In spiral galaxy a few light years from what we call home, lies a solar system made of only three planet and two suns. The suns are a twin in size and shape, the only difference is one burns in a shade of orange red and the other in a shade of violet blue. The twin suns are called Alpha-Z18 and Beta-Z18. People just shorten it to AZ18 and BZ18.

Many that pass through the rift to the other side assume that they have just traveled a far distance. Little did they know, having messed with the power that is light speed travel, a second universe was created as man pass through it. Everything was nearly the same, but a few changes in the way the big bang happened forced several laws of physics to be messed up.

Some explorers upon entering the galaxy stated this.

[Explorer]: It felt kind of strange, like I was finally able to breath. It’s kind of like that feeling when you are swimming long distances when you suddenly stop and just float there to catch your breath.

As the first pioneers set forth and entered the new galaxy, the wonders that they saw were forever embedded in their memories.

The first planet orbits in a peanut shaped orbit around the two suns. This planet is called Magnus. It is a planet of heat and cold. The side that faces the twin suns faces blistering heats causing the surface to liquefy. As the planet’s rotation is slow, the other side of the planet faces freezing temperatures so cold that the liquefied surface instantly flash freezes into a solid crust upon entering the darker side of the planet. This cycle repeats causing currents of liquefied metals to form this magnificent planet. Due to the extreme conditions on the planet, it is currently uninhabitable.

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The second planet was actually partially destroyed. Due to a collision of another planet of a smaller size in the same orbit, half of the planet is blown off and is now just debris floating around. The planet has become a croissant shaped planet. Although half the planet was obliterated, the other half remains intact. Due to the calamity that was the collision, the areas near the epicenter of contact was burnt into nothing but molten lava and ash. On the exact opposite side of the collision however, lies a large continent of greenery. It is currently uninhabited by lifeforms that are bigger than a few cells sized. Most of the area are just plants and bacteria. Most of the former residents of the planet died out with the collision. The second planet was called Theos. After the incident, it is now known as Crecentia.

If one were to look at the second planet from the third planet, it would look like a red blue then green banana with red on the inside follow by blue then green at the peak of the parabola. The second planet lies at the very start of the green belt of the solar system. This allowed the intact area to be able to host life.

The third planet was perfectly in the middle of the green belt. Like the other planets it took follows a peanut shaped orbit around the twin suns. If one was to view the third planet from the second planet, one could see that the planet was split perfectly in half by two colors. This is due to the twin suns having different effects on the planet itself. One side was green and blue. This side was a lush forest covering the entire half of the planet with eight great lakes dotting it.

The other side was deep blue and with eight islands of green dotting the huge ocean. But this wasn’t just a normal ocean, this was an ocean of molten minerals. The area around the islands are protected from the molten liquid due to large cliffs that surround the islands like a mote. If one were to compare the size of those island to an object we were familiar with, each island’s size would rival Earth. This planet was huge.

This planet was called Noxiac but some just call it Noxia. It was the only planet in the solar system with any mons at all. With a whooping seven moons, each of the moon had a name. Although they were habitable, due to the harsh environment on each of the moon, they were named after the sins.
Pride, the largest moon, was a moon made of a reflecting metal that causes it to glitter in the sky.
Greed, the oval shaped moon, was a moon made of precious metals. Mining operations were to be expected when thinking about exploring Greed.

Lust, the moon of soft metal. The surface of the moon consist of soft and highly reactive metal. Its reactivity causes various fires and explosions as one could compare to the way of love being passionate and wild. Only certain dots of cold unreactive iron were habitable on the moon.

Sloth, the moon of ice. This moon’s temperature throughout the day was below the freezing point of the liquid covering its surface. Only if one were to drill into the moon would one find a suitable temperature for survival.

Wrath, a planet of fire and brimstone. Vent blowing out extremely hot air dotted the planet. Sometimes even a flare of fire shoots out too. To a blacksmith, this would be the perfect moon to start a business as the heat from the vents can melt most metals. Around the vents are cooler areas just suitable enough for survival although the heat may have detrimental effects over long time of exposure.

Jealousy, a moon of silent. This was the only uninhabitable moon as it did not have an atmosphere like the other moons. Its surface is made out of a fine dust of metals and one can see various crater caused by space debris. This moon was very similar to Earth’s moon.

Lastly we have Gluttony, the moon of abundance. The entire planet was covered in a prairie like grass field. No trees could be seen but on one side of the planet, a large crater about one eighth the size of the moon leading into a dark abyss could be found. From afar, it looks to be a large gaping mouth.
Several years ago, a wormhole was opened up between our galaxy and theirs.

This allowed pioneers to explore the three planets. Those who went to the first planet perished quickly and were never heard from again.

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Those who ventured to the second planet, were not as lucky as well. All of them died due to the collision incident. But although the records say that all of them died, a handful of survives left and went to the third planet with the third group of pioneers.

Those who went to the third planet prospered. Over a millennia have passed and the planet was at its prime. They have even set up trade routes through the wormhole to their old galaxy. But to exploit the rich supply of minerals and metals, laborers were required. Due to the hard conditions, most of the laborers were convicts. People who no longer have a future. So to harvest the seven moons of their riches, Rigs have been set up on each of the moons. They were a prison of metal and pipes, to use prison labor to mine the riches.

Meanwhile the people living on the planet of Noxiac itself enjoy a life of luxury. They mainly inhabit the large islands surrounded by the metal sea due to the vicious wildlife found on the other side of the planet. Thus eight countries appeared. Seven of the countries manage a moon each while the last one was the capital of the planet, and also the main trading port between Noxiac and our galaxy.
The country of Crotina manages the moon Pride. Greed was managed by the country of Beauxi. Lust was managed by the country of Aphrodia. Sloth was manage by Gatalus. Wrath was managed by the country of Hytis. Jealousy by Juilas and lastly Gluttony by Aponus. The central island, the hub of all trade throughout the planet, was called Luxia.

With all the wealth Noxia have accumulated, the other half of the planet was never explored.

One may ask why with mankind’s powerful technologies why they haven’t sent drones and satellites to take images of the other half.

Well they tried to. But any electronic that left the habited half of the planet were immediately shut down as if an electromagnetic pulse slammed into them.

Many attempts have resulted in constant failures and the money it cost to continue trying was starting to worry the governments. Realizing that using technology to uncover this ancient world was perhaps not the best of ideas, they started sending expedition groups. They were filled with people who were eager to make riches exploring the Wild.

But many who went realized their electronics stopped working.

Researchers have found a certain energy that interferes with electronics that seemed harmless to humans. But the energy contains the potential to carry electrons. This means it could be used as an alternative way of power.

With such discoveries, the entire world was going to change….until calamity struck.

A long time have passed since the first pioneer set foot on Noxia. An even longer time had pass since humanity firmed left their mark on half the planet. A certain group of individuals who would rather not affect the current status quo, silenced the researchers who discovered the energy.

They instead kept the secrets to themselves. The only others who knew about it, were martial artists and the exotic mysteries of magic, spells, and rituals and those who master them.

To some, this energy was known as Qi. To others, perhaps Mana, or Spirit. Many clans argue over the correct definition, but they can agree on one thing. The common folk should never learn about it.

But now the group of individuals led their government and wanted to once again exploit the riches of the wild.

Due to the greedy nature of governments, they have created a game out of it in order to entice adventurers and soldiers, mercenary and bandits, all sort of rift raft to explore the riches of the other half of Noxia.

Not only that, they have made the other half of the planet into a Massive Multiplayer Reality Game. Each person entering the other half of a planet has to pay a fee in order to start but you would receive your gaming device, an arm bangle that shows holographic images to support your game. You also receive a shot of nanobots so that when you level yourself, the corresponding stat increases can actually improve your body. That itself attracted millions of people from all over the galaxies to participate.

Everything was in order, but for some reason, like the other electronics, even the nanobots stopped working. Leaving, only the warriors and mages of old to conquer the Wild.

One company stands above those who have failed.

[Man with red shirt]: The opening event will happen soon. Everything is prepared for next month’s reveal.
[Man with blue shirt]: Very good James, let this even mark the start of a new era. The era of the game of Noxia.
[James]: Yes sir, Mr. Grimly, as president of the company that made this possible, you will become a figure remembered through history.
[Grimly]: No James, I do not want to be just another spot on the long curtain of history. No…I will be a God.
[James]: This…Yes sir, we shall make it happen.
{Grimly}: Good good… How are our production on the moons?
[James]: They are keeping up with schedule barely. Due to the harsh environment, laborers die far too easily.
[Grimly]: They are just disposable Riggers, those filthy animals on those Rigs should be glad we can turn a profit from their worthless lives. Go, tell them to double their efforts in time for the opening event.
[James]: …Yes sir.

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