Chapter 154: The class’ return.

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Sometime before Yato had to go out with Saya, Karen, and Ouka. Tenjouin and his classmates, who bid farewell to Yato and used the teleportation circle set by Korola, were able to return to the place where they disappeared in Anamz.

“This is…”

What they saw after the light covering them fainted away was a familiar scenery.

“It looks like we, returned.”

While nodding with Miki, Tenjouin looked around him. He soon realized that he was standing in the place where they got sent to Earth. It wasn’t very far from the Kingdom. The heroes took a short moment to make sure that they have really returned before they shouted in joy altogether.

“We’re back!! We made it back!!”
“I can meet my girlfriend again!!”
“Farewell Earth and I’m back, Anamz!!”

Some of them high fived each other while some of them screamed out of joy and delight. Their reactions were various, but they were all happy that they returned.

“Everyone, I know that you’re all happy, but we need to return to the kingdom first!”

Even after hearing about the situation from Maxis, Tenjouin was still worried. Everyone agreed with his suggestion and started walking towards the kingdom, where Lurian was waiting for them.

“Hey, don’t leave this guy alone. He is still our enemy.”
“Ah, yeah. I totally forgot about him.”

One of the male members pointed at the unconscious Maxis while recalling the others to take care of him. Another member who forgot about it, started dragging him on the ground. The great Demon General who directly serves the Demon Lord was nothing but a heavy luggage for them right now. The entire class headed to the kingdom while dragging Maxis with them.


After a period of time spent on walking, they could finally see the wall of the castle.

“It’s there.”
“Yeah, we’re close.”

After replying to Miki, Tenjouin let out a sigh of relief from ascertaining that nothing of unusual could be seen in the walls. The gatekeeper looked wary of them at the first when they arrived, but she soon dropped his guard and approached them.

“Y-You are the heroes?”
“Yes. we apologize for disappearing on you for this long. Can you let us pass?”

When Tenjouin replied to the gatekeeper who was still half in doubt, the gatekeeper froze in his place as his limbs were trembling.

“A-Are you really, the heroes of the kingdom?”
“Yes, that’s right.”

Getting asked the same question by another soldier, Tenjouin replied again while feeling somewhat strange. The soldier clenched his fist and joined the gatekeeper in trembling.

“Um, is there something wrong?”

Tenjouin tilted his head when he noticed that the two soldiers went quiet.

“The heroes are baaaack!!!”

Suddenly, one of them screamed with all his might. Tenjouin was taken aback by the soldier’s scream that came as a bolt out of the blue, though, the soldier didn’t give them a mind and rushed towards the inside of the castle walls after finishing his scream. Unable to see what was going on, Tenjouin turned to look at his classmates for an explanation, however, nobody there could open their mouth.

“So, can we get in?”

“Ah, yes! Please, get in!”

Anyway, for now, meeting Luri is our top priority.

After taking the permission from the gatekeeper, Tenjouin and his classmates entered through the gate. The first thing they saw inside was the masses surrounding the place. The soldier who rushed inside only a few seconds ago was fast at spreading the news.

“Ooh!! They are really back!!”
“They have returned!!”
“Tenjouin-sama is also with them!!”
“Our country is safe again!!”

Simultaneously as they the people confirmed the return of the heroes, they surrounded them in the blink of an eye and greeted them with their warmest cheers. For Tenjouin who didn’t see the kingdom for half a year, he sensed as if their reaction was exaggerated.

“It looks like we made them worry about us.”

After listening to the cheers of the masses, Tenjouin revealed a gentle smile and greeted them back. He was glad that the kingdom was really safe from the demon army. However, at the same time, he felt that he made them worry about the class for too much.

Tenjouin and his classmates advanced to the castle while waving to the people surrounding them. They coincidently encountered Lurian who heard about the news leaving the castle when they arrived.

“Hey, Luri. We’re bac—–”

Before he was able to finish his greeting after meeting her eyes, Tenjouin got interrupted by an unexpected event. Before he realized it, he got already tightly embraced by her. His face got buried in her chest while Miki exclaimed with a loud voice. Everyone nearby watched over them with warm eyes. After a short while of silence, excluding Miki’s screams, Lurian let off from Tenjouin and looked at him with a cheerful smile on her face.

“Welcome back, Tenjouin-sama, everyone.”
“Yeah, we’re back…”
“Luri~ how could you do that~”

Tenjouin replied to Luri while still taken aback by the shock of the hug while Miki glared at her before getting a nonchalant reply from her.

“This much should be fine, no? Miki.”

Lurian then ignored Miki who didn’t stop complaining and asked Tenjouin the things that has been always in her mind.

“So, where did you all go?”
“Many things happened and we ended up going back to Earth.”
“Earth?… Isn’t that your home world?”
“That’s right. We were asked by Metron-sama to do something for him.”
“You were asked by M-Metron-sama?!”

Tenjouin concealed the part that that request was a misunderstanding in the first place to avoid any confusion. The moment he mentioned the name of Metron, Lurian couldn’t hide her shock and amazement. Metron’s worshiped existence as a God in this world is very strong.

“Is that so…”
“By the way, what is Metron’s appearance in this world?”
“It is told that he is a charming God of tall height.”

The entire class was surprised to hear the obviously altered description of Metron in Anamz. It was the first time they knew about how much he was glorified in Anamz’s religion. All that the class could feel was a bit of sympathy towards him for some reason.

“Could it be that you personally met Metron-sama?! What kind of person was he?”
“Eh, well, umm…”

Pressed by Lurian’s question, Tenjouin couldn’t immediately answer. He would never answer with ‘ah, he was a short person who looked like a child’ even if his mouth were to get torn.

“He looked somewhat like how you described him…”

Unable to speak the truth, he answered in a gradually dying voice. Lurian agreed with him with an excited attitude, though Tenjouin was only feeling a bit guilty for lying to her.

“M-More importantly, we need to tell the king about our arrival.”
“Ah, you’re right!”

Tenjouin managed to change the topic driving Lurian to ask them to get inside the castle. One of the class members threw Maxis near a soldier without explaining anything and followed the others.

That was close…

The heroes let out a sigh of relief for managing to avoid Metron’s topic. Tenjouin frowned every time he remembered Lurian’s excited face when he told her about him. It took him a little bit of time to notice that his face was slightly wet after he got embraced by Lurian. Surely, the reason was her tears.

It looks like we made everyone worry about us…

He softly wiped her tears from his cheeks and decided to never let her go through the same hard time again as he walked to the castle’s hall.


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In the evening, Tenjouin was standing alone on the terrace of the castle, gazing at the town. It was almost the sunset and the red sunlight vividly illuminated the town. The rustling noise of the masses could be heard everywhere, reaching the terrace.

The heroes were having a free time after they finished their report to the king. Some of them went to meet their lovers, while others were having toasts with their friends in the town. Everyone was having fun and enjoying the evening of their return.

“I wonder who saved the kingdom from the demon army…”

Tenjouin muttered to himself while gazing at the distance. The kingdom didn’t get assaulted by the demon tribe in their absence, however, it was quite clear that someone stopped them from reaching it. According to Lurian, a couple of two people repelled the entire army before it attacked them. Their faces were hidden with a hood and they already disappeared when the soldiers of the kingdom arrived at the battlefield. Tenjouin wanted to thank them the next time they meet, but since he doesn’t even know how they look, that would be impossible.

“Still, Kamiya was a strange fellow.”

Muttering Yato’s name, Tenjouin recalled the many incidents he went through back on Earth. The person he mistook as a villain who uses his abilities for his own good turned out to be someone who is far stronger than all of them combined and even feared by the Gods. On top of that, he forgave them for accusing him and even saved them by sending them back here. He looked like an exceedingly lazy person, but he was a good guy in the end.

“Maybe I should have acted a little more friendly with him.”

Tenjouin never talked to him back when they were still in middle school. His case was a good example of how he shouldn’t judge a person by their appearance. Tenjouin slightly regretted not talking with him in the past, however, there was another feeling that was dwelling within inside him.

“One day… One day I will overpower you, Kamiya. When that happens, I will keep advancing to the front.”

Extending his hand to the sky as if he wanted to catch something, Tenjouin declared his resolve. Before, he used to have a goal of defeating the Demon Lord, but now that he discovered a stronger being, his ambitions have also swelled.

“Ah, you were here, Tenjouin-kun.”

A short moment later, Miki teleported behind him. Tenjouin didn’t get surprised by her and only fixed his gaze at her with his mouth closed.

“We’re planning to set up a party in the castle for our return, what do you say?”

Keeping the same serious face, Tenjouin didn’t react to what she said and remained to look at her eyes with an unwavering expression.

“Miki, I will become stronger. I will get strong enough to defeat both the Demon Lord and Kamiya. I don’t want to lose anymore.”

He proudly expressed his faith and ambitions to Miki as the setting sun light enlightened his back. His voice was low and quiet, however, it held a strong emotion that no one could deny. Miki was taken aback to see him act like that for a moment, but she soon giggled.

“Both Kamiya-kun and the Demon Lord, huh.”

“I want to win against the both of them, after all.”

Tenjouin replied with a gentle smile to Miki who found his statement to be funny. After they both smiled at each other, Miki replied to him in a firm voice tone.

“I will do my best too. For now, I will start by training my teleportation skill as Yato-kun told me.”
“I need to train myself more to become able to use that sword too. I’m still unable to use it properly.”

The sword was still with Tenjouin after all what happened, so he judged from the fact that nobody came to ask for it, that its for him now. It’s a sword bestowed to him from a God, he needs to master it no matter how much time and effort it will require. Tenjouin clenched his fist while brimming with enthusiasm. Miki watched over him silently before she remembered the reason she was looking for him, then asked again.

“So, are you going to join the party?”
“Of course I will.”

Tenjouin immediately replied to her this time and placed his hand on her shoulder to teleport. Before Miki activated her teleportation skill, she recalled something else that has been on her mind.

“Come to think of it, who do you think is stronger? Kamiya-kun or the Demon Lord?”

Listening to her doubt, Tenjouin tried to come up with an answer, though, he couldn’t find one immediately. Nobody knows the slightest information about the Demon Lord. He is a demon who never shows up and always makes his subordinates, the four generals, move in his stead. Every time they face one of his subordinates, they get the same single line from them, ‘we came here under the demon lords’ order.’

“I wonder… Who knows, maybe Kamiya is stronger.”
“And maybe it could be the Demon Lord.”

If Miki’s guess were to be correct, then it will probably take them a long time to be able to defeat the Demon Lord.

“In either case, I shall win.”

Even if the Demon Lord were to be more powerful than Kamiya, Tenjouin’s resolve will never weave.

“Let’s hurry up now, the others should be waiting for us.”

Urging Miki to teleport, both of them vanished from the terrace which continued to be dyed by the evening sunlight.

A year and a half after the class summoning has passed. After undergoing many trials and difficult situations on Earth, the class made another step towards their ultimate goal; that is to defeat the Demon Lord.



“… Acho!!”
“What is it, Miki? You got a cold?”
“No, I just got a sudden vague prediction of some good looking man getting too motivated and probably causing troubles in the future…”
“What kind of vague prediction is that?!”

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