Chapter 110 – Seductive woman confounding the ruler’s heart (6)

Qiqi felt somewhat wronged, speaking in a low voice, “In the palace! This afternoon…”

At this moment, Qiqi didn’t quite understand. She only made a trip to the palace, how could all the things that happened be blamed on her? She was not Liu Zhongtian’s slave, how could he holler at her like that as if he was interrogating a criminal.

Thinking till here, Wei Qiqi angrily stared at Liu Zhongtian, blurting everything out without hiding anything.

“This can’t be blamed on me. The fault is with the palace maid belonging to Concubine Han Yu. She obviously knew that I wasn’t familiar with the terrain in the palace, yet she walked like a rabbit. When I wasn’t careful in following, I couldn’t find her anymore. The palace is so big, I couldn’t discern the direction, hence I could only blindly move about. In the end I went into the imperial garden. After that the Emperor came… but I ran off after that !”

“Didn’t you wear a face cloth? Why did the Emperor want to take off your face cloth today, what did he want to confirm?” Liu Zhongtian anxiously asked.

“In the imperial garden… I took down the face cloth, because…” Qiqi’s voice became inaudible and pitiful. If she wasn’t greedy to eat the food, this trouble wouldn’t have germinated.

“Then does he know that you are Wei Qiqi, my Royal Concubine?”

Wei Qiqi frantically waved her hands, “No, I didn’t say anything and ran off. However I wore a blue dress, maybe today I was recognized because of that…”

“How could you anyhow barge into the imperial garden. Let me ask you, what kind of expression did the Emperor have when he was looking at you?” Liu Zhongtian suddenly hugged her and pulled her to his front, looking at her with pity.

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“Just like you now… a bit… he thought that I was his concubine and talked about gracing me… anyways that Emperor is crazy.” Qiqi said plainly.

“Qiqi, you are in trouble.” Liu Zhongtian furiously released Wei Qiqi and clenched his fists, viciously hammering the table, “Going by the Emperor’s character, he would not let this off so easily!”

“Then what to do? If not…”

Wei Qiqi considered. She was really unlucky, “I want to leave this place. I can’t keep my life anymore, I cannot be your concubine anymore. See you Third Duke!”

Wei Qiqi lifted her skirt, wanting to escape. Liu Zhongtian grabbed ahold of her and furiously pulled her back. He didn’t know whether to cry or laugh when looking at her. She actually thought of running away? How would he let that happen?

“Leaving? Wei Qiqi, you are this Duke’s Royal Concubine, not a wild girl. You can’t run just because of trouble.”

“If I don’t run then I’ll be beheaded! Do you know the 36 stratagems, if everything else fails, retreat!”

“Retreat? Where isn’t the Great Han’s territory? However, don’t worry, the Emperor won’t kill you.”


“How do you know that?” QIqi looked weirdly at Liu Zhongtian. If he wasn’t going to kill her, then what was she hiding for? Previously the two brothers were facing off and the Emperor ordered for the guards to take her away. Wasn’t the Emperor wanting to exert revenge for Qiqi’s punch in the garden?

“You don’t know, I punched him in the imperial garden…” Qiqi knew that she really got into big trouble this time. However it was because the situation was too frantic, she didn’t know what she could do to escape.

If other people treated the Emperor this way, their heads would’ve rolled long ago. However Liu Zhongtian knew that the problem wasn’t in Wei Qiqi hitting the Emperor, it was possible that the Emperor had fallen for his concubine. Who wouldn’t be moved after seeing this beauty? Even Liu Zhongtian himself who prided himself in self-control also lost control everytime.

Tonight at the lights tower, the Emperor wanted to remove Qiqi’s face cloth at all cost. Wasn’t he just trying to know if Wei Qiqi was the woman that he saw in the imperial garden?

Looks like the Emperor was hell-bent on removing this face cloth. Liu Zhongtian felt an intense headache. Does he have the ability to stop the Emperor? One wanted to take it off, while the other wanted to block. It was obviously a case of one having not enough strength. This was a battle that was destined to be a loss.

“Qiqi, if ever there was a day… you can live comfortably, stay in the luxurious palace, and be the Emperor’s favorite concubine, would you forsake this Duke and go for it?”

Liu Zhongtian looked at Wei Qiqi with some doubt, lightly touching the hair strands on her face. His voice was low and his lips almost touched Qiqi’s white cheeks. He was worried that Qiqi would become the second Han Yu. Initially when the Emperor appointed concubines, Han Yu had no ounce of resistance and was forced into the palace. Maybe Qiqi would end up with the same fate.

Wei Qiqi subconsciously dodged. She didn’t understand what Liu Zhongtian was saying. Entering the palace, being a favorite concubine? Those were impossible things.

“I don’t love that Emperor, why do I have to go to the palace to be a concubine and live comfortably? Qiqi can obtain things through her own hands, no need to rely on men. Furthermore, he has so many women by his side. I don’t want that, I want a man who loves me wholeheartedly and for his whole life. The only woman by his side is me!”

Qiqi said with extreme confidence. Even if she couldn’t return to the modern world, she wanted to obtain love that belonged to her only, insisting on the one man one wife system.

“You are saying that you won’t leave this Duke?” Liu Zhongtian was happy in his heart. This Wei Qiqi was really someone who wasn’t materialistic. She was a beauty with an unique personality.

“I won’t enter the palace, nor do I want to stay here with you.” Qiqi’s words caused Liu Zhongtian who was originally happy, to feel like a bucket of cold water was poured onto him.

“Wei Qiqi, since when has this Duke mistreated you, why do you keep rambling about leaving?”

“Sooner or later you’ll marry other women you like as concubines, either that or you’ll have 3-4 wives. I want to pursue my own happiness. Why must two people not in love stay together?”

“Not in love? Which part of me is not worth your love? How do you know if this Duke doesn’t love you…”


Liu Zhongtian lifted Qiqi’s chin, his deep gaze resting on her red lips. Why did he not see it in the beginning? The outer ugly appearance was just a mirage. She was actually so mesmerizing, causing people to want to embrace her and love her unceasingly. Liu Zhongtian suddenly extended his hands and used his fingers to caress those lips lightly.

Liu Zhongtian bent his head and used his lips to lightly touch the cheeks of this woman. His fingers slid over the face. His lips uncontrollably shifted to her soft lips. In an instant he was enchanted by that softness.

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It was just that light touch that caused all forms of self-control to collapse. Qiqi felt that her whole being had fallen into Liu Zhongtian’s embrace. His strong arms tightly locked around her waist, and the fingers along her strands of hair forcefully put her head in place, causing her to be unable to resist or escape. His lips then moved around her lips, her cheeks and her neck…

Wei Qiqi felt that her heart was set ablaze. Liu Zhongtian’s kiss became more and more passionate, more and more tyrannical, causing her whole body to shiver. Qiqi didn’t know how she fell on Liu Zhongtian’s bed. Until her body went cold, she then thought of how tyrannical and forceful Liu Zhongtian was. Those good feelings towards him instantly vanished.

Qiqi furiously waved her fists, crazily hitting the man in front of her, “Bastard, stinky Duke, you can’t be like this. If you continue on, I’ll hate you to death!”

“Hate? Why must you hate? You are my concubine, lying on my bed and receiving my love is nothing wrong.”

“Go look for other women, I don’t want!”

“Don’t want? You dare to speak in this manner to your husband?!” Liu Zhongtian then forcefully kissed Wei Qiqi again.

Qiqi felt humiliated, yet she didn’t have the strength to resist. She resolved herself and without hesitation, bite Liu Zhongtian’s lips. Liu Zhongtian couldn’t bear the pain and lifted his head. He touched his lips and saw the blood on his hand. He was stunned.

“You dare to bite this Duke!”

In an instant fresh blood flowed out.

“Scram!” Qiqi took the chance when Liu Zhongtian was hesitating and kicked him in the crotch. Liu Zhongtian fell down and was paralyzed. He couldn’t move for a moment.

Qiqi quickly sat up and frantically wore her clothes. She turned around and was just about to leave when she saw that Liu Zhongtian was suffering greatly. She then realised she had been too frantic just now and used too much force.

“Don’t blame me… it’s all you… everytime bullying me, hence I have no choice…” Qiqi saw that Liu Zhongtian didn’t make a sound, hence she was anxious. It couldn’t be that he fainted just from that kick? She hesitatingly walked to the front of the bed and gently pushed Liu Zhongtian.

“Hey, Duke…you, don’t scare me…”

Qiqi was really scared. Liu Zhongtian didn’t even have any reaction. He couldn’t stand the beating and died? Qiqi was shocked and frantically climbed onto the bed.


Without waiting for Qiqi to extend her hand, Liu Zhongtian grabbed ahold of her and started laughing out loud.

“You dare to ambush me, I nearly fell for your plans. Why did you not leave immediately, are you worried about this Duke?”

“Hey!” Qiqi tried to back away, “Liu Zhongtian, quickly release my hand, don’t bully me just because I’m a lone girl…”

Talking about being a lone girl, Qiqi suddenly thought of her grandfather. She immediately became sad, softly sobbing. Her adamant face was gone. At this time she really felt alone.


Liu Zhongtian originally only wanted to make fun of her. Seeing that she cried, he didn’t know what to do, so he released her.

“Keep watch over me and serve me well. Is it so hard to be a lovable concubine?”

“You are always forcing me, I… I want to divorce you!”


“It means separation from you legally!”

“What are you saying? Only men can ditch women. When has a woman divorced a man?” Liu Zhongtian really couldn’t handle Qiqi. Why was her thinking always so weird, her rebellious attitude was way beyond normal.

“I want a divorce!” Qiqi stared with her big eyes. This damned ancient formalities, damned male power, damned husband. If she met such a man in the modern world, Qiqi would’ve long exploded.

“You can only make a fuss in front of this Duke, in the future don’t mention this word again!”

Liu Zhongtian’s face darkened. He slowly walked to the desk and silently read his wooden scrolls. He no longer bothered about Wei Qiqi. Maybe he was really convinced by the theory of separation. Meanwhile, there was another question that bothered him, and that was his Emperor-Brother. What kind of movements would the Great Han Emperor have? He would surely cause a ruckus for Liu Zhongtian.

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