Chapter 115 – Mesmerizing face cloth (2)

Qiqi mumbled in her heart. Rotten Duke, you are the rebellious citizen instead. Why must a person come upon receiving an invitation from you? Could Wei Qiqi have magic powers to split herself? To be a concubine and a lady boss at the same time?

The Duke ordered the butler to let the seamstress produce the clothes needed for Qiqi’s celebration banquet tomorrow. Since the Emperor would pay the price no matter the cost to see Wei Qiqi’s looks, the face cloth couldn’t stay. Since he wanted to see the mesmerizing Third Royal Concubine, then this Duke shall let him feel a total sense of defeat, to let him know what it meant to carry a stone to smash his own feet.

Wei Qiqi took the chance when Liu Zhongtian was ordering the butler to sneak out. She pulled Xiaotao who was at the door entrance into her own room to hide.

“In the future, no matter who wants to investigate the matter of the lady boss of Seven Beauty Salon, you are not permitted to say it without my instructions!”

Xiaotao nodded, “We have to hide from even the Duke?”

“Yes, everyone. If you speak it out, I will…” Qiqi waved her hands and drew a line, scaring Xiaotao till she shrunk her neck.

“However, Royal Concubine, that Sixth Duke knows!”

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“That rotten egg…” Wei Qiqi touched her chin. What Xiaotao mentioned was a problem. That philandering fellow was too evil, to use drugs on her and even wanted to molest her. Revenge is a must. Qiqi clenched her fists tightly.

“Not only do I want him to shut up, I also want him to pay the price for the deeds he has done!”

Xiaotao drooped her head.

“Royal Concubine, now that our Seven Beauty Salon has become Chang-an’s most lively place, Xiaotao has seen a lot of beautiful women!”

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“Don’t just say the good stuff, help me look after the salon. If there is anything wrong, the first person I’ll fix is you!” Qiqi pointed at Xiaotao’s forehead.

“Why must I watch over it? Royal Concubine!”

“That’s because I can’t go now. The Duke is monitoring me closely. Remember my principles, those who are there to cause trouble must be beaten up without any mercy!”

“Xiaotao loves to hear that!” Xiaotao covered her mouth and laughed. Ever since she followed the Royal Concubine, she understood what being a woman was about. A woman could actually be so awe-inspiring.

Into the night, Wei Qiqi was just about to enter her own room when she saw two eunuchs hurriedly entering Liu Zhongtian’s room. Who could it be at this hour?

The person who entered Liu Zhongtian’s room at this time was Xiaoyuzi who left in the morning. Xiaoyuzi laughed as he stood in front of Liu Zhongtian, ordering the eunuch behind to present an exquisite box.

“Duke, for tomorrow’s celebration banquet, the Emperor had specially ordered the seamstress in the palace to produce a clothing for the Royal Concubine. She must wear it when attending the banquet tomorrow!”


Liu Zhongtian almost slapped the table and rose up. The Emperor seemed to be too in heat. He even prepared Qiqi’s clothes, obviously disregarding Liu Zhongtian’s feelings. He seemed to have taken Qiqi as a consort in the palace. However Wei Qiqi was Liu Zhongtian’s, not the Emperor’s.

Liu Zhongtian looked at Xiaoyuzi coldly, his fingers crackling as he said, “Why trouble the Emperor on such minor issues, this Duke has already prepared!”

“This is top-tier silk meant solely for the Empress. The color and style are also what the Emperor likes!”

What the Emperor likes? Liu Zhongtian finally couldn’t hold it in. He grabbed Xiaoyuzi’s collar and the other hand formed into a fist. As long as he threw this punch out, Xiaoyuzi would be crippled if not dead.

Xiaoyuzi’s expression changed greatly. He looked at Liu Zhongtian, “Duke, Duke, I’m only in charge of conveying the Emperor’s message. The Emperor is someone who treasures talent and the Royal Concubine has accumulated many merits. The Emperor all along didn’t mete out an official reward, it’s reasonable for Wei Qiqi to receive favorable treatment!”

Liu Zhongtian furiously let go of his hand, “Put it at one side, get out!”

“Thank you Duke, tomorrow you must let the Royal Concubine wear it, the Emperor is waiting to see…” Xiaoyuzi laughed cheekily as he left.

Wei Qiqi saw Xiaoyuzi walking out and she steathily hid at one corner. This Emperor really liked to meddle in other people’s affairs. Must he decide what clothes she should be wearing? Qiqi picked up a small stone and threw it towards Xiaoyuzi’s head. She then covered her mouth and controlled her laughter before speedily disappearing into the darkness.

The back of Xiaoyuzi’s head suffered a hit from the stone. It was so painful that he covered the part hit and quickly turned around. He saw that there was nobody behind him. The other eunuch looked strangely at Xiaoyuzi. The two of them exchanged glances and their faces changed drastically.

“Something evil is here, let’s leave this place quickly!” Xiaoyuzi quickened his pace and quickly left for the front yard.

Qiqi felt that it was funny. She was gloating on the inside when suddenly someone hugged her from the back. Qiqi quickly turned around and saw Liu Zhongtian who was wearing a faint smile. She then nervously explained, “I only threw a small stone, who asked him to be so irritating!”

“You have taught him a lesson for this Duke, Qiqi…” Liu Zhongtian’s face gently rubbed against Qiqi’s cheeks, both of his arms hugging Qiqi’s thin waist, “Will you accompany me tonight?”

“Oh, today your body isn’t feeling good, you should rest early!”

“This Duke is feeling mighty!”

“It’s better for you to take a rest!” Qiqi shook free of Liu Zhongtian and forcefully pushed him into the room. She quickly shut the door, then ran all the way back into her own.

Qiqi returned to her room, feeling her chaotic heartbeat. That irritating Duke, why was he always teasing her? What was with herself today? The cold stare towards Yun-er and the chaotic heartbeat. She really couldn’t be saved. Qiqi jumped into the bed, the modern era Wei Qiqi had fallen in love with the ancient era Duke. This was too ridiculous.

Just like this, Qiqi laid on the bed and slept till it was bright. She opened her eyes in the morning and sneakily pushed open the door. She saw the butler holding the clothes that the seamstress made and entering Liu Zhongtian’s room. Wei Qiqi stealthily followed to the outside of the door.

Oh right, today she still had to go to the palace. Who knew what kind of clothes did the Emperor gift. Would she drop her head if she didn’t wear it? She couldn’t possibly wear both the clothes of the Emperor and the Duke’s. It was very obvious that the Emperor was wrestling with Liu Zhongtian. However the one in bad luck was her.

“Enter!” Liu Zhongtian’s voice suddenly sounded.

She was discovered. Wei Qiqi entered the room. How did he know that she was standing outside the door? Could his eyes see through the walls? The butler quickly put down the clothes and retreated.

The Duke opened the exquisite box that the Emperor sent. Wei Qiqi looked at it. It was an extremely lascivious watery-red robe. There were pearls and flowers embedded within. There were two golden phoenix hairpin. Looks like the Emperor was deciding on possessing Qiqi from head to toe. No wonder the Duke was angry. His own woman was being decorated by others. This had severely injured the Third Duke’s pride.  

The Duke closed the box, “Do you like these? If you do, you can wear it!” He sounded his displeasure. If Wei Qiqi didn’t recognize the situation and wanted to wear it, the Third Duke will definitely wring Qiqi’s neck.

Wei Qiqi looked at the Third Duke angrily. She purposely walked to the clothes that the Emperor gifted and latched the clothes on her body, “It’s not bad, do I look like an imperial consort wearing this?”

Liu Zhongtian grabbed the clothes and threw it into the box. He forcefully embraced Qiqi and pinched her chin, saying with hatred:

“Do you really want to be a consort?”

“Irritating, I’m only joking, why must you be so forceful, my face…”

“You can’t make this kind of joke. Do you know what is the Emperor’s motive?” Liu Zhongtian released his hands and hugged her endearingly.

“Isn’t it a celebration of victory? You said before that he wants to take down my face cloth.”

“The Emperor not only wants to see your face, if you are really the beauty that he is pining for, he’ll want to make you into the second Hanyu…”

Wei Qiqi got a shock, “Concubine Hanyu?”

“Yes, his motive is clear and obvious, however, you are this Duke’s…” Liu Zhongtian grabbed Qiqi even more tightly, “If you become the second Hanyu, this Duke will kill you with one sword!”

“Duke…” Qiqi shivered, the Duke’s words scared her.

“I can’t tolerate that Wei Qiqi doesn’t belong to Liu Zhongtian, if not you’ll have to disappear from this world.”

Wei Qiqi was stunned by Liu Zhongtian’s crazedness. All the goodness had been shattered at this moment. Liu Zhongtian was an ancient era Duke, tyrannical. In his eyes, a man’s pride was more important. Facing a woman that belonged to him and caused him to pine for her, if she belonged to another man, that was impossible. He would rather choose to destroy her.

No matter if Wei Qiqi chose the Emperor or that the Emperor was going to force her to stay in the palace, Wei Qiqi wouldn’t be able to escape Liu Zhongtian’s sword. Wei Qiqi buried her head in Liu Zhongtian’s embrace, her tears falling instantly. Why would she fall in love with this crazed Duke, for a man who didn’t even know how to treasure her. He actually wanted to kill her for his pride.

Qiqi mumbled, “If Qiqi stays by the Emperor’s side, will you kill Qiqi?”

“Yes, this Duke will! The moment I think about you in other men’s embrace, receiving their love, I’m unable to endure it… I rather kill you myself…”

Liu Zhongtian’s eyes were full of grief, his lips kissing over, his fingers traversing through Qiqi’s clothes, purposely touching Qiqi’s smooth body. He was the Duke, his heart was full or pride and honour, and the passion that just rose up…

Ning Yun-er had just learnt a new song, she happily ran towards Liu Zhongtian’s room. She wanted to let the Duke hear this song. The room door was open. She entered without hesitation, yet she was in for a shock. Liu Zhongtian was crazily kissing Wei Qiqi, his hands were inside Qiqi’s clothes…

Liu Zhongtian’s gaze landed on Ning Yun-er, he furiously shouted, “Get out!”

Ning Yun-er’s face lost color. Her feet retreated repeatedly. She left in a hurry, not knowing where to run, hence she tumbled her way into the pavilion in the garden. Scenes of Liu Zhongtian’s passion and anger appeared in her mind. The Duke actually lectured her in this manner, disregarding her feelings. She loved him, yet he was touching another woman crazily in her presence.

Wei Qiqi, that woman who mesmerized the Duke, causing him to be crazy. She not only mesmerized his person, but also his heart, causing the Duke’s attention to all be on that woman.

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