Chapter 199: The end of Yang Cui

Yang Cui kept shaking her head as she grabbed onto Li Wei’s clothes to plead, “My Lord, you have to trust me. I really didn’t. Someone must have framed me.”

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Li Wei looked at Yang Cui with a sneer as she kept begging for mercy. His eyes were full of ruthlessness while he spoke, “Frame you? Did the couple get in your way while taking a stroll on the street? You just had to go up to them and spout nonsense? You said someone framed you? Did they throw themselves at you like what you did there?”

The hands that were on his clothes immediately fell to the ground and her face instantly turned pale. He had seen everything, what should she do now? What should she do?

Even though she had not betrayed Li Wei, her actions were already a disgrace to him.

“Don’t you have anything to say? Yang Cui, don’t treat me like a fool. Servants!” Li Wei sneered and shouted to the servants standing outside.

“Young Master.”

“Take this woman away. She’ll be given to all of you.” Li Wei looked at Yang Cui without any feelings for her. Since she craved so much for men, then he would give her what she wanted.

Yang Cui’s eyes widened and she stared at Li Wei in disbelief, “No, you can’t treat me like this. My Lord. I really didn’t do anything, don’t…”

Li Wei kicked Yang Cui aside and sneered, “You’re still alive because you didn’t do anything. If you had done anything, I would have killed you.”

Yang Cui fell to the ground and gave Li Wei a ghastly look, “Li Wei, you’ll die a terrible death. I won’t let you off even if I become a ghost.”

“Then you’ll have to wait until you become a ghost to do so.” He waved his hands impatiently and let the servants take her away.

Li Wei watched indifferently as she was brought away with eyes full of hatred.

Zhong Yue heard the noise outside and frowned slightly. However, she did not know what had happened.

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After a while, Li Wei walked in and put his arms around Zhong Yue, who was sitting on the bed. 

“Yue’er, you’re still the best.”

“What happened?” She felt Li Wei was behaving strangely.

“I’ve attended to that wretch. It’s good that she’s dealt with, I don’t want her to spoil your good mood.” Li Wei heard from the doctor that a pregnant woman had to always keep a good mood. Otherwise, they would suffer from depression easily. He didn’t want his wife to be in such a state. 

Zhong Yue didn’t question him further since he didn’t want to say. She leaned against him and gently nodded her head, showing that she understood.

After Yang Cui was taken away by the servants, they looked at her lustfully.

They had heard her making lewd noises while being intimate with their Young Master. Their hearts were already aroused from a very long time ago and they had wanted to do her. However, they only had the desire but not the guts. Now that they finally had the chance to do so openly, they definitely would not let her go.

A few of them began ripping apart Yang Cui’s clothes and her eyes were filled with fear, “No, go away. I’m Young Master’s woman, all of you can’t treat me like this!”

“Young Master’s woman? Young Master doesn’t want you anymore. He said to give you to us. You better behave now.” He gave her a hard slap which sent her dizzy.

There were different men doing her for an entire day. More of them came after those earlier ones left. She could not even remember where they came from.

In the end, Yang Cui’s body was broken like a doll and her eyes gradually turned empty and dim before there was no breath left within her.

The news of Yang Cui’s death didn’t bothered Li Wei at all. He ordered his servants to bury her. As for her family, they remained oblivious that their daughter was no longer alive. They couldn’t do anything to Li Wei even if they knew. After all, it was Yang Cui who was first at fault.

Some time went by before Yang Shu received the news. They heard about her knowing no restrain and seeing someone else in secret. The news was like a bolt from the blue, causing Madame Chen to be furious but she did not dare to find trouble because it was all Yang Cui’s fault in the end.

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