Chapter 324: Justice

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After they made their want into his room, Vahn set Loki down on his massive bed and she rolled around on it for a bit as he put his shoes and tunic into his inventory. When Loki saw his bare back, she gave him an ‘appreciative’ whistle and said, “I feel like you would make an excellent model for sculptures…hmm, I imagine you might have a few in the future~?” Hearing her words, Vahn showed a reminiscent smile and said, “I’ve actually seen several dozen of myself…Eva was a skilled artisan and painter.” Loki sat on the bed with her legs crossed and said, “My bad, my bad.” Vahn shook his head and said, “Don’t worry about it, the orb will eventually reactivate in the future. She used to wait years for my return, I can accept waiting for a while myself…”

Loki showed an uncharacteristically gentle expression before leaning forward and saying, “Well, let’s talk about a few things before the fun begins. As you know, I can’t really stay around for too long and there are a few things you need to know about what happened at the ‘Vahnatus’.” Vahn gave Loki a wry smile when he heard the name of their meeting which made her laugh playfully before eventually continuing, “Well, the most important thing would be how we’re spinning your ability to help goddesses get pregnant. Since we made a ‘vow’ regarding it, it would be helpful if you play along and perform the procedure as we discussed.”

Vahn nodded his head before turning around and sitting with his legs crossed facing Loki as she said, “First off, and this should be pretty fun for you…that little love stamp you put on Hephaestus, well, that is going to be a permanent thing for a while. We have to play up the theatrics a bit, and it also lets us keep track of any of the goddesses that are in the mortal world. Its a bit annoying to say, but there is a loophole that would let any goddess that took a vow simply return to Heaven for a few years and then they’d be able to blab about the details easily. If any of them suddenly vanish from the mortal world, at least we’d have a bit of a heads up to run a counter-information strategy.”

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Hearing Loki’s words, Vahn imagined the mischevious goddess with his Maker’s Mark above her butt and it sent a slight shiver down his spine but he still agreed. He wondered if he should place it elsewhere, since her usual outfit would make it visible whenever she was walking around and it was rather embarrassing to consider. Loki seemed to have guessed his thoughts as she placed her hand below her navel and said, “I was actually thinking about getting it on the front side…” Seeing Vahn’s shocked face, she began to laugh as if she were a child that just pulled off a prank successfully and got away with it. Vahn smiled and shook his head, but he also mentally added a tick mark next to Loki’s name in his mind.

Loki herself felt a chill run down her back as she gave Vahn a speculative glance before continuing the discussion, “Another important thing to keep in mind is, we’ve said there is a big restriction on how often you can use the skill. This is to buy us time and allow how often goddesses seek you out in the future. If things expand too quickly, we wouldn’t be able to contain the information easily so you’ll have to take it slow for a few years. Leave it to us goddesses to vet anyone that tries to approach you for assistance in that regard, since we’ll able to get a better sense of the situation that you can. Just don’t go around randomly helping goddesses get pregnant and everything should be fine.”

After Vahn nodded his affirmation, Loki showed a mischevious smile and said, “This next part it something that should be very interesting for you…well, simply put, we discussed the things you brought up before putting them to a vote. Though some people might have just voted along with the majority, there wasn’t a single vote against the things you were concerned about. Aki has a new logbook and scroll for your own personal use, and it’ll let you reach out to any of the girls that have the paired scrolls. Whenever you have something you want to ‘try out’, you can pitch the idea to the interested parties and…well, I’m sure you can figure out where to go from there.”

Vahn felt a little giddy after hearing Loki’s words, because it was almost like he was given permission to seek out the girls whenever he wanted. He was curious to know which girls actually received the scrolls, but he imagined it was being kept secret as a surprise. Loki’s smile grew a bit wider before she continued, “Also, we officially made the requirement that, if a girl wants to receive a paired scroll connect to your’s, they need to go through Hephaestus and Eina and submit evidence justifying their reasoning. Though it isn’t a permanent solution, since there is always a chance you might give in to their pressure on your own, it’ll keep some of the weaker girls off your back for the time being. We also gave all of the other girls smaller scrolls if they wanted to reach out to anyone on the network for mentorship and advice…so you can be happy knowing you’ll be surrounded by ‘capable’ women in the future~.”

Vahn released a long sigh after hearing Loki’s words, because he knew it was a very selfish request, even though it was how he truly felt. The only girls he didn’t feel ‘pressure’ from, were the girls that were eight mentally, or physically strong and reliable. It was very stressful to look after people like Lili, Haruhime, Preasia, Emiru, and Maemi. If the network absorbed that burden and left the decisions to progress to him, Vahn felt like that was the best way to deal with the situation. Even a single goddess on the network had millions of times the experience he had in dealing with such situations. Since there were likely to be well more than five goddesses on the network in the future, Vahn believed things would work out.

Loki started to playfully kick her feet up and down on the bed as she said, “And the last thing, about getting girls pregnant and stuff…well, as I said earlier, you don’t really have to worry about that. There is absolutely no way we’d allow any of the children you sire to disappear out of sight. It is common practice for children born into a Familia to receive a weaker version of the Familia crest to promote their growth and keep track of them. The best part is, it can’t be overwritten until they are at least ten, so you don’t have to worry about someone kidnapping them and overwriting their crest. You can continue focusing on your own stuff and take as much of a role in raising them as you think you can manage when the time comes…”

Loki’s words felt like they chiseled large chunks of a heavy weight off of Vahn’s shoulders and he suddenly felt as light as a feather knowing that his children would be protected. Though Freya was likely to cause a bit of tension in things, Vahn knew that the combined forces of the Alliance, with the network behind it, would be more than capable of watching over each other. As long as it was used properly, everyone could cover the weaknesses of everyone else and they would be much stronger as a unified whole. With goddesses like Anubis and Hestia, who both have powerful maternal and familial instincts, Vahn knew there would probably be a large number of children running around in his courtyard in the future. Just imagining a group of kids, the majority his own, sitting around and listening to Milan, or one of the other experienced girls, teaching them was a very heartwarming scene to imagine.

Vahn looked toward Loki with a smile on his face, because he imagined a chibi version of herself sitting around and playing with the other children. She noticed the look in his eyes and opened her’s marginally before Vahn expanded his domain within the room and [Enkidu] slowly snaked its way out of the void surrounding them. Though she had great self-control, Vahn could see Loki’s lower jaw shiver a bit before her smile expanded greatly and she started to breath more deeply. The aura surrounding her body flared up like a bonfire and had a fiery, passionate, red making up its core while a profound and rich pink made up the outer perimeter of its flame-like appearance.

Before they wrapped around her, Loki affectionately stroked [Enkidu] that was slowly making its way through the air in defiance of gravity. She gave Vahn an upwards glance like a maiden in love and said, “The last time we were together, I told you that you can do whatever you want with me…show me the extent of your ‘curiosity’. I took the lead last time, but now I’ll just respond to whatever you want to do…lets both enjoy ourselves…just make sure I’m able to walk away in an hour or two or I’ll have you carry me all the way back.” The chains slowly started coiling around Loki’s arms and Vahn leaned forward before focusing his attention on the skin tight clothes she often wore. Though it was generally very difficult to take things off another person, it wasn’t too hard if they were stationary so Vahn was able to touch each piece of clothing and stow it away in his inventory. Loki’s eyes widened a bit at the sight before she laughed sheepishly and said, “That’s convenient~.”

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Vahn slowly traced his hands over her body with the assistance of [Hands of Nirvana] as if he were admiring every inch of her body, which was actually spot on. He hadn’t gotten to fully experience Loki in their last meeting, so he was planning to fully explore everything that made up the loveable trickster that worked so hard for him. As he traced his way to the small shorts she wore around her hips and stored them into his inventory, Vahn muttered in a somewhat soothing tone, “Don’t worry, I don’t mind carrying you at all…” When his words fell, the blue panties she had been wearing also vanished and she was left in nothing buck her black stockings and shoes.

Loki was acting very docile compared to her usual self and just watched all of Vahn’s actions with an undisguised curiosity on her face. She knew he was a ‘capable technician’ and was wondering what he would put her through. Though it wasn’t the first time she had been ‘admired’ by a man, it made her heart flutter in expectation watching the care Vahn put into his actions. His hands were literally like electricity passing over her skin and everywhere they passed quickly became covered in a healthy blush. Even though she hadn’t vocalized it yet, Loki knew that Vahn was the type that could ‘conquer’ women’s hearts through his gentle, and incredibly stimulating, affection. She had been with countless partners in the past, but none of them were able to make her feel anything close to what she was currently experiencing, and they hadn’t even started the main event yet. Of course, she also knew the chains that were lazily hovering in the air had a big influence on her current emotional state.

Vahn lowered Loki’s back to the bed and stared down on her from above with a passionate and appreciative gaze in his eyes as he said his impression from their last meeting, “Beautiful…” Though it was a very uncharacteristic act, Loki gingerly covered her exposed breasts with her hands and turned her head bashfully to the side. Vahn knew she was probably putting on an act, but it was an incredibly convincing one given the circumstances. He placed his hands at her feet and put her blue boots into his inventory leaving the last bit of clothing on her body to be the pair of long black stockings. He actually thought they drew a beautiful contrast on Loki’s figure, so he decided to let her continue wearing them.

A glint passed through Loki’s eyes but she didn’t say anything even though she understood Vahn’s intentions. She already knew about his ‘interest’ in designing clothes for the girls around him, so she had actually expected him to have a healthy interest in ‘play’ related to clothing. Though it wasn’t anything major, just the fact he had her continue wearing her stockings was a big flag and she knew it would be interesting information to tell the other girls on the network. She could also tell that, even though there was a lot of affection and appreciation in his gaze, there was a very subtle amount of possessiveness that was exactly the type of thing that made girls fall in this type of situation. Everyone wanted to feel like they were wanted, so that possessive glint would rule the hearts of several girls in the future…

Vahn had paused for a while as he traced his palms along Loki’s legs for a while as he stared at the freely flowing liquids coming from her relatively perfect looking genitals. He knew she was very experienced, but it didn’t show at first glance, almost like it was a testament to her Divinity as a trickster. Vahn knew how incredibly pliant her insides were and he couldn’t help but think of a few ways to make things more interesting for the ‘veteran’ goddess. After deciding the first step, Vahn locked eyes with Loki and said, “I’m going to use [Enkidu], it shouldn’t be uncomfortable so just relax your body and leave everything to me from here on.”

The only response he got from Loki was a smile as a glimmer passed through her red eyes and she lifted her hands above her body instead of ‘protecting’ her nearly non-existent breasts. Vahn nodded his head and willed [Enkidu] to tie up her arms before lifting her ankles so that the chains could wrap around her calves as well. The last chain wrapped around her body, since it was necessary for the seal to activate completely. Fortunately, it didn’t require that the chains be tight, so they loosely hung around Loki’s limbs even though they didn’t let her separate her wrists. Vahn though the look suited the current Loki, so he allowed her hands to be bound together. He noticed that Loki’s aura stabilized by a great deal, but it didn’t lose its passionate colors and this caused Vahn’s smile to become more genuine. He knew that, from this point onwards, he would be experiencing a Loki that had never been seen by anyone else, not in the millions of years she had lived.

Loki herself felt a powerful sense of relief spread through her body as the emotions she had been doing her best to control previously suddenly became more ‘real’. It was almost like, even though the chains were somewhat restrictive, she had become free for one of the first times in her entire life. She couldn’t stop herself from releasing a long, hot, sigh as her eyes opened to reveal a loving expression as a blush spread on her face. Vahn suddenly looked a lot more handsome than he did previously and the beating of her heart increased rapidly until it became a powerful drum within her chest. The moment Vahn reached forward and pressed his palm across her body, she couldn’t stop the urge to release a repressed moan intermixed with a sigh. It was a very ‘freeing’ experience because she knew it wasn’t an act she had put on just to fool him.

As he had been paying very close attention to her, Vahn noticed the changes in Loki and it made his own heart begin to beat rapidly in his chest. He noticed that the small rosebud protrusions on her diminutive chest became sharp and the flow of liquid from her slightly open v***** turned into a veritable flood. He could even see a small crimson bead peaking out through its hiding place as the healthy looking organ began to contract in expectation. Vahn couldn’t help but feel like the current Loki was a very beautiful girl and it showed on his face as he turned his attention to her expression. Though he originally wanted to tease her a great deal, he now felt like making gentle love to the goddess who had her Divinity repressed by his chains. He felt like it would almost be cruel to mistreat her as she was at the moment…

After a brief hesitation, Vahn placed his hands along her thighs and put her stockings into his inventory as well before leaning over her body and matching his gaze with her’s. He could see the confusion in her face as he reached out and gingerly caressed her cheek and said, “You said you’d leave things to me…and I’ve decided that there is plenty of time in the future for other things…for now, I just want to make love to the ‘real’ you.” Loki stared back at him with slightly widened eyes as Vahn leaned down and sealed her lips. Though she was very skilled with her tongue, Vahn took the initiative and didn’t let her fall into her own pace. He felt like the current Loki was a maiden that had never truly been with a man, and it made him feel a powerful urge to pamper and love her properly without doing anything untoward or deviant.

As Vahn continued to give her gentle, yet incredibly passionate, kisses Loki felt like her heart was about to explode. She had a strange urge to free her hands and hug his body and even felt a slight amount of fear at everything she was currently experiencing. It was like she wasn’t herself and everything was like a heavy impact that whittled away at her reasoning. She had never been in a situation where she wasn’t in ‘control’ and it was becoming increasingly difficult to even form thoughts as she began to lose herself in the moment. After what seemed like an eternity, Loki felt an incredibly hot and invasive feeling in her lower body and released a powerful moan and was even able to cause [Enkidu] to shake a small amount.

Without any intense or violent movements, Vahn continued a slow and steady rhythm as if he were gently caressing the opening in Loki’s cervix with the tip of his glans. It wasn’t the ‘pleasant’ knocking movement that he enjoyed with some of the other girls, but a very gentle contact that was held for a few extra milliseconds before they parted temporarily. Unlike the past, however, Vahn only placed a small amount of focus on his hips as his main focus was on kissing Loki and gently caressing her body. Every time she writhed about under his hands and released womanly moans, Vahn felt a powerful sense of satisfaction, because he could tell by her body’s response and the aura that was sticking to him like a viscous liquid that she was truly reacting to even his smallest actions.

For nearly an entire hour, Vahn showed Loki what it was like to be gently loved and tended to by a man that appreciated her, the real her that no one else in history had ever known. She was just a woman that sought her happiness and desired freedom away from the constraints that had been unfairly imposed on her by fate. Even bound in chains, she was freer now than she had ever been in the eons that defined her existence. There was no scheming, no tricking, no compulsion, just pure emotion, and mutual affection. Every climax she felt was more real than everything she had experienced before and Vahn had even loosened up her hands so they could be closer. She knew he was fully attentive to her needs without expecting anything from her other than herself at this moment and it made her feel a powerful sense of relief.

Toward the end, Vahn held Loki gently in his embrace before putting a bit of strength into his hands wrapped around her body and pressed his glans against the opening of her cervix before he released the most intense ejaculation of his life. He had been holding himself back for a very long time, and now everything that he had bottled up was released into her insides as they stared into each other’s eyes. Unlike her usual squinting expression, Loki’s eyes were opened in a natural manner and they silently held each other’s gaze in a mutual understanding of the current events. Not only Vahn, but Loki herself knew she would probably try to make use of this experience for her schemes in the future. However, for the time being, none of that mattered at all and they were simply able to enjoy each other’s presence.

Vahn pressed his forehead against Loki’s and whispered, “I’m going to begin…just hold me and relax your body….” Loki nodded her head and moved her arms from Vahn’s neck before embracing his body and saying, “Thank you Vahn…truly…” Though she had hidden her face in his chest, Vahn had heard the quiver in Loki’s words and could feel her body shaking and knew she was beginning to cry.

Vahn whispered comfortingly into her ear, “I’m the one that should thank you…you’ve given me everything, including the real you….I’ll one day find a way to free your from this burden…for the sake of you, and our children…” Loki nodded her head silently without saying anything as her body continued to shake, now with an added intensity.

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