Chapter 39: Qin Regulations?Bullsh*t!

Originally, Qin Tian was not too concerned about the Gathering of the Four Great Clans. Breaking through to the Spirit Formation realm and getting the fifty Dans was more important. As for the gathering, it was enough just by participating. The temptation of a mid-grade weapon was great but was not something he needed in a hurry.

However, now seemed that even if Qin Zhantian was not going to give him any rewards, he would still participate, and would even go all out.

The aura Xiao Rufeng exuded made him completely mad. For him to have such a strong aura made Qin Tian unhappy and enraged.

Since he could defeat him five years ago, he had no reason to not win five years later.

Losing would be a humiliation, and even his life would be lost.

From the feeling Xiao Rufeng gave out, Qin Tian knew that if they were to meet, one of them must die.

“I’ll let you get what you wish for.” Qin Tian spatted with deep hatred in his mind.

Only the strong is respected. The laws of the jungle, Qin Tian understood it completely.

When he returned to Furong Restaurant, Hei Yan and Meng Lei had already returned.

Hei Yan was alone in a room drinking wine while the fatty slept on a bed like a dead dog, not even willing to speak a word. Today, he had became exposed to what was known as a demonic training, and it wasn’t something a human could live through.

“Big Brother Hei.”

Qin Tian went inside and sat down, pouring a small cup of wine. He did not like drinking wine, but still drank it finish in a gulp. After a cup, his throat started to burn, followed by his stomach. The feeling was terrible, but it got much of his anger washed away.

Hei Yan laughed and patted Qin Tian’s back. “Brother, this is a strong alcoholic drink, and even I don’t dare to drink it so quickly.”

Qin Tian smiled bitterly and asked, “Big Brother, you’ve roamed in the Kunlun mountain range for many years, and have great understanding of it. Is there a place where many monsters gather?”

“Want to kill some monsters again?” Hei Yan grabbed some peanuts and threw them into his mouth one by one. After chewing finish, he gave Qin Tian a bitter laugh and said seriously, “Brother, is there something wrong? Tell your big brother, he’ll help you deal with it.”

“Nothing.” Qin Tian poured Hei Yan a cup of wine. He did not wish to let others deal with his problems. If he could not deal with Xiao Rufeng, then Long Tianji and Thousand Demons sect, he could not even dream of winning against them.

These problems were things Qin Tian needed to personally resolve.

Hei Yan looked at Qin Tian and hesitated for a moment. He then gave a sigh and said, “Thirty kilometers from where we met previously, there is a valley known as the valley of wolves. In there are all green tooth wolves. They roam in a pack, thus making it very dangerous to meet them. Therefore, there won’t be anyone and there’s a great concentration of wolves.”

“You’re only a rank eight warrior and is not suitable to go to such an unsafe place. Want me to go with you?” Asked Hei Yan with concern.

The valley of wolves, though not very big, but contained many wolves. All of them appeared in a pack and were extremely fierce and tough.

Meeting a wolf pack was already terrifying unless one was overwhelmingly strong, one would end up in their belly.

Qin Tian smiled, he had already made a decision. He took out the ability book ‘King Luohan’s fist’ and said, “Big brother, please pass it to Meng Lei.”

Hei Yan gave him a glance and was secretly shocked, “King Luohan’s fist, a high-rank ability, indeed suitable for Meng Lei to train in.”

For him to be so generous to his servant, Hei Yan’s opinion of him increased.

Hidden in Meng Lei’s body was an enormous power which he was naturally born with. He was like an unpolished gem, but after some polishing, he would become a precious gem. Hei Yan did not provide much guidance to Meng Lei’s training other than making him do some basic training as he felt that he wasn’t qualified to guide and was afraid that Meng Lei would become wasted under his hands.

In his mind, he knew that Meng Lei’s opportunity had yet to arrive. And once it had, Meng Lei would be able to attain strength that knew no bounds; a strength that would make even his blood boils.

Opportunities were different for everyone, and thus, Hei Yan decided not to tell Qin Tian about Meng Lei’s situation.

“This is a book that I’ve specially picked for him. It should be able to complement him.” Qin Tian smiled. Right when he spotted the book, he immediately thought of the mighty Meng Lei, like the one and only Dragon Subduing Luo Han.

After receiving the ‘King Luohan’s Fist’, Hei Yan accepted, “Tomorrow, I’ll definitely let him practice this.”

“Big brother, you’ve tired yourself today. Have a good rest.”

“Don’t tell me you’re going to the valley of wolves now?”

Qin Tian smiled and did not answer.

Hei Yan laughed awkwardly and smiled, “be safe.”

With that, he filled a cup full of wine and gulped it down. His stomach was like the depths of hell, burning in fire, but he kept a bitter smile on his face…


Just when Qin Tian left the Furong restaurant, he encountered Yun Man.

Yun Man’s face was filled with anxiety. Immediately when she saw Qin Tian walking out of the restaurant, she quickly pulled him to a secluded corner and took out the ‘Phoenix Upheaval the Nine Heavens’ ability book. With a pale face, she questioned, “Did you stealthily put his in my house?”

Qin Tian was startled. Seeing Yun Man filled with anxiety, he scratched his head and said, “I picked that for you when I was in the library today. That book contains a high-rank ability that suits you.”

But in actual fact, Qin Tian only wanted to see her dance in the air, like an angel descending down upon a battlefield.

Yun Man was moved and her eyes started to get teary. She was grateful for all the help Qin Tian had provided her, but the ability book, she dared not learn it.

Since long ago, she knew that there was such an ability book in the Qin Pavilion, and longed for it for a long time.

But now when Qin Tian gave her the book as a gift, she dared not have it.

Not because of Qin Tian, but because she was scared of violating the Qin regulation.

‘Phoenix Upheaval the Nine Heavens’ was a book Qin Tian obtained through the means of getting first place in the competition. As such, the book was only meant for him; no one else was allowed to practice the book without the permission of the Patriarch.

Unauthorized practice of any ability book was a violation of the Qin regulations. Giving the book to Yun Man secretly was also a violation of the Qin regulations. If caught, even he might have to suffer the consequence.

Of course, Yun Man wasn’t willing to let go of the book, but in exchange of Qin Tian’s life, she wasn’t willing to risk that too. Because of that, she did not flip a single page of the book.

Yun Man firmly returned the ‘Phoenix Upheaval the Nine Heavens’ ability book into Qin Tian’s hand and anxiously said, “Violating the regulations is not something I’d want to do.”

“Qin regulations?” Qin Tian sneered, “Screw the regulations.”

There are still regulations in the Qin family? Qin Tian already saw through their regulations. No doubt a power game*. Qin Yang was able to practice a high-rank ability while others were not. Ridiculous.

TLN: Power Game*- A situation where a player forces his ideals to a group of people against their will and not giving them the freedom to act on their own, except for a selected few in the group who are given exclusive privileges.

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There were simply no regulations at all. Even if there were, they had all been eroded long ago.

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And with that, he put the book back into Yun Man’s hands and reaffirmed, “Practice with a peace of mind. In half a month, you have to be proficient in this skill. If you’re afraid of violating the regulations, practice this in secret and only use it as a last resort when your life is on the line.”

“But you…” Yun Man was very concerned, not for herself but for Qin Tian.

“No buts. Just be at ease and practice the ability diligently.”

After finishing, he couldn’t help but gently touch her cute nose bridge. Looking at her, the hatred in his heart slowly dissipated.

Yun Man was in a tight spot at first but quietly accepted it in the end.

As she looked at Qin Tian, her heart was filled with warmth and sweetness…

After the two separated, Qin Tian arrived at the north of the city. Riding a horse, he journeyed in the direction of the Valley of Wolves.

With only half a month, time was very pressing. By hook or by crook, he had to breakthrough to spirit formation and accumulate a vast amount of Qigong value by then.

The pressure from Xiao Rufeng was really too taxing!

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