Chapter 435: Resolve

Since the study door had been open, Vahn walked straight inside before coming to a pause when Fenrir snapped her head back and stared at him with glowing scarlet eyes. Vahn knew she had been aware of his presence long before he arrived, but his arrival in the study made it much harder to ‘ignore’ his presence. She had spent the last half hour listening to Riveria and Milan explaining the differences between men and women and learning how babies were made. Before Vahn was able to say anything, Fenrir jumped up and asked, “Does Vahn love Fenrir?” Vahn blinked in mild surprise before saying, “Yes, Fenrir is someone very important to me.” The glow in Fenrir’s eyes increased greatly and she covered her mouth with both paws as she sad back down ‘snickering’ at Vahn’s answer.

Riveria looked to Vahn and asked, “Did you need something, Vahn?” Since Vahn had to be aware of the discussion that was taking place, Riveria had expected him to stay far away from this room. They had even moved to a study on the second floor, which wasn’t visited often, just so Fenrir wouldn’t be able to leave and go to him when he returned.

Vahn nodded his head and looked around the room before bringing his attention to Milan and saying, “I wanted to talk with Milan.” Hearing Vahn addressing her, Milan startled slightly and he could see her gripping her dress with her hands as her aura flailed about chaotically. After a moment of hesitation, Milan asked, “Did you want to talk…right now?” Vahn nodded his head and smiled as he said, “I think it is something that needs to be addressed sooner, rather than later. Riveria should be able to handle things here since both Shizune and Tina are sensible young girls.” Fenrir’s ears twitched slightly at his words, but she continued to hold her paws over her mouth without saying anything while Milan sat in silence for several seconds before standing up and saying, “Okay…Vahn.”

On their way out, both Vahn and Milan could hear Tina cheer, “You can do it, Mom~nya!” as she held up both of her small hands in an encouraging gesture. Vahn smiled as Milan began to laugh in a wry manner as he escorted her a fair distance away from everyone else until they reached a private room. Milan had become increasingly tense the further away from the others they went, but she didn’t say anything and Vahn could see an almost indiscernible amount of red touch her aura.

When they entered the room, Vahn closed the door behind them and, instead of asking her to sit, Vahn grabbed Milan’s hands and noticed they were shaking a fair amount. For a brief moment, it seemed like she was going to pull away but inevitably decided against it as she tried to put on a mask of bravado and asked, “Ara~? What did you drag me so far away to discuss, Vahnya…” Because of her nerves, Milan couldn’t stop her own verbal tick from acting up and her face blushed slightly at the realization.

Vahn squeezed her hands and explained, “Milan, even if it might be shameless for me to do something like this, I needed to talk to you as soon as possible. I won’t waste time talking around the subject…I want to be more decisive, so I’ll tell it to you directly…Milan, I love you.” This time, Milan managed to pull her hands away as she turned around and created a bit of distance with Vahn and placed both hands over her furiously beating heart. Vahn could see her aura fluctuating like a flame and could see her tail twitching about in frustration after his declaration. Without giving her any time to process his words, however, Vahn continued, “I won’t force you into anything, Milan, I just needed you to know how I felt. Regardless of what you choose to do, you will always have my support.”

Milan raised her hands and pressed down her ears as if she were trying to block out his words as she exclaimed, “This isn’t fair, Vahn! My heart isn’t ready for this kind of thing at all~nya!” Though she was refusing with her words and actions, Vahn noticed that Milan’s affection had jumped up to 98 and her aura was becoming increasingly chaotic. He said he wasn’t going to force her, but it felt like she was waiting for him to take action. Instead of doing something overly intimate, however, Vahn just approached Milan from behind and embraced her tightly as she writhed around in his arms.

After nearly a minute of ‘struggling’, Milan finally calmed down a bit and just continued to take several deep breaths in an effort to regulate her emotions. Throughout this process, Vahn just embraced her body tightly without taking any further action. He knew his actions were a bit ‘unfair’ to her, but he couldn’t let things continue to develop in such a passive manner anymore. Vahn knew how indecision could adversely impact the future, so he would rather deal with the ‘fallout’ of the actions he took rather than regret the decisions he never made.

Milan continued in silence for a while before leaning her head up at an angle and saying in a low tone, “Vahn…kiss me…” Without any hesitation, Vahn leaned around and kissed Milan’s lips as she had requested. He didn’t know exactly what she wanted to discern from the kiss, but Vahn wanted her to feel his emotions so he ‘eagerly’ sealed her lips with his own before invading the interior of her mouth with his tongue. He wasn’t too forceful, but he danced around with her tongue for nearly a full minute before she released a hot sigh from her nose and turned away. Vahn could feel her heart beating rapidly from his palm that was placed near her abdomen and he could sense the changes in her aura.

Hanging her head low, Milan asked in a quiet tone, “Do you love Tina…?” Vahn could feel her body shake slightly when he nodded his head and said, “I care for her like a daughter…but that will likely change in the future depending on the path she chooses for herself…” Milan lazily nodded her head and whispered, “Shizune too…I can tell that she…” before releasing a sigh and saying, “Vahn, I don’t want to be alone while both of my daughters live a vibrant life…am I a bad mother?” Vahn put some strength into his embrace and stated with absolute confidence, “Milan, you are a great mother. Circumstances have forced you into an awkward position, but that is something we can face together. I will protect all of you, no matter what anyone has to say about it…”

Milan leaned into his chest and Vahn felt like she would fall to the ground if he loosened his arms from around her body. She looked up at him with a deep melancholy on her face, but Vahn could also see a slight glimmer in her eyes as she said, “I know…I know the Alliance will also protect us. The other girls in the Manor are kind and understanding as well…” Milan began to take deep breaths once again and Vahn felt like she was going to begin crying as she said, “Promise me, Vahn, promise that you’ll never try to convince me to have another child…and that you’ll always look after Tina and Shizune…”

Milan knew she was walking down a path that contradicted her own sensibilities, but she just wanted to be loved again and it had been so long since she was held like this by a man. However, she swore that she would never bear Vahn’s children unless he never developed a relationship with Tina. Sharing the same man already made her body shake with anxiety, so there was no way she could have his child if there were a chance her daughter would one day give birth as well. Vahn, understanding what Milan was thinking, nodded his head and said, “Milan, I promise…I will always respect your decision and do my best for all three of you.”

As he spoke, Milan’s breathing became increasingly ragged and Vahn could feel a major shift in her aura as it transitioned from a rosy pink into a passionate red that was intermixed with purples and even a small amount of grey. Vahn could tell that Milan wasn’t truly convinced but had thrown caution to the wind as she turned around in his arms and began kissing him with tears streaming down from the corners of her eyes. He could tell she was ‘blaming’ herself for her own weakness, but Vahn promised that he would never fault her for such things. As he had told her earlier, Vahn really did love her as she had been the first person to show him what it was like to be cared for. Even though it was only for a brief period of time, Vahn had found a welcoming home at the Hearth’s Embrace and Milan had been looking after him ever since their first meeting. Now, it was his turn to return the favor as he began peeling away each layer of clothing the protected her body…

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Milan’s body fidgeted as Vahn de-clothed her, but she didn’t make any attempts to stop him as she began to unbutton his tunic. Vahn surprised her when he unequipped his tunic and she found her hands against his bare chest suddenly. After a brief pause, she let her hands wander across his muscles until Vahn began lowering her dress around her shoulders. Milan was one of the taller girls in the group, standing at 170cm tall, and she had a lithe figure with a pair of modest breasts that were around a B-Cup. Vahn had seen her naked several times, but this was the first time he had looked at her like this, standing in the low light of the room with a flushed expression as she made a bashful attempt to cover her body with her hands.

Though he didn’t mind gawking at her athletic looking body, Vahn knew he needed to be decisive in moments like this so he moved closer to her before looking into her gleaming golden eyes, which were still moist with her own tears, and started kissing her again as he deftly unfastened her bra. He removed a sofa from his inventory and placed it behind him as he pulled her body, which was now attired in nothing but beige panties, that almost matched her skin tone, and a pair of white stockings. When he sat down, Milan was surprised at the sudden transition before staring down at Vahn’s figure as his clothes disappeared into his inventory. Free from its constraints, Vahn’s p**** shot toward the sky and Milan’s mind blanked for several seconds as she stared at it.

After coming to her senses, Milan took a deep breath and peeled off her panties to reveal the contents contained within. She knew her own state very well and she was embarrassed to see Vahn staring at the ‘mess’ she had become. Even though she felt a lot of inhibitions about what was happening, Milan knew her body wanted this and there was even a mild desperation welling up inside her body when she saw Vahn’s nude figure. It had been so many years since she had been with a man, and she had been ‘dreaming’ about this moment even before she got to know Vahn well. From the very moment she teased the young boy and allowed him to touch her ears, Milan had thought about Vahn more than once, to an extent that Tina had even ‘realized’ what she had been up to.

Once Milan had peeled off her panties, Vahn smiled and muttered, “Beautiful…” which made the mature woman bite the bottom of her lip as she started to peel off her stockings. Vahn was tempted to tell her to keep them on, but this was an important moment for her and he didn’t want to make things awkward. When she finally removed them, Milan grabbed her left arm with her right hand for a moment before sheepishly climbing up into his lap. She sandwiched Vahn’s p**** against their stomachs and Vahn could feel her body trembling when she pressed her somewhat springy breasts against him and started kissing him once again. Even though her tongue was rough, as was the case with all Cat Persons, Vahn was skilled at kissing them since he had a lot of practice with Chloe, Arnya, and Aki.

Vahn understood the significance of everything that was happening and knew he needed to be the one to guide Milan forward, even though he had to leave the final step to her. He began to trace his hands around her back using the combination of his [Hands of Nirvana] and [Petting] ability and she quickly began to release hot breaths as she writhed about against his body. Vahn was paying attention to each of her reactions and saw the wispy black flames in her aura dissipate almost entirely after a few minutes before he reached down and before she could utter a word of complaint, grabbed her chestnut brown tail with his hand.

Milan pulled her head away from their kiss and arched her body as she released a powerful moan while pressing her forehead against his chest and hammering it a few times. Vahn was somewhat confused by her reaction, but he continued molding her sensitive tail with his hand in a firm manner that wouldn’t actually bring harm to the appendage. After several seconds, Milan ‘glared’ at him with her golden eyes before saying, “Vaaaaaaaaaahn, you jerk!” as she eyed his shoulders and found a spot to mark. Even though she knew something like this would probably happen, Milan hadn’t expected Vahn to go for her weak spot at the very beginning. She still wasn’t sure if she wanted to ‘mark’ him yet, but it didn’t seem like he was giving her much choice. Unless she bit him, Milan felt like she was going to lose her mind because it had been so many years since anyone had touched her tail, other than those cruel men that had cut it off.

When she recalled that incident, Milan felt a small bout of panic but then she immediately remembered the warmth Vahn had brought to her during her desperation. Even when she had given up all hope, Vahn had come to her and pulled her away from that darkness. He had even been taking care of both her and Tina ever since then, even though she hadn’t done much for him in return. Every time she needed something, it would always be provided to her and, even when she struggled interacting with him, he had shown an endless amount of patience and concern. Realizing this, Milan didn’t know why she had actually been hesitating for so long because she knew Vahn would always do his best for her…

Vahn grimaced slightly when he felt Milan’s teeth enter his shoulder but his expression quickly turned into a peaceful one with a happy smile on his face. From this point onwards, he would always carry the proof of their union on his body and Milan would also be aware of it. Even if she turned into a bashful and shameless woman, Vahn didn’t care at all as long as she could find some happiness in his embrace. She had suffered a lot in the short time they had known each other, and now Vahn wanted to start changing things for the better. It might be awkward at first, but new things were always like that and, as long as they continued down this path together, they would be able to work through all of their issues together…just like a real family.

Milan eased up her bit nearly a minute later and started licking the area clean as she said, “Vahn, I’m ready…” Vahn nodded his head slowly as Milan raised her own hips while hugging his neck tightly as he placed the tip of his glans against her steamy entrance. He had noticed this earlier, but Milan was releasing an incredible volume of liquid even before she peeled off her beige panties. Her body had been ‘awakened’ after a long period of dormancy and there was a lot of heat emitting from her v***** as well and Vahn could feel her body temperature had increased to a feverish extent as they embraced each other.

Because she was more than prepared for his insertion, Vahn positioned his glans against the palpating entrance before pressing down on Milan’s hips. He noticed she had started to hesitate so he helped her continue forward as she released a long, “Nyaaaaaaaaaaaafuuuuuuuuuuuu~” as he lowered her against his body. It had been a long time since Milan had sex, so her body wasn’t quite adapted to foreign entry and he only made it around 70% of the way into her depths before hitting a dead end. Milan began to released hot breaths against his moist neck before she began licking her own bite mark once again. Vahn grabbed around her body and hugged her with his left arm while using his right hand to rub the connecting point of her back and tail. He also pressed down with a steady pressure and Milan’s body was slowly sinking against his over time.

Before he could make too much progress, however, Milan squeezed his shoulders with a bit of strength and said, “Vahn, it’s too much…my body is completely stuffed…I want to move…” Though Milan didn’t mind staying like this for a while, her body ached for ‘action’ and it felt like Vahn slow movements were going to drive her crazy. She had been crying tears of anguish earlier, but now she felt like crying in frustration because he was being ‘too careful’ with her body. Even though he hadn’t responded to her, she already raised her hips slightly before releasing a gasp as she lowered herself once again.

Vahn was somewhat surprised by Milan’s ‘eagerness’ but he understood her feelings and didn’t want to let her down so he began matching his movements against hers and making her mewl every time his glans contacted the entrance of her cervix. Her insides were incredibly hot and Vahn enjoyed the comfortable pressure that was gripping his member. She was far more eager than he was in her movements, so Vahn was able to focus on finding her weak spots as he stimulated the nerves in her back and made her tighten around him every time her body spasmed slightly. Though she had taken the ‘initiative’ for a brief moment, it wasn’t long before Milan was hugging him tightly and releasing her adorable mewls against his neck. This was one of the reasons Vahn loved Cat Persons because all of their reactions made his heart itch with how adorable they were.

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Because she had lost the ability to move easily on her own, Vahn positioned his hands at Milan’s hips and began moving them in a small circle as he traced around her cervix and made her body tremble at the stimulation. Vahn was using his thumbs to inject a line of energy into her pelvis and stimulating the surrounding muscles in tune with her heartbeat. Milan’s grip around his neck had tightened to the point where it felt like she wanted to choke him, but Vahn didn’t mind it at all just leaned forward slightly and nibbled on her exposed collarbone. When he felt her insides begin to writhe about and vibrate, Vahn leaned back slightly and pulled Milan’s weight against him as he began to piston hard against her insides.

Milan had been on the brink of a powerful climax due to the intense stimulation she was receiving from Vahn, but she was caught completely off-guard when he began to ‘crush’ her insides in such an earnest fashion. She couldn’t even gasp out and just squeezed his neck tightly as she held her own breath, almost as if she wanted to suffocate him in return. It had only been around ten minutes since they began and her body was already going through a level of stimulus she had never experienced before. Milan began to feel like, even if she wanted to leave Vahn in the future, she didn’t think she had the ‘courage’ to do so any longer. He wasn’t actually that skilled, but even his simple actions attacked her weak points and, even though he was somewhat uncomfortably large, he used his p**** well and she found that her body had absolutely no resistance against him at all.

Vahn knew that Milan would likely be taking a contraceptive after this, especially since her body was very obviously in heat, so he unhesitantly pressed her butt down and pushed up against her cervix with his glans and released himself inside of her. He could continue going for hours if necessary, but he knew that Milan’s body would continue to ‘suffer’ until he ejaculated inside of her. It was one of the racial traits of Cat Persons and she would just get frustrated unless he took decisive action. Now, even if they continued even further, the heat from her body would slowly fade and she would be able to ‘relax’ a bit and enjoy the moment even further.

Feeling the hot pressure swelling up inside her body, Milan released her contained breath and relaxed her weight against Vahn as powerful reverberations passed through her body. As Vahn assumed, she intended to take medicine right after they were finished but was happy that he had released his sperm inside of her without any hesitation. She knew of Vahn’s ‘exploits’ and that he could continue for very long periods of time without ejaculating, so Milan understood he had been taking her state into consideration. She felt an incredible amount of comfort coming from the invasive heat and it felt like Vahn’s powerful arms supporting her body would also be able to shield her from any adversity she would face in the future.

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Even if it was just a delusion, Milan wanted to believe this was the case and began to affectionately lick her own mark once again. She was a little frustrated seeing the other bite marks and felt a powerful sense of incredulity imagining that her own daughter might mark next to her own in the future…however, that would be something she dealt with when the time came. She already made her resolve and it was futile thinking about events far in the future. At the very least, she had nearly three years to spend with Vahn before she took a step back for her daughter…

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