Chapter 3- A Stranger in Need

“Dra…Dra… Dramix! Grab that rock!” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

The voice inside his head was muffled before it soon cleared up and he opened his eyes in surprise to find himself in the middle of a raging river. He was still a little bit drowsy as he extended the kitchen knife in his hand to split the rock in front of him in half. The blade snapped in half, but he was able to get his other hand that held the sack into the crack.

He then tossed the remnants of the blade to be washed away into the water’s current before climbing onto the rock. He laid on his back and panted to catch his breath before sitting up and cutting the binding from his wing with the broken knife blade.

He then swiftly glided over to the shore, but he crashed into the bank.

“You all right?” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

Dramix put his hands on his knees before slowly standing up and panting again.

“My ancestors… would be so…. ashamed of me right now.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

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Peter couldn’t help but laugh when he said that.

“All great legends have their low points. However, when they fall, they get back up stronger than ever. You aren’t dead yet, so keep moving forward. Would your ancestors be proud of you for doing that?” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

Dramix chuckled as he walked forward before opening the sack. He surprisingly found out that its insides were remarkably dry. The sack must have had some magic put on it. Inside the bag; there was fruits, dried meats, a jug of wine, and several pouches of different kinds of seasonings. He test tasted all of them and came to the conclusion that everything was preserved with salt.

He immediately pulled out all the food from the bag and started scarfing it down his throat.

After ten minutes passed, the food was completely gone and the wine jug was empty.

Right after he finished eating, Dramix started talking about his fourth trail when they broke through the trees and were out in the open where they were originally.  

Dramix was crouched to stay hidden as he readied the makeshift spear that he made from the blade he used to cut his bindings.

“They come back?” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

“They likely scavenged what they could from the food wagon, but they probably couldn’t haul most of the cage wagon’s supplies. We’re in the middle of nowhere, so scavengers couldn’t have picked it clean either. We need supplies, and I want my personal belongings back.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

Peter never realized that Dramix had been completely naked up to this point.

With him stunned, Dramix sneaked forward and found the corpses of the dead slavers. They were picked clean and the cage on the wagon was broken open.

He then circled around the wagon and noticed that most of the boxes that contained the slaves’ belongings were busted open.

He looked through all of the open ones before focusing his attention on the only four left intact. The first three were completely useless, but luckily, the last one had his stuff.

As he started grabbing his stuff from the box, Peter suddenly yelled inside his mind, “There’s someone behind you!” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

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Dramix slowly reached for his spear, but an arrow landed by his hand.

“You could have gotten me killed! My men were lying in wait to ambush these wagons at the other end of the pass.” (Stranger)

Dramix withdrew his hand before quickly gripping the dagger that was in the sack on his belt.

“So, would your men do anything to help me, Stranger?” (Dramix)

“Hang on, Dramix! You’re in range and your back is to him. You’ll lose. Continue talking.” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

Dramix sighed before releasing his grip on the dagger.

“How do you know that your men are actually there? As far as you know, they may be all dead or abandoned you. Even then, would your escape be assured?” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

Dramix heard the stranger laugh before releasing the tension in his bow.

“That’s true. However, I’m still going. I was just checking the resources around here and waiting for dawn.” (Stranger)

Dramix was tempted to reach for his blade again, but he had his suspicions that it would lead to the same situation as before.

“We broke out well over an hour ago. Why stay around here?” (Dramix)

The stranger took a cautious step forward before responding, “I wanted to know if you survived or not, Drakan. I know about you tough little b*****ds, but with a fall like that, I’m still surprised you survived.” (Stranger)

Dramix then suddenly heard something hit the ground from the direction of the stranger, so he looked over his shoulder to find him on his knees spitting up blood.

Dramix quickly grabbed his spear and sprinting over.

“How bad is it?” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

The man fell to his side before Dramix could respond.

“Can you help him?” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

Dramix took a knee and inspected the stranger’s wound.

“He’s lost a lot of blood. I might be able to save him though.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

Peter paused as he thought about their options; escaping or staying and risk becoming a slave.

Dramix desired freedom, so he wanted to help him fully attain it.

This is why he has a dilemma; Dramix wasn’t sure whether he should save this person or not.

“Would it haunt you if you knew that you left this man to die?” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

Dramix raised his head in surprise before walking back over to the boxes of random belongings and finding some clothes he could make bandages out of.

He quickly bandaged him up to stabilize him before building a small fie.

“Without you, I may have left him to die without giving it a second thought. I will never forget the feeling of giving a stranger kindness.” (Dramix)

Peter felt proud by his words and hoped that all the decisions that he’s made in this game so far go as easily as those he’s already completed.

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