Chapter 344: Secret Discussion In The Study

”That will have to depend on Ling Luo’s performance, but we have other factors to consider. If there’s any help you need, Yao Yao said you’ll have her support,” Qiao Tian Chang said in a serious manner as he looked at Xiao Qi Feng. 

Xiao Qi Feng nodded: “That’s of course. Then I will not be courteous at all.”

Qiao Tian Chang laughed and he left after the two of them discussed for a long time.

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Back to Ling Luo, his head was filled with Ning Meng Yao’s words after returning from the Great General’s Residence.

When he returned to his own study room, Marquis Ling was already waiting inside. Ling Luo frowned when he saw Marquis Ling inside his study: “Father, why are you here?”

Marquis Ling nodded: “I’ve some things to tell you.”

Ling Luo curiously looked at his solemn expression, he finally nodded and waved his hand to send away the people who were hiding in secret. He then sat down and faced Marquis Ling: “Father, go ahead and tell me.”

”Luo’er, regarding Ning Meng Yao, you have to put a halt to it, we currently have more important things to do,” Marquis Ling looked solemnly at Ling Luo. Ling Luo had never seen him that way before.


There was a hint of decisiveness which gave him a bad premonition.

”Father, what do you mean?”

”You should also know that the imperial family is on guard against our family. If this carries on, our family would definitely die in their hands,” Marquis Ling spoke while looking at his son.

Ling Luo remained silent without speaking, he knew about it, Xiao Qi Feng and the others were indeed on guard against them.

”Luo’er, we can only take a gamble,” Marquis Ling gritted his teeth as he looked at Ling Luo.

They would either succeed or die trying, this was their last chance.

Ling Luo was dumbfounded as he looked at Marquis Ling: “Father, what do you mean?”

”What I mean is, there’s an opportunity right now.”

”Father, what is it,” Ling Luo pondered for a long while and finally asked.

Only by standing at the highest point could they live without fear and obtain what they desire.

However, what Ling Luo did not know was that he would die without an intact corpse as a result of it.

The father and son discussed in the study for a long time. Marquis Ling was full of smiles when he walked out. Inside the study room, Ling Luo was still sitting in his seat with his eyes filled with absentmindedness and decisiveness.

He got up and walked to the bookshelf, he took out all the drawings inside and looked at the person in the drawing. There was a dangerous radiance on his face. If he was unable to have her, he would not allow others to have her.

He took the drawings to the window, lit it and threw it into a basin.

Ling Luo looked at the person’s beautiful smile gradually vanishing in the flames and his gaze gradually turned cold, there was even madness inside.

After burning all the paintings of Ning Meng Yao, Ling Luo lowered her head and looked at the basin filled with ashes, his face was twisted with cruelty.

He turned around and walked out, after closing the door, he headed to Xiao Zi Xuan’s courtyard.

When he arrived, he stood at the courtyard entrance. Xiao Zi Xuan was carrying the seven-month-old child and playing inside, the child was making some noises as if saying something and Xiao Zi Xuan was looking affectionately at him.

Such a warm scene caused Ling Luo’s gaze to be slightly absentminded.

In the past, he used to dream of such a scene. He had thought of having a few children with Ning Meng Yao, and he would make a swing in the courtyard. He would push the child on the swing while she sits by the side sewing clothes.

However, it was all fizzled out right now and instead, he saw such warmed on the woman he was disgusted with.

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”Baby, mother’s precious, you must grow up obediently,” Xiao Zi Xuan did not know Ling Luo was standing by the entrance, she was looking at her child as she gently told him.

Ling Luo unconsciously walked to Xiao Zi Xuan from behind and hugged her.

The sudden hug startled Xiao Zi Xuan and she almost dropped the child in her hands.

She sensed a familiar aura and she frowned deeply. What does this person wish to do?


”Let me hug you for a while,” Ling Luo buried his head in Xiao Zi Xuan’s shoulder as he said softly.

Xiao Zi Xuan frowned. She wanted to resist, but in the end, she quietly accepted his behavior and could only silently allow him to hug her for as long as he pleased.

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