Chapter 501: Go And Die If You Do Not Help

Mei Ruo Lin looked at the little bun in front of her, she looked at Ning Meng Yao with wide eyes: “Little Yao’er, I really like your son.”

”Then go give birth to one, don’t eye on my son,” Ning Meng Yao had not spoken and Qiao Tian Chang spoke first.

Ning Meng Yao could only helplessly wave her hands indicating there was nothing she could do when she looked at Mei Ruo Lin and her husband’s expression.

Right now, Qiao Tian Chang cherishes the child the most, there was no way he would allow them to carry the child away.

Even his expression was not that good when the grandfather wants to carry the child, not to mention letting them carry away the child.

”You are so petty.”

”So what?” It was his son, so what if he was petty?

Yu Feng and the others felt speechless as they looked at how protective Qiao Tian Chang was, their mouths slightly twitched. Can this person not be so overbearing? He even wants to dominate over the child.

Yang Le Le had a slight blush on her face after she returned home from Ning Meng Yao’s place, the way she looked would cause others to have fanciful thoughts.

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Yang Le Le suddenly stopped her steps when she arrived at the entrance, she heard the voice coming from inside and furrowed her brows.

”Why would such a good young lady become like this?” Madame Yang said helplessly.

”In the future, don’t let that young lady come over,” That girl had bad intentions, it was better for her to stay away from them. Otherwise, their family would be implicated with unnecessary trouble. 

Yang Le Le listened to the voices inside the house. She suddenly pushed the door and entered. She looked at her parents who were looking displeased: “Mother, what did that cousin of mine do this time?”

”Le Le, you’re back,” Madame Yang looked at her daughter and was feeling satisfied, her daughter could be said to be well brought up, her actions were different from the young ladies in the village, she had more insight than them.

”Mother, what are you and father discussing about? Did Yang Su Yun do something again?” Yang Le Le furrowed her brows and said in displeasure.

Madame Yang gently sighed: “What else could it be? Ever since she left the villa, she seemed to be bewitched. She knew that her methods won’t work on us so went to find your cousin. She even threatened to kill herself if he did not help her. Tell me……” Madame Yang was feeling impatient thinking about the trouble caused by Yang Su Yun.

Yang Le Le sneered, she said: “Mother, let’s go check it out, I want to see how much trouble that good cousin of mine caused.”

Madame Yang looked worriedly at her own daughter: “Le Le, what do you want to do?”

”Not going to do anything, I just want to see if she really wants to die or is just faking it,” Yang Le Le said calmly as she tidied her clothes.

Yang Zhu looked at his own daughter: “Le Le, let’s hear what you have?”

Yang Le Le nodded her head: “Previously, before Yang Su Yun returned, how was uncle and grandfather living? Although there were many people in the family, everyone was willing to work hard, there’s no need to mention after they started working at Yao Yao’s place. A few of my cousins already went there and were praised. Right now, their lives are much better, yet Yang Su Yun came back and wants to cause trouble?”

Before Yang Su Yun returned, who would say their maternal family’s family were not living happily?

Yang Zhu nodded his head: “Indeed, father and mother-in-law are already old and do not have the strength to stop Yang Su Yun from causing trouble. Since Le Le has an idea, then just give it a try.”

Madame Yang felt helpless and could only agree to it.

The family headed to Ning Meng Yao’s home to borrow a carriage and headed to Yang Family’s village.

The had just stepped in and heard Yang Su Yun causing a fuss, saying she wanted to hang herself.

Her grandparents were by the side, they were furious that she did not meet their expectations.

Yang Le Le walked in and helped the two Yang Family elders to sit down, she then looked at Yang Su Yun who was threatening to commit suicide.

”Cousin, have you finished acting? That’s a slip-knot, can it really hang a person to death?” Yang Le Le crossed her arms and said in disgust as she looked at Yang Su Yun who was standing on the bench as she kept on struggling.

Madame Cheng took a closer look, was it true? It was a slip-knot, it would be untied by exerting some strength and it would not kill anyone. Her face immediately became sullen.

Yang Le Le looked at Madame Cheng: “Aunt, go and rest, let me handle her.”

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