Chapter 8: Receiving Help From A Carpenter

Yang Zhu spotted Ning Meng Yao across the crowd and welcomed her in to answer the villagers’ questions.

“Meng Yao, are you really going to teach the children?” Knowing words and how to count, their children could be an accountant in the future with a decent wage. They were very excited at that thought.

“Yes, I’ve already accepted Uncle’s request to teach the village children, but what I teach will not be enough for them to pass the imperial examinations. It’ll be better to enroll them into the academy if you hoping to do so,” Although Ning Meng Yao was not enthusiastic, she gave the villagers an explanation.

“Then the fee…”

“I do not plan on receiving any fee. You should use that money to buy brush and ink for your children so that they can practice or buy them some delicious and nutritious snacks.” Ning Meng Yao looked at the longing looks on the children as they looked at her. They seemed to understand that they could finally start learning words.

There was an uproar in the crowd as they looked at Ning Meng Yao in disbelief. She wasn’t going to accept any fee? This… This…

“Girl, you…”

“Uncle, it’s okay. I’m only doing this out of my spare time. I will teach what I can, and I hope everyone would not dislike my teaching,” Ning Meng Yao gave a slight smile, like a clean breeze in the spring that warmed the crowd’s hearts.

“Why would we.”

“That’s right. Then we shall thank you beforehand.”

“No need. However, only children five years and above are allowed to attend,” Ning Meng Yao thought of the children in her past life who started learning and made a condition.

“Why?” The crowd could not understand the reason behind the condition she gave.

“Children at the age of five are at the prime age to learn. They have the determination to learn and can sit down quietly,” Ning Meng Yao patiently explained.

The crowd immediately agreed. Children too young could not sit still. They would always want to go out and play. That was a reasoning they could follow.

Ning Meng Yao flashed them a smile. Yang Le Le wanted to go to the village’s carpenter’s house to take a look.

“Yao Yao, Grandpa Li over there is a carpenter. His works are very nice.” Yang Le Le pointed to an old man not far away from them and smiled.

Old Li raised his head and looked at Ning Meng Yao, “Girl, what do you want to be made?”

“I want to have some tables and chairs. I do not have many at home,” Ning Meng Yao said helplessly.

“Hai, I thought it’d be something big. In two days, my two boys and I will finish those chairs and tables you need, you don’t have to worry,” Old Li immediately replied.

He had two grandchildren. One was seven years old while the other was five, both of them were old enough to be taught. As such, he was happy that he could be of help.

“Grandpa Li, then we’ll go to your house first to discuss the sort of tables and chairs I need.”

“Good then, Ah Zhu, I’ll be going ahead with the girl,” Old Li turned his head and said to Yang Zhu.


The old man and the girl turned and left. The rest began to discuss among themselves happily, some even went to remind their children to learn properly from Ning Meng Yao.

Ning Meng Yao arrived at Old Li’s house. There were two middle aged men inside working on furniture.

“Father, you’re back. What did the village head say?” They did not go as they had furniture to make.

“Our Lin’er and Little Mu can go and learn,” Old Li was very happy when he thought about it.

Once both the men heard him, they immediately put down their work and asked their father about the details. After hearing from him, the two of them looked at Ning Meng Yao with glimmering eyes.

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“That…Grandpa Li, how about we talk about the chairs and tables?” Ning Meng Yao felt embarrassed from being stared at with such burning gazes.

Old Li was reminded by her and he quickly gestured to her to come in. They discussed the tables and chairs, and Old Li was able to quickly make a foldable chair and table under Ning Meng Yao’s guidance.

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“That’s it. Grandpa Li, I’ll need fifteen tables and thirty chairs. How much are they?” Ning Meng Yao felt satisfied with the finished products and asked Old Li.

Old Li waved his hand, “How can I ask you for money? You’re going to be teaching the children free of charge; we can’t charge you for this.”

“That’s right. Girl, you’ll be looking down on us if you refuse,” the two men beside showed some dissatisfaction.

The two men wanted to send their children to the academy but it was too expensive. Now that their children would have an opportunity to learn, they were happy without a doubt.

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