.”

Hearing her name from behind, she turned around only to find the princess of this kingdom quietly walking to her side, Lurian. Ascertaining the person who was behind her, Miki turned back to gaze at the distance again.

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“We can see the entire place from here…”

Miki comes to this terrace whenever she gets a break from her training, hoping that she would be the first to see Tenjouin in case he comes back. It has already been half a year since Tenjouin left the kingdom, and he hasn’t been heard from since then. There was even one time when Miki couldn’t bear to wait for him anymore and shed tears while crying for him to return and enclosing herself from her surroundings.

However, due to the support she received from her classmates and Luri, she was able to recover and stand up again. From that day onwards, she always came to this terrace and silently waited for him. Surely, she didn’t spend all her time waiting. While Tenjouin left the kingdom to pursue the power, Miki and her classmates as well sharpened their skills and survived until today.

“It has been already half a year.”

Lurian was standing next to Miki and gazed at the capital with her. So it has been that long. Miki thought to herself. This world’s calendar is roughly the same as the one on Earth, which makes it easier for the class to sense the flow of time. As both of them gazed at the scenery in front of their eyes, they suddenly heard sounds of metals colliding and some screaming voices. It was coming from the training hall.

“We’re still not done yet!! Everyone!!”
“You bet!!”
“I will show you how strong I can get!!”
“I will get myself a girlfriend!!”

It was the usual uproar. Watching her classmates burning with enthusiasm for various reasons, a gentle smile reached Miki’s face. It has been one year and a half since they were summoned to this world, and since then they’re endeavoring to get stronger. Although their goals for getting stronger were slightly different, they still all managed to reach level 100 while Miki stood out among them with her level 121.

They were assaulted by the demon tribe many times on their journey along the way, but were able to overcome them all despite the absence of Tenjouin. They all became a lot stronger, yet nobody dared to suggest to them to go and defeat the Demon Lord. That is because all of them decided to not go until the return of Tenjouin.

“They are doing their best.”
“Yeah, and that’s is all thanks to Tenjouin-kun.”

Tenjouin left something very important with them before he left the kingdom. While everyone was overwhelmed by the fear and unease towards the demon tribe and the intense training, Tenjouin used to be the only one who stepped forth and acted with great courage. He always stood in the first line and gave them the bravery to fight and never give up. For Miki, he was the true hero; although he would humbly disagree with her if she told him that.

I hope he’d come back soon…

Miki prayed in her heart.

At that moment…

“Hm? What is, that?”

Lurian uttered while fixing her gaze on the wall of the castle. Miki followed the direction of her gaze and noticed a tiny black mark in the middle of the faraway sky. When she narrowed her eyes and took a better look, she realized that the black mark was gradually growing larger and spreading like a herd.


There was no doubt about it. It was a monster assault. She couldn’t judge properly since they were still at a far away distance, but she could tell that they were advancing in a large group.

“Luri, assemble everyone near the walls of the castle.”
“I understand.”
“I will be going ahead.”

Both of them didn’t panic about the situation. A monster attack wasn’t something of rare for them, after all. Miki gave a quick order to Lurian and teleported to the castle wall.

I’m the one who will protect everyone while Tenjouin is not here.

With that firm notion cherished in her heart, she prepared to protect the castle from the monster’s assault.


The group of monsters was still far away even after Miki teleported outside of the castle walls. She was glad that she noticed them before it was too late. At this rate, she can deal with them faster than expected.

First, I will go spy on them.

The monsters were still too far, so it was a good opportunity for Miki to teleport near them and gather information. She teleported behind a giant rock near the route they were taking and observed them while hiding. The first thing she confirmed was that the enemy is composed only of monsters who can fly. They looked a little disgusting with the lizard shape they had and the dragonfly wings growing on their backs.

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However, Miki already knew about the monsters.

We should be plenty to defeat them all without many troubles.

Their number was large, but with the current level of the class, that shouldn’t cause a problem. Gathering enough information, Miki prepared to teleport back to the castle and her classmates about it, but right before she did… She noticed a single person standing in front of the large crowd of monsters, alone.


Who could be stupid enough to stand before an advancing army of monsters, and alone? His face was covered by a dirty robe he was wearing, so Miki couldn’t see his face. In either way, she had to save him before he gets trampled by the monsters. Miki prepared to teleport near that person before she noticed something in him and stiffened in her place.

I-Is that…

The person pulled out a sword from within the robe he was wearing and lifted it high above his head. Miki didn’t forget that move, and never will she forget it. Only one person can use it, after all. A short moment later, the sword started shining with a dazzling light. The light grew brighter as if the sword was absorbing the light and eventually seemed as if it were extending.

The more it absorbed the light, the higher altitude it reached in length until it almost pierced the sky. At that time, a giant pillar of light that wasn’t there until now was born. Miki narrowed her eyes from the dazzling light and focused back on the person who caused it. The army of monsters didn’t matter for her anymore. All she wanted to know now was the identity of the person standing there. Only that robe was reflecting in her sight at this point.

The person in the robe gently swayed down the sword.

All that happened after that was in the blink of an eye. The sword of light swallowed the entire crowd of monsters and purified the sky by annihilating them. Wind and clouds of dust arose from the terrific shock and the light disappeared in an instant after it finished its duty. Not even the trace of monsters being there was left. They all vanished in the blink of an eye. It was an overwhelming sight, but Miki didn’t shift her gaze from the person in the robe.

His hood got pushed off by the wind caused by the chock and his face became visible. Miki widened her eyes the moment she saw that face. Black hair that is rare in this world and a charming handsome face. He was the person who acted as the aspirant of everyone by standing before them and Miki’s one and only true love.

“… Tenjouin-kun.”

That single word that unintentionally left Miki’s mouth reached Tenjouin who finally noticed her presence.

“Hey, Miki. It looks like you’re doing well.”

Tenjouin revealed his usual smile as he addressed her. His smile, his voice, and his face. The moment Miki realized that the person in front of her eyes was really Tenjouin, she felt her heart starting to throb a lot faster. She looked at him absentmindedly for a while before she suddenly broke running to him with tears overflowing from her eyes.


Giving up to the happiness and rejoice controlling her mind, she teleported to his chest and embraced him. Tenjouin got a little perplexed by her unexpected conduct, but soon gently embraced her back.

“I’m back, Miki.”

Then he announced his return.

“Welcome back, Tenjouin-kun.”

Miki greeted him back while shedding tears of joy. They had many things to talk about, but first, she wanted to relish this rejoice. She remained embracing him tightly for a bit longer before they separated.

“Ah! Tenjouin!!”

though, soon later, Lurian and the other class members who came rushing to this place noticed them. They probably rushed over here because they saw the light pillar of earlier. Realizing that their leader had finally returned, all of them forgot their fatigue and surrounded him.

“Welcome back!! Tenjouin-kun!!”
“Where did you go all this time?!”
“How was your pursuit for power!? Did you get any stronger?”

Everyone welcomed him back with a delighted mood. Tenjouin who missed the face of his friends declared to them with a broad smile.

“I’m back, everyone!”
“”””Welcome back!!””””

Then moved to apologies.

“Everyone, I’m very sorry for not contacting you all this time. I’m sorry for being this late.”
“It’s all good! It’s all good!”
“Don’t mind it!
“We also got stronger in your absence you know!”

Tenjouin was moved to receive the warm tolerance of his classmates. He saw Miki nodding in his arm and raised his sword towards the sky.

“Everyone!! I made you wait for so long! But I am now stronger! I won’t let you suffer from any battle this time!! It is time for us to bring an end to those demons!! It is us, Heroes, who will win this battle!!”

Everyone replied with a fired up yell to Tenjouin’s enthusiastic speech as they raised their fists up. Everything is ready now.

“Let’s go defeat that Demon Lord!!”

But at that moment……


A magic circle appeared under Tenjouin’s feet.

“What’s this…”
“Could it be…”

Watching the emerging magic circle, they looked at each other’s faces. Some of them were at loss for words from the intense shock and others kept staring at the magic circle while looking absolutely dumbfounded. Everyone in that place had an idea about what that magic circle does.


Tenjouin and Miki made a guess and looked at each other. Both of them, and especially Miki who excels at teleportation magic recognized the circle. It had the exact same formation as the one that was used to summon them to this world. Once someone gets caught by the circle, they can’t move. Tenjouin froze in his place, unable to do anything and eventually disappeared. One year and a half after the class summoning. Tenjouin along with the rest of the heroes vanished from Anamz.



“I wonder how Miki is doing.”
“I heard that the princess dragged her out of her room. I wonder how she did that.”
“I’m sure that she persuaded her with her spirited words and emotional speeches.”

“Hmhmmh. I got Tenjouin’s hand towel from Lurian!” <– Miki

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