Chapter 553: Early Evening Excitement

Vahn had some expectations for what might happen this evening but he still couldn’t stop his mind from stalling completely when he saw what was going on in the room. Loki was wearing a very loose baby-blue corset with dark-blue frills and some of the smallest panties he had ever seen. Around her waist, she had on a dark blue garter belt and a semi-transparent pair of flesh-tone stockings. This was more than enough to interrupt Vahn’s mental faculties, but it was the fact that she was helping Aki wear a similar outfit and they were only halfway finished with the process. She was bent over slightly as Loki loosely tightened the bands around her shoulders while leaving the strings around her stomach untouched. The fact that their breasts were exposed was the icing on the cake and Vahn felt his eyes drawn to the somewhat perky and modest breasts of Aki…

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Though he originally thought this would be interesting, seeing two of his lovers wearing tantalizing lingerie with slightly protruding bellies was a bit ‘scary’ for Vahn. He quickly realized his own imagination hadn’t really prepared him for what he had just gotten himself into and he was grateful he didn’t try to get Hephaestus and Tsubaki involved in this. The good thing was that, as soon as he showed up in the room, Aki’s aura stabilized greatly and she seemed genuinely happy for his arrival. Her smiling expression was like a gentle breeze that carried away Vahn’s inhibitions so he smiled and said, “This is quite the sight…you both look beautiful.”

Aki looked like she wanted to say something, but Loki tightened the top of her corset at the same time as she leaned over Aki’s shoulder and playfully rubbed the cat girl’s belly and said, “Today is an important lesson for everyone here, especially you, Vahn. You seem to like designing clothes, so you should study what kind of outfits and fabrics you think are suitable for everyone. We made a deal with Holda to get you some high-quality fabrics woven by a goddess, so you’ll have plenty to make use of in the future.” Aki writhed about under Loki’s hands and said, “Loki-sama, nyuuu~.” when the mischevious goddess began nibbling on her perky cat ears.

Arnya issued somewhat sheepish-sounding laughter but still dragged Vahn over to the wardrobe and said, “Help me pick something, Vahn-nya~!” It wasn’t the first time she had been around Loki, nor would it be the first time she potentially gets ‘teased’ by the goddess, so Arnya wasn’t too surprised. When she originally agreed to accompany Vahn, she had already prepared herself a bit but, much like Vahn had been, it was a little strange to see Aki’s state just after they entered the room. Since it was just the three of them, however, Arnya was confident things wouldn’t get ‘too’ out of hand and she would still be able to win out against the other two if she was proactive…

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Vahn quickly discovered a light-green corset near the very front of the wardrobe and realized that Loki had probably set it there with the intention of Arnya wearing it. She also seemed to realize this in an instant and gave a light ‘nyahaha’ laughter as she grabbed it and started undressing at the side. Vahn’s eyes were drawn to her in the process, but Arnya shot him a playful glance and said, “Nyou should focus on picking outfits, Vahn~nya.” Arnya had only worn a simple tan tunic and a pair of brown shorts for the trip since she didn’t want to wear anything too restrictive. She already knew what they were going to be doing, so wearing clothing that was easy to remove was a necessity.

Following Arnya’s words, Vahn looked around at the other two and said, “I think it would be harder finding clothing that ‘doesn’t’ suit everyone than it would be to find things that match your appeal. Hmmm…” Vahn kind of wanted to try on a bunch of outfits, but he knew this wasn’t a simple game of dress-up they would be playing. He didn’t want to inconvenience them too much, and also needed to avoid restrictive clothing so it wouldn’t put pressure on their bellies. Fortunately, Loki was paying attention to everything he was doing and quickly understood the crux of the problem.

She realized that Vahn was a bit ‘blank’ when it came to actual preferences and he simply liked to experience new things, assuming it didn’t go against the ‘restrictions’ he had placed on him. He was a curious boy and, considering they were all moderately attractive, most likely just thought any new clothes they wore were interesting. If she had wanted him to pick out clothing, she should have turned it into a non-sexual event instead since now he would be very indecisive with the inclusion of more people. Making a mental note to consider Vahn character better in the future, Loki smiled and said, “Well, maid outfits are very popular for Beast Humans and I don’t mind wearing one…kukuku, there are few people that could claim they got a goddess to wear a maid outfit. Maybe I’ll even call you ‘Master’~?”

Vahn had just picked up a strangely designed top that looked like transparent fish-netting when his hands came to a stop at Loki’s words. He looked over saw her biting her top lip a little with a large seductive grin on her face as she loosely held Aki’s body from behind. Unable to resist the urge, Vahn swallowed a bit of saliva to lubricate his dried throat and said, “Yes, I…think that might be interesting…?” as he thumbed through the clothing and found frilly maid outfits for the girls to try on. Arnya had yet to completely wear the corset she was trying on so, seeing that the maid outfit had one of its own, she discarded the green piece of fabric and ‘snatched’ the dress from Vahn.

Loki also laughed mischievously and loosened the cord on Aki’s corset and said, “Looks like our ‘Master’ wants us to get into our uniforms, little Aki~.” Because she had been teased by Loki a bit, Aki’s face was slightly flushed and she moved away from Loki as if she was ‘escaping’ and climbed off of the rather large bed. She also took one of the outfits from Vahn, who had been somewhat distracted by the strange design, and began to get changed. As for Loki, she laid back on the bed for a little while as if she was in deep thought before ‘rolling’ out of the bed around a minute later.

When he had grabbed the first maid outfit, Vahn realized it definitely wasn’t ‘normal’ at all. He had already thumbed through several items in the wardrobe and realized they were all ‘sexualized’ versions of regular clothing. Even what looked like a simple thin tunic had fabric cut out around the area where a girls’ nipples would have been while there were several garments on the floor that looked very similar to the ‘victory underwear’ he had gifted the twins. As for the maid outfit, it was very short and would be a strong competitor for how short Hestia’s raiment dress is. It barely extended down the thighs at all and, even though she had tried to pull it down a bit, Vahn could see the bottom of Arnya’s relatively plump butt sticking out.

To add to the appeal of the maid outfit, the entire dress was all in one piece but Vahn’s eyes had quickly seen through the ‘mechanism’ behind the various ribbons placed around it. The stretch white fabric that would conform to the girls’ breasts had a black ribbon in the center that, if pulled loose, would cause a thin string holding the white fabric to the dress to completely come free. As for the black skirt and white apron, there was a thin band underneath the apron itself that would loosen up and allow the black skirt to be removed completely. Vahn couldn’t help but find the design interesting because he had put a moderately more complex, yet very similar, function into the wedding dresses he had made…

Loki grabbed the last maid outfit he had been holding, almost immediately after he had finished ‘discovering’ its secrets and said, “You should look through the other clothing a bit when you get the chance, kukuku~.” Then, as if she had seen something interesting, Loki picked up a belt attachment that looked a lot like a Cat Person’s tail and a hairband with cat ears. Vahn realized what she was thinking and Loki stuck out her tongue and said, “Not everyone can transform, nyaa~.” She then proceeded to change next to Arnya and Aki, who had already finished wearing the tops and were helping each other loosely tighten the corset part of their dresses. Since they already had on stockings and garter belts, they already looked ‘ready’ and Vahn found their current appearance very appealing.

The outfits were designed to be somewhat skimpy from the outset so, while it fit the rather petite Loki and Aki relatively easily, Arnya was obviously a little ‘too big’ in some places to wear the outfit properly. Though she still had the lithe body of a Cat Person, Arnya had strangely large breasts and plump butt compared to the typically smaller and toned butts of other Cat People. Since the outfits hadn’t been designed for their use, her short tail also jutted out from the skirt and raised it up, giving Vahn a clear view of pale-yellow silk panties she was wearing underneath.

Arnya had tried to pull down the skirt a bit but, because she was pregnant and the corset was tighter around her ribs than her stomach, it instead rode even higher up her body instead. This made it so that, when she moved around a bit, even the front side of her panties would be visible and it had caused a healthy blush to appear on Arnya’s face as she was very aware of Vahn’s look of intrigue and the ‘appreciative’ smile he had on his face. Vahn didn’t look at her like a ‘typical’ pervert but seemed to be genuinely interested in the outfit while drawing some small humor from her ‘predicament’…

Because she was a bit of an ‘exception’ compared to the thin Aki and Loki, Vahn had been paying close attention to Arnya. This didn’t mean he wasn’t watching the other two, however, as he found their appearance in the maid outfits was also quite appealing. Aki looked strangely suited for the dress as a result of her black hair and onyx-colored eyes. She always wore black and white outfits in the past, so Vahn felt like the maid outfit matched her usual appeal greatly. As for Loki, she didn’t seem too suited for a maid outfit but Vahn thought the ‘gap’ between her current appearance and how she normally presented herself was rather interesting. She usually seemed a little ‘intimidating’ at times but now she looked a little playful and even borderline subservient. Loki even had on a very calm and relaxed smile, as compared to her somewhat devious grin, so it felt like her entire disposition had undergone a great change…

Once they had finished changing, including Loki wearing cat ears and a tail that matched her hair color, Loki stood and ‘inspected’ Arnya and Aki with slightly parted eyes and said, “I think we might need to have an outfit tailored for Arnya in the future, kukuku~.” Arnya was in the most ‘compromising’ situation at the moment and was standing like a servant girl with her hand crossed over her lap just to prevent her panties from showing. As for Aki, only a small part of her butt showed from the side but, if she turned around completely, her raised tail almost made it look like a window that showed off her pure white panties. Loki’s ‘tail’ made a similar S-shape but it was worn on the outside of the dress and allowed her skirt to fall properly.

At this point, Vahn had gone through a few of the fabrics in the wardrobe before sitting on a giant wooden chest and watching the girls change. He couldn’t split his focus between going through the clothing and observing their beautiful figures so Vahn simply gave up trying. Like Loki had expected, he was more interested in the three girls than the clothing because he couldn’t ‘think’ about what they should all wear at the same times. There were certainly things he thought were suitable, but he didn’t want to incite any ‘competition’ or draw clear differences between the girls when they were all together. Loki realized that Vahn’s inhibitions when he was with multiple girls were a lot more restrictive, not that this was inherently a bad thing, so she changed up her approach a bit as well.

A plan quickly formed in Loki’s mind before she tapped the two cat girls’ shoulders and caused them to huddle up. Loki made sure that Arnya’s and Aki’s backs were facing toward Vahn, immediately drawing his eyes to their exposed panties, as she whispered her plan to the two girls. From Vahn’s perspective, he could see the aura’s of Arnya and Aki flare up a bit as their tails flickered about ‘playfully’ and caused his heart to itch. Without realizing it himself, Vahn licked his lips instinctually as he resisted the urge to walk forward and ‘interrupt’ their conversation. The only thing that stopped him from doing so, other than general rationale, was the fact that he was somewhat interested in what Loki was ‘scheming’.

After their discussion came to an end, Loki nodded her head along with the other two girls before turning to face Vahn and assuming a very ‘servant-like’ stance with her back straight and a very polite smile on her face. As an experienced waitress, Arnya adapted a similar stance, albeit with a somewhat playful smile on her face, while Aki looked like a very capable secretary based on her disposition. If not for the fact they were wearing skimpy maid outfits, they would have looked like very capable staff and this seemed to be the intent as Loki asked in a ‘polite’ tone, “Master, have you eaten this evening?”

It felt almost ‘wrong’ to hear Loki calling him ‘Master’, but Vahn decided to play along and shook his head, saying, “I had a picnic at the Hearth Manor earlier, but I haven’t eaten dinner yet.” Loki’s smile widened marginally and she said, “Very well, then. Though it is ‘presumptuous’ of this one to ask, can you please set out a table and some dishes of your choosing? Allow us to service you tonight until you are completely satisfied~.” Loki decided to borrow a page from Eina and, instead of riling up Vahn and receiving his ‘service’, she had talked with Arnya and Aki about pampering him a bit. They all knew how hard he worked at times, so pampering him and allowing him to relax would keep him motivated. It was very obvious things weren’t panning out as originally intended, so changing it up while they were already wearing maid outfits wasn’t a bad course of action.

Vahn realized what Loki was thinking, though he wasn’t quite sure what all she had planned, so he immediately felt the tension release from his shoulders. He hadn’t realized how much pressure he had been feeling until he ‘relaxed’ his body and it was a little surprising. As she suggested, he set out a small cafe-style round table and picked out a few dishes he thought were delicious. However, he also added something for the girls as well because he knew that Arnya, and most likely Aki, had yet to eat. As if to emphasize this fact, shortly after the fragrant aroma spread throughout the room, a very light ‘whine’ issues from Arnya’s stomach that made her eyes open wide as a slight blush appeared on her face.

Instead of a setting out a chair suitable for a single person, Vahn set out a small sofa with a rounded back that was still intended for one person but easily had enough space for two if they squeezed together. Seizing the initiative, Loki laughed slightly and said, “It seems one of our kittens has a bit of a rumble in her tummy. Master, take care of your naughty little maid while Aki and I serve you the rest of your meal~.” As he had often eaten like this with Chloe in the past, Vahn sat down in the rounded sofa and pat the top of his lap and said, “Arnya, come lay down in my lap…I’ll spoil you in exchange for some small benefits…”

Arnya moved over to the sofa and somewhat awkwardly climbed onto Vahn’s lap before he ‘helped’ by lifting her up from the back of her knees and letting her lay down properly. Because her skirt was already very short, Arnya’s pantied became clearly visible and she seemed a bit flustered by the awkward position. Unlike Chloe, she didn’t really have the propensity to desire spoiling and most Cat People didn’t like being on their backs normally. When Vahn began gently stroking her belly, however, Arnya actually started to calm down greatly because the warm energy from his palm was very comfortable. He often stroked her pregnant belly these days and it was one of the things she had grown especially fond of…

Vahn picked out small pieces of food that Aki had taken the initiative to cut apart while Loki moved around to his back and began rubbing his shoulders. He simultaneously fed Arnya, stroked her belly with his left hand, and ate the food offered to him by Aki with a ‘Nyaaaaahn~’ sound. This was distinctly different than his initial expectations of the evening, but Vahn felt like this type of ‘service’ could become very addictive. He got to simultaneously relax while enjoying the somewhat tantalizing sight of three beautiful girls and spoiling the mother of one of his children all at the same time. It was a little awkward having his lovers ‘serve’ him, but a little part of his ego found this strangely acceptable and even Loki’s massage, though unskilled by his own standards, was very pleasant…

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