Chapter 82: What it means to be a ‘Master’ (2)

Aleks had finished perusing the information and had made his final choice. When a being became a Master class being, they became a master of their chosen path. It was the end of the road of their path to power and beyond that was the Legendary realm. However, the Legendary realm was a new path which would eventually lead to the shedding of their mortal body and soul. Many never made it that far, and hardly any ever beyond that as the road was too long and difficult. Nonetheless, out of the many trillions of lives which had existed throughout the existence of the God Nexus, an incalculable number still made it to Legendary and even beyond. Whether that was in service to their deity, or in service to their own ambition, only the gods knew how many had achieved this.

“You are now a master of your path, a Fenrir Berserker, excelling in ferocious and wild strength. You shall be my spearhead, the vanguard of my will, my blade to strike down the tyranny of Tihr. Rise Grobak, and bear the name of the Bloodied Wolf.”



Bloodied Wolf      




Berserk Lord

Fenrir Berserker

Master Rank






Level 100






Total HP 2300












Total PHY ATK 330






Total PHY DEF 211






Total AGI 165






Total MAG RES 150


Rage (When using the rage ability, PHY. ATK. increases by 15% but PHY. DEF. decreased by 5%, Once rage ends ability user becomes fatigued suffering a 5% decrease in PHY. ATK., PHY. DEF., and AGI until short rest)

Flurry of fists (Attack in rapid succession when unarmed ignoring 10% of PHY. DEF., chance to stun)

Ignore Pain (While in Rage, ignores pain from damage taken allowing one to use abilities even when vitality required is insufficient)

Increased Rage (Rage lasts double the amount of time, PHY. ATK. increases by another 10% but PHY. DEF. decreases by an additional 5%)

Whirlwind Strike (Using a Two-handed weapon, swing the weapon in a whirlwind, attacking multiple targets in a radius around the ability user, knock-back effect with each hit)

Fearless (While in Rage, Immune to the effects of fear, stun, intimidation, and confusion)

Extended Rage (When activated, Rage lasts until VIT drops to 0, drains vitality as long as in effect. Can be deactivated, but will immediately lose Rage status and effects, PHY. ATK increases by an additional 10% when activated, but PHY. DEF. decreases by an additional 5%)

Ram’s charge (While in rage, charge rapidly towards the opponent, knock down effect and stun effect vs. AGI)

Elephant Stomp (Causes a quake in a radius around the user, targets around the user become physically unstable lowering AGI by 25%)

Bloodrush (When in rage and Bloodrush is activated, gain 25% VIT. PHY ATK increases by 15% against any target which has their movement restricted, ex: Paralysis, stun, knock down, etc.)

Primal Howl (If you kill an opponent while Bloodrush is activated, release a howl which paralyses all nearby opponents in fear unless they are immune to fear)

Agile Form (When Bloodrush is activated AGI Increases by 25% for the duration, can’t be used along with Sharp Fangs)

Sharp Fangs (When Bloodrush is activated, ignore 25% of PHY DEF, can’t be used with Agile Form)


Fighting stances



Great Axe Proficiency

Wield a Two-handed weapon in one hand

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Aleks removed his hand from Grobak’s face. Grobak, who had previously closed his eyes, opened them and could feel new strength filling his body. He rose and flexed his muscles while grinning from ear to ear. He was ecstatic to receive such power and in the past he had never even hoped to rise to such heights. Although a Master class still fell short when compared to a Legendary class, he could be considered an elite being of great prestige. This was why when a being finally rose to Master class, they would be given a secondary name by the god, ancestral being, or deity they served which reflected their path as well as the intentions of the one they served.

Brock too possessed such a name, Flash Blade Brock, which was a representation of the speed of his blade as well as his steadfast heart. Although Brock no longer served a deity, he had once worshipped Te’empos, a god of war and the sword belonging to the Aerthian pantheon. Te’empos, like Tihr, were both greater gods belonging to the same pantheon and because of the events that happened to Aleks’s homeland, Brock could no longer remain his worshipper. Although Brock didn’t believe Te’empos had anything to do with those events, he also blamed his former god for doing nothing to help their circumstance.

“Thank you master! Thank you! Hahaha!” Grobak laughed profusely and even attempted to hug Aleks in his excitement, but Aleks pushed him away and Nelay glared at him.

“Hmph, I am a Master class being now woman! How dare you look at me with those hateful eyes, I will teach you a lesson!”

Now that Grobak had advanced, he felt he could finally express the grievances he had against Nelay who had often looked down on him and who he often truly wished to suppress. He felt all women should grovel beneath him and didn’t like feeling intimidated by anyone, nevermind a woman. Of course Aleks wouldn’t let him have his way.

“I will be advancing her next.”

Grobak, who had taken a few aggressive steps towards Nelay, suddenly stopped. Grobak roared in frustration and took a step back. Just when he thought he could finally release some of his pent up frustration, Aleks doused his enthusiasm with his words. Of course he wasn’t actually going to harm Nelay, well at least not too much. He just wanted to intimidate her a bit as was in his nature, but now he realized not only would that not happen, he would continue to be suppressed by her. Even if he was a powerful warrior, what would that matter if he couldn’t even detect her when she used her abilities to hide? She may not be able to ever beat him in a fair fight, but when did assassins ever fight fair?

Blah, I really hate her type! Grobak couldn’t help thinking angrily and stomping his feet a bit before picking up his axe and stroking it once more. At least his new axe offered him some solace.

Nelay just watched Grobak’s antics with amusement and smirked. Aleks was somewhat amused by Grobak, but he said nothing and his expression was hidden by his mask.

“Grobak, you have more important matters to consider. Listen to your new orders.”

Grobak flinched again and put his new axe on his back where he used to keep the old one.

“Yes master? What will I be doing next?”

“Now that you are a peak Master class being and have achieved some war merits, I want you to take Grigor’s head and head towards the Harkul Tribe located further to the west. Some of the Orcs in your army should be able to guide you there, or perhaps ask one of the shamans. Also, have them preserve the head so it doesn’t rot. This will give you clout when you meet with the Harkul. They are one of the larger tribes and very powerful, they also welcome both Orcs and Human barbarians into their tribe so it shouldn’t be an issue for you.”

Grobak scratched his head and replied, “Okay, but what am I going to do there? I don’t like being too far from you for too long. What if you need my axe?”

“This is what I need you for. You must convince them of the threat of the Human expeditions and to call a tribal war council. With your merits and your Master class identity, you will command great respect from them. Your warriors have also been bloodied through several battles with other tribes and with the expeditionary forces. They are no pushovers and with all these factors you should be welcomed among their council and be given a position of respect to treat with them as equals. Convince them to call the horde and destroy the expedition. Don’t worry, I will be able to continue to communicate my will to you even with the distance. Your mission won’t end there, we must also weaken the horde. It is the only way we can claim these lands for our own and dominate those who live on the Steppes.”

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Grobak couldn’t fully understand the intricacies of Aleks’s plan, but he understood the basics. He just needed to bash some heads and convince the horde to kill some Humans, simple enough. Other than that, he will just listen to whatever his master tells him to do.

“Yes master, I will definitely get it done!” Grobak said enthusiastically.

Aleks nodded and then waved Grobak away. Grobak, with his elite guards, left Aleks and returned to their warriors who were still sifting through the dead.

“Are you sure you can trust him to accomplish the mission master?” asked Nelay when Grobak was out of hearing distance.

“He will do fine, he isn’t as stupid as you think. He is a High Orc and much more intelligent than you think. He is just too accustomed to living a savage life, he will eventually come into his own.” Replied Aleks with certainty.

“If you say so master,” Nelay said while rolling her eyes.

Even though her master was confident in his words, she was skeptical. She just didn’t believe that huge brute had much of a brain. Recalling her master’s words to Grobak, she began to smile while thinking of showing off to Lenia and making her jealous. That was apparently one of her favorite past times other than killing to alleviate her boredom. Well, that and trying different ways to get closer to Aleks.

“Master, didn’t you say I was next?” Said Nelay, whose smile had become mischievous.

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