Chapter 600: [Spoilers : Title At End]

When Preasia grabbed his face again, Vahn had expected she wanted a kiss but was once again surprised when he heard her words. He wasn’t in the best state to move either but, now that she had left matters to him, Vahn knew he couldn’t let her down. Unless he could bring her to a ‘true’ climax, this probably wouldn’t end and they would both continue this relatively awkward yet exhilarating sexual experience. It was very obvious that she lacked the stamina to go on for a long period of time, somewhat similar to Hestia, so Vahn reached down and pulled her knees up so more of her weight was on his hips. Preasia released a hot sigh and put her forehead against his chest as Vahn grabbed her furry and soft buttocks with his hands. Since his fingers wanted to slide along her fur, Vahn gripped her firmly and caused Preasia to release a throaty moan as she squeezed her thighs closer and hugged his waist.

Vahn felt like he was going to continuously remark about how soft Preasia’s body was every time he was with her but now wasn’t the time for that as he lifted her butt slightly before dropping it at the same time as he lifted his waist. Preasia pressed her tongue to the top of her mouth and released a loud moan through her nose that tickled Vahn’s ears as he repeated his motion in a steady rhythm so she could adapt. Once she got used to it, Preasia began timing her breathing as she loosely held his shoulders and uttered a repetitive ‘hafuu’ sound as a result of his slow piston. Her shaggy and soft hair rubbed against his chin and even tickled his nose a bit when he looked down at her.

There was a subtle sweetness coming from her hair and a slight citrusy smell from the shampoo that caused Vahn to inhale deeply while nestling his face into it. Preasia didn’t seem to mind at all and was just trembling as she entrusted her weight to him, considerably exhausted even though they hadn’t been going at it that long. Her prior preparations, the tensions that had built up in her body, and Vahn’s very extended foreplay and massage, all sapped away at her energy and she now felt very tired as waves of pleasure wracked her body. She actually wanted to plead to Vahn to stop moving so her body could rest but his thick aroma and the beating of his heart kept her from bringing the moment to an end. Preasia knew Vahn needed to ‘release’ himself or he wouldn’t be truly satisfied, regardless of how much he tried to comfort her with his words.

Unfortunately for them both, Vahn had been resisting the urge to ejaculate for a long time because he thought Preasia wanted to extend the moment further. Her v***** was almost as ‘scary’ as Syr’s and, if not for the fact she was significantly less ‘proactive’, Vahn felt like Preasia might even be able to get the edge against him. Thus, as a result of their failure to communicate properly with each other, Vahn resisted the urge to finish as he slowly pistoned Preasia’s body, supporting her with just his left hand while hugging her body with his right arm. She was in a strange state where, even though she was obviously very tired, Preasia was raising her hips, making Vahn believe she wanted to experience larger movements. The fact of the matter was that Preasia was trying to ‘escape’ the pleasure that was becoming a little overwhelming, but she was unable to convey this to Vahn as she focused on getting drunk off his scent.

After twenty minutes, which resulted in Vahn gasping a bit from the exertion and stimulus, he pulled her hips close to his and squeezed her butt firmly as he released a large amount of semen into Preasia v*****. She had already experienced several orgasms, but Preasia’s body trembled greatly when the hot fluids stained her insides. As Sheep People were a race that had a mating phase, and it was currently the beginning of Spring, Preasia’s body was more than ready to get pregnant even though she wasn’t currently ovulating. Her uterus expanded and contracted eagerly as if it was trying to soak up the semen and Preasia felt a powerful wave threatening to overwhelm her. As if it had been building off the previous waves, Preasia felt it wash over her body completely before crashing into her brain and disrupting her thoughts. The only thing she felt was warmth encompassing her as an endless white space pervaded her thoughts…

Uncharacteristically, Vahn released a heavy sigh of relief and just stroked Preasia’s furry back to comfort her trembling body that was currently wracked in an intense orgasm. She was strangely adorable when she trembled, but Vahn would never tell her that since it might remind her of dangerous thoughts. If the man that had held her ‘captive’ previously was still alive, Vahn felt like he would have strung him up and beaten him for his past foolishness. Preasia was a gentle girl with a sheepish and docile personality that deserved to be protected, not tormented. Even without her fur, she was a unique beauty and Vahn couldn’t understand what would possess someone to do something so cruel to such a fragile girl. If not for the experiences he suffered in his previous life, Vahn wouldn’t be able to rationalize it at all…

Feeling that her trembling had stopped, Vahn hugged Preasia’s body and pulled up her butt so his p**** could flop out of her naturally. Though a large volume of fluids escaped and dripped down onto his waist, Vahn didn’t mind it at all and just tilted Preasia’s dazed face towards him and kissed her on the lips. She seemed confused for a brief moment before eagerly reciprocating his kiss and pulling herself closer to his head. Vahn didn’t know it, but she was trying to ‘escape’ away from the heat near her butt since sex had been far more ‘overwhelming’ than she expected. While she had been lost in a daze previously, Preasia resolved herself to increase her stamina and become stronger so she would be able to keep up with Vahn in the future.

Vahn traced his fingers through Preasia’s hair and brought his right hand to rest around the base of her horn, which was a strangely stable ‘handle’ even though he didn’t grab it directly. Preasia’s lips were somewhat small but Vahn noticed her tongue was longer than expected as she was more proactive than in the past. Since she was on top of him, Preasia let her tongue enter his mouth and entwine with his own as her somewhat sweet saliva flowed into his throat. After swallowing, Preasia pulled back a little and took a few breaths before trying to kiss him again, something Vahn found especially adorable as he absentmindedly stroked her butt with his left hand while trailing his right palm across her ribs, at the border of where her fur and bare skin made a transition.

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Since Vahn’s hands were very hot, Preasia felt like they were spreading heat through her own body even though he wasn’t using [Hands of Nirvana]. With a strangely ‘sad’ look on her face, Preasia asked, “Did you…want to go again…?” This time, even though they weren’t communicating properly, Vahn realized Preasia wasn’t really ‘into’ it right now so he shook his head and said, “No, I actually just thought your fur was very soft and got a little carried away with my [Petting]. I’ll stop if you want to just cuddle a bit…” Hearing Vahn’s words, Preasia released a small sigh of relief before smiling and said, “I’m tired…so if it’s just petting, that’s fine…” before kissing him again. Keeping in mind that she must be exhausted, Vahn used [Hands of Nirvana] to ease the strain on her body while pushing his [Petting] to the limit since he knew it would help her calm down.

Previously, Vahn had been tame in how he was touching her so, now that he was putting an effort into it Preasia quickly ‘switched’ off. He had been stimulating her a bit previously, but now Vahn was completely focused on just bringing her comfort and showing his affection for her. Though her weight hadn’t increased at all, Preasia’s body relaxed and she pressed herself against Vahn completely as the tensions released from her body. Even her tongue became a bit lazy so Vahn just ‘playfully’ sucked on it until Preasia eventually stopped her movements and had sleepy eyes. At around the same time, Vahn felt like he was beginning to get sleepy as well and realized that Preasia’s mental state likely influenced how her [Golden Fleece] worked. It seemed that, whenever she was feeling comfortable and tired, it also made him feel the same way, perhaps through a subconscious emission of emotions?

Deciding to learn more about it later, Vahn activated his [Will of the Emperor] and resisted the sleepy urge before rolling to the side so Preasia was laying next to him. Strangely, as if she was greatly accustomed to the action, Preasia turned over to the side and left her back to him before curling up her legs slightly. Realizing that things had probably come to an end, Vahn just smiled and snuggled up to Preasia, still completely naked, and hugged her body in a loose embrace. With her back to him, Vahn could feel her fur against his chest and was very tempted to hug her tightly since it was very comfortable. Even his p****, which was nuzzled near her tail and butt, was pressing against her incredibly soft and furry butt in a strangely comforting manner. When he let his [Will of the Emperor] fade, Vahn felt sleepy very quickly but allowed it to overtake him this time as he sniffed the strangely fragrant aroma from Preasia’s fluffy hair…

Not long after Vahn had fallen asleep, Preasia slightly dazed eyes regained their focus because she had yet to fall asleep. Without Vahn petting her, Preasia slowly came to her senses and just felt his warmth enveloping her as he embraced her from behind. Though it was a simple thing, Preasia felt a great deal of comfort from his embrace and couldn’t stop herself from releasing silent tears as she trembled slightly in his arms. However, her movements ‘stirred’ up a part of Vahn’s body and, as he had been ‘training’ to react, she could feel a very hot object come to life around her butt. Preasia’s trembling stopped and she felt the hot glans pressing against the back of her thighs before parting them slightly, allowing it to ‘peek’ through the front of her thighs.

Preasia stared down at the swollen glans with a dazed expression and felt a strange sense of comfort as well as a fair amount of guilt. She wasn’t sure if Vahn was just reacting to her because he liked her body or if it was because he wasn’t completely satisfied from earlier. Preasia knew he could handle multiple girls and potentially go for hours without rest, so she assumed it was the latter even though she wanted it to be the former. If she wasn’t so exhausted, Preasia wouldn’t have minded if they continued but she didn’t have the capabilities to keep up with the tireless Vahn. She was actually surprised by the fact he had fallen asleep and was just sniffing away at her hair, something that made her heart tickle since she felt like he enjoyed her scent, much like she loved his…

After staring at it for a while, Preasia closed her thighs and saw Vahn’s p**** twitch as the hot shaft wiggled between her plump and soft flesh. She giggled before reaching down and touching the hot glans out of curiosity, wondering how Vahn could continue sleeping even with his ‘partner’ completely awake. Strangely, Preasia felt like she wanted to ‘comfort’ the swollen member so she pulled it up towards her stomach and squeezed her thighs together to nestle it between her still-wet folds. The heat seemed to spread through her own body, causing Preasia to release a sigh even though it was still outside of her body. Deciding that it was the ‘price’ for her inability to keep up with him, Preasia kept it snuggly between her thighs before curling up in Vahn’s arms and doing her best to go to sleep. She wondered if it would still be ‘awake’ by the time she woke up in the morning, deciding that she would put in double the efforts towards her training if that was the case…

During his sleep, Vahn actually had a dream that was significantly different from any of the others he had experienced. Instead of some major event happening, such as interacting with one of the Sacred Beasts, Vahn was simply in an endless expanse of flowers with a beautiful and vibrant sun shining down gentle rays onto his tanned skin. There was a cool breeze flowing through the air and, though there were clouds in the sky, they were a billowy white and had a very calming atmosphere. Vahn had no idea what kind of dream this was but he knew it was incredibly comfortable and he felt an urge to just lay down in the fragrant grass and go to sleep, which was strange since he knew this was a dream.

After what seemed like an hour, Vahn felt a ‘pulse’ pass through the dreamscape and, instead of an endless field of flowers, Vahn felt a hazy atmosphere spread that made his mind buzz as heat spread through his body. With his brows raised, Vahn looked toward the clouds in the sky and felt like they reflected a subtle pink hue before he realized he was now completely naked. Vahn inspected his body in interest, not missing that his own ‘partner’ was in a battle ready stance. Strangely, he found that he couldn’t really speak even though his thoughts had a bit of clarity as a result of his [Will of the Emperor] still being active even when he dreamed.

An indeterminate amount of time passed, during which Vahn simply decided to lay back against the incredibly soft and indiscernible ground. There was no longer a field of flowers, but Vahn felt an inexplicable softness against his back and just enjoyed the sensation until another ‘ripple’ passed through the dreamscape. Opening his eyes, Vahn felt a strange presence nearby and lifted his body to see a very dazed and sleepy looking Preasia standing a short distance away from him, also completely naked. However, unlike her ‘real’ self, this Preasia had slightly dense fur covering her body and it had a golden luster that was visible even though his [Eyes of Truth] weren’t active.

Vahn realized that Preasia’s Innate must be related to sleep, or even dreams, as he couldn’t understand why he would suddenly start dreaming about her in such a state. Preasia’s cloudy grey eyes slowly gained clarity and she flushed deeply when seeing Vahn’s naked body sitting against the ground. He might not be aware of it, but Preasia had a strange thought and the moment she realized what was happening she saw that Vahn was sitting on a giant version of her own body, specifically atop her butt. He didn’t seem to realize that he was sitting on her backside and Preasia wasn’t really sure why she knew this information either. It was like her consciousness was linked to the massive version even though she was clearly standing on the giant ‘hill’ that was her own buttocks.

After calming down a bit, Preasia realized she must be dreaming and it was just more lucid than she was used to. She often dreamed about Vahn, sometimes doing very intimate things, so his presence wasn’t that abnormal. Pinching her arm, Preasia felt that there was no pain even though there was a vague sensation of touch. More than a little ‘lucid’, Preasia felt like she was completely awake in this dream and began to grow excited at the prospects of what she would be able to do. Reaching out her hand, Preasia covered the sun before closing her hand and bringing darkness to the world. Pulling her hand close, Preasia opened it to reveal an incredible vibrant marble-like sun in her palms that she playfully rolled around before throwing it back up into the sky.

Seeing the silly look on Vahn’s face, Preasia smiled and tried speaking only to find that her words couldn’t escape her mouth. The dream version of Vahn seemed to try and respond to her but there was no sound at all, making Preasia somewhat sad since she wanted to be able to talk with Vahn more openly if possible. Deciding that she should just enjoy the dream while it lasted, Preasia threw such thoughts to the back of her mind and smiled. Since she was in a dream, she didn’t have to hold back at all and wanted to get a bit of ‘revenge’ against Vahn’s stamina. She might have been unable to hold up against him alone, but Preasia felt like she had an absolute advantage since this was her own dream.

Vahn’s eyes widened greatly when several dozens Preasia’s appeared around him, all completely naked and smiling toward him with a teasing look. Even the ground beneath him moved a bit and Vahn noticed the ‘grass’ was the same glistening gold as the fur on the girls’ bodies. Placing his hand against the surface, he felt a gentle heat like he was touching against someone’s body and realized that the grassy plain he had been resting on was also Preasia. His mind raced to try and understand the situation but, before he realized what happened, Vahn found himself in a massive bed with one of the Preasia’s sucking on his p**** with a powerful suction that made his body tense up. There were two more Preasia’s snuggling up at his sides but, perhaps to avoid ‘poking’ him, their horns were smaller and more rounded than normal. They took turns trying to kiss him before a powerful sense of release spread through his body before being ‘absorbed’ by the Preasia at his waist. It was such an abnormal sensation and Vahn could only describe it as ‘absolute pleasure’.

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Though ‘sound’ didn’t seem to pass through the space, Vahn’s ‘gaps’ echoed around and caused the space to pulse as a peal of gentle laughter issued from the more than twenty Preasia around the bed. At the same time, Vahn felt like his body was split apart and he was suddenly looking up from multiple perspectives as different versions of Preasia rode his hips like a champion as a mindnumbing pleasure wracked his body. He understood that his dream had likely become intertwined with Preasia’s at this point and she didn’t seem to realize it. Vahn knew that incredible lengths of time could pass within the dreamscape without notice and it had actually been several hours since Preasia’s ‘assault’ began.

Without [Will of the Emperor] supporting him, Vahn felt like he would have been drowned in the pleasure Preasia was ‘forcing’ on him through her actions. At this point, he was having sex with more than a hundred Preasia’s all at once and it felt like his vision had become a kaleidoscope as he was linked to each version of himself. Eventually, Vahn felt a strange urge to just let things happen but a part of him adamantly resisted it as a cool feeling spread through his mind. Once it filled his body, the cooling sensation seemed to spread beyond as a pulse passed through the dreamscape and ‘shattered’ the other versions of himself completely. As if she hadn’t realized it, the last remaining Preasia continued to ‘skillfully’ move on his hips, even though Vahn felt like it was strangely unskilled at the same time. It was like she was ‘compelling’ him to think her movements were skilled, or perhaps trying to convince herself this was the case.

As if she suddenly sensed the changes, Preasia opened her grey eyes and looked around to find that she was ‘riding’ on Vahn as the floated through infinite black space. Though there was an incredible warmth coming from his body, Preasia could feel and endless coldness all around them and it caused her to stick closer to him for comfort. Instead of seeking pleasure, Preasia just wanted to be warm and she felt a great sense of security when the dream Vahn hugged her tightly. From Vahn’s perspective, he felt the pleasure fade away in an instant and it was almost like Preasia became very fragile in an instant. It seemed that the dreamscape was heavily influenced by a person’s perception and Preasia would need to train her skill further if she wanted to avoid having nightmares in the future…

For what felt like days, Vahn held Preasia in an absentminded state without realizing she had actually turned into a much smaller version of herself and that they were both completely clothed. It was very hard to keep your ‘focus’ within the dreamscape so Vahn hadn’t realized the changes until they had existed for a very long period of time. When he noticed the smaller version of Preasia, she seemed to sense him as well before raising her head to match his gaze. In an instant, Preasia had returned to her adult form and was kissing his lips. Vahn hugged her tightly in response as the endless black space was slowly replaced by an endless field of flowers once again…

Feeling movement behind her, Preasia opened her sleepy grey eyes and immediately looked down to see Vahn’s hot rod completely active even though several hours had passed. There was even a bit of sticky fluid that had stained her thighs and she felt very apologetic since her own body was also releasing a large volume of warm fluid. Deciding she needed to train more, Preasia curled up and noticed that Vahn was stroking her stomach as if he wasn’t bothered by the fact at all. In a gentle tone, Vahn asked, “Preasia, what did you dream about…?” Confused by the sudden question, Preasia thought about her dream and, though the images were broken and hard to recall, she knew the majority of her dream had been dominated by thoughts of having sex with Vahn.

Sensing the change in her aura, Vahn understood her answer even without her having to vocalize it. With a small smile on his face, Vahn stroked the side of Preasia’s hair and said, “I believe your rare ability awakened during the evening…you either pulled me into your dream or managed to make your way into mine…” Hearing Vahn’s words, Preasia’s eyes opened wide and her face turned crimson since she could remember being very ‘proactive’ during the dream. Some of the things she did to Vahn were things she didn’t even have the courage to do in the real world so it would be very embarrassing if he actually experienced them personally.

Since Preasia didn’t seem to be willing to say anything right now, Vahn began [Petting] her body to comfort her as he narrated the contents of the dream as he remembered them. Preasia’s body started trembling as she listened to his words but it quickly calmed down when the influence of his [Petting] settled in her body. She noticed that Vahn didn’t seem to be worried at all, even when he was talking about the ‘intense’ orgy she had constructed in her dreamscape. He just continued to comfort her and say encouraging words so, even though she was very embarrassed, Preasia calmed down and listened closely as he explained methods she could use to control her abilities in the future. With practice, he promised she would be able to avoid having bad dreams completely and might even be able to train her skills within the dreamscape…as for Preasia herself, she started to absentmindedly imagine what kinds of things she could do with Vahn if they could share the same dreams…

Title: Dreaming of Counting Sheep

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