Chapter 737: Collapse

After breaking through Freya’s preliminary defenses, Vahn expected things would become relatively straightforward from then onwards. He truly didn’t want to be so hard on Freya, or anyone really, but she would be too dangerous unless he had the means to reign her in. Unfortunately, he had seriously underestimated Freya’s Divinity as, the moment he forced her to climax, her entire body began to emit a glow that could only be seen through his [Eyes of Truth]. Freya’s eyes regained their focus very quickly and, even though her body was being wracked by a powerful orgasm, she managed to make eye contact with him, violet eyes glimmering with powerful compulsive light.

Along with her aura coiling around him, Vahn felt like his entire body was being heated up very rapidly as Freya’s charm effect crashed against his mental defenses like a tidal wave smashing against the shore. However, Vahn’s mind remained completely clear, the only fluctuations a result of his appreciation of her beauty and his own intrigue. As for the heat that was trying to settle within his body, Vahn’s natural recovery allowed him to simply shrug it off without it having any lasting effect. If not for the fact that Freya was constantly outputting the overbearingly powerful charm, Vahn’s body would even feel the effects at all.

With his fingers already positioned near her steamy entrance, Vahn began tracing the inside of Freya’s vulva while holding eye contact with her. It was almost as though they were having a battle of wills but, even though her Divinity seemed to be giving her increased clarity, Vahn was confident his Innate would outlast her ability to cope. Even Eva had fallen to his hands numerous times, with a body that had nigh-instantaneous regeneration. There was also the simple fact that, though Freya was able to use her ability to charm, and was influenced by her Divinity, she couldn’t use her full power without access to her Arcanum.

With a calm smile on his face, even though his eyes belied his ‘heated’ state, Vahn softly said, “I’m impressed…truly…but, unless you submit willingly, things will only get more difficult for you…” Using his middle and index fingers, Vahn probed into Freya’s entrance, eliciting a gasp from her as she lifted her hips in futile resistance. At the same time, he was tracing a slow circle around her sensitive little bead while using a surprising amount of strength to try and extricate her pinned hand from his grasp. Curiously, she didn’t seem to make any efforts to stop his ‘busy’ hand, leading Vahn to believe she ‘couldn’t’ stop it…

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Casting a glance towards her ‘divine’ sexual organ, Vahn peered into Freya’s body and took note of a few sensitive areas, testing them with his fingers briefly before turning to watch her expression. Freya, doing her best to control the throaty and sensual moans escaping her lips, clenched her teeth and said, “Even if you have some strange techniques, you’ll never be able to completely satisfy me without having sex. Stall as long as you want, but I’ll still come out ahead in the end..!” Freya did know what technique Vahn was using but, as stimulating as it might be, she would ‘never’ be satisfied with mere foreplay. The only thing he was accomplishing was riling her body up, nourishing her sex drive further while increasing the tensions in her body.

Vahn nodded his head slowly, stating, “Don’t worry, Freya, I’m perfectly aware of that…” For a moment, Vahn almost wanted to clarify that he wasn’t afraid of having sex with her, as it was actually something he was looking forward to. The truth of the matter is, just like he had so many inhibitions towards Anubis, Vahn didn’t really want to have the experience of ‘breaking’ a woman. His hesitation was the result of knowing that, when he finally stepped across that final threshold, Freya probably wouldn’t be able to satisfy herself with ‘normal’ methods anymore. With a Divinity related to Sex, there is no way she would be content with a ‘lesser’ experience than what she knew was possible to achieve with him…

Bending his fingers into an arch, Vahn pressed into one of Freya’s sensitive spots and lifted her hips, causing her to twitch and convulse as a result. Even so, the clarity in her eyes actually seemed to be ‘increasing’ as a result of her heightened state. This was actually intentional on Vahn’s part, as he wanted her to be completely ‘aware’ of what happened next. Thus, after waiting for her convulsions to slow, Vahn removed his fingers from the sacred hole that seemed to ‘cling’ to him before making an audible ‘pop’ as Freya’s hips dropped to the bed.

It was at this point that Vahn finally released Freya’s pinned wrist, causing her to immediately cling to his body in an attempt to steal his lips. Vahn, however, just traced his fingers quickly up her abdomen, causing all her muscles to seize for an instant as her back arched. In a firm and commanding tone, Vahn said, “Behave…after all, I told you that I would take care of things. Are you afraid that you’ll lose without having to put up a fight…?” While speaking, Vahn lifted Freya’s right leg, marveling at how easily it swiveled until her foot was near her head. He had to admit, she was ‘very’ flexible and, as a result of her weakened resistance, she moved easily under his guidance.

Continuing his words, while moving to a spot between Freya’s legs, he looked into her expectant eyes and said, “Don’t worry, I’m going to give you what you want. From here on, it’s a battle to see if a Goddess of Sex, is actually able to last against my ‘Godhand’…” Instead of putting up any resistance, Freya just brought her right leg down a bit while bringing up her left leg, letting them lay spread in an inviting gesture while slightly lifting her hips. Vahn removed the last vestiges of his clothing, revealing the proud dragon that seemed hungry for the flesh of a goddess. Freya saw his revealed member and the light in her eyes shimmered vibrantly as she muttered, “Impressive…” in a husky voice.

Vahn smiled, both as a result of her compliment and what was to come. He placed his glans near her lower abdomen, slowly scraping downwards until he reached the sacred divide. There was a tingling sensation that seemed to coil around his p****, spreading through his testicles and even touching at something deep inside of himself. It was an almost unbearable sensation, but Vahn tolerated it as he asked, “How about a bet this time, nothing too serious, just a matter of personal pride…?’

Freya was beginning to grow impatient with Vahn’s teasing but, for fear that things would come to a quick end, she reluctantly asked, “Oh…? What did you have in mind, Vahn Mason~?” Bringing his glans right near her entrance, which seemed to ‘pull’ him inwards, Vahn replied, “It’s simple…if you can make me c** first, it’ll be your victory. However, if I make you climax more than ten times before you’re able to manage it, you’ll have to concede…how does that sound?”

Freya wasn’t a fool and, though she had suffered some setbacks, her suspicions were triggered instantly. However, she ‘couldn’t’ simply refuse a challenge when it came to the thing she prided herself as peerless in. After frowning for a short while, she eventually responded, saying, “I’ll accept, but on a condition…” Vahn slowly nodded, his mind currently more focused on ‘resisting’ the temptation faced by his ravenous dragon. Seeing his current state, Freya felt emboldened as she said, “You can use your strange techniques, but you have to let me take charge. You’ve already had a lot of advantages, surely you can afford me one~?”

The fact that Freya had ‘willingly’ walked into his trap nearly made Vahn smile and immediately accept. Fortunately, though perhaps not so for Freya, he was ‘distracted’ by what was going on down below and hadn’t been paying full attention to her words. It was actually his sub-process mind that picked up on her words, causing him to casually nod and say, “I agree. Show me the techniques of a goddess that prides herself as peerless…” The moment he gave his ascent, Vahn felt like his world had been flipped upside down.

Freya had immediately reversed their positions and was now pressing her breasts to his chest while her feet straddled his sides. This time, Freya was determined to steal a kiss from Vahn so she had sat high up his abdomen, grabbed his head like a vice, and seized them for herself. She tensed up and released a nasally moan when he grabbed her butt and began massaging it, but she ignored it for the moment and focused on her own task. She noticed that Vahn had abnormally ‘sweet’ saliva and was surprisingly skilled with his tongue, not that she suffered any disadvantages.

Vahn was moderately surprised when Freya seized his lips, though not as much as when her tongue seemed to elongate as she traced every part of his mouth. He was aware of her honey-like saliva invasively making its way down his throat, causing a heat to rise up from his abdomen. However, just as his body had always done, the natural aphrodisiac of Freya’s saliva was rendered inert almost immediately after it took effect. When Freya finally pulled away, body trembling from her own climax, she playfully complained, “You’re really not a simple boy…but this is where your fun comes to an end, and mine begins…” Then, as if emulating his earlier words, Freya slowly descended her hips towards his lower body while musing, “Do your best, Vahn~.”

Without knowing exactly what happened, Vahn almost felt like his p**** was ‘eaten’ in an instant. The moment his brain even processed the sensation, a tight pressure felt like it was coiling and twisting around his member while Freya released a hot and contented sigh, saying, “Finally…by the time I’m done with you, no other woman will be able to satisfy you again…Don’t hate me too much, Loki~.” Freya took a moment to send a playful look over to where Loki was seated at the side, momentarily stalling when she noticed that the trickster goddess didn’t seem concerned at all.

Vahn didn’t even know how to describe what his lower body was feeling right now so, exploiting the gap created by Freya, he firmly held her hips before beginning to trace his hands up her body. Freya sharply inhaled, surprised by the stimulation as she said, “I’m impressed…most men would have lost themselves the moment they put their p**** inside me…my interest in you is growing by the second, Vahn~.” As she extended the final syllable of his name, Vahn felt like Freya’s insides had turned into a black hole, ‘forcing’ a larger blood flow into his p**** as a rosy blush spread over her face. She had an almost crazed and possessive look in her eyes as she began undulating her hips, rhythmically gasping as she supported herself on his firm abdominal muscles.

Though it felt like he was going to go mad from the ‘impossible’ situation occurring down below, Vahn channeled his [Will of the Emperor] to the extreme while his sub-process mind actually focused on the [Mantra of Eternity]. With his [Magia Erebea] state, there was no chance of Freya actually forcing him to c** and, though it felt like he was constantly on the brink, his body would immediately return to normal when the stimulation her body was producing shifted to something new. It truly was indescribable what her v***** was doing to his p****, almost like it was a sentient creature that was determined to wring out every last bit of his essence, to the point it even seemed capable of taking his life on a whim…

Twenty minutes in, Freya had started to turn pale since it had been very difficult to resist Vahn’s hands. She had tried everything, even going out of her way to buy time by trying to press herself close to his body and kissing him against. However, his hands were just as effective on her back as they were on her front, arguably even more so. Whenever his hands would roam, a persistent and pervading pleasure would spread through her body. This feeling would continue long after his hands moved away and, by this point, it was as if her entire body was as sensitive as her c*******. The most troubling thing was, the amount of frustration her body felt, combined with the clarity of her mind and the sensitivity of her body, felt like it was going to drive her mad.

With an accusatory look on her face, Freya resisted the eighth climax wracking her body and said, “This is impossible…you did something…” Without any hesitation, Vahn removed his right hand from Freya’s breast, raised it in a casual manner and stated, “I hereby swear, on my life itself, that I haven’t used any outside means to gain an advantage against you. This is a result of my own capabilities and you’ll simply have to work harder if you want to defeat me…” To prove his vow was serious, small golden chain burst out of the void and coiled around his heart. Freya stared blankly with her violet eyes wavering slightly, though she hadn’t been afforded any reprieve as Vahn pinched her nipple with a great deal of force and caused her body to tremble.

Pushing Freya towards her ninth climax, Vahn stated in a firm and decisive tone, “I told you that I will defeat you on my own. I don’t need anything other than my own capabilities to deal with you, Freya. Once you accept this, things will be much easier for you…” Hearing this, Freya ‘forced’ down her coming climax and brought her knees closed until they were parallel to Vahn’s abdomen. Using all the force she could muster, Freya clenched down at the entrance of her v***** and began to wring Vahn forcefully, just like a Chienthrope. This only caused Vahn to momentarily clench his teeth, however, before smiling as he said, “So you can emulate the sexual organs of other races…that is pretty interesting…”

Furrowing her brows, Freya felt deeply frustrated because it was almost as though Vahn was just toying with her. She could clearly see that all of her techniques were effective on him and, like everyone she had been with, there was clear infatuation and appreciation in his eyes. The thing that confounded her was that, just as it seemed like he was going to be pushed over the edge, Vahn’s expression would soften again. It was almost like his body was adapting to everything she threw at him and, unless she could spontaneously force him to ejaculate, there was no way of getting him to do so naturally.

Unable to resist the rising tensions of her own body, Freya hunched over, burying her face into Vahn’s chest as a powerful climax wracked her body. The fact that he had made her c** nine times in a row, when she hadn’t gotten him to do so even once, filled her with a frustration, unlike anything she had ever felt before. She ‘needed’ him to c** or her body felt like it was going to break down, something she had never experienced before. This was the result of possessing a Divinity relaxed to Sex. She simply couldn’t be satisfied getting off on her own, as it almost felt like masturbation without having her insides filled with the vital fluid her body craved…

Doing her best to firm her state of mind, Freya lazily lifted her body and arched her back away from Vahn’s clutches. His hands immediately moved her hips, one firmly grabbing her butt while the other accurately targetted the sensitive bead near the connecting point of their hips. This touch made her teeth clatter slightly but, in a last desperate attempt to achieve victory, Freya snaked her hand between Vahn’s thighs and grabbed his testicles, massaging them with her fingers as the energy from her body flowed through her fingertips.

Vahn was surprised by the unexpected stimulus but, even though it felt like his tensions had peaked, causing his p**** to swell, the feeling ‘retreated’ in the opposite direction. Freya had just started to smile when she felt the expanding of his p**** but, when the expected release never came, the last vestiges of her sanity seemed to have been severed. She fell into something akin of a catatonic state as the final impending climax rose to claim her body. Freya made no attempt to resist the convulsions of her body as she just laid powerlessly against Vahn’s chest and tried to comprehend what just happened. It wasn’t until she felt a sudden gentle touch, accompanied by a warm flow of energy, that she returned to her senses, only to hear Vahn say, “It’s my victory, Freya…now, if you behave, I’ll give you what you want…”

It was very difficult for Freya to understand her emotions right now, as it almost felt like the ‘meaning’ of her existence had ceased to be. Everything was still in working order, and all the sensations of her body were still present, but the overwhelming sense of ‘loss’ felt like it was going to consume her. If not for the warm embrace of this boy that had ruthlessly crushed her pride, Freya wasn’t sure what she would do. In fact, she had a very powerful urge to simply try and take his life and, if failing to do so, retreating to Heaven. This wouldn’t erase the shame she felt, however, and, though it was hard to ascertain why, Freya felt ‘grounded’ by Vahn’s embrace.

Vahn had no idea what was going Freya’s mind right now, only that it was something completely outside his expectations. The moment she climaxed for the tenth time, her passionate red aura immediately transitioned into a deep violet one. It was like she had suffered a mental collapse and had been consumed by fear and trepidation. When she fell powerlessly against his body, he couldn’t help but try to comfort her, even though his words were proclaiming his victory…

After a few minutes of awkward silence, where Freya’s v***** continued to try and wring him dry, she eventually asked in a quiet monotone, “What do I have to do to make you c**…? Vahn…tell me what I need to do…” Vahn’s mind became slightly dulled by Freya’s words while even Loki was gobsmacked by the sudden development. She had been interested to see what would happen when Freya ‘lost’, but this was far outside of her expectations. As for Vahn, he recovered his senses very quickly and, in a firm yet calm tone of voice, said, “All you have to do is ask…ask me to take care of you and follow my lead…if you behave, I will give you what you want…”

Freya’s breathing started to increase, almost like she was hyperventilating, but Vahn noticed that pink started to spread through her aura, accompanied by a few strands of red. Though she started in a quiet tone of voice, the quavering over her words developed into a ‘plea’ as Freya said, “Please…please take care of me…I need your semen…I need to feel your desire, your passion. I need to feel my existence…please…” A goddess of sex that was unable to fulfill her purpose, that was simply something that had never happened before. The fact that Freya was the first, even though she was one of the most reputed, would be difficult for anyone to believe, especially those that knew her ‘intimately’.

Vahn issued a small smile while gently stroking Freya’s face, feeling both pity and a powerful sense of accomplishment at the same time. Though her reaction was very ‘drastic’, Vahn believed this was a version of Freya that he could work with. Thus, to reward her and ease her mental anguish, Vahn leaned in close and gave her a very gentle kiss on the lips.

This simple act caused a large portion of Freya’s aura to stabilize and take on a pink glow as she gingerly reciprocated the affectionate act, almost as if it were the first time she had ever kissed someone. When their lips parting, she felt a strange sense of loss until Vahn said, “Turn over…I think it’s time for you to become a mother again…Don’t worry, as long as you listen closely, I’ll give you plenty of rewards after the fact.” To punctuate his statement, Vahn gave Freya another short kiss before extricating himself from her ‘living’ v*****. It was a little strange how it could feel very tight, yet he was able to pull himself out as if slipping out of a sock.

To break her out of the reverie she was experiencing, Vahn gave Freya a light tap on the butt and repeated, “Turn around, Freya, or did you want to stop here…?” These words immediately brought her back to reality, causing the once-proud goddess to turn around with a start while pointing her butt towards him. Seeing this, Loki’s eyes were rounded like saucers, quite the accomplishment since she rarely opened her eyes. Then, for the next three hours, she watched in abject shock, intermixed with morbid fascination, as Vahn slowly ‘tamed’ a goddess even Loki had feared in the past…

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