Chapter 599: Preasia Plana

After helping Preasia peel off her top, the only thing left on her body was a pair of thick wool socks, as she had a habit of walking around the Manor without shoes. Tsubaki’s influence had made this a habit for everyone, claiming it made cleaning much easier as it made it less likely to trail dirt through the house. Even Vahn walked around barefoot most of the time, but he could easily just equip shoes in an instant while everyone else had pairs kept at the front and back entrances of the Manor. Though he was tempted to leave them on, Vahn ended up peeling off Preasia’s socks as well, supporting her fur-covered legs with his hands as he slowly pulled them free, revealing her cute little feet that were almost completely bereft of hair.

Preasia wiggled her toes around and Vahn was almost tempted to tickle her feet before letting them rest against the bed. Since she usually slept alone, or with Fenrir, Preasia’s bed was much smaller than what he was used to. However, this made him feel strangely ‘close’ to her since there was less room to maneuver. Until she was ready to move on, Vahn just admired her body and observed the locations that hair had grown while being curious about why it didn’t grow in other spots. This was actually similar to something he had noticed with Terra as well since her scales didn’t cover her chest, breasts, abdomen, or groin. Though Preasia had ‘fur’ on her groin, that wasn’t really unnatural since she was nearly nineteen years old and most Sheep Girls would grow a thick mat of hair in that area.

As she had been watching him intently, Preasia saw the subtle changes in Vahn’s expression, including his curiosity and intrigue. She wondered what he was thinking about while watching her so intently since it was very obvious he wasn’t thinking of doing ‘naughty’ things just yet. Though it was a strange thought, Preasia kind of wanted to just lay there and see how long Vahn would simply watch her without doing anything. She wanted to know the limits of his patience, even though it also seemed ‘wrong’ to make him wait just because she was a little worried. Deciding that she didn’t want things to be awkward between them, Preasia brought her hands to her abdomen and angled her head down as she said, “You can touch me…wherever you want…I trust you…”

Hearing her words, Vahn tilted his head slightly and asked, “Preasia, do you want me to pamper you~?” in a somewhat teasing voice. Preasia flushed slightly and took several deep breaths through her nose before nodding and saying, “Yes…I like it…when you pamper me…but I also…I want to see what you will do…if I let you do whatever you want…” WIth her words as a guide, Vahn knew that Preasia wanted him to ‘guide’ her a bit by showing her what he was most interested in. If he focused on her lower body, he was certain they would quickly move into having sex. However, Vahn had something slightly different in mind and knew it would probably be better for Preasia if he took things a little slower.

After thinking for a bit, Vahn said, “I want to touch your back…but I think it would be better if you sit in my lap so you can see my face…?” Knowing that Preasia actually liked sitting in his lap a great deal, Vahn offered her a ‘safe’ path but she surprised him by rolling over instead. Her head was still turned to the side as he peeked at him, not missing the moment when he swallowed saliva at the sight of her butt. There was something strange about seeing her butt, which had become increasingly plump with her thighs, covered in a light layer of very soft fur. Since she had a droopy tail that came down to the upper part of her thighs, completely covering the cleft between her butt, Vahn felt a strange feeling in his heart as he reached out and stroked it affectionately.

Preasia’s fur was the same as the color of her tail and it made strangely appealing when viewed from behind. As for the softness, it was very difficult to describe but Vahn likened it to passing his hand through smooth satin sheets that were slightly thicker than normal. She was still pretty thin, but Preasia had put on a healthy amount of weight after having several nutritious foods introduced into her diet. Since she originally came from a smaller village, her growth had been somewhat stunted as a result of malnutrition, something that was slowly being corrected with time. This gave Preasia a somewhat plump butt that matched her inordinately thick and soft thighs…

Feeling Vahn grope around her butt, Preasia felt her heart flutter because she could tell he was very ‘fond’ of it compared to when he was groping her chest. She, like most of the girls on the network, knew that Vahn had an ‘appreciation’ for butts. Along with the basic training she had been doing in the morning, Preasia spent a lot of time doing exercises like squats and stretching so that her butt would be ‘fuller’ for Vahn’s caress. Seeing how much he was enjoying it, Preasia felt like her efforts had born fruit and she bit her top lip while enjoying the sensation of his hot hands against her rump.

Vahn saw Preasia’s tail ‘wiggling’ a little and pinched the end with his fingers, making Preasia wiggle her butt slightly in response. This was a little unexpected and Vahn’s brain buzzed a little as he watched her butt shake from side-to-side as he continued to hold her tail. He wondered if the muscles in her lower body were linked with her tail and, by holding it with his hands, if it caused her butt to move without her even noticing it. Since Preasia had the same observant look on her face, Vahn suspected this to be the case and was very interested to see what else he could discover.

Since it wouldn’t be a good idea to just focus on her butt, Vahn ‘spooked’ Preasia a bit by straddling her thighs and tracing his palms on her sides. So she would relax, Vahn softly said, “It’s okay, I just wanted to help your body relax a bit before we do anything else…” He wasn’t using [Hands of Nirvana], but Vahn was still hitting all her important pressure points while using his [Petting] to full effect. One of the things he has learned from constant use is, especially on Beast Girls, his [Petting] was incredibly effective and could calm them down a great deal.

Preasia had never experienced the full effect of Vahn’s [Petting], at least after it reached A-Rank because he usually went easy on her in the past. This time, however, Vahn wanted to see if he could get Preasia to relax completely without taking away any of her body’s functions. Shortly after he started, Preasia released a very long sigh as a smile appeared on her face and she squinted her eyes, clearly pleased by the [Petting] even though it had just started. Vahn’s own smile increased in size and he wondered if Sheep People had a characteristic sound they made when they were ‘comfortable’ as well. Checking Preasia’s Love parameters, which was currently at 942, Vahn wondered if he could increase it to 1,000 if he put in enough effort…

With a goal set, Vahn began to stroke around Preasia’s back, pressing into her fur-covered flesh with a firm yet gentle strength that caused her skin to deform slightly under his hands. He was skilled at regular massages as well, so Vahn wanted to make her very comfortable so she would be able to relax completely and open herself up to him. Interestingly, Vahn found that petting Preasia was actually very comfortable for himself as well, causing a calm to settle in his mind as he passed his fingers through her incredibly soft fur. It was currently about 20mm long, being almost uniform all over her body, but it was indescribably soft and made Vahn simply want to snuggle up with her and go to sleep…

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Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Vahn squinted his eyes slightly and activated his [Eyes of Truth], seeing that her fur actually glistened slightly when his eyes were active. Vahn felt like her Innate had probably awakened at this point but was a little confused as he hadn’t expected it to have such an effect. He thought that the [Golden Fleece] would be a defensive Innate, but now it seemed to have some kind of effect on the minds of others. Vahn, even though he could stay awake for days at a time, suddenly felt a little sleepy while he was petting Preasia’s fur. When he moved his fingers through it, the glimmering increased and became vibrant like gold reflecting sunbeams. The light caused his mind to daze slightly and Vahn nearly fell over onto Preasia’s body before activating his [Will of the Emperor] to clear his head.

Preasia didn’t seem to notice it at all and just had a happy and loose smile on her face as she enjoyed his petting without regard for anything else. Vahn realized that this wasn’t the first time he had seen an Innate awaken when he was about to have sex with a girl and it made him feel a little distracted since he was curious about its actual effects. By resisting them with [Will of the Emperor], he had no way of testing the efficacy of her skill and she didn’t seem to be aware of it. If he tried to talk about it right now, it would ruin the mood a little so Vahn decided to leave it for later as he used his thumbs to roll Preasia’s shoulders and help her loosen up. She released a ‘hafuu’ sound like a sigh of relief and Vahn felt that must be her ‘characteristic’ sound given the lax expression she had on her face.

Though she didn’t mewl or purr like a Cat Person, Vahn didn’t mind that Preasia ‘sighed’ with a pleasant intonation to her voice because it was strangely tantalizing. With his eyes focused on her face, Vahn felt that the influence of her fur was less effective so he eased off his [Will of the Emperor] and adapted to the ‘calming’ sensation coming from his palms. By stimulating the flow of his own energy, Vahn found he could resist the effect almost entirely so it was likely based on both contact and visual stimulus. The light he had seen was probably a unique energy he didn’t understand and seemed to possess the ability to ‘calm’ or outright put things to sleep. It was a pity that Preasia wasn’t a combatant since the ability to put things to sleep was a very powerful control ability…

After having stroked her lower back, shoulders, and neck, Vahn moved up to Preasia’s head, her droopy ears, and the area around her horns. He had to ride up her body a bit in the process, but Preasia didn’t even seem to notice as she simply enjoyed the long petting session. Vahn could feel her tail wiggling against his lower body and it was a little distracting since he had been ‘training’ his body to react to the girls. Knowing things would be coming to a head pretty soon, he repressed it for the time being and just massaged Preasia’s scalp with his fingertips while lazily released her ‘hafuu’ sounds and quiet moans from her pale peach-colored lips.

With his massage completed, Vahn moved to Preasia’s side, letting her tail wiggle freely while he laid next to her, looking into her hazy grey eyes before stroking the side of her face. She had a somewhat silly smile on her face so Vahn said, “You’re even more beautiful when you smile, Preasia…I’m glad I was able to make you so comfortable. Please smile more in the future…” Though she had still been in a bit of a daze, Preasia currently felt very close to Vahn and snuggled up close to him when she heard his words. Vahn had managed to get her Love parameter above 1,000, as he had been very ‘determined’ to do so, and it was currently at 1,003.

Preasia nuzzled against his chest for a short while, pressing her somewhat cold nose against his skin and smelling his body while Vahn gently caressed her back. Her aura was currently a very sunny yellow but it was becoming progressively pink as threads of red started to appear. He could sense that Preasia was ‘psyching’ herself up for what was to come but the most important thing was that, even though he checked several times, Vahn didn’t see any signs of purple anymore. It seemed that his [Petting] had been very affective and Preasia had, at least for the time being, almost completely set aside any fear and inhibitions she had about what was to come.

She may not have been aware of it herself, but Preasia was rubbing her thighs together as she pressed her hips toward him and, even though he was still wearing his trousers, Vahn could feel the heat radiating from her body. By the time her aura had become predominately pink, there was a large volume of red as well, causing Preasia to open her somewhat watery eyes and release a hot sigh against his chest as she said, “Lay on your back…” without any hesitation in her words. Vahn rubbed the side of her face as lovingly as he could before following her words and rolling onto his back. Preasia took several deep breaths after she lifted up her body, simply staring down at his face in a slight daze before tracing her eyes down his body and resting them on the tent he had set up in the far south, a land where dragons were said to appear. (A/N: I’m sorry about this line, I just thought it was funny.)

The worst moments of her life had been related to such an appendage but Preasia found herself feeling more expectation than anything else. She had already seen Vahn naked hundreds of times and had ‘dreamed’ about this situation even more. Since she decided to treat this as one of her dreams, even though she knew it was reality, Preasia set her inhibitions to the side and traced her left palm around Vahn’s lower abdomen, startled at how ‘hot’ his body was to the touch. She wanted nothing more than to experience that heat against her own body so she looked into Vahn’s face and said, “Please take them off…” She wasn’t the type of girl that really cared about stripping away clothing and would be happier just to be closer to Vahn even sooner.

Following Preasia’s words, Vahn unequipped his trousers before stowing his briefs away into his inventory. Preasia’s eyes glimmered slightly when she saw his grey briefs before taking a sharp breath when she saw his erect member standing proudly, almost like an insurmountable spear trying to compete against the Tower of Babel. She had never actually seen him completely erect before so Preasia’s mind became blank for several seconds before she reached out her hands and gingerly touched it, uttering, “It’s very hot…” under her breath.

Before tonight, she had talked a lot with other girls and, even though it was a little embarrassing, she had already prepared herself by applying lotion to help dilate the interior of her v*****. She ‘believed’ she was ready, but Preasia couldn’t help but feel intimidated as she sat next to Vahn and compared his size to her own body. Since she mistakenly measured from the top of her legs, Preasia felt like he was going to poke her in the diaphragm even though he wouldn’t even reach her belly button even if she somehow managed to take the entire thing. Though he would never ‘admit’ it to her, Vahn had actually shrunken himself down for her benefit and was currently only around 20cm even when standing tall…

After sitting in silence for nearly two minutes, absentmindedly tracing her hand up and down Vahn’s p****, Preasia looked to him and asked, “Do you want me…to use my mouth…?” Most of her trauma was related to using her mouth and Preasia felt like she might be able to overcome it a bit if Vahn treated her well and allowed her to take the lead. Vahn, however, shook his head gently and said, “Preasia, you don’t have to worry about doing anything like that until you’re more comfortable with it. To me, having sex is an emotional connection and something I want both of us to enjoy…this is your first time, so I’d rather worry about you than have you thinking about how to satisfy me. Trust me, I’m more than happy just being here with you…”

Preasia felt her chest trembling slightly as she listened to Vahn’s words and she took a deep stuttering breath to resist the urge to cry. She knew that things didn’t have to be so rushed between them and there would be plenty of time to do other things together in the future. For now, it was important that they were ‘together’ even though Preasia had simply wanted to show her ‘gratitude’ to Vahn after experiencing his massage. Realizing she could simply do it after the fact, Preasia set the matter to the back of her mind and just calmed her heart by pressing her hand to her chest and taking several deep breaths. She could actually smell Vahn’s aroma and it helped her calm down faster, even though it also made her body ache a little.

Once she had readied herself, Preasia nodded toward nobody in particular before straddling Vahn’s thighs, staring at his erect member with a resolute look in her eyes. As for Vahn, his eyes opened slightly wider since he noticed that Preasia’s thighs were very soft and incredibly pleasant to the touch. Even straddling him, Vahn felt a strange sense of comfort and there was much less ‘friction’ compared to when he was with other girls. Even if the fur got a bit damp, it didn’t lose its softness and Vahn felt like Preasia could easily slide across his body comfortably if they were to take a bath together. Deciding that they would take a private bath together in the future, Vahn smiled and stretched out one of his hands so Preasia could hold it.

Grabbing Vahn’s outstretched hand like it was a lifeline, Preasia calmed down a little before using her free hand to press against Vahn’s abdomen and pull her own body forward. She felt the hot shaft of his p**** rest in between her own damp folds and it was very pleasant, enough to send shivers up her spine as she moved her hips forward even further. By the time she was situated completely against his hips, Preasia was a bit distracted by the heat and felt decidedly less worried about the fur on her body as she focused on the startling red tip that looked almost like it was in pain. She felt a little guilty and lifted her own hips a surprisingly scary amount before guiding the glans to her own entrance. Even before finding the right spot, Preasia felt like she could almost be satisfied just having the hot tip moving through her folds, especially when she pressed it near the top…

Vahn’s lower jaw quivered a bit because, even though she hadn’t actually put it in yet, Vahn realized that Preasia’s vulva was very hot and pulsed with a strange rhythm, almost like it was a living creature. His expectations increased greatly but Vahn forced himself to remain patient as Preasia found the right spot on her own and trembled a great deal with her peachy lips slightly parted. Vahn extended his other hand to her, which Preasia quickly grabbed before locking her fingers with his. His glans were already being massaged by the entrance of her v***** so Vahn held his breath when Preasia began to slowly lower her hips while wiggling about in a very small circle. Though she was a virgin, Vahn noticed that the expected tightness never came and instead it was like her v***** coiled in a strange manner with a bumpy interior wall that ‘wriggled’ about in a very stimulating manner.

Preasia’s hips stopped after lowering herself a few centimeters as the glans reached her surprisingly deep and flexible hymen. It was a very strange sensation because, instead of tearing through it, the flexible band of skin was squeezing against his p**** when Preasia managed to bypass it. If not for the thickness of his shaft, Vahn suspected it wouldn’t have torn at all since Preasia’s v***** seemed uncharacteristically flexible. He realized she must have taken a lot of medicine in preparation since even she seemed a little surprised by how far she was able to get. When the membrane eventually snapped, however, Preasia body trembled and a pained expression appeared on her face as a few tears built up in her eyes. Vahn wanted to use his hands to heal her but Preasia was tightly gripping both of his hands with her own as she started to wiggle her waist again.

Perhaps because of the medicine, though most likely a result of his reduced size, Preasia actually managed to bring her hips to Vahn’s before she released a pent up sigh and slouched her body forward. Vahn was currently being ‘attacked’ by her writhing v***** but he maintained a concerned expression on his face as he said in a gentle tone, “You’re amazing, Preasia…” It was a big ‘accomplishment’ for many of the girls when they were first able to accept him completely. Since Preasia had managed it on her first time, even though she had used a fair amount of medicine beforehand, she felt like her self worth had increased a fair amount as she leaned forward and pressed her body to Vahn’s. Between labored breaths, she said, “Don’t move yet…let me rest…” and just enjoyed his body heat while listening to his heart.

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Vahn swallowed when he heard Preasia’s words because he was tempted to remark that he didn’t need to move if things continued at this rate. There were three different points inside Preasia’s v***** that kept wriggling around and constricting his p**** even when she was ‘resting’. He could feel her heart beating through the points and it was almost like he was being ‘attacked’ by her v***** even when they were stationary. Vahn could only compare this feeling to the times when he was with Anubis, Tiona, Tione, and Syr, and it was a very stimulating experience. He hadn’t realized how ‘dangerous’ Preasia’s body was and wondered if this was a racial trait of Sheep Girls or if it was something unique to her…

After resting for a few minutes, during which time Vahn stroked Preasia’s back and helped her calm down, Preasia pushed against his body and lifted herself up. She noticed Vahn’s jaw trembled slightly when she moved and it made her feel very happy because she knew he was feeling good with her body. Since she had been listening to his heartbeat for a while, Preasia knew Vahn was very ‘excited’ and it made her feel greatly relieved since she had been worried he wouldn’t be satisfied with her. She knew he slept with a lot of girls and was worried how she would compare to so many other beauties, especially since she was much weaker than normal. Judging from Vahn’s reaction, Preasia felt like she might be better than some of the other girls but stopped herself from asking so as not to sound shallow.

Leaning back her head for a bit, Preasia simply enjoyed the feeling of the hot object that felt like it was lifting up her stomach and filling her completely. She never knew sex was something that could feel so pleasant and this simple realization made all of her other inhibitions fade away entirely. Vahn had already healed any of the damage his intruding member had caused while he was comforting her earlier so the only thing Preasia currently felt was a strange sense of ‘completeness’. She almost didn’t even want to move but knew it would be ‘necessary’ for Vahn to feel good as well, even though the truth of the matter was quite the opposite. Reaching out her hands, Preasia said, “I want to hold hands…” with an incredibly enamored expression and glossy grey eyes…

Vahn smiled and grabbed both of Preasia’s hands while gnashing his molars in preparation for what was to come. Sheep People were obviously a race that didn’t need to move during sex so Vahn was a little worried about how stimulating things would be if she actually moved. He could imagine the three points clinging firmly to him while her uterus trailed after the tip of his p****, eagerly preparing to receive his life-giving fluids. As expected, the moment Preasia steadied her hips, she raised her butt slightly and took a deep gasping breath with a pleasant sounding voice escaping her lips. Vahn uncharacteristically felt the urge to follow her motions with his own hips since the stimulation he received was simply ‘ridiculous’. He had been ‘training’ to enjoy sex more so his own resistances had decreased a great amount as a result of the slow sex he had been having lately.

Preasia’s mouth remained open and her body trembled like she was stuck in a snowstorm as a mild orgasm wracked through her body after the simple movement. She absentmindedly lowered her hips to ‘relax’ and exhaled a hot and passionate sigh before slouching over again when she reached Vahn’s hips. Moving was more stimulating than she expected and Preasia didn’t have any confidence to keep going on her own. Her mind began to race and a giddy feeling welled up in her stomach, almost like it was coming from the hot object that was probing her depths and filling her up completely. After licking her lips and swallowing her saliva to lubricate her parched throat, Preasia looked toward Vahn and cradled his face before saying, “Please move…”

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