Chapter 198: Can’t afford to get into trouble

Li Wei’s expression looked grim, especially when he saw Yang Cui desperately throwing herself towards Qiao Tian Chang.

He felt that he was slapped hard by someone hard as he watched her.

He sneered and his eyes gradually turned cold. He turned to leave as he didn’t want to be disgraced further by Yang Cui, but he was sure to remember everything that had happened today.

Don’t blame him for being unkind if she thought she would approve of her behavior.

Yang Cui trying to please him in every way these days was in order to regain his favour once again so he could find trouble with Qiao Tian Chang and her?

Even though he was not present when they got married, he was informed that there were a many high-ranking people who attended the wedding. He could not afford to get into trouble with them.

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The gloominess flashed in his eyes. This woman probably wanted to find trouble for him instead. 

Ning Meng Yao and Qiao Tian Chang had a clear view of Li Wei when he left. The corners of Ning Meng Yao’s mouth hooked into an evil smile as she looked at Yang Cui who fell to the ground after a kick from Qiao Tian Chang. She walked to her side and squatted down to whisper to her, “Li Wei was here not too long ago, I wonder what consequence you would face when you return? Since you’re already married, you should stop thinking about things that don’t belong to you.”

Yang Cui’s eyes flashed with panic and she quickly looked to her side. She saw the fear in the servant’s eyes, almost as if she had seen something she shouldn’t have.

“You…you must be spouting nonsense.”

“Haha, whether I’m spouting nonsense or not, won’t you find out once you go back? If you have the time to find trouble with us here, think about how you’re going to explain yourself when you go back. Li Wei doesn’t look too good just now.” She stood up and walked to Qiao Tian Chang’s side, and took his hand, “Tian Chang, let’s go.”

“En.” The two of them gradually disappeared in the crowd. As the crowd saw them leave, they felt that they were such a match.

Yang Cui blankly watched them leave and suddenly turned her head to the servant, “Was Young Master here just now?”

“He was… he was.” The servant hurriedly nodded her head.

Yang Cui almost fainted after hearing her. He had witnessed everything that had happened just now. She gave the servant a sharp look, “Why didn’t you tell me? You wretch.” She lifted her hands to give the servant a few slaps, turning her face red and swollen.

Yang Cui embarrassingly left the place under the criticization of the crowd. The servant didn’t dare to stay and followed behind.

When she returned uneasily, Li Wei was having his meal with Zhong Yue. Both of them were being  intimate which made her think of Ning Meng Yao and Qiao Tian Chang, and her eyes turned deep with hatred.

“My Lord……”

Li Wei ignored the injustice look on Yang Cui and turned to look at his wife, “Yue’er, you’ve to eat more. You’ve lost weight these days.”

Pinching her own face, Zhong Yue was a bit dazed, “I didn’t lose any weight, I still look the same.”

“I think you’ve lost some weight.” Li Wei used his chopsticks to pick some of Zhong Yue’s favourite dishes.

Yang Cui kneeled on the floor until the both of them finished their meal and Li Wei looked at her faintly, “Get up.”

“My Lord, I……”

Li Wei sneered and interrupted her as he turned to the Nanny beside him, “Bring my Young Mistress to rest inside.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Li Wei waited for the Nanny to guide Zhong Yue inside before the pampered look on his face turned gloomy and scary. His expression was extremely dark.

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“My Lord……” The way Li Wei was frightened Yang Cui.

Li Wei sneered and walked in front of her before giving her two slaps, “You wretch, was I not able to satisfy you? Instead, you went to seduce other men!”

“My Lord, I didn’t. You have to trust me.” Yang Cui covered her face and begged him while crying.

He sneered again, and looked at Yang Cui’s eyes in disdain, “You didn’t? Am I that foolish?” She still wanted to deceive him, even after what he had witnessed.

He was sure Yang Cui knew that he was on the street at that time. If not, she wouldn’t have come to him immediately after returning back.

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