Chapter 735: *Spoilers, Title at End*

Vahn wasn’t surprised when, around 9:30 AM, there was a fluctuation in the formation surrounding the Manor. Though it could be anyone, Vahn believed it was undoubtedly Freya so, having enjoyed his snuggle session with Fenrir, Vahn stroked her fluffy ears and said, “Thank you, Fenrir. I can always rely on you…” Letting her Master freely play with her ears, Fenrir lightly nodded, saying, “Yes, I will always be here for Master…” Then, after sharing a long kiss, Vahn left behind the icy cold chamber which, to him, felt like a very warm and comfortable place.

Shortly after he left the room, Vahn heard Emiru’s voice in his head, explaining, (“Master, Freya has shown up at the gate. Should we lead her to the guest residence…?”) Though they couldn’t see the action, Vahn nodded his head and responded, (“Yes. Please inform Loki, if she isn’t already aware.”) This time, instead of Emiru, Vahn heard Maemi’s voice respond, (“Loki-sama is already aware. She said to give her a few minutes to get prepared…”)

Though she hadn’t been in the ward for the delivery of Alise, Loki had stayed up late with the other girls, partying and drinking until nearly 2 AM. Since she had never been a morning person, Vahn knew it would take her more than a ‘few’ minutes to prepare. Since he knew her very well, Vahn suspected this was to give him a moment to confront Freya on his own. If he wasn’t able to control the momentum of the conversation on his own, Loki would likely make an appearance to shift the flow in his favor. After all, Loki knew that Freya was coming by this morning and, though she acted uninhibited at times, almost every action she took was calculated.

Waiting for him in the foyer, Vahn saw Syr and Maemi, the latter of which was adorned in her battle-maid outfit as she patiently waited to escort him. As for Syr, she was wearing a nightgown, obviously coming to intercept him after hearing about Freya’s arrival. Her light-grey eyes, which were usually calm and gentle, contained a hint of unease that marred her pretty face. Vahn knew what she was worried about so, before she had to voice her concerns, he stepped next to her with [Shundo]. She was surprised by the spontaneous movement but, in the next instant, Vahn had already tightly hugged her as he soothingly stated, “Don’t worry, Syr…everything will be fine…”

Though they had never discussed it openly, Vahn knew that Syr was very worried that Freya would destroy the happy home they had built together. Because Syr had been the goddess’ protege in the past, the impression she had of Freya was that of a woman who would do whatever it took to get what she wanted. And, with her unrivaled charm, perfect appearance, and wealth of experience, Freya often did just that. There were few things that prevented her from acting as she pleased, at least before the existence of the Alliance. Still, if she managed to somehow get her claws into Vahn, everything they had worked so hard to build up could be broken down overnight…

For several long seconds, silence dominated the foyer’s atmosphere until Syr finally released a soft sigh and said, “I believe in you, Vahn…you have the power to change everything, even the very world around you. I know that, in time, even Freya might fall under the influence of your capabilities…just promise me one thing…” Syr had turned her eyes up, looking directly into Vahn’s eyes as she firmly stated, “Never, ever, let that woman take the lead and try to make you do as she pleases. Don’t let her involve herself in the heart of our matters…at least, not until everyone accepts her. She isn’t like us, the people that have banded together to share happiness…Freya is a greedy and possessive woman. The only thing that keeps her from trying to take you away from us is that she lacks the power to do so…”

Vahn nodded his head in understanding, cupping Syr’s face with his palm as he calmly stated, “I understand, Syr…don’t worry, I have my own methods of dealing with Freya. Just remember, regardless of what she has done, the child she bears does not carry her sins. In the future, when we accept them into our home, please treat them just like everyone else…” Syr was slightly taken aback by Vahn’s words, rolling her eyes and hugging him tightly as she said, “Obviously. Children can’t be blamed for the type of people their parents are. Don’t worry, Vahn, I’ll cherish all of your children as if they were my own…” Then, as if realizing what she had just said, Syr showed a mischevious smile as a playful glint appeared in her eyes, saying, “Though, you know, I would prefer to have my own someday~.”

Releasing a hearty laugh, Vahn lowered his right hand from the small of Syr’s back, lightly pinching her butt as he said, “You just have to let me know when you’re ready. I always am~.”Feeling the prickish sensation that caused her to flinch, Syr lightly beat Vahn’s chest and said, “Don’t you bully me, Vahn Mason…!” in a harsh whisper. Still, even though she felt embarrassed, Syr also felt a great deal of relief at Vahn’s words. She knew that, if not for her desire to leave things to fate, he would have already impregnated her long ago. If she truly wanted to, the only thing she needed to do was ask and, just as he had always been reliable in the past, Syr knew Vahn would come through for her…

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After one more parting embrace, made longer by the passionate kiss the Syr had decided to gift him with, Vahn finally left the Manor with Maemi escorting him. Since he noticed that her tail was somewhat stiff, with a vibrant pink aura listing in his direct, Vahn decided to reward his faithful maid with a hug from behind once they reached the Guest Residence. Her relatively thick tail began to twitch against his lower body as Maemi startlingly exclaimed, “M-Master!?” Then, kissing the back of her head, Vahn whispered into the adorable rounded ears atop her head, “You and your sister only have to ask as well, you know~?”

Like red wine diffusing through cloth, Maemi’s aura transitioned into a passionate red as she released a hot sigh and said, “Maaaster…” However, much to Vahn’s surprise, Maemi’s next words were, “Emiru and I don’t want to have children just yet…we want to serve Master for as long as possible…at least until Master ‘wants’ us to bear his children…then we’ll happily give up your bodies for you~.” Though Maemi’s switch had been flipped, she was still honest in her admission of the facts. The only ‘dream’ she and her sister had was to serve a kind and handsome Master, escaping the boring and rural lifestyle of their tribe. Besides, they were still very young and, under their Master’s ‘care’, Maemi and Emiru knew they had plenty of time before they ‘needed’ to have children…

Nodding his head, Vahn gently stroked Maemi’s hair and ears before making his way inside to finally confront Freya. He knew he had been delaying things a little more than necessary but, as he had already developed the habit of making his ‘guests’ wait, Vahn didn’t let it bother him too much. When he entered into the room, however, his expression had already turned calm and steady, even though he had previously been smiling casually while interacting with Maemi. He gave a curt nod to Emiru, who had been waiting inside for his arrival, allowing her to rejoin her sister as they returned to the Manor. As she passed by him, however, Emiru had stopped and, understanding what she wanted, Vahn produced a small smile and stroked her head before sending her on her way.

The entire time this was going on, Freya was sitting on the sofa facing the door, silver eyes focused on his every action. She had a very calm disposition right now but Vahn hadn’t missed the ‘fervent’ glint in her eyes, nor the colossal red, pink, and green aura radiating from her body. When Emiru finally left the room, Vahn turned to her with a calm expression on his face and said, “If you’re trying to get on my good side, it won’t do you any favors to look at the girls around me with hatred and envy…” When she heard this, Freya’s perfect brows raised slightly before she began to laugh in an elegant manner. Afterward, she slowly and enticingly uncrossed her legs in an obvious attempt to draw his gaze before fixing her posture with one leg resting on the knee of her other.

Vahn felt like a warm and fuzzy sensation had flooded through his mind in an instant but, the moment his [Will of the Emperor] took effect, it faded away. Even so, there was a lingering sensation in his body for a minuscule amount of time as his [Magia Erebea] disposition, combined with the natural purification effects of his blood, completely removed the external influence. His expression hadn’t even changed in the slightest as he walked over to the opposite sofa and sat down, casually asking, “So, what brings you here so early, Freya?”

Seeing how easily Vahn had dealt with her charm, Freya couldn’t help smiling with a bit of excitement as she sensually intoned, “My, please don’t tease me too much, Vahn…unless…oh? Do you have the habit of ‘forcing’ women to describe to you their thoughts and feelings~? Did you want me to tell you how badly I want you to ravish my cold and lonely body~?” Though she had started off in a sensual monotone, Freya’s cheeks started to become slightly flushed as a passionate glint passed through her eyes. She couldn’t help it as, knowing that she would finally get to sample the boy that had left a deep impression on her heart, Freya’s body had started to heat up on its own.

Vahn had obviously noticed her reaction, as she wasn’t making any effort at all to restrain her aura. Currently, there were thick red tendrils wrapping possessively around his body and, if not for the fact she probably didn’t wish to offend him, Freya likely would have gone on the offensive. As for Vahn himself, he was surprised that she had so easily given up the momentum of the conversation by letting her emotions get the better of her. It was starting to seem like the impression he had left on her heart was deeper than he had expected.

Still keeping his casual expression, Vahn decided to ‘test’ Freya by asking, “So, how is your son doing? I heard he was named Ottar as well…?” For a brief moment, Freya had an almost ‘pained’ look on her face, clearly upset that things were going so slowly. Even so, she tried to keep her composure by lightly touching her cheek and saying, “Yes…Ottar is an inherited name, you see. Back within the Boaz tribes, the firstborn son always inherited the name of their father. Though Ottar himself was an exception to this, he wanted to carry on the tradition of his people. In the future, he hopes that his son will carry on the legacy he left behind…fuuuu…”

Having information the Boaz people within his mind, Vahn knew that Freya was speaking the truth. Still, he was a little uncomfortable seeing that Freya didn’t seem to have any feelings on the matter at all. Deciding to clarify his suspicions, Vahn asked, “Well, how is he doing? Have you been caring for him properly as a mother…?” Freya’s eyes squinted slightly when she heard Vahn’s questions, understanding what he was trying to do. Even so, she wasn’t going to try and fool him and, instead, simply stated, “Because I didn’t want to make a bad impression on you, I’ve been trying to care for him on occasion. However, I’ll admit, I’m not exactly suited to be a mother. Ottar usually takes care of him personally and, when he is busy with missions, I let the servants look after him…”

Though he was doing his best to remain unfazed, Vahn released a slight sigh when he heard Freya’s explanation. He didn’t even have to guess that, if not for the fact she didn’t want to completely ruin his impression of her, Freya would have never even interacted with the young Ottar. She seemed so ‘disinterested’ in her own child, something that unnerved Vahn a great deal as he said, “You should work on it…being a parent is a true blessing. If you really want to get on my good side, the least you can do is attempt to be a good mother…”

Freya frowned slightly, crossing her arms to lift her perfectly shaped breasts, which were neither too large nor too small. Averting her eyes away from him, she muttered in a distant and tired voice, “I am constantly making concessions on behalf of the Alliance, even though I’ve gained very little in the way of benefits. Even now, I’m prepared to give up my child to you in the future, all to appease the conditions Loki, Hephaestus, and Hestia had laid out for me. Now, after I’ve done so much, acted so patiently, even when it was very difficult, you still ask more of me..?”

Vahn was surprised by Freya’s behavior but, before he was even able to offer up any words of his own, she released another sigh and said, “Fine. I will do as you say, but not without having a promise from you in return. I’m tired of being made to take vows, suffer restrictions, and denied the things I want to obtain. If it will make you treat my matters seriously, I’ll swear a vow to try and become a good mother. In exchange, I want you to at least promise that you won’t shun my affections in the future…you don’t understand how my body craves, Vahn. If I have to give up on other people, you’ll have to take their place…all of their places…”

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By the end of her words, Freya had a very serious expression on her face and Vahn could see she was looking for any signs that he was going to try and foot around the issue. However, her expression morphed into one of surprise and confusion when he simply smiled and said, “I won’t simply make you take a vow one-sidedly, Freya. I swear, on my name, Vahn Mason, Sage Aldrnari, and Captain of the Hestia Familia, to make sure you are more satisfied than any of your previous experiences. In fact, you can consider it a matter of pride as, though you may be unaware of it, I also possess another title…to those that have experienced my capabilities, I am affectionately referred to as the ‘Godhand’…”

When she heard him take a vow, Freya was very surprised but, when she heard the latter half of his words, she couldn’t help but feel amused. As capable as he might be, and Freya had no doubt he was ‘very’ capable, she believed he was overestimating himself. He might have been able to get an advantage against other girls, or even goddesses, but nothing could have prepared him for what she would do once they, finally, had sex. There wasn’t even a god alive, including those with similar Divinities, that had been able to best her in the bedroom. And, though Vahn likely had some degree of prowess, Freya ‘knew’ he wouldn’t be able to match up to gods with Divinities related to Sex.

Feeling slightly amused by Vahn’s claim, Freya believed she might be able to take advantage of this in the future. Since he wouldn’t be able to make good on his promise, she would be able to have sex with him whenever she wanted. Though those troublesome goddesses would undoubtedly interfere, she would at least be able to satisfy her urges a lot more than she initially anticipated. With time, she may even be able to completely conquer Vahn’s heart and mind, stealing him away from the other girls after he was no longer able to live without her body. Thus, with a smile on her face, Freya squinted her eyes and said, “Then I, Freya, Goddess of Beauty, Ruler of the Freya Familia, hereby swear that, as long as Vahn Mason is able to satisfy me, I will endeavor to become a mother in accordance to his expectations~.”

Small chains, formed by the laws of the world, coiled around the souls of Vahn and Freya, patiently waiting for the completion of the vows both of them had made. Vahn, seeing how confident and playful Freya had become, almost as if she had already won, just issued a small smile. Even if she was able to resist his [Grooming] and [Hands of Nirvana], Vahn knew there were two things she could do nothing about. If he made proper use of his [Enkidu], or melded together with her aura, Vahn knew it would quickly end as his victory.

Even if his body and mind would have been consumed by the power of her Divinity if he had attempted to do so as a normal person, he had his [Will of the Emperor] to keep his mind from wavering. The only time it wasn’t effective was when he gave in to his own thoughts and emotions, not when an external force tried to act on him. By the time Freya realized what had happened, Vahn swore that he would have already revealed if, like a Beast Human, Freya had a ‘unique cry’ when she was completely satisfied…

Thus, within the well-lit reception room of the Guest Residence, two people, one mortal, one goddess, looked at each other with amused expressions. There was a clear expectation in both of their eyes as each had already become completely assured of their victory. However, they were not entirely alone as, peeking through a false panel located behind a painting, a mischevious trickster goddess was desperately fighting the urge to laugh out loud. Seeing Freya ‘willingly’ walk down the path of her own demise gave Loki to urge to immortalize the moment for posterity. Thus, after pulling out a pen and paper, she began scribbling down the details of the event she had just witnessed, determined to shove it into Freya’s face the first chance she had…

Title: Godhand Vs. Freya

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