Chapter 184 Are you here to save me?

From within the valley, a miserable shriek could be heard, which makes the hearts of people tremble.

The sisters, Yan Bing and Yan Xin, were alarmed.

Qin Tian was someone with a flaming red token and was personally picked by Pillar Master. He was originally meant to be sent to meet Pillar Master, yet was brought to the Thousand Snake valley.

Deducing from that miserable shriek, he must have met with danger and may be seriously injured.

Or, dead.

“What to do, what to do? Sister, what should we do? Master will certainly punish us……” Yan Bing was filled with anxiety and had the look of someone who had done wrong. Tears were nearly falling out.

Yan Xin pondered for a moment, “I’ll enter and find him.”

“I’ll follow.” Yan Bing spoke immediately.

“I hope he’s still alive, otherwise……” Yan Xin said softly to herself. If Qin Tian was really dead, then punishment would be inevitable.

Afterall, Qin Tian is a rank three ascension realm disciple aged below 20, a gifted disciple. Within the sect, many had already taken notice of him.

The punishment for setting up an ascension realm disciple is not the usual heavy.

Very quickly, the sisters entered the Thousand Snake Valley.


“I like to eat red snake meat……”

“Do you like to eat?”

“I really like to eat……”

It was a song by a famous oldman, just that the lyrics was changed from roasted chicken wing to red snake meat. However, the singing was not on tune, like the screaming of a pig.

Above a bonfire hung snake meat, making crackling sounds. It’s fragrance dissipated into the surroundings.

“Pa Ta, Pa Ta……”

Mao Mao stared at the meat, itching to just dig in. Saliva dripped continuously. Ever since it followed Qin Tian out of Kunlun Mountain Range, it hardly had roasted fish. The aroma of the roasted snake meat almost made him swallow his tongue.

“Student Mao Mao, hasty people don’t get to eat hot tofu.”

[TLN: haste will ruin everything (be patient) ]

“A good snake meat needs to be slowly roasted.”

Qin Tian took out some salt from his spatial ring and sprinkled them onto the snake.

Not far away, a rough looking snake laid on the ground unmoving, with a huge chunk of its meat missing.

That rank eight monster took Qin Tian 2 to 3 hit to finish off, but he did not want to get out so soon.

He faked a miserable shriek, wanting to see whether that pair of flower sisters had any compassion.

After waiting for a long period of time, with the snake meat soon to become soft, Qin Tian felt a little disappointed. The sisters had yet to appear.

“Yi, there really isn’t many girls that are kind.” Qin Tian shook his head and sighed bitterly. He then thought about Yun Man and Aunt Qinglian and an indescribable longing appeared in his heart.

“Hengji, hengji……”

Mao Mao smelt burning and immediately bite onto Qin Tian’s pants.

“Alright,  alright, you foodie. “

Qin Tian laughed and did not continue to think about the girls. He cut out a piece of the snake meat and threw it towards Mao Mao,  which entered it’s stomach before it could touch the ground. It licked it’s mouth and narrowed it’s eyes, revealing a cute and blissful expression.  It then opened its mouth.

“Fine,  you can have them all.”

That huge chunk of snake meat weigh at least 10 jin, and Qin Tian roasted so much only because he was specially showing consideration to it.

Qin Tian removed a small piece for himself.

Mao Mao grinned happily and took a huge bite of the remaining snake meat, as if it had not eaten for years.

The fragrance of the snake meat dissipated into the surroundings. Soon, the smell of roasted snake meat could be smelled throughout the valley.

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To some low rank monsters, the fragrance was of no attractiveness.

But it was not the same with some high rank monsters.

“Sister, do you smell it?” Yan Bing couldn’t help but drool, “It’s so fragrant.”


Yan Bing’s little stomach growled. The smell was just too enticing.

Ever since she entered Tianji sect, she had been using Dans to satisfy her needs. Cooked food hardly came by, what’s more a salivating fresh snake meat.

After smelling the fragrance, she tried to resist. However, it did not last long and her stomach growled. Fortunately, there wasn’t anyone near by, else it would have been embarrassing.

Yan Bing looked at Yan Xin and laughed slyly, “I’m hungry too.”

The duo ventured further and reached deep into the valley unwittingly.

Thousand Snake Valley is the only place within Tianji sect with monsters running rampant. At the deepest parts, there would be a thick fog all year round and light unable to reach the ground, making it easy for one to lose his way. A clear day was rare. Not only that, the place was covered with miasma, making disciples of lower capabilities unable to endure.

As a great sect, how could Tianji sect tolerate the existence of a valley infested with monsters within it?

Rumours has it that before the establishment of Tianji sect, this scratch of mountain range was called Thousand Snake Mountain Range. It was extremely dangerous, with snakes amounting the the sea. No matter how many one kills, they can never die off completely as if they had unlimited amount of lives.

Spiritual Qi is abundant within the mountain range, making it a cultivation holy ground.

Tianji sect’s first ancestor used his saint force and found a meteorite within the firmament, which was currently the thing floating in the sky, Sky Beyond Sky. Using the Golden Hepta energy within the meteorite, the snakes were suppressed and forced back.

Thousand Snake Mountain Range was no more, but a Thousand Snake Valley remains, located right in the centre. For even with the suppression of the Golden Hepta Energy, the huge snakes no longer shrink back, as if guarding something.

Fierce Sun Pillar being situated at such a peak was largely due to the Thousand Snake Valley. Tools refining needed cores, fresh ones from monsters. After being absorbed by the tool, the power that the tool could release would be greater.

At normal situations, as long as Shen Yan commands, disciples in the peak would enter the valley and collect the necessary cores.

Until today, as for why the snakes still grow so quickly, it is a mystery.


Qin Tian had no understanding of the valley. Ever since he entered until now, he did not perceive anything peculiar.

Anyways, as he was bored, he decided to roast some snake meat first before exiting.

With half a jin of snake meat in his stomach, Qin Tian was around 70% full. He digged the core out and got ready to leave.

The surroundings were foggy and a weird sound could be heard every once in a while. Although he was not afraid, he was cautious and nervous.

After Mao Mao finished, it stared at at Qin Tian pitifully, hoping for more to be roasted.

“I’ll bring you back again, let’s conclude today.”

Qin Tian kept the core and placed Mao Mao into his spatial ring. After looking around and finding the route he took to reach here, which was marked, he walked towards it.

As he travelled deeper into the valley, he made markings along his route. With the fog so thick and the sun unable to be seen, he would not be able to find a way to the exit without his markings.

Not long after, a loud roar was heard.



“High rank monster?” Qin Tian became alert, but he did not take it to heart. Now, he just wanted to exit this cursed place as soon as possible. The longer he stayed, the more uneasy he was.

Thus, he increased his pacing.


A sharp cry suddenly rang out.

Qin Tian was momentarily shocked, “Yan Bing, that lass.”

“Could they have entered to find me?”

The ten thousand snake valley is extremely big, especially the vast plain at the entrance of the valley. It wouldn’t be easy when searching for people here.

“Could she be playing with me?”

“Forget it, let’s go over and see.”

Without further ado, Qin Tian raised his speed and rushed into the mist…


“Sis, be careful.”

Yan Bing shouted in alarm. The blade of her longsword glowed and with the aid of her sword qi, turned into a powerful force which hacked down.

A rank nine three-headed fire python.

The power of the three-headed fire python was near a rank 10 monster and each of its head had a rank 9 core. Its offense was very terrifying, especially the flame which it spat contained destructive power.

The two came to find Qin Tian and had nearly reached the lowest point of the valley.

To them, this was their first time coming so deep into the valley. Just when they were hesitating whether to return, the three-headed fire python charged towards them and directly smashed into Yan Bing, causing her to suffer heavy injuries. For the sake of saving her sister, Yan Xin dove straight into the midst of dangers.

Both Yan Xin and Yan Bing were rank nine ascension realm cultivator, and within their hands was not an ordinary tool. If it wasn’t due to the three-headed fire python’s successful sneak attack which heavily injured one of them, they wouldn’t have landed in such a difficult situation.

Yan Bing’s injuries caused Yan Xin to be distracted, messing up her qi flow. It had now become even more difficult for her to deal with the rank 9 fire python.

What’s more, a rank 9 monster’s intelligence was very high as all of its attacks had landed on Yan Bing’s body.

Yan Xin tried to rescue her but had unexpectedly met the fire python’s sneak attack. The blazing flame was like a charging rhinoceros, rushing towards her and smashed right into her, sending her flying.

If it wasn’t for the saint rank armor which she was wearing, she might have already died.

Seeing her sister was sent flying, Yan Bing once again thrust her sword at the fire python.

The current her was suffering from internal injuries. Her internal qi was also in a mess. If she could not stop to treat her injuries, she might not last for long.

A rank 9 fire python was extremely powerful.

When the 3 heads attacked, they never obstruct each other, just like 3 people.

Before Yan Bing’s sword struck it, she was swept into the air by the fire python’s large tail. She heavily fell onto the ground and her countenance became very pale. When her eyes landed on her unconscious sister Yan Xin, they became filled with anxiety.

The both of them had lost the power to fight. The fire python raised its 3 head and issued out a loud si si sound to the heaven.

The massive body was like a huge dragon, every move would cause the ground to tremble. 3 pairs of golden eyes stared at Yan Bing, its fangs shone with a black luster. Just when it was about to gulp down its prey, a powerful force struck at its forehead.


After its forehead was hit, it was immediately angered.

Before it could launch any counterattacks, its other head also suffered a heavy blow.

Before its eyes was a youngster who was floating in midair. Beside him was a blood eyes lion who was fiercely staring at it.

“Mao Mao, save her!” Qin Tian ordered then point at the fire python and coldly said, “Since you dare to bully Lao Zi’s girls, Lao Zi will finish you off today!”

After saying, Qin Tian’s aura suddenly changed.

“Rank 3 berserk.”

His power rose by 16 times, and so was his speed. Not waiting for the fire python to attack, he immediately vanished.

In the next second, he had already appeared above the fire python’s head. Both his hands clenched into fists and he heavily pounded down while chattering nonstop, “You don’t even know what’s tenderness towards fairer sex, you deserve to die!”

Its head which was high in the sky was heavily pounded into the ground and blood was oozing out from the wound. Only when the core was exposed then he stopped.

The remaining two head was shocked.

They could not understand Qin Tian’s move, even more, the reason for his fury.

“What are you looking at!”

Steaming with anger, Qin Tian fiercely shouted. He then jumped into mid-air and engaged in a fight with the fire python. During the fight, he suddenly condensed a long spear and without thinking, he fiercely thrust it…

Was the rank 9 fire python so easy to deal with?

After killing one head, there were still two more. Not bothering whether Qin Tian was close, one of the head opened its bloody mouth and breathed out raging flames.

As for the other head, it sealed off Qin Tian’s retreat and ruthlessly rammed over.

The fire python’s most powerful attack was the flame it breathed out. The flame wasn’t an ordinary flame but a supreme flame which it had cultivated. Its might was extremely frightening.

Feeling alarmed, he activated the power of the heavenly dragon form scripture to protect his mind.

At this moment, all retreats had been sealed and it had already became impossible to escape. Facing the incoming flames, Qin Tian roared, “Rank 4 berserk!”

Ascension force rushed out and protectively wrapped around his body.

He then rushed into the blaze… “Ah…”

Seeing Qin Tian rushed into the blaze, Yan Bing’s heart sank. She cried out in alarm and no longer dared to continue watching.

The fire python’s flame contained the power of destruction. Even with an immortal rank tool, it could not be resisted. However, Qin Tian directly rushed into the blaze. This is just suicide!


“What happened?”

Qin Tian could not feel any heat from the blaze. It was like there was no difference between the temperature within the blaze and outside of it.

Deep down, he felt it was very strange but at this moment, he did not have any thoughts to mind it.

He straight away rushed out and heavily pounded down.


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The fire python let out an anguished cry. It stared at Qin Tian in shock and confusion.

Not only was the fire python confused, but Qin Tian was also confused. Even Yan Xin who had just woken up was too very confused. She had personally experienced the heat, a rank 3 ascension realm cultivator could definitely not resist against it.


Seeing Qin Tian ran out of the blaze, Yan Bing cried out in happiness as she could finally let go of the worry in her heart.

“Go to hell!”

Qin Tian repeatedly landed heavy punches on one of the fire python’s head, bursting it. Like under some stimulation, his speed became so perverted that he settled the second head very quickly and was now moving on to the third head.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

Who knew how many punches he had given. Only when he felt that the fire python stopped moving before he too stopped. He coldly looked at the huge corpse, “Pei, what kind of thing are you, only know how to bully girls.”

With the death of the fire python, Qin Tian’s anger had also dispersed. He once again looked at Yan Bing and Yan Xin then acted like a fool, “Are you here to save me?”

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