Chapter 499: Very Thick Skin

She had designed it and Qiao Tian Chang had perfected it and built this villa, how could it not be nice?

Yu Feng gave a teasing smile: “You must like it because it’s Qiao Tian Chang’s surprise for you, right?”

”It’s good that you know,” Ning Meng Yao wasn’t feeling the slightest embarrassment, she nodded her head in an inevitable and right manner.

Why should she feel embarrassed about the gift her husband gave her? It would be unreasonable to feel embarrassed with her own husband.

Yu Feng rubbed his arm: “Are you sour?”

Ning Meng Yao narrowed her eyes and looked at Yu Feng, there was a faint smile at the corner of her lips, Yu Feng who saw that smile immediately sat up straight and he looked vigilantly at Ning Meng Yao: “What are you trying to do?”

”I remember that you……”

”Stop,” Yu Feng sprung to Ning Meng Yao’s side, he reached out his hand and covered her mouth as he pleaded.

Qiao Tian Chang’s face immediately darkened, he appeared by their side, reached out his hand and shoved away the hand which was on Ning Meng Yao’s face.

”Stay away from my wife, don’t even think about touching her,” He took out a handkerchief and wiped Ning Meng Yao’s face after talking, he looked really disgusted with it.

Yu Feng’s eyelids kept twitching: “Who are you disgusted with?”

Qiao Tian Chang reached out his hand and yawned, he said casually: “Who do you think?”

”You’re asking for a beating,” As he spoke, he directly attacked Qiao Tian Chang.

Qiao Tian Chang did not evade, he reached out his hand and grabbed Yu Feng’s wrist, he dragged him to the side and the two began fighting.

Ning Meng Yao looked at Mei Ruo Lin by the side: “Elder Sister Mei, who do you think would win?” Ning Meng Yao asked while feeling interested.

Mei Ruo Lin looked at the two wild men: “Most likely a draw.”

Ning Meng Yao froze, she then smiled, she then glanced to the side and her lips curled up, it might really be a draw.

Qiao Tian Chang narrowed his eyes and looked at the person in front of him, there was disgust in his eyes: “There’s no meaning, I might as well go to accompany my son and play,” He exerted his strength after finish speaking, pressing Yu Feng to the ground and pushed him aside, he then headed to Ning Meng Yao’s side and sat down.

”You’re really not going to give me any face?”

”He has thick skin,” Qiao Tian Chang waved his hand and wasn’t bothered about it.

Thick skin…… thick…… skin…… the two words kept repeating in Yu Feng’s mind, in the end, Yu Feng stood up: “Qiao Tian Chang, you smelly brat, you’re asking for another beating.”

Qiao Tian Chang looked disgustingly at Yu Feng, he said disdainfully: “Did you think you’ll be able to win me?”

Yu Feng instantly became wan, this brat was not really old but his martial arts were not bad. Other than Mu Chen, there might not be anyone able to defeat him, but Mu Chen apparently couldn’t be bothered about it.

Xiao Qi Tian who was secretly enjoying the show put on an act and said: “What Tian Chang has are the experiences accumulated on the battlefield.”

Qiao Tian Chang learned to kill or be killed, how could Yu Feng be compared?

Yu Feng glared daggers at Xiao Qi Tian: “Don’t think that I’m not aware of you gloating.”

Xiao Qi Feng reached out his hand and pointed at his own eyes: “Look at me, am I laughing?”

After laughing for a while, Xiao Qi Tian looked at Ning Meng Yao with bright eyes: “Yao Yao, the shops have been open for two months, do you know how many shops are there?” Xiao Qi Tian’s gaze brightened up when he brought it up.

”At least ten,” Ning Meng Yao gave a conservative number.

Xiao Qi Tian laughed in a joyful manner: “Thirteen.”

Ning Meng Yao raised her eyebrows: “It’s not bad.”

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Mu Chen suddenly looked at Ning Meng Yao and said: “Yao Yao, we also plan to open one.”

”Sure, when the time comes, I’ll send someone to tell you how to do it,” They were like a tree.

She was the main trunk while Xiao Qi Tian was the branch, the others were little branches under the branch.

”This sales method is still not perfected, I’ll improve the reward system after some time, it would be much better in the future,” Ning Meng Yao smiled and said.

Even if it was a type of franchise, it was also considered a direct sales method in her past life.

Xiao Qi Tian, Mu Chen and the others were immediately interested: “Pray tell?”

”We will divide all the people who open stores into several levels, for example, I am the first level, Qi Tian is the second level, you are the third,” Ning Meng Yao began to explain to them.

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Some people still did not understand, Situ Xuan felt confused and looked at Ning Meng Yao: “What do you mean?”

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