Chapter 414: Boisterous

Grandmother Qin originally thought that she would be the one cooking today, but seeing the two of them, she quietly turned around and left, she suddenly felt like the third wheel over there.

Although the young miss and young master were not doing anything, just simple cooking while the other was cutting vegetables, why did she sense countless pink hearts constantly appearing around them?

Seeing Grandmother Qin walking out, Qiao Tian Chang found it funny and asked: “Are you satisfied?”

”Of course I’m satisfied,” Ning Meng Yao giggled and nodded.

Grandmother Qin had been staring at her, as long as she made big actions, she would stare at her as if she had committed something evil.

With Grandmother Qin not around, Ning Meng Yao could work at ease, they were preparing the main dishes, they even prepared many other dishes.

Yu Feng and the others arrived when the dishes were done, not only them, even Xiao Qi Tian had arrived.

”You’re not heading to the imperial palace to celebrate the New Year with Qi Feng?”

”Nope, it’s boring,” Xiao Qi Tian pouted.

During every New Year, wasn’t it time for those women to be gorgeously dressed? Just thinking about it disgusted him.

”Call Qi Feng over to join us,” Qiao Tian Chang gave some thought and asked Xiao Qi Tian to invite him over.

There were many people around right now, it would be even livelier with Xiao Qi Feng’s arrival, it would save him from facing those women in the palace.

Xiao Qi Tian nodded his head, he sent someone to invite him over, he then began chatting with Yu Feng and the others.

After an hour, Xiao Qi Feng was wearing simple long robes as he headed to the General’s Residence.

He couldn’t help but stare at Xiao Qi Tian: “So you are here,” That was the reason why he did not enter the palace today.

Xiao Qi Tian pouted and muttered in dissatisfaction: “What’s so fun about being in the palace? Those women are so annoying.”

”Fine, don’t bring it up,” Xiao Qi Tian’s mood would not be good when it was mentioned, Xiao Qi Feng would also not bring it up to annoy him.

Xiao Qi Feng was very lenient towards his only younger brother, especially when it came to marriage, causing Xiao Qi Tian’s residence to have neither a concubine or a wife.

Now that Xiao Qi Feng was here, the dishes were naturally served.

When the fragrant dishes were placed on the table, Xiao Qi Feng suddenly looked at Xiao Qi Tian: “Now I understand why you keep coming here.”

Xiao Qi Tian was instantly enraged: “Brother, what do you mean? You are saying as if I am very greedy.”

Xiao Qi Feng raised his eyebrows and looked at him, wasn’t his meaning obvious?

”Alright, don’t you all want to have a proper meal?” Ning Meng Yao frowned, but she had a new understanding of this monarch.

The crowd began to eat in a lively manner, the wine was naturally brewed by Ning Meng Yao, the meal lasted all the way until noon.

Xiao Qi Feng was not in a hurry to return, he sat in the house chatting with Qiao Tian Chang.

”It’s boring to sit like this, let’s play cards,” Yu Feng suddenly shouted since he was not interested in their conversation. 

Qiao Tian Chang and the others looked towards Yu Feng with doubt in their eyes, what cards?

Yu Feng took out a deck of homemade playing cards, he then explained to them how to play Chinese Poker.


Xiao Qi Tian nodded eagerly: “Understood, it seems interesting, come on, hurry up.”

”Come, test it out, we’ll play with money after mastering it,” It’s not like they did not have the money, it was just to create an atmosphere.

Xiao Qi Tian nodded his head, it was great.

Xiao Qi Feng also found the game to be really interesting, he also joined in.

Ning Meng Yao did not know whether to laugh or to cry when she saw them playing the cards, it was something she created when she was free and was bored, she never expected him to bring it along with him wherever he went.

She sat by Qiao Tian Chang’s side and watched them play. After a short while, Situ Xuan and the others were unable to endure it, they took two decks from Yu Feng and played by the side, even Nangong Yan was unable to hold himself back from the excitement and joined in.


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Ning Meng Yao sat on the chair listening to the conversations of the crowd, she leaned on the chair and fell asleep after a short while.

”Tian Chang,” Yu Feng who was sitting opposite Qiao Tian Chang pointed out in his direction, Qiao Tian Chang turned his head and saw Ning Meng Yao sleeping soundly while leaning on the chair.

He placed his cards down and carried Ning Meng Yao into the bedroom.

”It’s so noisy and she can still sleep, seriously.”

Qiao Tian Chang did not really mind, Ning Meng Yao’s current sleep condition was very good.

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