Chapter 736: Decisiveness

A few minutes into the discussion between Vahn and Freya, after having documented everything she had seen previously, Loki made her way into the room with a loud yawn. Freya had been thinking about how things would progress so, seeing Loki show up, her curiosity was piqued, asking, “Ara~? Are we going to have an audience~?” Instead of Vahn answering, Loki casually commented, “It’s not like you don’t enjoy being seen, dressed like that all the time. Heck, the only thing that stops you from just walking around naked is probably because you don’t want ‘lesser’ men to see you, right~?”

Freya squinted her eyes, not even remotely fond of Loki’s biting words and the accusations therein. Yes, as a Goddess of Beauty, Freya ‘needed’ to be seen and appreciated, but that didn’t mean she was an exhibitionist. However, though she wanted to point out that the clothes Loki wore weren’t much better, doing so wouldn’t serve any purpose. Loki wasn’t the type to care about things like that so Freya, knowing exactly what Loki ‘did’ care about, commented, “They say it’s important to keep rude remarks close to your chest but, so as not to embarrass yourself and cause conflict. However, as I can clearly see, you’ve never been the type to keep anything there from the start~.”

In response to Freya’s words, Loki just began laughing loudly while creeping her way into Vahn’s lap without a retort. This action alone was enough to make Freya’s aura flicker as a very different red began to overtake the passionate one that previously existed. Loki parted her eyes, staring directly into Freya’s as she said, “Well, I trust that you’ve prepared everything before coming here, right? You know, Vahn just had a child of his own and, unlike you, he cares for them very dearly. The fact that you showed up so early…how uncouth~.”

Taking a slow and deep breath through her nose, Freya proceeded to open up a small ornate case, producing a stack of neatly arranged contracts that had all been signed with her ichor. These were the agreements and provisions she had to follow in order to have a Vanir of her own and, though it was very troublesome, Freya ‘needed’ to have one. She had never seen an existence like Vahn and, no matter what she had to give up, Freya believed it would be worthwhile if she managed to get her hands on the boy and his progeny. The fact that Loki and Hephaestus adamantly refused to let her even see the Vanir only made her desire even stronger.

Loki, very slowly, perused each individual contract before signing it with her own blood, activating their effects. With a flash of blue flame, the contract turned into small particles that embedded into the chests of the two goddesses. When everything was finished, this process had repeated a total of thirteen times before Loki hopped out of Vahn’s lap. At this point, she was desperately resisting the urge to laugh because it always made her feel ‘complete’ whenever she managed to successfully scheme against another god. Though this wasn’t exactly a ‘trap’, Loki believed that Freya had met her match when it came to Vahn as, having experienced Freya’s capabilities herself, Loki knew that she couldn’t quite compare to her young lover.

Patting her hands together, as if she were dusting them off after successful days work, Loki said, “Well, let’s get this over with. I want to go back to my room and take a nap.” Without waiting for them, Loki began lazily making her way towards the elevator with a bored expression on her face. Freya, seeing this, had a skeptical look on her face as a hint of doubt emerged in the depths of her eyes. She had known Loki for a very long time and, after witnessing the diminutive goddess’ reaction, Freya felt like she had been played the fool. However, she had gone over the terms in the contracts several times and, with Vahn’s previous vow, this didn’t seem to be the case…

Vahn knew that Loki was trying to unnerve Freya so he simply smiled while rising to his feet, extending a hand to Freya as he asked, “Shall we…?” Freya absentmindedly grabbed his hand and, after making contact, began to calm down as her elegant expression returned. With a smile of her own, she said, “Certainly~.” Regardless of what Loki had cooked up, Freya would deal with that when the time came. For now, the only thing that really, truly, mattered, was that she finally got her hands on Vahn. Even if her charm didn’t work on him, that didn’t mean he would be immune to her techniques in the bed. Vahn wasn’t even the first person that could resist her ability, and Freya had stolen all of their hearts, eventually…

Now that things had reached this point, Vahn couldn’t help but feel a little excited in his heart while a steady buzz was affecting his mind. Though she couldn’t compare to the women he truly loved, as surface beauty wasn’t the only ‘attractive’ feature of a person, Freya was undoubtedly the most beautiful woman Vahn had ever met. Her character might be something he could never agree with, but Vahn’s appreciation for her physical appearance was similar to any man’s. Knowing he would not only be having sex with her, but impregnating her, gave him a feeling of accomplishment before the act even began.

Freya was rather tall for a woman, standing at 170cm tall, and had pristine silver hair that matched the color of her eyes. Though there was a gentle violet aura that would flash across them whenever her charm activated, their natural color alone was enough to captivate most people. Her physical proportions were almost perfectly balanced with each other, possessing impeccably shaped breasts, a pert and perfectly round butt, a lithe, yet shapely, figure, and long legs that gave her a sensual and elegant gait. Even while walking at his side, her hips swayed in a seductive and appealing manner that was hard not to take notice of.

Though he wasn’t looking at her, Freya could ‘sense’ that Vahn was appraising her body through some means she couldn’t see through. This made her feel proud and, without making any efforts to conceal her body, she instead flaunted it. Currently, she had on her godly raiment, consisting of a black dress that revealed all of her features clearly, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. The edges of the dress looked like frayed flower petals and, much like Hestia, she had two flower-like ornaments in her hair. The difference is, her’s were black with red accents, the same as the design of her long sleeved gloves and choker. Whenever she wore this outfit in public, it didn’t matter if it was a man, woman, elderly person, child, or even animal, all would turn to marvel at and appreciate her beauty.

The ride on the elevator, though short, was rather awkward since Loki stood silently at the back of the elevator while Freya leaned into Vahn’s shoulder, intentionally letting her soft breasts touch his bicep. She noticed his figure, though lean, was ‘very’ firm to the touch while Vahn, though appreciative of Freya’s softness, couldn’t help imagining that Hestia’s were softer. This didn’t show on his face, however, as he just silently waited for the elevator to move down the short few meters before it stopped at the private chamber that was used ‘almost’ exclusively for impregnating goddesses.

Freya looked around, separating herself from Vahn in the process as she inspected the interior of the room. It wasn’t quite to the standard she had for her own bedrooms but, considering what was about to happen, she didn’t care that much and just made her way over to the bed. Vahn followed her figure with her eyes, drawn to her hips snaking their way forward until Loki nudged him with slightly parted eyes. Vahn could tell that she wasn’t really upset, as the look in her eyes was more like she was telling him, ‘Take care of things properly.’ than that of reproach. Giving her a small nod, Vahn followed after Freya and began to remove his clothes, placing a piece into his Inventory with each step taken.

When she looked back to see if he was following, Freya was surprised to see that Vahn’s chest was already bare and he had a ‘resolute’ look on his face. She lightly chuckled before slowly crawling onto the bed, musing, “You’re quite eager to get started, I see~.” After making herself comfortable, Freya began to ‘pluck’ parts of her raiment with an amused look on her face as she asked, “Surely, you don’t plan to get straight to ‘business’, do you~? I recall you making a vow that you would satisfy me completely…ufufufufu~.”

Vahn climbed into the bed himself, kneeling with nothing but his boxers on as he confidently stated, “Well, with a Divinity that ties you to sexual pleasure, I don’t imagine you would need much preparation. I don’t mind going through the motions, but I figured you would at least like to remember the moment when you’re impregnated. If I used my normal techniques on you, it would be too late to have regrets…after all, just as you plan to conquer me, I have much the same intention towards you, Freya. I will defeat you at what you’re best at, carving my existence, not just onto your heart, but onto your very soul…”

Though subtle, Vahn’s words had a supressive effect on Freya because he was still using his [Will of the Emperor] to counteract her charm. From the moment she began walking out of the elevator, Freya’s eyes had turned almost completely violet with a strange pink hue reflected whenever the light hit them at certain angles. Their battle had already begun and, so she wouldn’t have an excuse later, Vahn made his intentions clear from the start. Now that things had progressed till this point, Freya’s only means of escape would be using her Divinity to return to Heaven. Of this, Vahn had absolutely no doubt…

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Freya hadn’t expected Vahn to be so ‘overbearing’ but, remembering their ‘conflict’ in the past, she recalled that he was always like this towards her. Unlike others, who saw her beauty and pandered to her at every chance, Vahn had always treated her firmly, in an almost cold manner. The fact that he still had that appreciative look in his eyes, which Freya ‘expected’ from others, didn’t do anything to change the facts. This didn’t really matter to Freya, but she found his ‘challenge’ to be rather amusing as the heat in her body began to increase rapidly. Strong men had their charm and, if Vahn wanted to ‘play’ at being strong, Freya wasn’t averse to going along with him, at least for a short while.

Leaning back against the bed, Freya playfully plucked one of the petals near her lower abdomen, keeping eye contact with Vahn as she asked, “Ara, is the famous hero, Vahn Mason, actually a beast behind everyone’s backs~? Are you going to ‘eat me up’~?” Surprising her, Vahn nodded his head and said, “I know you will only behave if I completely convince you. Though I’m confident I would be able to come out ahead regardless, I don’t really want to spend several days locked up in this room. You’re very beautiful, Freya, probably more beautiful than any woman I’ll ever meet…but, with all your surface beauty, I would still be happier to have a single smile from my children than spend more time than is necessary to deal with you…”

Vahn’s words, while undoubtedly cruel, were his honest feelings on the matter and, though he was genuinely interested in having sex with Freya, he wouldn’t prioritize his curiosity over the happiness of his daughters. Just imagining them at this moment made Vahn harden his heart and, before the dazed Freya managed to recover, he grabbed the wrist of her hand that had been peeling away at her dress, pinning it to the bed as he firmly stated, “Do your best…Freya…” Though she wasn’t scared, Freya was surprised at Vahn’s behavior until her mind ‘clicked’ that he must have a sadistic side to him. Since Anubis, a very ‘famous’ masochist, had even been seen walking through the streets on a leash, Freya believed he just wanted to ‘dominate’ her for a bit.

Licking her lips in anticipation, Freya slowly enunciated, “Nnnn, Master~.” in a sensual and seductive voice. However, Vahn very quickly gave her a reason to produce a real moan as he gently grabbed her right breast. This confused Freya a little, as she had expected him to be rough with her, but the next moment completely flipped her perspective upside down as a ‘wave’ of energy spread through her body, making it hard to breathe. Using her free hand, she clutched at his wrist and asked, “What…nnnn…is this…!?” while trying to resist the overwhelming stimulation that felt like it was going to destroy her.

It had been a while since he used it to its full effect, not since his time with Eva, but Vahn had now completely activated his [Hands of Nirvana], using it in conjunction with his [Grooming] while injecting threads of source energy directly into the flow of energy in Freya’s body. Though his actions were gentle, barely even coping a feel of her soft and malleable breast, the reaction of Freya was that of a woman who had taken a powerful aphrodisiac. Vahn was directly stimulating almost every nerve in her chest while being as ‘gentle’ as possible, knowing it would actually make her more frustrated. He had learned this through his interactions with Tiona, Tione, and even Ais, now using those experiences to help him do the task that needed to be done.

Freya had a ‘pained’ expression on her face as her breathing began to rapidly accelerate. However, instead of conceding, the look in her eyes became progressively more amorous as the ‘petals’ began to flake from her body. She tried to lift her head and kiss Vahn but, after he easily evaded her lips, Freya’s frustration compounded and she tried to push him over and seize the initiative. If he wasn’t going to play along, neither was she…at least that was her intention. She had severely underestimated Vahn’s physical strength and, after trying and failing to flip him over, Freya put on a pouting expression as she said, “I…nnn…didn’t think you were so…cruel…Vahnnnnn….”

Vahn gave a small smile in response, causing Freya to feel even more confused as he gently stated, “I actually promised to never go all-out with these techniques, as I was afraid the person I used them on might break. Since you’re not an opponent I can deal with easily…I decided to make an exception to see if you are truly as capable as the rumors claim. Besides, I’m not exactly being rough with you, am I…?” As Vahn was speaking, he traced his index finger down Freya’s stomach, causing her breathing to increase even further, especially when his hand came to a stop below her navel. Her brows furrowed deeply and, for the first time in her long history, Freya felt a little worried about what was to come…

Just as he had done to her breast, Vahn began to infuse all three different types of energy into Freya’s body, this time starting off slow and steadily increasing the amount. He intentionally put threads of energy at all the key neve clusters, including one that attached the root nerve that connected to her c*******. Freya paled when she started feeling the flow of energy and then began to desperately attempt to liberate her arm free from Vahn. Though the stimulation wasn’t beyond her ability to cope, as her own Divinity allowed her to keep calm regardless of how excited she became, there was ‘something’ within that energy that made her panic. It was something that not even her Divinity could oppose and it began to spread through her body like a corrupting force that made her heart race.

Vahn watched each of Freya’s reactions with his [Eyes of Truth] active, ensuring that he was constantly hitting the ‘key’ points in her body, even as she slapped his face and pushed at his body. Very subtly, even her Divine Power started to manifest as Freya warned, “Vaaaahnn, don’t get carried awaaaay…!” Vahn, however, just continued to calmly observe Freya as he reminded, “I promised that I would make you completely satisfied, just as you swore a vow of your own agreeing to become a good mother if I made good on my promise. Even if you muster up your Divine Power, you can’t actually use your Arcanum against me, can you…?”

At this point, Freya was breathing very raggedly and, even though there was a divine aura radiating from her body, just as Vahn stated, she couldn’t actually do anything to him. Other than put on a front and try to scare him, she was powerless to muster any meaningful defense as a result of the various vows she had taken. Realizing she had severely underestimated Vahn, Freya looked towards Loki with accusatory eyes, only to see that the trickster goddess had an amused smile on her face as she wrote down in a journal. In the next instant, the only thing going through Freya’s mind, at least until her Divinity cleared her thoughts, was pure ‘white’.

Having noticed the gap created by Freya, as a result of looking towards Loki, Vahn moved his hand down in a deft manner and placed his index finger against the scarily perfect vulva of Freya. Though her entire appeared seemed to be without any flaws, the structure of Freya’s v***** was like it had been carved from a piece of pristine white jade. It actually seemed to radiate a divine light that made it hard not to simply stare and gape at it. Vahn assumed this was related to her Divinity, but it was still a nerve-wracking sight that made his heart race. The only thing that kept him from outright ravishing Freya was the influence of his [Will of the Emperor]. It was with this crystal clear state of mind that Vahn, using that momentary gap, pinched Freya’s c*******, sending a thread of energy straight into the sensitive nerve cluster and causing the proud goddess to break like a dam…

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