Chapter 4- Going with the Flow

Dramix was half asleep as he watched the sun rise.

A few moments later, the man from the day before stirred and lifted up the upper half of his body, drawing Peter’s gaze.

“You’re awake.” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

However, the man acted as if he didn’t hear Peter as Dramix spoke next, “He is now. He got up on his own power, that’s a good sign.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

Dramix then tossed the wine jug that he filled with water the night before and he caught it with one hand before chugging most of it.

He then gasped for air before asking, “Why did you help me, stranger?” (Stranger)

Dramix sighed as he stood up and responded, “Because I want to believe that I have a good heart. You haven’t done anything to me, so I couldn’t just leave you here you die. Besides, you seem to act as if you know where we are. I can’t go back the way we came. Not alone, at least. I’m sure they’re on high alert by now looking for an escaped Drakan slave. If your people didn’t kill the slavers, of course.” (Dramix)

The man then sat up and leaned against a tree as he responded, “I see. Most consider you Drakan dumb drunken brutes. You proved that fairly well when you broke a man’s jaw.” (Stranger)

Dramix pulled out his dagger and cut off a chunk of horse meat that was just cooking over the fire and tossed it to the stranger before cutting himself off a piece.

“I lost my self-awareness after the third mug. They must have drugged me.” (Dramix)

The man heartily laughed as he said, “It only took six muggers to take you down.” (Stranger)

Dramix grunted with annoyance.

“Only? I would have laughed at that many back home.” (Dramix)

The man started laughing again before coughing in pain quickly after.

“Oh, please don’t make me laugh! It hurts too d**n much.” (Stranger)

Dramix chuckled before sitting back down on the pile of clothing.

“I figure that I’ll leave you here. Before that though, I’ll make something so your friends can haul you around when they find you. It’ll take most of the day, so I’ll leave right after we spend another night here.” (Dramix)

“We should really leave by nightfall. If my men aren’t here by now, they really are all dead or they’ve deserted me. I have no doubt in my mind that those slavers will have bounty hunters on our trail soon.” (Stranger)

Dramix paused as he thought about who their target actually is.

Peter was wondering the same thing.

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“Dramix, could you live with yourself knowing you abandoned him in order to save yourself? Even if you had his blessing to do so?” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

Dramix paused for a moment as he thought about the question. He didn’t realize that he was thinking the same thing as Peter.

For some strange reason, this stranger’s fate was somehow tied to his own.

“I was hoping to bring some of this loot along with me, but if we’re in a hurry, I have to abandon most of it. One of the horses made it relatively lame coming down the cliff. I found it last night while scavenging the wagon above and it should last a short time. The wagon landed on the other horse, which is what we’re currently eating.” (Dramix)

Dramix then paused before continuing, “They took most of the food and supplies, but they left several containers of water. I used whatever salt I could find to preserve some of the horse meat.” (Dramix)

“Hehe! Not stupid at all.” (Stranger)

Dramix hitched the man to the back half of what was left of the broken wagon before gathering up their leftover provisions. Dramix wasn’t sure where to go, so he followed the stranger’s directions. By the time the horse finally gave out a few days later, the man was almost well enough to be left on his own. Dramix’s wing had also recovered.

As they traveled, Dramix learned that the stranger he saved was actually a prince named Gulliver Dragonssend. Even though his family name sounds like an insult meant for a blessed dragon, the name suited him. Once Peter heard his backstory, he realized that he must be the main plot of this game; Gulliver was once the sole heir to a prosperous and lively kingdom until a war struck.

For a full year, they successfully fought off the invasion before a betrayal from within broke them apart. In the years since he’s been leading a rebellion to free his people.

Dramix and Gulliver spent over a full month traveling before they came to a winter cave system. Gulliver raised his hand wearily once he saw it and said, “For all I know, they’re hoping I’m dead.” (Gulliver)

Dramix nodded as he readied his spear.

“When the blue moon shines!?” (Gulliver)

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His yell echoed down the cave before another voice responded,

“The unicorns come out. When dragons fly!?” (Guard)

Dramix gripped his spear a little harder as he readied himself and hoped his ancestors aren’t going to be insulted.

“The sky burns bright!” (Gulliver)

Gulliver hesitated for a moment before showing himself and Dramix to a pair of guards.

“Our prince! We’re so….” (Guard)

However, they instantly paused once they saw a Drakan next to him.

“Don’t worry about him, I would be dead if not for him.” (Gulliver)

“Of course! My lord, we’re pleased to see you alive and well! Unfortunately, the remnants of the third battalion were sent to the ambush point that you received a message about. We thought that they went into deep hiding until you arrived. By now, we can probably guess that they’re all gone…” (Guard)

Gulliver sighed with a heavy heart as he said, “They were the last of my army.” (Gulliver)

Dramix lowered his spear with a sorrowful expression on his face before placing a hand on his new friend’s shoulder to console him.

After taking a moment, he took a step forward and said, “Well, no reason to stand out here all day. We’ve been in the elements long enough.” (Dramix)

Gulliver sighed again before straightening his back and taking a step forward as well.

“Trolan, go tell Naleeit about our arrival.” (Gulliver)

The slimmer guard rushed back into the cave as soon as he heard his orders.

Dramix then lowered his spear and followed the prince further into the cave.

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