Chapter 27

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Because I wanted to stop Gary’s tyrant ways once and for all, I had to show him who was boss. That was me.

As I left Gary squirming to get up on the floor, I went to the teacher’s table in the front of the classroom and stood on top. I glowered at Gary and his two minions.

“If you wanna bully people, fight me first and win!” I looked down at them with both of my hands on my hips. Damned brats. Even if I didn’t like laying my hands on a child, punishment should be delivered accordingly. This was the only way they would learn. Good thing potato Jin wasn’t such a handful. Potato Jin was in fact the sweetest child I had ever encountered, and that meant a lot, seeing as these children on Earth were giving me a splitting headache. Everybody should be like potato Jin.

As Gary stood up again with the help of his two subordinates, he came cannonballing towards me headfirst in an outrage. The other children gasped, and I merely smiled at him in pity.

I timed my performance. As soon as he was close enough to me, I used his cleanly shaved head as leverage to jump over his corpulent frame. As I flipped in midair and landed behind him, I watched coolly as he could not stop his raging velocity. He bumped heavily against the teacher’s table, rolling over it and smashing himself on the ground.

My classmates started laughing at Gary as he groaned on the floor, but I actually thought he was quite pitiful.

I turned to his two underlings. “You want to fight me too?”

The both of them shook their heads as they trembled comically.

“Good.” I smiled.

I looked at everyone in the classroom and made a decree.

“From now on, bullying is prohibited and I won’t tolerate it! Prepared to meet my fist if you do!” I pretended to punch one of the underlings, and before it was even a meter away from his face, he suddenly peed his pants.


His partner looked at him in disbelief and scurried away.




The girls turned their heads and started sniffing the air in repulsion, and the guys started sniggering amongst themselves.

I looked at the underling with a helpless expression.

“You shouldn’t make fun of him, guys. It’s not nice. Don’t be such bullies,” I reminded my classmates, and they reluctantly shut their mouths. They were actually such obedient children. It was my fault for scaring the kid into peeing his pants, and I kinda felt guilty even though I didn’t do it intentionally.

I helped the underling up as I told Edrie, who was nearest to me, to get a mop to clean up this mess.

“What’s your name again?” I asked the underling. I only remembered the names of people I was familiar with.

“Bob,” he replied, looking down at the puddle he had made with a brilliant red face.

“Hi Bob!” I smiled so brightly that he looked quite taken aback by my expression. I had found a comrade!

I was then known throughout primary school as The Hero. I didn’t think much of the title, and I had only known about it when a gaggle of girls started calling me Hero instead of Ryle. I would smile awkwardly at them, yet somehow, they would respond with an ear-splitting squeal.

The first change I saw was from Gary himself. Due to his previous rolling performance, he had suffered a fracture in his arm and had a sling over his chest which encumbered his movements. He would glare at me every time he saw me, but ever since he lost his underlings, his pride had been dealt a great blow, and he would sit in the corner with his usual frowning face. I wondered what excuse he made up for his parents concerning his injury. I was sure he withheld certain information to keep his face.

I was actually amazed by how he turned reticent so fast. I thought he would try to pick a fight with me time and again, but so far, nothing had happened. But I was still vigilant. Who knew when another one of his cannonball tricks would be aimed at my unguarded back.

The second change I saw was in the classroom. Ever since the bully had been subdued, a happy and lively atmosphere was always present. The term ‘bully’ also became a catchphrase, and now that Gary was not a threat anymore, the term was mocked playfully.

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“Hero! Maria bullied me!” Lily turned to me. It was as if I had inadvertently become some sort of police officer who would bestow corporal punishment on miscreants.

“I did! Punish me!” Maria blushed red as she fluttered her lashes at me.

See? This was how they always mocked my words. Soon, the whole class was in on it and would start acting out my moves. They would often ask me to teach them how to flip in midair, and during recess I would show them a few simple moves that allowed them to defend themselves. This suddenly reminded me of my Moonlight Sect, and I felt a pang of loneliness in my heart. I missed my idiotic potatoes. I bet they were all grown-up now.

The third change I saw was from Kina, the girl I had saved from Gary’s impending slap. She was a cute girl who I had actually been acquainted with since kindergarten. With her golden hair and rosy cheeks, she was a cherub who looked like she definitely needed protection. It was after that incident that she started sticking to me like glue.

I hadn’t noticed it at first, actually. It was only when I would start telling my parents about what transpired during the day that Kina’s name would always pop out inadvertently. Such as, “Kina and I went to do this” or “Kina asked if she could borrow this” or “Kina said this or that”.

My parents looked at each other with knowing glances after I talked about Kina for the nth time.

“It’s not what you think!” I disagreed with the romantic images I could see floating in their heads.

I was obviously a female by heart, and I wasn’t likely to fall in love with a person of the same gender. Besides, Jin was waiting for me somewhere! I was saving my heart for him and no one else.

“Uh-huh.” Mother giggled. Then she sighed, leaning her head against father’s shoulders. “My baby is growing up so fast, he already has a girlfriend!”

Mother!! There was no way that was happening. I honestly saw Kina as a little sister that I wanted to protect, and nothing else. More importantly, we were still nine years old!

“Ryle, you saved her from a bully. Of course she’s your princess since you’re her knight in shining armor,” father said while winking at me.

What were my parents teaching me exactly?!

In school I also noticed that chocolates would somehow appear magically in my bag pack everyday in school. I didn’t know who gave it, and I never saw the culprit, but I thanked that person in my heart. When I popped a Ferrero in my mouth, I slowly ate it with relish. Earth’s delicacies were incomparable! Ahh, I was tempted to live here forever.

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