Chapter 436: Machinations

Vahn was just about to get into his ‘groove’, but it didn’t seem like fate would allow him any leniency as he could sense a presence going from room to room looking for them. With a wry smile on his face, he lifted Milan’s flushed face and said, “It looks like class time is over…” Milan was confused for a brief moment due to her current daze, but her eyes widened after a few seconds and she slipped off of Vahn’s lap with a throaty moan. Vahn laughed before rising to match her and grabbing her from behind as she was picking up her clothing. Milan panicked a bit and said, “We can’t, Vahn…” Vahn nodded his head and said, “I know, I just wanted to be close to you for a little while longer.” As he spoke, Vahn traced his palms across Milan’s body and she trembled under his touch without making any effort to resist him as she bit her bottom lip.

Knowing that it wasn’t wise to continue too far, Vahn freed Milan and helped pick up her clothes as she did her best to wear her stockings with her shaky body. She couldn’t muster much strength in her lower body after Vahn’s ‘assault’, so she was struggling a bit since her body was still aching for his touch. Vahn didn’t leave her unattended, however, and began using [Hands of Nirvana] to help her body recover quickly as he wiped her down with a masking towel. Milan released a hot sigh and allowed Vahn to help her get dressed since she likely wouldn’t be able to manage it on her own. Besides, having a man care for her after their union made her feel a sense of security that she had long since forgotten…

Vahn had been concealing their location with his domain, but it didn’t stop Fenrir from following their path through the bond they shared and checking all the room along the way. Tina and Shizune were accompanying her while Riveria had gone back to her own room after conveying the important information to the girls. Fortunately, as he had detected them from the moment they left the room, Vahn had enough time to help Milan recover and was currently erasing the smell from the room, even though he knew it would be futile. He might be able to fool Tina and Shizune, at least based on smell alone, but he couldn’t mask it from Fenrir’s powerful senses.

There wasn’t really any reason to conceal the matter in the first place since both Tina and Shizune were smart girls and would easily infer what had happened simply based on Milan’s behavior. Vahn just wanted to make things less awkward and allow Milan to save a bit of face in front of her daughters. Giving them time to talk about it in private later would be better than having the girls knocking on the door while they were still ‘engaged’ with each other. Milan also knew it was futile to try and hide the matter, but she still used the towel to wipe down Vahn’s body as she occasionally smelled it to make sure her own scent was erased.

By the time Fenrir reached their location and pawed open the door, Vahn and Milan had already quickly cleaned up the room as much as possible. When Fenrir finally managed to open the door, something she had practiced a lot in the past, they were sitting ‘casually’ on a different sofa since Vahn stored away the ‘evidence’ into his inventory. Seeing Vahn, Fenrir’s scarlet eyes glowed vibrantly and she bounded over before leaping into his lap without any hesitating and nuzzling against his body as she said, “Fenrir knows, fufufufu~!” Because she had finally learned what everyone was ‘hiding’ from her, Fenrir was in a very good mood and wanted Vahn to praise her.

Vahn blanked for a brief moment before beginning to harvest some OP with his [Petting] development ability while waiting for Tina and Shizune to enter the room. Both girls immediately looked at Milan before very different smiles appeared on their faces. Tina’s smile showed a great deal of relief and it looked like a heavy weight had been removed from her small shoulders while Shizune’s expression was more of a teasing look and she even possessed enough boldness to wink at Vahn and Milan. Vahn remained as stone-faced as possible, but Milan’s face showed a light blush at the Kitsune girl’s teasing look.

Milan averted her eyes and looked at Vahn as she said, “Vahn, why don’t you let me talk with the girls for a little while…” Vahn was about to accede to Milan’s request, but Tina didn’t seem fond of the idea and said plainly, “Mom, everything is okay~nya! I’m not going to be a little girl forever, so you don’t have to treat me like a child~nya!” Without any hesitation, Tina walked over with Shizune and began to sniff around in the air before saying, “You covered up the scent well~nya, but I can tell you and Vahn-” Before she could finish, Fenrir’s ears perked up and she raised one of her paws high and shouted, “Vahn and Milan had sex~! Fenrir can smell it, fufufufu~! Fenrir knows Vahn has lots of sex~!”

Though he thought he was mentally prepared, Fenrir’s somewhat brash words dealt critical damage to Vahn’s mind. However, instead of trying to beat around the bush, Vahn nodded his head and surprised all the girls present as he said, “Yes, that’s right…Milan and I had sex.” Fenrir ‘smiled’ at his words and looked like she wanted to say something but Vahn poked her cheek and said, “But that isn’t something Fenrir needs to worry about right now. The reason you got to learn about it now is that it will be important in the future. For now, however, Fenrir is still too young and need to mature a bit before she is ready for such things. Just like Tina and Shizune, Fenrir needs to become an ‘adult’ first.”

Fenrir frowned slightly but didn’t stop Vahn from poking her cheek as she said, “Fenrir knows…she can tell that Vahn doesn’t want to have sex with her yet, so she will wait like a good girl. Vahn has to spoil me lots as compensation though~!” Vahn blinked in surprised because he had never heard Fenrir use such a ‘big’ word and he wondered where she had learned it from. For now, however, he just patted her back which prompted her to jump off his lap obediently. Rising to his feet, Vahn looked between Milan, Tina, and Shizune before saying, “Tina, I love your mother and decided to take care of her from now on. I also told her that, until you mature and decide the path you want to walk on your own, I would treat you as my daughter. The same goes for you, Shizune, even though I know you’re already ‘mentally’ prepared for such things. You have to take care of your body and do your best to enjoy this opportunity to the fullest. I know it’s not easy to act like a child, but you can’t treat your body haphazardly. It will get easier with time, so please look after the other young girls in the Manor…”

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Tina’s eyes opened wide at Vahn’s words before she balled up her little fists and shouted with her tail standing tall, “Vahn, I love you! Even if I have to wait until I’m older, I won’t give up on these feelings so make sure you have a place for me in the future~nya! But…!” As she spoke till here, Tina looked at Milan before continuing, “But…until then, please be my Papnya~!” Tina’s words hit Vahn like a brick dropped from the top of Babel Tower and he felt a little weak in his knees seeing the ‘pleading’ look in her eyes. He had just said he was going to treat her like his daughter, but he didn’t expect her to instantly call him Papa as a result. Just as he was about to nod in affirmation, Shizune also added in with a burst of coy laughter, “Please look after me too…Papa~!”

Vahn wanted to comment that Shizune shouldn’t call him Papa, but he had also just told her to do her best and enjoy her youth. If Tina was his ‘daughter’, and they were ‘sisters’, this made it appropriate for Shizune to also call him with the same term. However, before he could rationalize this completely, Fenrir pawed his shoulder before tilting her head to the side with her ridiculously sharp claw tugging at her bottom lip as she asked, “Fenrir’s Papa~?” Vahn instinctually raised his left hand to his eyes and began rubbing his temples at the triple attack of the adorable youth troupe. He had told Fenrir not to call him Papa in the past, but it looked like she had decided to go with the momentum of the other two girls. From his left, he could hear Milan laughing at him as she leaned forward and whispered, “Take care of our daughters…Papa~.”

It took nearly an hour, but Vahn finally managed to escape the ‘confines’ of the small study and was now sitting atop the Hearth Manor and enjoying the cold air against his skin. Though he was flustered by their combined attack, Vahn now had a smile on his face as he looked toward the horizon and marveled at the various structures of the City. This world really was a very beautiful place, so it was a shame knowing that there was so much darkness underneath all of the beauty before his eyes. He had only ever known the lab in his previous life, so being able to experience so much had really opened his mind to how interesting the world could be. Vahn wanted to share this feeling with others and guide them towards the light, so he was determined to make this world a better place from now on. After all, he already had three ‘daughters’ that relied on him and a host of beautiful women and goddesses…this type of life was quite nice.

While Vahn was contemplating his future actions on the roof, there was a slight stir passing through the network when it was mentioned that Vahn had sex with Milan. There wasn’t any real surprise since many of the girls had expected them to be together much sooner, but the manner in which it happened was a popular topic right now. They knew Vahn had been impacted by the Divination greatly, but his actions were indicative that he was proactively seeking to change his life instead of continuing to be passive. Vahn usually behaved rather reservedly, even though he was somewhat promiscuous, so this was a drastic change and was rather exciting for some of the girls.

Syr had already been making the rounds and talking to the various ‘problem’ children when she learned about this information and a beautiful smile appeared on her face as she read over the line of text. The ‘report’ had come from Milan herself, and also informed everyone of the ‘daughter’ status of the girls Vahn referred to as the ‘youth troupe’. Syr had been hoping he would be more proactive since it would prevent some other problems from arising in the future, so this was a welcome shift. As long as she prevented the girls from getting out of control, Vahn should be able to ‘mature’ properly and continue to develop and become more manly. The only problem Syr had ever had with Vahn was how ‘passive’ he acted since his capabilities were easily at a level where he should be able to handle numerous women without issue.

Though it wasn’t wrong to regulate Vahn himself, Syr knew that it was actually the women that required regulation more than him. Vahn was ‘too easy’ to approach and was highly considerate of the wants and needs of the other girls, which would be something that restricts his growth in the future. Syr wanted all of the girls to develop a strong independence and be ‘grateful’ whenever Vahn approached them. If they continued to go to him and place their burdens on his shoulders, there was a chance Vahn would truly break and then they would all suffer the consequences. In her mind, an ‘unrestrained’ Vahn was necessary for the happiness of everyone in the Manor so she wanted to make sure the ‘troublesome’ girls understood the situation.

After collecting her thoughts, Syr thumbed through the pages of her custom communication scroll and began writing directly to Loki, Hephaestus, and Hestia. She knew Eina wasn’t the understanding type when it came to matters like this, primarily because she had the thought process of a mortal, so it was better she hear about things through Hephaestus later. Eina was very important for Vahn’s emotional stability, but she wasn’t ‘qualified’ to police the other girls even though she was going to be the ‘head wife’. This fiasco with the ‘Scroll of Prophecy’, while it had a good turnout, could have had devastating consequences if it had negatively impacted Vahn. Though she was an intelligent and sensible woman, she was prone to making mistakes and oversights and had inadvertently exposed the entire group to a potential disaster. Syr decided that Eina would simply be relegated to the role of Vahn’s ‘caretaker’ and that it was now her responsibility to carry out her other responsibilities…

Loki had greatly enjoyed riding on Fafnir’s back and had been trying to come up with a method to convince it to become her permanant mount. Seeing the looks of awe and terror on the people below made her feel powerful and, since it wasn’t willing to listen to her, she began wondering how she could convince Vahn to give her a dragon of her own. It might take a while, but Loki knew Vahn was capable of the feat since he already had a second dragon sitting inside his storage space waiting to be named. If not for the vow she took to not directly manipulate him, Loki knew she could probably just prepare a few outfits and ‘convince’ him to give in to her request, assuming she could get him alone. Of course, she had made her vows for a reason and was now feeling very vindicated since she knew Vahn had the potential to rule over the entire world and even ascend to godhood.

In the nearly 600 million years the world had existed there had never been a single instance of a mortal becoming a god so this revelation was incredibly significant. Everything Vahn was currently doing was slowly beginning to spread ripples that were expanding out and touching every part of the world. If enough time passed, Loki even believed he would be able to directly connect the mortal world and Heaven and potentially even come up with a method to restrict the influence of Divinity. Knowing that she may one day be ‘free’ from the curse of fate, Loki didn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize her position in Vahn’s heart.

After arriving back at the Twilight Manor, Loki tried to invite Fafnir in for tea, but it simply shook its head before diving into the shadows and returning to protect the Manor. Loki released a small sight before a grin appeared on her face and she shouted to the startled guards, “Go get Finn! Move your butts, now~!” The two men gave a curt salute before running into the Manor with Loki casually walking behind them. She greeted her ‘children’ along the way while thinking how silly it was to consider them as such when she had an actual child ‘cooking’ in her oven. She liked to wear clothing that exposed her stomach in the past, but the belly band Vahn had given her felt very comfortable as it snuggly wrapped around her stomach and warmed her up. Gods were very resilient against the elements, so it wasn’t really necessary, but Loki still liked to wear it because it constantly reminded her of the reality of the situation.

It didn’t take long for Finn to arrive in her personal quarters and Loki greeted him casually as she sorted through a variety of clothing that she had purchased recently. She took her promise to have Vahn and her play ‘dress-up’ very seriously but had yet to find a good opportunity to do so since he rarely came to the Twilight Manor. Finn waited patiently for Loki to speak, even though he thought the matter had been urgent since the two messengers charged into his office. Instead, it looked like Loki was just feeling whimsical and Finn began wondering what Vahn had done to set her off this time. She had always been eccentric, but Loki had changed greatly after meeting the enigmatic boy who Finn also had a high opinion of.

After picking up what looked like a leather swimsuit, Loki smiled before setting it to the side and looking toward Finn and saying, “There are two matters of utmost importance that I need you to take care of…” As she was speaking, Loki’s smile widened because she knew one of them could likely be resolved if she talked to Freya so she changed her tone and said, “Actually, there will just be one for the time being. When you are on expeditions with Vahn, no matter what it takes, you need to guarantee that he will be safe. He is the type to overextend and put himself in danger, something that you should support, but never let him take unnecessary risks. You should understand his significance even without me having to explain things…”

Finn nodded his head and showed an amiable smile as he responded, “Yes, Vahn is the linchpin of the entire Alliance and is instrumental to the development of not only the Loki Familia but all of the Familia related to the Alliance. We would never be able to recover from the backlash of letting him die, so I will personally guarantee his safety. You can rest assured, Loki-sama.” Loki nodded her head, satisfied with Finn’s response but, before allowing him to leave, she smiled mischievously and said, “The next time Vahn comes to the Twilight Manor, make sure to register him properly with the defensive formations. I want him to have full access to the entire Manor, without exception~.” Hearing Loki’s words, Finn showed a wry smile before asking, “Without exception…?”

Loki began to laugh as she nodded her head and said, “The more welcome Vahn feel at the Loki Familia, the better a position we’ll find ourselves in the future. I don’t care if he wants to take a bath in the girls’ shower or if he wants to crawl into my personal quarters without permission. Don’t worry though, he isn’t t he type of boy to take advantage of such privileges so it won’t make a big difference at all. Just knowing he has the option will be good enough, fufufufufu~!” Finn began to laugh in an awkward manner before bowing politely and saying, “I will make it so, Loki-sama…”

After dismissing Finn, Loki stripped her clothing from her body and began to squeeze into the tight leather one piece before checking herself in the mirror. She knew Vahn wasn’t really a ‘deviant’ persay, but that his curiosity was without bounds if it was incited. Though she didn’t mind letting him take charge in the bedroom, Loki was wondering how she could get him to be more ‘experimental’ and it was likely that her choice of clothing would be important. However, when she was trying to pull up the relatively small zipper, Loki realized that her lower abdomen had begun to bulge a bit and the form-fitting one piece wasn’t that easy to squeeze into.

It was impossible for a goddess to actually get fatter so Loki knew this was a subtle sign that her body was beginning to change as a result of her pregnancy. Peeling the leather garment from her body, Loki began to inspect her nude figure in the mirror and noticed a bit of moisture beginning to build up in her genitals. With a cheeky grin on her face, Loki turned away from the mirror before crawling into her large bed that used to be her love nest in the past. It wasn’t easy for her to give up all her prior relationships, but she didn’t have any regrets especially after feeling the tender bulge in her own stomach.

Reaching under her pillow, Loki pulled out a relatively large d**** that she had ‘painstakingly’ modeled to emulate Vahn’s member. It even had a small magic stone embedded in its base that warmed it up to a relatively hot temperature since Vahn’s p**** was almost scalding when it was piercing her body. She couldn’t be with him every night since her presence was required at her own Familia, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t ‘pretend’ to be with him. She knew he could sense powerful emotions from the women he was close to so Loki wanted to get to the point where he would be able to ‘feel’ when she was thinking about him.

With this thought in mind, she lubricated up the rather large ‘toy’ before slowly gouging her own depths as a sensuous moan escaped her lips. It was barely a fraction as pleasurable as being with Vahn himself, but it was better than nothing so Loki continued to assault her own body as she arched her hips up and released her moans without a care in the world. After ‘warming up’, Loki triggered a second magic stone to activate and the toy came to life inside of her as it began probing around her insides in a very invasive manner. Loki’s hips began to undulate under the stimulation but she was focused more on the thought of Vahn in her mind. She was trying to will her thoughts to reach him in the hopes that, one day in the future, he would become excited through the bond they shared and come seeking her…

Nearly an hour later, Loki laid on the bed gasping for air as she let the toy be slowly forced from her v***** over several minutes. She didn’t want to remove it herself since Vahn had a tendency to stay inside long after the deed was done. Loki knew she was behaving like a fool, but she wanted to go through the motions and act as enamored with the idiotic boy as possible. She knew she actually cared about him and constantly focused on the time they had been together when she got impregnated. Everything else might be an act, but Loki knew that was the true her she desperately sought to become. Even if she had to fool herself through the use of her own Divinity, she didn’t care as long as she got to stay in love with Vahn.

After calming down, Loki rolled over and pulled a drawer that contained several communication scrolls. She saw there were several new lines in her logbook and was pleasantly surprised to learn that Vahn was taking a more proactive approach to things. Loki knew he was the type to harp over small details and worry about unnecessary things, so it was good to see he was trying to change. He had been so caught up in the idea that telling the other girls about the Divination would be ‘manipulating’ him, but he failed to recognize that he would use that information to guide his own actions and that would be true manipulation. At least both sides knew the current situation and were able to rationalize their decisions based on the same variables…

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Seeing that she also had direct messages from Syr, Loki’s smile turned into a mischevious grin as she picked up the light-grey pen that went directly to the woman she considered her own proxy. It seemed like Syr wanted to pass more regulations on the girls within the Manor and was looking for her and Hephaestus’ support. During the next ‘Vahnatus’, they could pitch the terms to the other girls and go through their little democratic play. Loki liked how ‘unified’ the group appeared to be on the surface, even though there were obvious cliques that had begun to develop within the Manor itself. As long as there was a mediator between the groups, such as Syr, things should continue to develop properly without any major hiccups.

After confirming her own support regarding Syr’s policy changes, Loki swapped to a stark silver pen and began to write to the greatest danger the group faced in the near, and distant, future. Freya would be able to resolve a lot of their problems with the enemies on the surface, so it was good to rely on the unrestrained goddess. However, her unrestrained nature would undoubtedly become a problem that would have to be addressed at some point, Vahn had informed them about the existence of Freya’s daughter, Lenneth, and Loki knew how such an existence could influence Vahn’s decisions in the future.

Loki actually wanted Freya to get pregnant earlier, since there was a high chance that their child wouldn’t be the same gender, nor would they be guaranteed to have the same disposition. With very few exceptions, almost every god with a Divinity related to Sex was a Goddess so, if Freya gave birth to a son, there was almost no chance they would have such a Divinity. However, this would likely just change the target from the daughter targeting Vahn to the Mother targetting the son. Loki didn’t really care about such things, but she was still somewhat perturbed by the thought since she knew it would negatively impact the group at some point, regardless of the steps they took to prevent it. However, it was a simple fact that, since things were running relatively smoothly right now, it would be much easier to manage such an existence now than when things got more troublesome. If they could get Freya supporting Vahn earlier, it would make a lot of their enemies much easier to deal with as well…

Almost immediately after she penned a line of text to Freya, Loki saw silvery lettering appearing in her own logbook and she began laughing at how ‘eager’ the goddess was. She knew Freya was the type that completely immersed herself in such things so there was a high chance she had noticed the movements of Fafnir earlier and had been sitting with her own communication scroll while waiting for a message to arrive. Loki informed her about the remnant of Exilius, the Thanatos Familia, and the existence of the woman named Valletta Grede. It didn’t take a genius detective to understand that the catalyst that had set Vahn down a darker path had been the death of Chloe. Knowing the outcome, Loki actually became less interested in such a future and now wanted to completely alter the series of events to see how far Vahn would be able to get this time around. She had even decided on a new name for her daughter, just as a big ‘f*** you’ to fate.

This time, it took Freya nearly two minutes to respond to Loki’s message but when the response finally arrived it simply said, ‘It will be taken care of.’ Loki felt somewhat sorry for Thanatos because she had actually met the god in the past several times and knew he wasn’t actually the evil type. He was one of the principal gods of death and was actually quite lazy by nature and allowed things to happen naturally. Of course, those that followed such gods, especially when they were connected to evil organizations, were usually the sadistic and cruel types. When Freya gets her hands on them, they will likely not have a pleasant end just because of how offended the goddess would be knowing that they would have interfered with her future ‘happiness’.

Just as Loki was about to put away her own notebook and take a nap, she saw silverly letters appear once again and frowned slightly when she read the words, ‘I want to meet Vahn after the wedding.’ It was already planned that Vahn would help Freya get pregnant before their next expedition so Loki understood that Freya wasn’t referring to that and simply wanted to meet him sooner than scheduled. She could refuse the goddess, but it was somewhat difficult now that she had asked Freya to settle some matters for them. After considering the matter for a moment, Loki wrote, ‘I can help arrange it, but you have to behave yourself’. Before her words had even disappeared, Loki saw silvery letters start to appear in her logbook that said, ‘Of course, my dear Loki.’

(A/N: I know some people might have issues with the fact that some enemies are dealt with so easily, but this is the actual influence of military and political power at work. Freya’s Familia would have nearly 1,800 people while an organization like the Thanatos Familia has less than a dozen. There isn’t really any comparison between them, so it stands to reason they would get squashed easily. This is primarily to make way for ‘original’ plot in the future without having to rely on the canon plot as much, so enjoy the ride~!)

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