Chapter 555: Thirst

Though she had several inhibitions about it at the start, Arnya’s body heated up very quickly when Vahn began licking the cream off of her thighs. Her breathing had already started to become a bit labored from earlier, but how her body temperature was steadily rising and she understood why Loki had ‘cautioned’ Vahn at the start. She also understood why, though it didn’t make too much sense at the time, Loki had made Vahn turn into a Cat Person. His tongue was a bit abrasive and dry, causing a ticklish feeling against her skin, but it also allowed him to cleanly lap up the cream without issue. Humans typically produced a fair amount of saliva when they were getting excited, so it would have potentially caused him to make a mess instead of the ‘clean’ job he was currently doing.

Vahn could feel Arnya’s body tremble slightly every time he dragged his rough tongue across her skin. He hadn’t really considered it in the past, but Vahn realized he could potentially make use of the racial traits of other species to make things more interesting for the girls. Just like he enjoyed the many variations in their bodies, he had the option of spicing things up with them, though he would make sure they were okay with it beforehand. The only thing that came into question was, if he accidentally got a girl pregnant as a different race, what would happen to the children? It was nearly impossible for two different races to have children, but Vahn suspected his capabilities were a little abnormal and he could probably manage it. After all, he didn’t actually have the same kind of genetic sequence making up his body as those born in the record and was simply ’emulating’ it using his source energy as a proxy. Given how similar some of his children from the Divination had been to their mothers, Vahn suspected that his own kids were actually closer to their mothers than they were to him, at least genetically.

One thing he also noticed, just as he was lapping up around the inside of Arnya’s thigh, was that his tongue was marginally longer than it had been in his human form. Vahn actually thought this was very interesting and traced his longer tongue slowly along the crease between Arnya’s thigh and her v*****, causing her body to shake as a fragrant aroma wafted from her steamy entrance. His sense of smell was much stronger right now, so Vahn could feel his own tensions increasing rapidly and he was very tempted to just bury his face into the aromatic organ almost like he could get drunk off of it. Understanding Aki was waiting for him, however, Vahn sped up his actions while also ‘willing’ his tongue to become a little longer at the same time. He wanted to try something out later and it would take a bit of time for his body to adapt to changes…

With a concerted effort, Vahn managed to lick Arnya completely clean, even though there was a bit of a sloppy mess that had appeared as a result. That had nothing to do with the cream, however, so Vahn warmed up her thighs with his hands before saying, “Delicious…” and sending her a playful wink. Arnya was breathing heavily through her nose and turned her head to the side in embarrassment when Vahn looked down on her from above. When his warmth left her thighs, Arnya peeked through her fingers and saw him move on to Aki, causing a hot sigh to escape her body as she tried to calm down her rapidly beating heart.

Loki issued a peal of mischevious laughter and said, “It looks like I’ll have to go hungry tonight~.” as Vahn pulled apart Aki’s thighs with his hands. Her words tickled his ears and Vahn realized that Loki hadn’t actually taken the chance to eat when he was spoiling the two girls earlier. Before he could think about it too much though, Loki pushed against the back of his head and said, “Don’t worry, I already have an idea in mind to make sure I get my fill~.” Vahn nodded his head and made eye contact with the blushing Aki before he said, “Very appetizing…” and bent down to enjoy his second serving for the evening.

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The cream on Aki had started to slowly slide down her hot body, but Vahn had made it in time to ensure that it didn’t reach the blankets below. With his marginally longer tongue, Vahn began lapping up the drooping cream as Aki’s lower jaw quivered and she released quite mewls that actually sounded far more pleasing to Vahn’s ears than normal. He wondered if it was another trait of being a cat person himself but focused on licking Aki clean instead of worrying about such things…at least for the time being. Loki, however, was paying very close attention to Vahn’s actions and knew she had ‘awakened’ something inside of him that could prove interesting in the future.

Though she left Vahn to make the decisions, Loki had been talking with the ‘senior’ members of the group about helping Vahn open up a bit more during sex so he could get more enjoyment out of it. He put in a lot of effort in tending to the girls, regardless of how much he was outnumbered, and they realized this might cause him to slowly lose interest in sex over time. It was certainly ‘commendable’ to work hard to please your partner, but it was inarguably unhealthy to always be working so hard almost every night. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say Vahn was having sex anywhere between 50-80 times a week, which was a very ‘abnormal’ amount that could be mentally taxing on anyone.

He may not have realized it himself, but most of the girls that were closest to him had noticed that Vahn had been leaning more towards spending ‘casual’ time with everyone and was more prone to cuddling than doing sexual acts. He also took off a bit of time, which was somewhat abnormal for him, and had been ‘relaxing’ more often. This was very good, as it allowed him to spend time with the girls without stressing himself too much, but it was also a ‘red flag’ that Eina had brought to their attention. The fact that he was now proactively talking to them about ‘solutions’ that could make them happy without requiring his constant efforts was the biggest sign of his fatigue, however. They all understood why he would slowly start to wear down, especially considering that it hadn’t been that long since he became sexually active, so it was their intent to try and open him up to new things and stir his curiosity a bit while pampering him more, instead of always being the ones to be pampered.

Though it had been a little difficult for her, this was the reason why Loki hadn’t been spending that much time around the Manor lately. She didn’t want to stress Vahn out since he often worked very hard to satisfy her compared to some of the others, resulting in this small play being put together.

Loki had also been assigned the task of identifying Vahn’s tendencies so she could discuss them with the pertinent people, specifically Hephaestus, Syr, and Anubis, all so that Vahn could have an outlet for his curiosity. She wasn’t the only one that had been given a task, either, as Tsubaki, Milan, Lunoire, and even Naaza had been scouted to comfort Vahn by trying to spend more time with him. Their ‘trump card’, however, had been the very serious discussion that had with Fenrir so that she could help Vahn ‘relax’ more.

They knew about the little antics she had been pulling because the little wolf girl went out of her way to ‘brag’ to some of the other girls. She represented a very ‘important’ position in Vahn’s life, so Hephaestus, Eina, Hestia, and Milan, the four girls Fenrir listened to seriously, all talked to her about her behavior and forced her to reflect on it a bit. As she already knew that her Master relied on her when he was stressed out, Fenrir took the words of the four girls very seriously and even ended up ‘punishing’ herself by sitting in the corner and carving a rather large hole in the floor by tracing her claw in a circle. She had seen Milan force Tina to stand in the corner once, so it was the only punishment she knew about other than simply being separated from her Master…

Vahn finished up cleaning the cream around Akis’s pelvis and thighs before ‘smacking’ his mouth and feeling a bit antsy. Before he stood back up and away from her body, Vahn sniffed around her steamy entrance before taking his inordinately long tongue and tracing it through her hot folds once in a ‘painfully’ slow manner. Aki’s hands tightly grasped the blankets of the bed and her body trembled greatly as she stifled a high pitched ‘Nyaaaaaa~!?’ at the unexpected stimulation. Though it was certainly a product of his imagination, Vahn felt a ‘wave’ of Aki’s fragrance wash over him and he noticed that her love juices were slightly sweeter than normal, perhaps as a result of the cream.

Arnya craned her head to see Aki’s reaction and felt like she had missed out on something, though she hadn’t seen what Vahn had done. The black-haired cat girl was arching her back slightly, in an obvious effort to resist dislodging the cream from her body, and was gnashing her teeth with slightly glazed eyes. Arnya wondered if Aki’s sensitivity was just higher than her’s, or perhaps she had been putting in an ‘effort’ to enjoy the moment instead of resisting it? It was hard to tell as, other than the time she had spent with Vahn, Arnya wasn’t actually that experienced. She liked to treat it like a small competition between them and did her best to hold out as long as possible while Aki simply ‘accepted’ what was happening and did her best to savor the moment.

Vahn found Aki’s adorable reaction to be very satisfying because his ‘experiment’ had proven successful. With his somewhat rough tongue being able to reach a bit deeper, Vahn traced it all the way from her vaginal entrance and ‘lapped’ up the love juices lubricating the folds of Aki’s l**** and even ‘flicked’ her slightly exposed weak spot with the tip of his tongue. Her reaction to a single lick riled him up a bit, as he always found the mewling cries of Cat People to be very pleasant to the ears, but Loki interrupted his train of thoughts when she said, “You seem very thirsty…perhaps you’d like to quench your throat?”

Hearing her words, Vahn looked over and felt his thoughts slow to a crawl as he saw that Loki had already removed her panties at some point and had sat against the sofa he left out. The most shocking thing, however, was the fact that she held her thighs closely together and had filled the ‘gap’ created by the curve of her pelvis and thighs to the brim with a crystal clear richly colored red wine. It was a very tantalizing sight and, even though he actually hadn’t felt that thirst before, Vahn suddenly found his throat was somewhat parched. He gave another glance at the two lovable cat girls and said, “I’ll be back shortly…” and licked up the heart-shaped cream around their navels before making his way over to Loki.

Loki had a playful smile on her face and said, “It makes my legs cramp up trying to keep my thighs pressed together so tightly~.” Vahn knew he would probably stain the sofa a bit but it didn’t really matter that much so he knelt down and leaned over Loki’s thigh before lapping up the shallow pool of wine. He discovered another new thing about Cat People since it seemed like he could drink the wine more easily with his rough and flexible tongue. As he grew shallower and shallower, Vahn lowered his head closer to Loki and began flicking his tongue against her pubic mound as she took in slightly deeper breaths before releasing a satisfying and hot breath while stroking the back of his head.

As he continued to lap up the remnant of the wine, in an earnest effort to prevent it from sliding through her thighs and staining the couch, Loki slowly began to open her thighs and let his invasive tongue continue its efforts. Vahn had already gotten the majority of the red wine beforehand and she wanted to feel how much his skills had improved since the last time he ‘devoured’ her. Feeling his rough-tongued begin to press around her vulva, effectively dragging it along with his movements, Loki released a much hotter sigh and stroked his cat ears with her hands. One of the reasons she had been very fond of Aki in the past was because of the rough tongue she possessed but it was infinitely better to have Vahn doing the deed. Loki quickly realized his tongue was much longer than she expected and he even pulled up her hips to get a better angle as he probed her depths in a very pleasant yet frustrating manner…

Vahn releasing the heavily breathing Loki a few minutes later as the volume of fluid coming from her v***** steadily increased. She gave him a very passionate look and amusedly said, “That was…very good…haa…hahaha…” Vahn released a light chuckle of his own before picking up Loki’s body in a princess carry and laying her on the bed with the other two girls. He saw the cream still covering their breasts and put his leg on the bed as a support as he leaned over Arnya’s body and began to roughly lick around her areola and clean up the cream after placing the chocolate covered strawberry in her mouth. It didn’t take much effort to devour the entire swirl, so Vahn sucked against the perky little bud with a bit of force and rolled his tongue around it before releasing it with a ‘pop’.

Arnya had been hugging the back of his head but released him ‘obediently’ so he could finish ‘eating’ Aki. She lifted her body, which had become hotter than normal even without entering a ‘heated’ state, and watched him lick up Aki’s breasts. Like her, Aki loosely clung to Vahn’s head as he lapped up the cream around her breasts but, unlike her, she didn’t make any attempts at stifling her voice at all and seemed to be really getting into things. A somewhat playful smile bloomed on Arnya’s face but she just stroked her own taut belly without acting on her instincts. She could see Loki watching Vahn intently from the side, causing the mischevious goddess to cast her a curious glance for a brief moment before turning her attention back to Vahn.

Just as before, it didn’t take Vahn too long to clean up the two exposed breasts of Aki so he put in a bit of extra effort and ‘scraped’ her rigid little protrusion with his rough tongue. Each of her quiet cries egged him onward, but Vahn pulled away shortly after since he knew Loki probably had more in mind for the evening. As expected, shortly after he lifted his body and looked over, Loki nodded her head and said, “Okay, now that our ‘Master’ has eaten, we’ll be treating ourselves while servicing him properly. That is unless ‘Master’ would like even more dessert~?” Loki removed the bow that kept her own breast-cloth in place, revealing the somewhat diminutive breasts that she often lamented about. Vahn smiled and said, “I think I’d like to sample my cute little goddess a bit before we move on…”

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Loki’s own heart fluttered a bit at Vahn’s words, even though she expected he would probably treat her well regardless of her own lacking assets. He never once shied away from playing with her breasts when the had sex, so her own confidence regarding their size had increased marginally. She had been a little annoyed that they hadn’t grown at all during her pregnancy, but seeing the ‘hungry’ look in Vahn’s eyes appeased her ego and brought a smile to her face. She laid down and prepared herself but, against her expectations, Vahn picked up the small ceramic pot full of warm liquid chocolate and leaned over her. Her thoughts raced rapidly and she realized Vahn was ‘pushing’ her a bit because he knew she was very receptive to his interests. Without offering any words of complaint, Loki puffed out her own chest and smiled as she watched Vahn drizzle the rather hot chocolate against her chest.

Vahn knew the onsen they used could easily reach up to 40 degrees, so he wasn’t that concerned that the 38-degree liquid chocolate would burn Loki’s skin. He actually suspected she would like it if it were a bit hotter, but he didn’t want to go to such extremes and just wanted to play around a bit. Under the curious gazes of Aki and Arnya, who seemed to find Loki’s ‘suffering’ interesting, Vahn traced around swirls of chocolate across Loki’s chest before setting the container to the side. He then lifted up her back with his right hand and held her waist with his left as he traced his rather long tongue across her small, but still incredibly soft, breasts. Vahn knew she stressed over them unnecessarily, so he made sure she knew how fond he was of the tiny mounds by putting a bit more effort into teasing her than normal.

After around five minutes, Vahn began tracing his hand around Loki’s abdomen and she quickly ‘slapped’ it away before laughing as she said, “Now, now, that is something we’ll be ‘giving’ to Master later. Remember, we’re going to pamper you tonight, so lets put an end to this little warm-up, shall we~?” Vahn had felt the tensions of everyone in the room rising so he wanted to take the initiative to push things to the next level by starting with Loki. She seemed intent to go with her initial suggestion, however, so Vahn nodded and brought her to a seated position since he had been holding her at an awkward angle previously. Loki stroked around her somewhat red chest, as Vahn’s rough tongue and ‘tickled’ her raw for almost five straight minutes. She felt like her nipples would be extra sensitive tomorrow but it also felt very satisfying knowing how much effort he had put into his actions.

Loki gestured to Arnya and Aki and said, “Master, lay down at the head of the bed…Arnya, Aki, let’s help our Master get comfortable and pamper him plentily. You can always get him to spoil you later, so make sure you focus on his needs tonight, okay~?” The two nodded their heads in understanding and ‘crawled’ after Vahn before gingerly peeling away his clothing. They knew he could simply keep the items away in his inventory, but it was more interesting to do things the normal way instead of treating it as if they were in a rush. Since they had taken the initiative away from him this time, both Arnya and Aki felt a warm feeling in their chest and genuinely wanted to help him relax and enjoy the moment. They knew well how much effort he put into their own satisfaction so it made them feel happy being able to return the favor, even though they would likely still walk away very satisfied themselves…

While Vahn was being undressed by the two cat girls, Loki set out some incense that she had borrowed from Vahn previously, the same kind that was used to help people relax. She also placed oil into an incense lamp nearby that had a mild aphrodisiac effect that was more effective on men than women. Even though Vahn had an incredible resistance to such things, Loki believed it would at least rile him up a bit while allowing his mind to relax with the assistance of the other incense. Tonight was all about making him truly enjoy the moment instead of ‘endeavoring’ to make them happy.

When Loki was finished, she crawled toward him from the foot of the bed using very slow movements while keeping eye contact with him. She reached out to his legs and crawled up his body, saying, “Relax your body and mind, Vahn…we will do our best to make you happy, so entrust your body to us and we’ll take good care of it until you fall asleep…” Vahn knew that Loki was actually trying to put him under a light hypnosis because he could recognize the incense she was using and had recently experienced their effects. However, instead of resisting it outright, Vahn decided to do as he had with Hephaestus during their wedding night. He told Sis to pull him back if things got bad before nodding his head with a smile as Loki grabbed his erect members and placed the glans against her hot mouth…

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