Chapter 116 – Mesmerizing face cloth (3)

The grief within Ning Yun-er’s heart caused her to grit her teeth. When she saw the zither in the pavilion, she furiously grabbed it and viciously smashed it on the stone floor outside. Unless she could obtain the Duke’s heart, the Ning Yun-er who loves the zither would never play it again.

Liu Zhongtian furiously closed the door. He lifted Wei Qiqi up and rolled onto the bed.


Qiqi’s self-esteem had suffered. She felt that in Liu Zhongtian’s eyes, she was only an accessory. In the proud Duke’s eyes, was there love? Did he know that love needed respect? When he wanted something, he must obtain it. Whenever he felt awful in his heart he would release the pent up emotions. Was this the way the Duke expressed his love?

Wei Qiqi felt an unbearable pain. Even though she also yearned for the Duke’s love, she was disappointed as Liu Zhongtian was a tyrant. He had a prideful and arrogant heart. Maybe Wei Qiqi would never find the kind of ideal love from Liu Zhongtian.

Liu Zhongtian was venting himself with that beautiful body. He was extremely jealous of the Emperor’s clothing. He didn’t have the confidence. One was the Emperor, the other was a Duke. However Wei Qiqi was his woman. It was only real to him when he was embracing her and loving her body. He didn’t have confidence towards this woman at all. That feeling didn’t come solely from the Emperor, but also from Wei Qiqi whose thinking was unconventional.

For the first time, Wei Qiqi felt really heartbroken. Whatever that the Duke had done to her in the past, she could accept it, but what was done today couldn’t be accepted. She had already fallen in love with this man, the kind of pain caused her to nearly break down.

“Why are you crying?” Liu Zhongtian furiously looked at her, “Could it be that you are sick and tired of this Duke?”

“Yes, I hate you to death!” Qiqi replied loudly.

“Hate?” Liu Zhongtian grabbed onto Qiqi’s smooth shoulders, he furiously increased strength in his grip.
Wei Qiqi almost fainted. Within the pain was an irritating pleasure, causing this proud female inheritor from the future modern world to truly taste the meaning of Three Rules and Four Virtues, to be in love yet suffering.

Liu Zhongtian had thoroughly vented his pent up emotions. He looked at Wei Qiqi who was left with no strength to struggle and the corner of his mouth revealed a trace of anger and a satisfied smile. He went down the bed, stood on the floor and slowly wore his clothes.

“I’ll go out and take a look. Later change up into the clothes that this Duke has tailor-made for you.” Liu Zhongtian put his hands behind his back and hesitated, before leaving in big strides. That kind of coldness caused Wei Qiqi to feel endless grief. She hated it till her teeth were chattering.

Liu Zhongtian walked out of the door and looked at the broad yard. He heaved a long sigh. Facing Wei Qiqi, he always lost his control and sanity. He knew that he was hurting Wei Qiqi, however he couldn’t control the jealousy and sexual desires that were roaming within his body.

Liu Zhongtian ordered Xiaotao to serve the Royal Concubine. Xiaotao responded and entered the room. She timidly walked to the front of the bed and drooped her head. She didn’t dare to look at the naked Wei Qiqi, “Royal Concubine, the Duke has instructed me to serve you!”

“Irritating…” Wei Qiqi’s hair was disheveled as she sat up, “Why must you treat me like this, bastard, bastard…”

“Royal Concubine…” Xiaotao drooped her head even further. Wei Qiqi’s looks scared her, as she seemed insane.

Wei Qiqi speedily went down the bed and grabbed the watery-red silk robe in the exquisite box. “Xiaotao, I want to wear this set, those hairpins and pearl flowers. Wear it all on me, decorate me till I’m beautiful to the point where I can mesmerize all the men.”

“Yes, Royal Concubine!”

“Rotten egg, I’ll fight to the end with you. If you don’t change, I’ll change myself!” Wei Qiqi held on tightly to the corner of the silk robe. Her expression was complicated. She had to let the Third Duke know what was love, if not he wouldn’t need to obtain anything. Qiqi was going to hide her heart and evade this saddening feeling.

“Royal Concubine, you look very fierce!” Xiaotao looked at Qiqi’s look of despair. She gingerly opened up the watery-red silk robe, timidly walked to Qiqi’s front and helped her wear it.

“I’m not fierce, just going crazy!”

It was the first time that Wei Qiqi wore such an exquisite and tight fitting silk robe. The long silk was finely knitted together. The pearl flowers with the golden pin caused the black hair to look even shinier. She was of unparalleled beauty and charm.


Xiaotao started peppering Qiqi with fragrant powder, as if she was leisurely drawing a painting. A charming royal beauty appeared in front of Xiaotao. Xiaotao looked in astonishment at Wei Qiqi, who could be prettier than the Third Royal Concubine?

“Aiya, Royal Concubine, Xiaotao doesn’t dare to look at you. Even though I’m a woman, I’ll have feelings for you.”

Qiqi stood up, looking at the long end of the dress, as well as the butterfly belt around her waist. She touched her finely crafted hair. Could it be that the women in the palace have to dress like this everyday? Wasn’t that tiring to death? Looks like it wasn’t so easy to be a beauty.

Liu Zhongtian went around the small pavement and walked into the garden. He accidentally saw the zither which was smashed on the stone road next to the pavilion. He bent his body and picked it up, looking weirdly at the surroundings. There was no signs of Ning Yun-er. In this manor, apart from Ning Yun-er herself, who else dared to touch her precious zither?

Liu Zhongtian put the zither on the stone table and sat down on the stone bench. Without guessing he also knew why Yun-er did this. Yun-er was already a grown-up who was at an age suitable for marriage. He had always known Yun-er’s thoughts. As a Duke, to marry three or four wives was extremely common. However the weird Wei Qiqi had crammed his heart full. He had no thoughts of doing that.


It was time to arrange a good partner for Yun-er. Since he was not marrying her, he couldn’t delay her lifelong happiness. Liu Zhongtian was just about to look for her when Yun-er walked into the pavilion. She looked at the Duke she adored and couldn’t control it any longer. She ran forward into the embrace of Liu Zhongtian.

“Duke, Yun-er has always been waiting for you. I didn’t want to be jealous, yet I’m extremely jealous till it is difficult to bear. You might as well give me the death sentence.”

“Yun-er, don’t be like this. This Duke has let you down. I promise you that I’ll definitely find a good place of refuge for you!” Liu Zhongtian lightly tapped her shoulders.

“Refuge?” Ning Yun-er opened her eyes wide, looking at Liu Zhongtian in shock, “Yun-er’s refuge is the Duke. Even if the Duke doesn’t want Yun-er, she’ll also never leave the manor. If the Duke is insistent on marrying me out, I’ll die in front of you!”

Liu Zhongtian was shocked. He didn’t think that Ning Yun-er would actually say such words, furthermore she had deep feelings for him. He couldn’t make a decision at that moment. The Ning Yun-er in his embrace was tearing profusely and started sobbing softly.

“Yun-er knows… that at this time the Duke only has the Royal Concubine in his heart. The Royal Concubine is as pretty as a flower and is endearing. However which Duke doesn’t have three to four wives? The Duke can possess Yun-er. Yun-er will serve the Duke faithfully, letting you be pleased and satisfied. I plea with you, fulfill my yearning.”

“Since you already know that this Duke’s heart only has the Royal Concubine, you are not scared that I’ll give you the cold-shoulder treatment…”

“Yun-er is not scared. Yun-er only wants a tiny spot in the corner of the Duke’s heart.”

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“At this moment, my heart…” Liu Zhongtian didn’t wish to give Yun-er a fatal blow. His heart was now full of that unruly Wei Qiqi. That kind of domination and the pleasure of possessing her caused him to unable to extricate himself. How could there be space for Yun-er?

“Even if you don’t have, Yun-er still wants to be with Duke!”

Ning Yun-er suddenly knelt on the floor. She took out a scissors in grief and aimed it at her own throat, her expression crazed and determined.

“Today, the Duke has caused extreme sorrow in Yun-er’s heart. Yun-er originally wanted to perish together with the zither, yet I couldn’t bear to part with the Duke. Yun-er at this moment only want one word from the Duke…”

Liu Zhongtian didn’t think that Ning Yun-er would be so agitated, to actually be so infatuated with himself. He nervously grabbed Yun-er’s wrist and took away the scissors.

“This Duke has nurtured you for so many years, how can you seek death so easily?”

“However Yun-er is living a life worse than death…” Ning Yun-er sat dejectedly on the floor and started sobbing uncontrollably.


“As for how this Duke shall treat you, maybe he’ll never give you his heart this whole life. Yun-er, stand up, I promise you that I’ll give you a place of refuge.” Liu Zhongtian lifted Ning Yun-er up. Facing such an infatuated woman, Liu Zhongtian felt some reluctance in his heart. He softly embraced her. He was hesitating. Facing her devotion, Liu Zhongtian was unable to ignore it. However if he accepted her, how then was he gonna face Wei Qiqi whom he deeply loved?

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Liu Zhongtian comforted Ning Yun-er, hoping that she wouldn’t do anything foolish. When Yun-er heard those words of promise of a refuge, she seemed to have regained confidence. She knew that the Duke wasn’t so cold-hearted. Having three to four wives was a thing sooner or later. That woman wished to occupy the Duke for herself and be the sole focus. Wei Qiqi shouldn’t even think of that.

Carrying many thoughts, Liu Zhongtian walked into his own room. Regarding the matter of taking in Ning Yun-er, he had to discuss with Qiqi. After all she was his Royal Concubine.

However when he opened the door to the room, at that moment, he was utterly stunned. What appeared in front of him was a lady dressed in watery-red silk robe. Her head had flashy pearl flowers and phoenix hairpins and jade. She was a top-class beauty with red lips. That kind of aloofness, that kind of temptation, that kind of charm, she the most seductive woman that Liu Zhongtian had ever seen.

The clothes and head accessories were not what Liu Zhongtian chose for her. Wei Qiqi actually wore the clothes that the Emperor gifted, causing him to flare up in anger in the midst of admiration. He quickly walked towards her and grabbed onto her clothes.


“Why must I undress?” Qiqi fluttered her eyelashes while looking at Liu Zhongtian, smiling seductively. Her fingers lightly touched Liu Zhongtian’s cheeks, causing Liu Zhongtian to feel mesmerized instantly, losing some of his sense.

Xiaotao felt that the situation was not right, hence she quickly ran out of the room and closed the door, hiding outside. Her face was pale from fright. She began to worry for the Royal Concubine. Why must the Royal Concubine pit herself against the Duke? She would always cause the Duke to be angry.

Liu Zhongtian laughed coldly and embraced Wei Qiqi. His fingers speedily unbuttoned Qiqi’s clothes, causing the silk robe to slide down her body. He furiously took down the pearl flowers on her head. In an instant, Wei Qiqi’s body didn’t have a single gift from the Emperor.

“Wear the clothes that I chose for you!”

“Liu Zhongtian!” Qiqi  jumped out of Liu Zhongtian’s embrace. She quickly took down the sword on the wall. She didn’t know how to wield the sword, hence she used her boxing moves to clumsily poke at him, causing Liu Zhongtian to be at a loss.

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