Chapter 554: Dessert

After a few minutes had passed, Vahn managed a mild accomplishment and had a large grin on his face as he tickled the underside of Arnya’s chin. He could feel the vibrations of her larynx as she purred in satisfaction and it was so adorable that even Loki and Aki had stalled slightly. Arnya peeled open her eyes and saw the three people staring at her and immediately stopped purring as a deep beet-red blush appeared on her face. It was very comfortable to be spoiled by Vahn like this, so much so that she intended to complain to Chloe about keeping it to herself, and she had been slowly lulled into a daze without realizing it. Since purring was something that happened subconsciously, though there were some girls that had ‘practiced’ it, Arnya hadn’t even been aware of what had happened before she saw the ‘teasing’ look from Loki and the ‘surprise’ on Aki’s face.

Vahn’s smile widened a bit and he said, “Arnya, you are a very adorable little kitten, aren’t you~?” as he caressed the side of her face. Though she felt a bit of reluctance, Arnya curled up her body and extricated herself from Vahn’s lap, saying to Aki, “It’s your turn nyeow…” She had already eaten her fill with Vahn’s assistance and had even been ‘content’ enough that she entered a daze under Vahn’s warm hands and his skillful caress. It was a bit frustrating, but it also made Arnya feel strangely closer to the boy since he had actually been able to catch her in such a ‘peculiar’ state. She couldn’t even remember the last time she had actually purred, though it had certainly taken place several years in the past…

Aki nodded her head but, before she was able to sit down, Loki said, “Vahn, why don’t you turn into a Cat Person as well? I want to play with your ears, ah, I meant ‘Master’~! Please let this little goddess play with your ears~.” Vahn raised his brows slightly before closing his eyes and using [Thria*Mimos] in conjunction with his image transformation to turn from a Human into a Cat Person. His muscles felt like they became a little more compact and a pair of dark brown cat ears appeared from the top of his head. There was a bit of discomfort from his lower back, so Vahn changed into a pair of pants that had a hole for his tail in an instant. Though it was very brief, the girls had seen a flash of skin from Vahn before it immediately vanished and he was once again wearing pants.

Loki, instead of simply touching his ears, leaned forward and nibbled on the pointed tip which caused Vahn’s ear to flicker as a tingling sensation spread through his head. Though he often teased the various Cat People around him, Vahn had never had his own ears teased and he now realized how it must feel for the girls whenever he played with them. It was a very pleasant feeling and it actually made his tail twitch slightly as his tensions slowly began to build. Loki laughed at his reaction before looking at Aki and saying, “Are you going to keep our ‘Master’ waiting, Aki~?”

Though they both loved the Human version of Vahn, both Arnya and Aki had slightly glittering eyes seeing him in his Cat Person form. Most people had an inclination towards their own race, so seeing the boy the loved as a member of their own race usually excited the girls. Aki, hearing Loki’s words, blinked with a start before blushing slightly and crawling onto Vahn’s lap. Arnya took over her position and began arranging the dishes while Vahn started picking at food and bringing it to her mouth. She had never laid in his lap like this, much less while he was ‘spoiling’ her, so Aki felt very nervous that she would end up in the same state as Arnya had been in. When he began rubbing her belly, she immediately realized why Arnya had her momentary lapse and began to blush deeply when Vahn said, “Nyaaahn~.”, clearly emulating her earlier actions.

After having successfully made Arnya purr, Vahn was very determined to get Aki to do the same so he very gently traced his hand around her belly and released an almost indiscernible flow of energy into her body while using his [Petting] Development Ability. He had been able to increase it to C-Rank during his previous salon sessions so it was even more effective than it had been in the past. Loki’s ‘antics’ were a bit of a distraction, but Vahn felt it was very pleasant and didn’t mind it too much as it actually incited him to put in a bit more effort. However, when she whispered near his ears in a hot voice, “Finish dinner quickly and we’ll move on to dessert~.” his hands had slowed down…

Though she put up a fair amount of resistance, the combination of ‘spoiling’, having a full belly, and relaxing against Vahn was enough to eventually cause Aki to become absentminded. She resisted the urge in an effort to preserve her dignity, but Vahn’s right hand found it’s way to the side of her head and he began to gentle scratch around the scruff of her neck in a very pleasant manner. Before she realized it, Aki could feel a pleasant vibration resonating through her body that immediately caused her to blush deeply as a ‘pouting’ expression appeared on her face. The main reason she had ‘awakened’ was because Arnya started laughing, which made her feel even more embarrassed.

Loki remarked, “Wow, even I’ve never been able to get Aki to purr…” in a voice that made it sound like she was very impressed. Aki covered her face with both hands out of shame and curled her body towards Vahn, adamantly refusing to look at anyone else until she calmed down. She was typically a very reserved and composed girl, so being ‘forced’ into this situation was a bit much for her. Even all her prior ‘plays’ with Loki weren’t nearly as embarrassing as being made to purr under the caress of the boy she had fallen in love with. She didn’t mind purring for hours if they were alone, but having Loki and Arnya in the same room made the situation almost unbearable.

After snickering for a short while, Loki ‘fluffed’ up Vahn’s ears with her hands while asking, “Master, can you give me a pastry bag with some vanilla creme, a bowl of strawberries, and some chocolate sauce~? Ah, and maybe some red wine~!?” She had managed to keep her voice calm at first, but Loki had an ‘interesting’ idea at the end and riled herself up by resisting the urge to laugh. Vahn gave her a curious expression before closing his eyes, something she had noticed he often did before ‘creating’ items. Moments later, a full bag of creme had appeared with a glass bowl of chilled strawberries and a warm ceramic container filled with liquid chocolate. As she had requested, there was also a dark green bottle with an almost blood-red wine contained within.

Loki felt a little giddy before leaning over Vahn’s body and pinching the exposed butt cheek of Aki to put an end to her little bout of embarrassment. Aki’s body flinched and she looked up with a beet-red face to see Loki’s smiling expression looking down on her as she asked, “How long are you going to play around, Aki~?” A small frown appeared on Aki’s face as she said, “Loki-sama, don’t bully me…nyuuuuu~!” While Aki had been ‘complaining’, Loki reached down and pulled at the end of her ribbon, causing Aki to turn her butt away to avoid having it removed. Other than the person that tied it on, most Cat People would vehemently resist having the ribbon removed by anyone other than themselves. Even though Loki had ‘trained’ her a bit in the past, Aki’s loyalty had been leaning further to Vahn’s side as her pregnancy continued.

Vahn gave Loki a ‘warning’ glance and stroked Aki’s head, saying, “It’s okay, Aki, I won’t let Loki ‘bully’ you so easily. Take as much time as you need to calm down, I’ll be patient…” Aki felt herself calm down a lot with Vahn’s words, but it also made her feel a little shocked and ‘guilty’ at the same time because she knew Loki well. She was obviously ‘stalling’ things a bit with her actions and was surprised by her own behavior since she never acted like this in the past. There was something about being ‘spoiled’ by Vahn that made her not want to easily part away from him. Remembering the ‘hesitant’ look on Arnya’s face previously, Aki started to understand the emotions contained within that slight pause. After collecting herself, Aki sat up and smiled at Vahn before looking to Loki and saying, “I’m sorry, Loki-sama, I don’t know what came over me…”

Loki waved her hand dismissively and said, “That isn’t something you need to worry about, Aki. I just want to keep things exciting for our ‘Master’ and it’s a little difficult if you’re ‘pinning’ him down in the sofa the entire time.” Aki nodded her head in understanding and rose from the sofa as Loki began ushering both her and Arnya over to the bed. She picked up the pastry bag before her eyes opened slightly and she asked, “Master, can you make another pastry bag~?” Vahn complied and pulled out another pastry bag, causing Loki’s smile to turn a bit mischievous as she said, “Go ahead and pick that one up yourself and I’ll teach you something very interesting~.”

Even without her actually explaining what was going on, Vahn already had some expectations so he picked up the pastry bag and helped Loki move the table closer to the large bed. Arnya and Aki were sitting at its edge, the latter of which already understanding what they were going to do. Arnya seemed to be a little confused, but there was the light of curiosity in her eyes as she smiled and cocked her head to the side. Once everything was in position, Loki said, “I’m certain you’ve already noticed the ‘unique’ qualities of these dresses. From here onwards, I’ll teach you had to properly prepare a rare delicacy using Aki as my assistant. I’ll leave Arnya to you, so follow along closely, okay~?”

Vahn nodded his head and held his pastry bag like it was a precious treasure sword that he was able to take into a fierce battle. Loki gave him a small thumbs up before turning to the two cat girls and saying, “Okay, you little kittens, lay on your backs and make sure to follow my words properly. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything ‘too’ strange~.” Aki already had a slight flush on her face mixed with a bit of resignation as she laid against the bed and relaxed her body, taking the initiative to part her legs slightly. Arnya watched her and seemed to have a small epiphany as she laid back and emulated Aki’s actions. She had previously thought Vahn was going to be feeding her creme and strawberries, but Arnya now realized she was the one being served as dessert…

Loki set her own pastry bag against the bed and said, “First, we have to make sure the dish is properly prepared or it will make a mess. We’ll start by removing the ‘excess’ cloth so we have a better foundation to work with~.” As she spoke, Loki skillfully moved her hands and loosened the black bow at the center of Aki’s chest and pulled the white fabric free, revealing her pert breasts that already had small protrusions standing proudly at their peaks. Vahn did the same to Arnya, revealing a much larger volume of breasts contained behind the thin fabric. Though it was only for a brief moment, Loki gave the healthy mounds an envious look before moving her hands to Aki’s waist and lifting up the band to reveal the ribbon keeping the skirt in place.

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Vahn followed along and pulled the ribbon free before removing the clasp that kept the skirt together and pulling it from Arnya’s body. Her pale-yellow panties became completely visible as the frilly white apron rested against her slightly plump belly. Arnya’s breathing became more audible as time passed and she watched all of Vahn’s actions with intrigue and a fair amount of excitement. Though she was incredibly embarrassed, she felt ‘blessed’ to be tended to by Vahn instead of having Loki play around with her body. She didn’t really understand how Aki was able to deal with it so easily but that was simply, not understanding it was simply the result of ‘experience’.

Loki had already had something like this in mind previously, so she had already ‘prepped’ Aki by having her wear panties that tied together at the sides. She pulled the string free and teasingly said, “It might be a bit difficult to remove some of the obstructing clothing, so feel free to cut it away. Don’t worry, we have plenty of extra pairs that can be used later on~.” Vahn nodded his head and pulled out a pair of scissors, taking the time to warm them with his hands before placing them against Arnya’s thighs and moving them to snip away at the thin band of fabric. Arnya’s blush deepened because she didn’t really like being on her back and having a pair of scissors snip apart her panties was a little frustrating.

Vahn sent her an apologetic look and dispersed calming energy through his domain that was instantly noticed by all three girls present. Loki snickered and said, “How thoughtful…but the frustration and excitement are supposed to be part of the fun~.” Vahn nodded his head as if he agreed with her but said, “I also think this is pretty exciting, but I don’t want to cause unnecessary stress just to appease my own curiosity and intrigue. Arnya and Aki are already doing their best to tolerate what is going on, so helping out is the least I can do…” Seeing that both girls calmed down a lot with the presence of his aura and his comforting words, Vahn believed he had done the right thing.

Loki simply looked at him with curiosity without offering a rebuttal and just continuing the lesson as if it was natural. She picked up her pastry bad and said, “Now that we have a good base to work with, we can start dressing the desert to make it more appetizing. We’ll start with the softer and easier to work with areas before moving on to the more delicate parts…” Loki bent forward and demonstrated what she had in mind for Vahn’s benefit. Staring a little away from Aki’s nipples, she began putting down the creme in a surprisingly deft manner and traced it around in a circle to bring it to a swirl that stopped in the center of Aki’s nipple. Vahn mirrored her actions on Arnya with inarguably more skill than Loki, even though he had never done it before. The skills of a [Master Smith] and Vahn’s inordinately high Dexterity weren’t to be overlooked, after all.

Seeing Vahn’s success, Loki nodded her head and said, “Once we get down the icing, it’s time to adorn the dessert to make it more appealing. You can choose whatever kind of toppings you prefer, but I often find strawberries and cherries work the best~.” Loki grabbed two ice-cold strawberries from the bowl and picked off the green leaves before placing them directly in the center of the creme swirl. Aki’s body trembled slightly at the cold sensation that touched her nipples but did her best to avoid moving so as not to make a mess on the bed. Loki nodded her head and said, “It’s best to remain as stationary as possible so there aren’t any mistakes~.” Loki had an urge to tease the ‘stoic’ Aki, but resisted it since she was currently trying to make things interesting for Vahn.

Vahn copied Loki’s actions but, seeing that Aki had felt a bit of discomfort from the cold strawberry, Vahn dipped the top of his strawberry in the warm chocolate before setting them into place. The red tips were still exposed, but it was better to warm up the body than it was to cool it down suddenly. Arnya released a hot sigh while Loki gave Vahn a very blatant thumbs up and said, “Very smart, good job~!” Afterward, Loki rolled up the apron on Aki’s stomach and said, “Now we’ll move on to the more delicate areas before presenting the dessert for consumption~.” As Aki’s belly was also starting to protrude and well, Loki was very careful and just made a small heart shape around her navel before taking a strawberry, warming it up with her hands, and then placing the tip into her belly button.

Loki watched Vahn emulate her actions with a smile before saying, “The next part is the most important because it isn’t uncommon for the cream to ‘wash’ away if you delay for too long. After you dress it, that is usually the best time to start eating the dessert so please prepare yourself properly, Master~.” Then, after having a thought cross her mind, Loki sent a questioning look to Aki who showed a somewhat conflicted expression before nodding her head. Depending on how things played out, Loki might have to ‘sample’ Aki’s dish before Vahn just to avoid having a lot of cleanup afterward. It wouldn’t be the first time, but Aki had started to develop a few inhibitions toward such actions unless they were already having sex. This was essentially just a very extended foreplay, and it was always more comfortable to be tended to by Vahn instead of someone else…

Vahn followed Loki’s actions at almost the exact same pace as she demonstrated them, understanding the implications behind her words perfectly. Arnya was already producing a bit of love nectar from his earlier actions and he could see a fair amount draining from Aki as well. He spread Arnya’s legs slightly and created a unique little design while doing his best to avoid the actual opening of her v*****. Vahn found the act to be very interesting and he could easily imagine ‘dressing’ up a girl like this for hours if they were alone. This time, however, Vahn wrapped up after making a few dots above Arnya’s pubic hair that led towards her navel. Loki nodded her head and said, “Bon appetite~!” in a playful tone as she watched Vahn begin to ‘devour’ Arnya…

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