Chapter 83: What it means to be a ‘Master’ (3)

Nelay was impatient to have Aleks advance her class and was absolutely obstinate that he do so immediately. Of course, Aleks could surmise exactly why she wanted him to so desperately advance her class. She just wanted to show off to Lenia once they met up again and cause her to feel jealous. This was a childish desire of hers, but Aleks didn’t mind it so much. The reason being, he was just satisfied to see that she had at least grown somewhat. Even if that growth was immature and selfish, it was still much better than her normal deadpan expression which was apathetic to everything and everyone other than him.

If anything, this showed him that his creations had ample room to grow and he wasn’t about to be impatient towards this phenomenon. If they were able to surpass the faults in their character, they would gain immense benefits from it and as the saying goes, all good things come to those who wait. As long as they didn’t allow their antics to get in the way of their work, he would turn a blind eye to their quirks and slowly allow them to overcome the flaws in their personalities.

“Fine, fine. I will do so now, come here.”

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Nelay happily strolled over to Aleks who had yet to leave the battlefield and was watching as Grobak shouted out orders to his warriors and gathered them up to head towards their objective. Aleks glanced over at Nelay and could see a warm smile on her face, this was a smile she only showed him and only when no one else was around. It was only in privacy that she showed her somewhat childish nature. She was still a young lady who should be enjoying her youth, but instead had become a tool of murder under Aleks’s control.

Aleks didn’t have the luxury to consider such things however, even if it somewhat pained him. One might easily call him a cold blooded murderer and any other manner of evil things, but in the depths of his heart Aleks only wanted to live in peace. Unfortunately, that peace would most likely never come for him and he had already steeled his heart to continue along his path. Nonetheless, seeing this young beautiful lady smile so happily when her expression was usually so forlorn was somewhat breathtaking. It reminded him of a girl he once knew so long ago, someone who had always been beside him, but he had ignored in his pursuit of knowledge and of truth.

Thankfully, she couldn’t see his lonely expression beneath his mask. It was a loneliness that no number of people at his side could ever fill and he was grateful that he could hide beneath the mask.

Enough nonsense, it’s time to get back to work. Aleks lightly shook his head and beckoned Nelay to come closer as he placed his hand on her cheek in a loving manner which made her blush ever so slightly. This was the first time Aleks had ever touched her so gently and she wasn’t sure what to make of it.

“I shall grant you power, Nelay, but you should not rejoice in it. For this power is meant to be my blade in the shadows, my ill intent in the night. Where I direct, you shall go, and never shall you ever see the light. Are you truly willing to take on this task knowing the cost?”

Nelay was surprised by Aleks’s words and didn’t really understand them. Her only purpose in life was to serve her master and she was happy to do so. She had no regrets about any of those she killed or any of those she would kill in the future. It had never even occurred to her that what she was doing was wrong. It was the way of the world, survival of the fittest, the strong ruling over the weak. In their world this was a natural state of affairs and while not many would say it out loud, they nonetheless believed it deep in their subconscious mind.

Aleks was not of their world though, he came from a world which was very different in its thinking and way of life. In a sense, it wasn’t as if that ideology didn’t exist, it was just much more hidden and discrete. Often times people talked of justice, law, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, etc. They spoke these words as if a mantra, but at the end of the day they were just as heavy handed in their methods. They justified it with their self righteous rhetoric, but they weren’t truly much different. At least those of this world were much more honest about their methods.

“Of course master, I would do anything for you. My life, my everything is yours.” She said without hesitation.

It was somewhat disconcerting to him. When Aleks created Lenia, it was his first time doing so. He was somewhat drunk on the power of it, having a life to shape and mold in his hands. It was the power of a god and he wielded it. Over time though, it became burdensome. Now that there were three beings who had their lives and souls tied to him, he couldn’t help but feel the weight of this responsibility at this moment. It was the path he chose though, and no matter what he would stick with it until the end.

Aleks nodded and was once again glad he could hide his thoughts.

“So be it. Since you will be my blade in the shadows, then I shall name you the Umbral Blade! You will be the instrument of my will, removing any and all obstacles before me and striking terror into the hearts of my enemies.”

Aleks’s mask once more became animated with many symbols and numbers and a gentle light poured out, encasing Nelay in its warm embrace. She closed her eyes and felt the warmth of that power being imbued into her. It made her feel as if she had become one with her master and filled her with a hint of ecstasy.



Umbral Blade





Shadow Assassin

Night Stalker

Master Rank






Total Level 100






Total HP 1700






Total MP 0






Total PHY ATK 160






Total PHY DEF 145






Total AGI 250






Total MAG RES 170


Stealth (Allows the ability user to move undetected through normal means, also hides aura for those at the same level or below, can still be detected through special means)

Rogue’s Defense (Adds half of the being’s AGI to PHY DEF but can’t be used with Rogue’s Offense at the same time)

Rogue’s Offense (Adds half of the being’s AGI to PHY. ATK. but can’t be used with Rogue’s Defense at the same time)

Double Strike (When in stealth, Ability user is able to attack twice without being detected, can be used in conjunction with other offensive abilities)

Enhanced Stealth (Allows the ability user to move rapidly while undetected, also hides aura for those within the same class rank, can still be detected through special means)

Backstab (Deals damage ignoring 25% of PHY. DEF. when attacking from a flanking position or the rear, if in stealth ignores 50% of PHY. DEF.)

Rapid Piercing Strike (Allows for a rapid attack with a thin blade, such as a rapier or sai, that ignores PHY. DEF. but only does half of PHY. ATK. in damage)

Pierce Vitals (When used in stealth and undetected, any being up to and including a class rank lower will be instantly killed)

Superior Stealth (Allows the ability user to move at full speed while undetected, also hides aura for those a full class rank above the ability user, can still be detected through special means)

Shadow Step (Allows the ability user to move in and out of shadows within a ten foot radius, can be used in succession unless interrupted, can be used in conjunction with stealth)

Crippling Strike (If ability is successful when undetected in stealth, the target is temporarily unable to move or attack, can be used in conjunction with other offensive abilities)

Finesse (When active, AGI is used for both offense and defense replacing both PHY ATK and PHY DEF, Can’t be used in conjunction with Rogue’s defense or Rogue’s offense)

Master of Stealth (Allows the ability user to move completely undetected and even avoid most abilities/spells which normally would detect a user in stealth, only a class with the highest detection abilities would be able to detect the user’s presence but not their exact location, hides aura from any below Demigod, Demigods can detect aura but not location of user)

Shadow Fade (Allows the ability user to disappear completely into shadows and reappear from another shadow several dozen yards away almost instantly, This ability can’t be obstructed or restricted. Can only be used once per day. This ability does not conflict with Shadow Step)

Dance of Blades (This is an offensive ability which allows the user to launch a combination of lethal attacks on a target that ignore 50% of the targets PHY DEF. AGI must be higher than the target in order to be successful.)

The Night’s Fury (Can only be used while in stealth and undetected by the target, Instantly kill any target of a lower class than the user, If used on a target of the same class rank, deal half of VIT as damage and temporarily daze the target if AGI is greater allowing for further attacks of opportunity)


Fighting style

Dual Wielding

One-handed thin blades

Small throwing weapons

Poisoned weapons

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“It is done.”

Aleks removed his hand from Nelay’s cheek which caused her to feel some regret. She wished he would continue for a while longer, but it was over so quickly.

“Thank you master.”

Nelay bowed and said with heartfelt gratitude. She could feel her new strength and was overflowing with new power. She could already feel her body becoming stronger, lighter, and faster than it was before. Although she was relatively petite, her body possessed explosive speed and strength. Of course she was nowhere near as physically strong as Grobak, but she could easily run circles around him.

“We have kept Lenia waiting long enough, it is time for us to return. We have our own mission to accomplish.”

Aleks turned and walked towards the horse which was waiting for them. Nelay couldn’t help but give a slight mischievous smile after Aleks turned his back to her. She couldn’t wait to show off her new class to Lenia and see the look on her face.

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