B1 — F2. Persevere Pt. 2

Fiona motioned for her to sit as she hovered over to her.  “I guess you do, and it’s okay to rub against Erica, okay, Brion.”  He meowed with cheer as he moved to rub against Erica’s hand. “So, umm, I can talk to Brion now … like literally, I can understand him.”

“This is so bizarre…”  Erica shook her head, scratching Brion’s forehead; he purred with joy, pressing against her hand.

“Tch, you’re telling me … I’m freaking three inches tall—I couldn’t even turn off my shower!”

Erica’s head shifted toward the bathroom door as the sound of the water amplified in the following silence.  “Wow, really? How much can you lift then?”

She hovered down, sitting on the edge of her laptop display with a huff.  “Brion’s treats felt like they were fifteen pound weights—I’m super weak. I just hope this isn’t permanent because I don’t know how I’ll live being … this—oh!”  Erica’s vision snapped to her. “There’s a spider in my bathroom!”


“You don’t understand!  I’m three inches tall and that thing was half my size!  It’s super scary … can you please go smash it?”

Erica scratched her left fox ear with a soft hum.  “Should we really be focusing on spiders when we changed into … this?”  She gestured at her ears and tail. “You said you were a Prismatic Fairy…”

“Yes!”  Fiona nodded fervently.  “If you had a killer spider the size of a large dog in your house, what would your priorities be?”

“Eh, okay—I get that.”  Sighing, she rose and moved to the shower; Fiona trailed behind with Brion in-tow.  She scowled as Erica opened the door without a second thought. I can’t believe how much I took that for granted!

Floating in, she squinted her eyes as the moisture hit her.  “Being small sucks so much!” Fiona growled.

“Is that right?”  Erica chuckled. “Where was it?”

“By the mirror—spiders are super scary looking.  I’ve never really looked at one close up, but they’re freaky.”

Erica frowned as she looked around the sink.  “I don’t see it…”

“Master!  I see the thing!  The thing!” Brion jumped behind the toilet to swat the spider; it tumbled across the ground.

Erica jumped.  “What’s up with…”

“The spider!”  Fiona yelled, pointing down at it as it tried scurrying away.

Shaking her head, Erica stepped on it with her right heel.  “Alright, feel better?” She sighed.

Fiona breathed a deep sigh of relief.  “I really do … I mean, it’s a spider! What if it just jumped me from behind or I got caught in a web or something?”

“I don’t think those kinds of spiders make webs, but I could be wrong,” she muttered.  “Anyways, what should we do? The CDC is being mobilized; are we infected by something?”

“Got me,” Fiona crossed her arms.  She looked over at her shower, turning back to Erica with pleading eyes.

She closed her eyes, pursing her lips.  Taking a deep breath, Erica put her hands on her lips.  “Seriously … where are your priorities?”

“I don’t know,” Fiona fronwed.  “I just—it’s a solution I guess … it’s accomplishing something, and I feel like I need wins right now…”

“Fine…”  Erica opened the shower door and turned off the water.

Fiona’s nose burned a little as she watched Erica effortlessly press the knob in, her emotions flaring.  “You—you don’t know how hard that is … how hard it is being small.” She sniffed back tears.

Erica turned to her with concern.  “Hey—it’s okay, it’s just the shower.”

“Right … it’s just the shower—just the stupid shower … just a door … I had to melt Brion’s treat bag to get a treat out for him.  Brion tried to kill me…”

“Okay, okay,” Erica held up her hands, a little lost how to comfort her; her voice reverberating through Fiona’s body.  “Do—do you need a hug or something? I just—I don’t want to hurt you.”

Her shoulders began to quake as her chest convulsed.  “I—I…” She shot toward Erica’s throat, hugging her as best she could.  “I don’t know—what do we do?”

“Hey, it’s okay…”  Erica carefully pressed her fingers against her back as she cried, trying to be gentle with her wings.  “You’re pretty warm.”


“Hah—I’m warm?”

She swallowed.  “Yeah, why don’t we go back to the front room and try to sort this out.  I’m sure your chat have some answers. Maybe we can check out some other streams too, or the news.”

“Okay…”  Fiona sniffed.

Erica chuckled as she walked back to the front room, Fiona still clinging to her throat.  “How’s your voice? It seems a little different.”

“Master!  I want to help!”

Fiona cleared her throat.  “Yeah … it changed a little; I’m a little scared, but I also don’t feel super scared.  It’s really odd … it like, flips off and on.”

She sat on the couch, and Brion jumped up next to her; front paws pressing against Erica’s thigh as he looked up at her.  “Master, what’s wrong?

“It looks like Brion’s pretty worried about you.”

“Your voice vibrates my whole body,” Fiona chuckled as she let go, floating back to hover in front of her.  “Thanks, Brion … I’m okay.”

“Really, Master?  Nothing hurts?”

“No, nothing hurts.  I’m okay.”

“Okay,” he purred happily.

Erica smiled, examining her a bit more thoroughly.  “I think your makeshift dress is becoming a bit too loose.”

“Oh!”  Landing on her left leg, she secured the cloth.  “This was the best I could do…”

“Yeah, it must have been rough, sorry.”

She smiled up at her lawyer, manager, and friend, wiping at her cheeks.  “I’m just happy you’re here with me.”

Cracking her neck, Erica pulled her black hair over her shoulder and secured her bangs behind her ears.  “So, what’s your chat saying then?” They both moved to look at the screen, Brion sitting at the edge of the center couch cushion.  Skipping the backlog, they looked at the newest messages.

skGGh:  “Erica!!”

Seabrax:  “Foxy Erica!  I want to see!

Daxton:  “Did you guys get the spider?”

Erica laughed.  “Yes, we got the spider.”

Dodokumi:  “Brion’s so big compared to Fiona!”

Nonumapu:  “Erica’s a giant fox lady compared to our girl!”

Roxy44:  “Were you crying, Fiona?”

Trollex1313:  “You okay, Fiona?”

Nohh:  “Fiona’s cheeks are wet?”

skGGh:  “So, I just watched my neighbor summon an imp?”

basti1993kekyo:  “Wait, Trollex cares?  What’s up Fiona?”

Seabrax:  “So, what other powers do you have?”

Fiona took a deep breath.  “Yes, I’m okay … I guess. This is just a lot to take in.”

“No,” Erica huffed.  “We’re both not alright.  Anyone know what’s going on or what we should do?”

Daxton:  “I’m with Basti … Trollex cares?  BTW, seriously, an imp?”

Trollex1313:  “Hey, I’m not inhuman or a monster…”

Olusculum:  “Oof … wrong words?”

Trollex1313:  “Eh, wait, not what I meant … yeah…”

skGGh:  “C’mon, it’s Trollex, of course he meant it!”

Roxy44:  “Hey, Fiona, I’m sorry that happened.  My little brother turned into a wolfboy … I don’t know how to handle this…”

Tentec667:  “So, been getting caught up on the conversation.  Yeah … so, lights, changed people, powers, Fairy Fiona with powers … I’m going back to bed.”

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“Wait, Fiona, you have powers?”  Erica glanced over at her.

“Eh, yeah … I can feel this energy within me—maybe something like mana or some resource from games.  I’m running out fast when I use my powers…”

“What kind of powers?”  She shifted on the couch, making Brion shift a little to keep balance.

“Umm—water, fire, and wind are what I’ve tested out.”

“Is that right?  Well … I think we should probably go down to the CDC.  I’ll … oh, the network just went down?”

Olusculum:  “Aww, cheer up, Fiona!  I’m sure it’ll work out.”

Daxton:  “I guess I need to go … my girlfriend has powers.”

basti1993kekyo:  “I’m just waiting for my dog to fly … wait, ALL those powers?  Freaking OP!”

Dodokumi:  “Did you water strike Brion?  He looked pretty scared you were going to punish him when I came on!  PETA!! Hehe…”

Seabrax:  “You’re an elemental magical Fairy!  Wait … CDC, IDK about that one Erica…”

skGGh:  “CDC!  They’ll freaking lock you guys up for life!”

Fiona sighed.  “I don’t know … maybe they can help.”

Roxy44:  “I’m kind of with them on this one …. you two don’t seem sick.  The government isn’t the most trustworthy.”

Nonumapu:  “Yup, don’t trust the government!  Rule #1 of monster change movies!”

Dodokumi:  “Wait, what?  Government?! NONONONO!!!  They’ll dissect you!”

Daxton:  “C’mon guys … I mean, my gut’s with you guys, but who else is equipped to handle this … Martial Law too…”

basti1993kekyo:  “Fiona can just blast her way out if they go all evil on her!”

Olusculum:  “Wait, if it’s the CDC then you should get there as soon as possible!  Get help!”

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skGGh:  “^^^  First guy to die in a movie.”

Seabrax:  “Hehe, actually, yeah, sounds about right.”

Erica rubbed between her eyes.  “Right, well, there is a store that sells doll clothes down the street.  Maybe we should go grab you some clothes that will fit … then we can come back up and figure out our next step.”  She smiled at Fiona. “I think you’re right about needing some wins, and you could use some proper clothes.”

Fiona ran a hand through her hair with a slight smile.  “Yeah, I’d like real clothes. Alright, guys, we’ll be back in a bit.  Brion, stay here and keep chat company.”

Brion’s big eyes widened as he looked around.  “I don’t smell chat? What’s chat?”

Chuckling, Fiona moved to pat him on the head.  “You’re a good boy, keep the house safe for me.”  Without looking at chat’s reaction, Fiona left the camera’s sight, Erica rising with a stretch.  “Right, let’s get going then! Our first Fairy shopping trip.”

Author Note:

This concludes the flashback chapters in Volulme 1.

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