Chapter 212: Sleeping In

Vahn stared at the notification for a while and could feel a warmth spreading from his chest when he imagined the scene of him and Chloe back in the real world. Even now, though he was a spiritual body, Vahn realized he could feel the connection between them if he focused his mind. Since he had a ‘bond’ with those that loved him, Vahn was able to sense their feelings if he put in enough effort. Even though almost no time was passing at all for his physical body, Vahn could still feel the warmth shared by their connection.

After recovering from his reverie, Vahn went about the remainder of his final day within the orb in a pleasant mood. When Eva had seen the way he was acting and asked about it, Vahn avoided the topic by explaining it was something he couldn’t talk about while hugging her body from behind. Though she wanted to press him for answers, she too also felt secure in Vahn’s arms and just allowed him to hold her without complaint. Vahn always treated her well, but it wasn’t often he acted in such a proactive and caring manner so she wanted to enjoy the experience.

They spent the rest of the time within the space together until Vahn finally returned to the real world and once again felt the natural warmth coming from Chloe’s back. It was very similar to the sensations he had felt in the black space when he used her [Hearts Desire] previously. Not only could he feel the pleasant feelings coming from her body, but Vahn could also subtly feel the way Chloe currently felt. He remembered the feeling of security she had within the dream, so Vahn hugged her closely until he finally fell asleep a few minutes later.

Because they had gone to bed so late, Vahn and Chloe ended up sleeping in until around noon when he was awakened by Chloe’s movements. At first, because he had been holding her from behind, Vahn could only see the back of her head and had been enjoying the subtle fragrance of her hair. When she woke up though, Chloe turned around in his arms and faced toward him before hugging his body. Vahn could see her green eyes almost glowing as a happy and contented smile appeared on her face.

Before she said anything, Vahn leaned forward slightly and gave her a short peck on the lips before smiling and saying, “Good morning, Chloe…” His actions caused her to laugh playfully before she repeated his actions on her own initiative. The kiss she gave him was markedly more passionate however and it seemed like things were beginning to progress into a strange direction when she leaned into his body with enough force to be resting on top of his chest.

Though she didn’t mount his stomach, which seemed to be common from Vahn’s experience, she still leaned against his body with hers and Vahn could feel the springy and soft sensation of her breasts pressing into his bare chest. The situation was a bit awkward though since Vahn’s right hand was pinned under her body and it felt weird to reach around with his left hand because he would only reach parts of her body from his current position.

After a minute or so had passed, Vahn decided to free his right hand and reach it around Chloe’s body before trying to hug her close to him. Her reaction was to stop resisting entirely so, instead of being held directly against him, Chloe actually rolled onto her side before turning belly-up while laying across Vahn’s stomach. She immediately started laughing and Vahn wasn’t sure how to react to the strange maneuver for a few seconds until he finally decided to stroke the line of Chloe’s navel with his palm.

She seemed to enjoy his caress as she held her hand on top of his and stared into his face with a happy and somewhat enamored expression as she said, “Good morning, Vahn…nya~.” Vahn smiled in response before helping to lift her body with his left hand to pull her in for another short kiss. This time, she mounted his body properly and they locked eyes briefly before Chloe began stroking the bite mark that had been permanently embedded into his shoulder.

Vahn was watching her actions while hugging her body around the waist. He had a somewhat mischevious smile on his face as he gently stroked her tail with his index finger. Though it wasn’t as intense a reaction as the previous night, Chloe’s eyes squinted slightly as her tail twitched with each of Vahn’s movements. Just as it looked like Chloe was about to say something to egg him on, Vahn smiled and asked, “Do you work today?’

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Chloe’s mind blanked for a moment before she removed her hands from Vahn’s shoulders and held them upwards like she was lamenting against the gods in Heaven, “Nyaaaaaaa~! Mama Mia’s gonna kill me~nya!” She then immediately tried to crawl off the bed to get changed, but not before Vahn was able to loosely grab her tail. Her momentum carried her forward and allowed her tail to pass end to tip within Vahn’s hand so she collapsed onto the bed face-first with another loud, “Nyaaaaaaaaaaaa~!”

After giving Vahn a slightly aggrieved look with a blush on her face, Chloe put her clothes back on in swift movements while Vahn also got ready. Seeing Chloe had almost finished dressing in her ‘Black Cat’ attire, Vahn flared his hand before a stark white sundress appeared out of thin air. Chloe looked at it with a strange expression before Vahn said, “It’s the middle of the day, people might think it’s strange if you’re walking around in your assassin getup. Though you look like an Adventurer, there is always a chance someone might recognize you.”

Chloe considered his words for a short while before showing a mischievous smile and slowly stripping off her clothes. When Vahn averted his eyes out of habit, she laughed in a playful manner and said, “I want you to watch…to see the me only you’re allowed to see~nya.” Hearing her words, Vahn turned to Chloe with a slight smile on his face as he watched her slowly undress.

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Though he had seen them the night before, Vahn was surprised with how fair Chloe’s breasts were compared to the slightly toned and lithe upper body. If not for his enhanced vision, Vahn might not have noticed, but they were a slightly lighter complexion than the rest of her body and Vahn could even see the briefest hint of subtle blue veins around the sides and near the pink protrusions of her nipples.

Vahn suddenly realized something strange after thinking about the sundress in his hand and he asked, “You’re not going to wear a bra?” His words and confused expression made Chloe laugh as she explained, “My bra is black, so it would show through the fabric of the sundress anways~nya. Besides, the straps are also large and they would stand out~.”

Vahn nodded his head in response while thinking he should have been more considerate when he picked the color of the dress. He had wanted Chloe to wear something to signify his desire to separate her from the darkness so he had chosen a stark white color. Vahn though it would make her look more lively and enhance the cheerful and mischevious character of Chloe. Since he had purchased it in consideration for Cat People, there was even a hole for her tail with a cute little bow above it.

After her upper garments were gone, Chloe bent forward slightly after loosening her belt and giving Vahn an almost ‘taunting’ look as she thumbed the sides of her white shorts and slowly removed them from her body. Like the bra she had been wearing, Chloe panties were also black and had a somewhat tame and simple design. It didn’t stop them from standing out against the pale-skinned Chloe though since they were a stark contrast to the rest of her body. By the time she had removed her shorts, Chloe was standing before Vahn in a pair of small black panties with black stockings. With her black tail, hair, and ears, it was an incredibly impactful sight for Vahn.

With a big smile and slightly seductive look in her eyes, Chloe began removing her stockings as well, but not before she turned her back to Vahn. Her actions caused Vahn to swallow as he stared at her pert buttocks and the tail he had so decisively grabbed the previous night. Since she had to bend over slightly to remove the stockings, Chloe’s butt danced about from her movements and her tail following her actions while drawing Vahn’s eye.

Clothed in only her black panties, Chloe turned back toward Vahn with an excited blush on her face as she began to thumb the sides of her panties as well. Vahn’s mind buzzed in an instant before he realized what she was going to do. Since her panties were also black, they would also stand out in the white sundress that Vahn had purchased for her. Reaching out his hand slightly, Vahn said in an over-excited manner, “Wait one second!”

Chloe was shocked by his outburst, but the smile on her face spread slightly wider as she playfully traced her fingers along the band of her panties. Her actions caught Vahn’s eye, but he was somewhat distracted as he confirmed things with Sis within his mind. Fortunately, his intuition had proven correct so Vahn materialized a pair of white laced panties in his left hand which complimented the sundress since they had a small ribbon on the front.

Seeing the pair of panties Vahn held out for her with a blush on his face, Chloe tilted her head and asked, “Nya~? You carry panties around in your ‘storage magic’~?” Her words caused Vahn to blush since he didn’t know how to explain things in a rational manner given the sudden increase in his own emotions. Chloe laughed at his reaction and snatched the panties from his hand without asking further.

Vahn released a relieved sigh before his mind blanked suddenly after Chloe quickly removed her panties while he had dropped his guard. She now stood completely nude in front of him while watching his expression with interest on her face. Since Vahn didn’t say anything, Chloe slowly turned her body and stretched her limbs a bit in various angles as if she was showing off in front of him. The entire time she did so, Vahn watched in silence and took in the various sights as his breathing began to increase steadily.

Even though he stared at her with passionate eyes, Chloe didn’t feel like his look contained any negatives feelings at all. Vahn gazed at her body with interest and curiosity and an unveiled excitement as though every part of her was something he found to be new and exciting. Satisfied by his reaction, Chloe asked in a mischevious intonation, “Do you like my body~nyahaha?”

Her sudden question caused Vahn to stare into her green eyes with a bit of confusion on his face as he processed what she just asked. After a brief period, Vahn smiled and said in a very serious manner, “You’re beautiful.” This time it was Chloe’s turn to blush as her mind blanked for a few seconds as she stared into his aquamarine eyes. She was stuck holding a somewhat awkward pose as if she was taunting him, and Chloe suddenly became overly aware of how forward she was acting.

Without responding to his compliment, Chloe turned her gaze away slightly as she quickly put on the pair of white panties Vahn had purchased her. She noticed that the panties, though somewhat stretchy, perfectly fit her body without causing any discomfort whatsoever. For a brief moment, she imagined the bodies of the other girls around Vahn and wondered who he might have purchased them for. Shaking her head to clear the thought from her mind, Chloe returned to her mischevious expression as she walked toward Vahn before stopping right in front of him.

Though she didn’t ask, Vahn had a bit of expectation since he saw the look in her eyes. Rolling the sides of the sundress with his hands, Vahn placed it over Chloe’s head as she stretched out her arms to assist him. Vahn found out that he enjoyed helping girls undress but was also somewhat fond of putting clothes he had given them on their bodies. It wasn’t nearly as interesting as removing the garments, but it still made him feel excited when he finally saw them clothed in an outfit of his choosing.

Once she was fully clothed, Chloe looked around for a mirror and Vahn placed out a large standing mirror for her use. It was the kind that allowed a person to see their full body, and Chloe began laughing at the image of the ‘lively young girl’ that was her own reflection. As Vahn had expected, the sundress suited Chloe well since it contrasted with her black hair, green eyes, and black tail. She had very fair skin and a lively expression on her face and it made her seem several years younger. Though she was only nineteen, Vahn felt like she tried to act far more mature than her age and it made him happy to see her current appearance.

While she was caught up in her own reflection, Vahn laughed and caught her attention as she looked at him with a mixture of love and curiosity. Just as she was about to ask what he found funny, Vahn said, “If you take too long, won’t Mama Mia be even angrier~?” The loving expression on Chloe’s face slowly melted into one of abject terror as she repeated her earlier actions of spreading her arms in a lamenting fashion and shouting, “Nyaaaa~! We need to hurry~!” She then rushed out the door while Vahn followed behind her while laughing happily.

As long as he gave Mama Mia a nice tip, she probably wouldn’t be upset with Chloe at all. Syr had probably already explained things to her and any berating of Chloe would just be for the purpose of display. Vahn just enjoyed teasing Chloe and found her current behavior to be far more suitable than the serious person she tried to act like at times. Vahn looked forward to being able to see her act this way more often as he planned various methods to properly spoil the girl who had done so much for him in the past. She had given him her trust, affection, and even love, and Vahn would do his best, not to return what she had given him, but care for and nurture it so they would both be happy.

(A/N: Alternate Titles: ‘Love is a shared experience’,’Strip Tease’,’The secret of the perfect fit’)

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