Chapter 956: Think About It Carefully

Xiao Qi Tian looked at Mu Xue and wondered if that was how she thought?

“If it was not for Meng Yao then we would not have been able to get married. If it was not for Meng Yao and her help then you would not have been able to claim back your things from your father. If it was not for Meng Yao…” Xiao Qi Tian said a lot of things. These were all the things that he knew of.

“You guys are all saying only good things about this woman, but I don’t believe you at all.” Mu Xue shook her head and covered her ears. She did not believe them at all.

Yes, what they said were all lies. They were all trying to deceive her, just to make her give up the things that were about to be hers.

Xiao Qi Tian looked at Mu Xue’s self-deceiving manner and he could not help but massage his eyebrows as he felt a little tired.

“Mu Xue… You go out first. I think you should calm down and think carefully about what you’ve done wrong.” Xiao Qi Tian softly said to Mu Xue.

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That gentle voice had lost its previous love and care as if it had become distant.

Mu Xue turned to look at Xiao Qi Tian and saw that he was looking at her blankly. She did not believe that she had done or said anything wrong.

“You’re pushing me away again?”

“I don’t want you to continue to cause trouble here. You should think carefully about what Mu Chen and I told you. Mu Chen is the kind of person who does not tell lies. I’m only saying all of these for your own good. If you are willing to listen, then listen. If you are not willing to listen, then forget it. No matter what, I hope that you use your conscience to think carefully about how we’re treating you.” Xiao Qi Tian said while staring blankly at Mu Xue. His voice was calm and a little cold.

Mu Xue stared blankly at Xiao Qi Tian. If Xiao Qi Tian was yelling at her then she would not be bothered too much but he did not yell at her, and instead, he was using a kind of mature tender tone. However, the tenderness was not the same as before as it did not use to be so distant.

“Leave.” Xiao Qi Tian interrupted when Mu Xue wanted to speak.

Mu Xue went out unwillingly. She even purposely pushed Ning Meng Yao when she walked past her.

Ning Meng Yao stumbled back a few steps but luckily, Yu Feng managed to grab her before she fell.

“We’re really letting her go too easily. I’ve only slapped her twice.” Yu Feng said coldly. When did that kindly woman become so cold-blooded?

Xiao Qi Tian was the most affected by Mu Xue’s change.

His face turned pale when he saw her pushing Ning Meng Yao, who was pregnant with such a big belly.

Ning Meng Yao had only been pregnant for six months but her belly looked like it was seven or eight months big. It was very big and scary, and if Yu Feng had not helped her then she might have fallen down gotten a miscarriage.

“Meng Yao, I am sorry.” Xiao Qi Tian knew that saying sorry was not going to help but he had to apologize since it was Mu Xue who pushed her.

“I am okay. This is not your fault anyway.” Ning Meng Yao shook her head but her heart was feeling cold. Mu Xue had to be punished. Otherwise, she would really think that they did not dare to do anything to her.

Xiao Qi Tian smiled, but the smile on his face was a little weak. All of this was Mu Xue’s own fault. She actually came to comfort him and yet she dared to treat others that way. This was really her style of doing things.

“Xiao Qi Tian, I think I have to clarify some things with you. If you don’t punish that woman, she will not learn.” Yu Feng’s idea was the same as Ning Meng Yao. Both of them wanted to give her a serious lesson to avoid anything drastically bad from happening in the future.

Xiao Qi Tian nodded helplessly.

“I understand. Do what you guys think is best. I also think she should learn some lessons, otherwise, the outcome would be really bad.” Xiao Qi Tian said tiredly and with his eyes closed.

He had been chatting with them since he woke up and then he even had to endure Mu Xue’s tantrum just now. He felt very tired emotionally as if all his tiredness came up at once.

“You have some rest first. We will not leave anytime soon, so we still have a chance to talk next time.”

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“Okay, then I will rest for a while.” His eyes were already closed while he was speaking. Soon enough, his slow and stable breath was heard, indicating that he had fallen asleep.

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