Chapter 500: Reward System

Ning Meng Yao gave some thought and said: “Let’s put it like this, if Mu Chen is pulled in by Xiao Qi Tian and he joined the franchise through his recommendation, once Mu Chen’s store sold products worth ten thousand silver, Mu Chen can get 10% which is a thousand silvers, and if you joined the franchise under Mu Chen and sold products worth ten thousand silver, Mu Chen will be able to get another thousand silver. After that, Qi Tian would also gain some silver from your side but it won’t be much,” Ning Meng Yao told them her idea.

The crowd’s expression changed when they heard it, there’s such a way to earn money? Won’t that mean that the more stores they opened, the more their reward?

”Other than that, the management level would gain different amounts of silver each year they upgrade, for example, we will currently set it as first, second, third and fourth tier, the fourth tier is the highest, when you all reach the fourth tier, other than the money you all should get, you all will obtain an additional 100,000 silver or more,” Ning Meng Yao looked at them and explained: “Do you all understand what I’m saying?”

Xiao Qi Tian nodded his eyes, his eyes were glistening: “I do, but are you certain we can earn money this way?”

”Of course you could,” The more they sold, the more stocks she’ll send out, they would naturally earn more.

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Xiao Qi Tian had never heard of such a reward method, but it was really interesting.

”It’s good, there would be many people who would like such a method,” As long as they upgraded to the highest tier, they could still obtain money even if they did not do anything.

He was in high spirits thinking about it, it was really not bad.

”I feel that if we do it this way, this store will soon open in every empire,” Mu Chen narrowed his eyes and said.

Ning Meng Yao nodded her head: “Yup, other than this, we will increase other products as well, for example, women’s jewelry, cosmetics, all these would slowly be added in.”

If it wasn’t for their limited conditions, she would be adding in many items from her last life, but right now, she could only think about it.

Qiao Tian Chang sat by the side and listened to Ning Meng Yao describing it, there was a refreshing feeling.

He always knew Ning Meng Yao was very talented in doing business, or else the current Tong Bao Zhai would not exist. However, he had never experienced it, but right now, it seems her talent in business was really shocking. If it was done based on her methods and was successful, another conglomerate would appear, he had heard that term from Ning Meng Yao.

Qiao Tian Chang gave some thought, he then looked at them and said: “Don’t let others know that this is related to Tong Bao Zhai.”

”I’ll send an unfamiliar face to do it,” He had long thought about it, if people knew it was related to Tong Bao Zhai, many empires would bar their entry.

It would already be too late when they were discovered in the future, it was because everything had been settled, there would already be quite a number of stores in each empire when that time comes.

At that time, they wouldn’t dare to act rashly and blindly even if they found out about it, they would not dare to enrage Tong Bao Zhai.

”Let’s just set it like this right now, the reward system is still not perfected, it’s just the beginning right now, I will inform you all after I completely perfect it,” Ning Meng Yao gave some thought and said.

”Alright, what we have is time,” Xiao Qi Tian had an excited smile.

Qiao Tian Chang suddenly heard a soft noise, he got up from his seat and entered the room, he pushed the room door and entered, he saw his son was already awake, he was playing on the cot, he was pouting and his eyes were clear.

Seeing him act like that, he knew this child must have taken a piss.

He opened the quilt and looked, he had really taken a piss.

He carried him out after cleaning up after the child and changed him to clean clothing.

The current weather was already warm, the child was wearing a thin piece of overalls, he had a very cute appearance, causing the people in the surroundings wishing to pinch his cheeks.

”Little Monkey, you’re awake?”

”Yao Yao, our son is no longer a little monkey,” Qiao Tian Chang felt really helpless with Ning Meng Yao addressing him this way. It seemed their son had an additional name.

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Ning Meng Yao raised her eyebrows: “Little Monkey is his nickname.”

”You have the final say,” Qiao Tian Chang reached out his hand and pinched his son’s cheeks, indicating he wanted to help but could not do anything.

Qiao Mo Shang looked to the left and right, they were all people he recognized, his eyes were wide open, he was really adorable.

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