Chapter 502: See If She Dies

Madame Cheng was originally feeling worried, however, after some thought, she knew Yang Le Le was different from the past, she then nodded in agreement.

Yang Su Yun was feeling a little angry when she saw Yang Le Le and the others arrive. These people are being nosy again, if they did not arrive, her parents would definitely compromise if she made a fuss a little longer. The more she thought about it, the more Yang Su Yun felt angry, she had an unfriendly expression when she looked at Yang Le Le.

Yang Le Le moved the chair at the side and appeared in front of Yang Su Yun, she got up and untied the rope on top, she then tied a dead knot.

”What are you trying to do?” Yang Su Yun felt a bad premonition in her heart.

Yang Le Le sneered: “Don’t you wish to die? Threatening uncle and aunt every day and even worrying grandpa and grandma. Hang yourself if you want to die, I’ll help you if you don’t die,” Yang Le Le looked coldly at Yang Su Yun.

Yang Su Yun originally wanted to use this method to threaten her parents, she did not wish to die.

Madame Cheng wanted to say something but was stopped by Madame Yang who was by the side, Madame Yang shook her head at her, indicating Madame Yang not to speak.

Yang Family’s old master and old madam acted as if it had nothing to do with them, they lowered their heads and ignored Yang Su Yun’s gaze.

Yang Le Le obstructed Yang Su Yun’s line of sight, she said coldly: “Don’t you wish to die? I am fulfilling your wish right now, die for us to see, alright? Why are you looking at Uncle and the others?”

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”Yang Le Le, this is our family’s business, what does it have to do with you?”

”A good family has ended up like this because of you, you wish to marry Tian Chang with such an identity? Do you think of yourself as beautiful as a fairy?” Even she would not take a fancy on Yang Su Yun, not to mention Qiao Tian Chang.

Yang Su Yun was vilified that her expression changed between green and white, she had an ugly expression: “You just can’t bear to see me have a good marriage.”

Yang Le Le looked mockingly at Yang Su Yun: “Good marriage? That’s if you don’t end up even losing your own life first.”


Yang Le Le interrupted Yang Su Yun impatiently and said with disgust: “Yang Su Yun. If you want to die, do it quickly. Get down if you do not wish to die. If I hear you threatening uncle and aunt like this, I will really make you die.”

Old Master Yang looked at Yang Su Yun, he said in disappointment: “Little Su Yun, if you continue to be like this, our family would not tolerate you, it’s best if you go elsewhere.”

”Indeed, such a good family, look at what it has turned into all because of you,” The old madam looked helplessly at her own granddaughter.

They were originally feeling sorry for their granddaughter for being a widow at such a young age, but the things their granddaughter did after she returned made their hearts turn cold.

She felt disgusted with the things at home when she returned, she looked at others snobbishly, it was as if others had owed her.

In front of others, she would act all soft and weak, but who knew she was even more overboard right now, she had actually caused such a ruckus.

Yang Su Yun looked at the two elders with a pale expression: “You all are treating me like this because of Yang Le Le’s words?”

Old Master Yang glanced at Yang Su Yun and shook his head in disappointment: “Carefully reflect on your actions before shifting the blame on others.”

Yang Su Yun lowered her head and did not say anything, Yang Le Le looked at Elder Brother Yang and the others: “Uncle, from now onwards, just let her make a fuss, the more you’re bothered about her, the more she would highly regard herself. If she wants to commit suicide, you call can just watch by the side, see if she is really going to hang herself.”

Elder Brother Yang’s family nodded their heads: “We understand.”

Yang Su Yun resentfully gritted her teeth, all of her effort had completely gone to waste. Her parents were now feeling somewhat helpless by her ruckus and were now agreeing to Yang Le Le’s request.

Yang Le Le then said some things to Madame Cheng and the others, especially about Ning Meng Yao’s father’s noble identity, causing Madame Cheng and the others to feel fearful.

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They watched as Yang Le Le’s family left. Madame Cheng was still trembling: “In the future, it’s best we keep an eye on Yang Su Yun.”

Yang Le Le had earlier told them that if Ning Meng Yao’s father was really enraged, nobody would dare say anything even if he were to kill Yang Su Yun.

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