Chapter 68: Don’t Let Me Misjudge You Again

Sang Wan’s body turned stiffed and her heart skipped a beat as she stared at him in panic.

“Ma’am, you should stay. Young Master doesn’t wish for you to go!” Nanny Li quickly laughed and gave an eye at Liu Ya and the rest.

Sang Wan could not help but tug at her hand which was grabbed by him, but who would have thought that a drunk man’s strength was so mysteriously great. She did not dare to tug at her hand strongly in front of the crowd, and so she could only give up. Reluctantly, she nodded, “You all may leave. It’s enough with me here!”

Nanny Li was looking forward to hearing so and she cheerfully led the crowd out before gently closing the door shut.

Sang Wan relaxed a little and let out a silent sigh before observing Shi Fengju’s facial features without any secrecy.

“Sang Wan, Sang Wan…” Shi Fengju’s eyes were half opened and he began to rave, calling out her name.

“I’m here!” Sang Wan used her other hand and gently pat the blanket. “Are you alright? It’s late already and I’ve to also get some sleep!” With that, she forcefully tried to keep her arm.

However, Shi Fengju’s grasp became tighter like a metal hoop and even with all her strength, she could not free her arm. There were grip marks on her arm and all she was left with was to pull at Shi Fengju’s fingers one at a time.

After painstakingly peeling off Shi Fengju’s fingers from her arm, his hand finally let go and Sang Wan rubbed her sore wrist before letting out another sigh. But out of the blue, Shi Fengju tightly grabbed her wrist again and his eyes were suddenly opened wide as they gazed into hers while he apologized, “Sang Wan, don’t be angry, I’m sorry!”

“I’m not angry!” Sang Wan suppressed the frustration deep within her and said, “So quickly let me go!”

“Really?” Shi Fengju’s hazy eyes glistened and the edges of his lips rose to reveal a jolly smile, “Sang Wan’s not angry?”

“If you don’t let me go now, then I can’t say I’m not! Ah! What are you doing!” Sang Wan became flustered as she channeled all her energy to suppress the shriek that would have escaped otherwise from Shi Fengju’s powerful pull. Her body landed head first on the bed, and when she regained her senses, she was heavily pressed on the bed by Shi Fengju.

“Shi Fengju! Get up, get up now!” His upper half was pressed heavily on her body with his head resting on her collarbone. She could smell the alcohol from his breath that was at her neck. Her panicked heart almost leaped out from her chest and her face was flushed red.

“Shi Fengju! Shi Fengju!” Sang Wan clenched her teeth as she frantically tried to push him away. However, he had already closed his eyes and was sleeping soundly. After saying a few more gibberish words, he finally let go of her. But on the next second, he changed to a different posture and hugged her tightly around his arms.

Sang Wan was feeling angst and embarrassed. With a face flushed red, she made all attempts to push him away, but it was all in vain and it tired her out. With no strength left, she panted and helplessly turned her head a little to look at the face that was close to her. Being so close, she could hear his heartbeat, and just a little more and her face would have touched his!

But, is he really this close to her? In the next second, where will he be?

Sang Wan closed her eyes and tried not to ponder too much. Gradually, she simply ended up falling asleep.

When it was day again, the chamber slowly brightened up.

Shi Fengju gently opened his eyes and shook his lethargic head. All of a sudden, he turned dazed as he felt an indescribable feeling.

But he could not be blamed because the bed had never been for him to sleep in. He was really in a daze.

His sight slowly shifted and it was met with a face white with displeasure and detest. Shi Fengju was immediately made fully awake and he found himself actually pressing on top of Sang Wan! His head was buried near her neck and his arms wrapped tightly around her.

“Ah!” Shi Fengju’s expression instantly changed and as if there was a fire, he hurriedly rolled away and sat upright.

He helplessly waved a few gestures and patted his forehead angrily, “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Sang Wan…”

Sang Wan tiredly closed her eyes and her small face as large as a palm was extremely white. She pulled the blanket over herself and turned herself away from him before speaking softly, “I want to lie down a little longer, you go out first.”

“Sang Wan!” Shi Fengju’s lips moved a little and he nodded gloomily, “Then I, I shall go out. You have a rest!”

He turned his body around and got off the bed. Shi Fengju could not help but turn back to give another glanced at Sang Wan from the corner of his eye and his heart felt extremely complicated. Of course, he regretted what he had done, but on the other hand, there was this tiny bit of indescribable sweetness as well as an affection.

Just what had he done!

He had clearly made a promise with her, yet how could he have been so shameless as to take advantage of her! This was bad, in her mind, he must really be no different than a scoundrel!

As soon as he thought of how she might see him, to think that he was such a person in her heart, Shi Fengju felt a deep sense of frustration.

Without a sound, he smiled bitterly and carelessly wore his outerwear before leaving.

Being as drunk as a skunk yesterday, the maidservants was not that bothered with him waking up late. But, seeing that the young master that was drunk yesterday had already woken but Ma’am who did not drink was still asleep, their confusion could more or less be seen in their eyes.

Shi Fengju felt a little guilty and let out a cough before saying something unnatural, “Ma’am is exhausted/ Don’t go in and bother her, let her sleep for a while longer!”

The maidservants suddenly understood why and quickly whispered a ‘yes’ softly before going about to serve Shi Fengju.

It was inevitable that he would have to face Nanny Li’s angry nagging on how he should not have drunk so much and for not cherishing his own body. Shi Fengju held back his temper and repeatedly promised that it would never happen again before Nanny Li finally dropped the subject. She then asked him with concern whether he was still feeling uncomfortable? Whether his head still hurts or feels dizzy? Shi Fengju quickly smiled and said it was nothing, but Nanny Li was not assured enough and had someone prepare a bowl of hangover soup. Only after she had forced Shi Fengju to drink it down did she finally became more assured.

“Would Young Master like to first have breakfast or wait until Ma’am is awake?” Zhide approached him and asked.

Shi Fengju could not help but gave a glimpse at the bedchamber and the thought of Sang Wan complicated his frame of mind. Waving his hand, he spoke, “Serve mine first! Have Ma’am’s——” Reaching this point, he suddenly realized that had actually no idea what she liked to eat, and what her taste buds were like. Thinking of how she carefully arranged for the dishes every time, Shi Fengju felt even more unpleasant.

“What Ma’am likes to eat, have the kitchen make for her. Also, brew a bowl of top quality bird nest. When she wakes up, serve it to her.”

The crowd was stunned: When had the young master ever cared about such trivial things?

That moment of silence made Shi Fengju extremely awkward and he gave a cough unnaturally.

The crowd was immediately brought back to their senses. Nanny Li immediately scolded with a scowl, “What are all of you still standing here for? Haven’t you heard the young master’s instructions? Go and do them!”

“Yes!” The crowd hurriedly dispersed.

Shi Fengju had his breakfast absent-mindedly. The food was like a chewy wax that had no taste at all.

“Young master, do you not have the appetite? Is the food not to your liking?” Nanny Li asked with concern.

Shi Fengju quickly smiled, “No, I, I’m done!”

“But Young Master only had so little,” Nanny Li was distressed and said without hesitation, “It must have been due to you having drunk so much yesterday that made you have no appetite today! Hong Ye, go and fetch another bowl of hangover soup!”

Hearing so, Shi Fengju felt a sense of dizziness. The taste of the hangover soup really wasn’t nice! A bowl after another for him to pour down his throat, when had Nanny become so uncaring towards him?

“No need, no need for it!” Shi Fengju hurriedly stood up, “I’ll go and see Sang Wan, my appetite will surely return later!”

Nanny Li had actually wanted to urge him further, but after hearing what he said, she stopped and gave a nod, “Last night when you were drunk to such a state, Ma’am must have tire herself out taking care of you the whole night. Accompanying her more is good!”

Shi Fengju smiled and agreed before turning and entered the bedchamber.

Sang Wan was still lying in the direction away from him. Hearing movements behind her, she gently asked, “Liu Ya?”

“It’s me.” Shi Fengju walked over to her and sat on the edge of the bed.

Sang Wan’s body turned stiff but she did not turn her head back, “Is there still something, Sir?”

“Yes!” Shi Fengju answered seriously, “I do have something I wish to speak with you.”

Sang Wan’s lips moved a little and she said calmly, “Then please speak.”

Shi Fengju repeated the words that were spiraling in his heart a few times before finally having the courage to say it out loud, “Sang Wan, yesterday night, I will be responsible for it!”

What! Sang Wan instantly sat up. Her beautiful eyes that were like the stars above a little teary. “What did you say?”

“I said, I will take responsibility for what I did last night, Sang Wan!” Having said it, Shi Fengju felt relieved. No matter what, he was at the wrong last night. To be so frivolous towards her, he could neither escape nor even more so wrong her.

“Let’s not mention the promise we made. You will always be my wife! This time around, I’ll definitely not go back on my words!” Shi Fengju quickly finished his sentence. After saying it, it was as if a boulder that had been on his heart for a long time was finally removed and he felt at ease.

“No!” With a cold glare, Sang Wan said plainly, “I don’t know what Sir’s talking about! What responsible? What do you want to be responsible for? What does that have to do with me?”

“Sang Wan, I know I was drunk last night and shouldn’t have——”

“Last night, you definitely were drunk!” Sang Wan interrupted before saying each word clearly for him to hear, “You were so drunk that you became unconscious and then fell asleep. That’s all.”

Shouldn’t she be happy instead? Hearing him say so, she would no longer have to worry about the future and the Sang family will not become a gossip of the town! But, she did not want this, she still did not want this.

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Now reborn, she did not wish to for her life to be twisted and painful. What use are his touching words? Even if she did believe him, Gu Fangzi would definitely have a way to bend him to her will!

As long as Gu Fangzi remains, and if there is a Gu Fangzi in this house, then there will never be peace in her life! She doesn’t wish to spend her life fighting with her! It would be too tiring, so why bother?

“You’re still angry with me, right?” Shi Fengju got agitated and could not help but place both his hands on her shoulders, “Sang Wan, I’m really sorry! I apologize to you!”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, and I’m not angry!” Sang Wan forcefully shrug off his hands, “I only hope that Sir does not forget the promise you made with me! Don’t let me misjudge you!”

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Shi Fengju’s face instantly turned white. Never had anyone spoken to him like that, never! He did not dare to gaze straight at Sang Wan’s face which was filled with conviction. He could not believe that such a sentence would actually escape from a small and red lips.

She would rather deceive herself than let him take responsibility for it. Her heart was focused entirely on wanting to leave him.

The fretful bitterness gradually enveloped Shi Fengju’s heart. He did not know what he was jealous of, only that when he heard that she still wanted to leave, he just felt wrench.

“So be it!” Shi Fengju gritted his teeth. Getting up, he folded his sleeves and left. However, he did not know that behind him, two drops of tears fell from Sang Wan’s eyes and slid gently past her cheeks.

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Nobless Dragon
Nobless Dragon

Thank you so much for all the recent updates love this novel, I hope he starts to treat her with respect, I can totally understand her wanting to leave, who wants to compete with another woman for her husband. I can’t wait to see what will happen between these two.


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As for SW… I really can’t blame her for wanting to leave. Once burned, twice shy and all that.

Ah… the frustrating drama. 😑😁

Thanks for the chapter! 😊


She has every right to be bitter, he went behind her back to take in the woman who forced her to death. It’s not like she has access to his inner thoughts and conversations like we do! Sorry Shi Fengju, but you have gone down about -100 points in my eyes just by not being able to have an adult conversation with her.

While the chapter a day may be killing you, we are loving it! Keep up the great work! 🙂


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Hehe, at the same time your soul is being sucked out, your readers’ soul is being rejuvenated by the releases!! Fight on!!! Thank you for the releases!!!


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Qué se quede contigo? Ja, por dios, ni en tus sueños, con alguien como tu, ella sufriria toda su vida!!!
Gracias por el capítulo!

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