B1 — F2. Persevere Pt. 1

Fiona took a step back as Brion tilted his head; he rose up on all fours.  “What’s this?” He purred. Oh my … he’s like three times my size!  A cat three times my size … he’s as big as a house!

“Brion … nice, kitty…”

Her spine tingled with unease.  Oh, no … he’s going to attack.  Brion’s eyes widened as he tensed to strike; his muscles shifted in slow motion as Fiona’s wings appeared on desire and she shot up into the air.

He hissed.  “Little thing knows my name?  Master and Master’s friends call me Brion.”  He circled around her. “Why is glowing white bug in Master’s home?”

Clearing her throat, she hovered five feet above him.  “Brion, it’s me, it’s Fiona, Master.”

Brion’s eyes narrowed.  “You don’t smell like Master?  Master is in the falling water … you’re trespassing in Master’s home!”

The cool air felt like needles against her skin mixed with the bruises across her body; she rose a little more as Brion leaped at her.  “Brion, stop it!”

“Glowing bug!  You trying to hurt Master?  I protect Master’s home!” Brion hissed as he circled under her.  “Leave home!”

Fiona growled.  “Brion, I’m your Master!  I got changed into this little fairy.”

“You’re a—fairy … not a glowing bug?  Fairy isn’t Master; you don’t smell like Master!”  He crouched, and Fiona rose a bit higher. He jumped up to swipe at her again, not getting nearly as close as the first time.

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“I can’t believe my own cat is trying to kill me…”  Fiona groaned. “Plus, I’m naked—I want some clothes!”  She sighed as she began flying toward her open computer, Brion running after her.

“Leave fairy!”

She hovered over her oval table, Brion jumping up on the table to look up at her.  “Hey, Brion! You know you’re not allowed on the table.”

“Only Master tells me what to do!”

Growling lowly, Fiona looked down at the cloth by her computer.  How do I get Brion to realize I’m his Master?  Food … he’s a bulimic! He’ll just keep eating before puking if I don’t regulate his meals.  That might work!

“Hey, Brion, are you hungry?”

Brion’s menacing demeanor shifted.  “What? Hungry? Yes, I’m hungry … oh, you might taste good!”

Fiona pressed a palm against her forehead, breathing tiredly.  Great.  “No, Brion.  I don’t taste good, but your cat treats taste good.”

She was a little shocked to hear Brion gasp.  “What—Fairy knows about cat treats?” Cats can gasp?

“Umm—yeah, Brion.  I know about cat treats.  Your master gets up at seven in the morning, feeds you, and then feeds you when she eats at five.  When do you get cat treats?”

“You know Master’s words?  Master feeds me treats at seven!”

Fiona nodded.  “Right, but you didn’t get your treats today, did you?”

“I didn’t!”  He said with big eyes, his tail shifting, flipping the cloth off the table.  “Master’s friend didn’t give me any when Master left.”

“You want one?”

“Yes!  Yes, I’m hungry!”  He purred.

“Will you call me your Master?”

He swallowed before saying, “Yes!  Master feeds me; if you feed me then you are Master, but why does Master not smell like Master?”

Fiona huffed.  “Because I turned into this tiny Fairy!  It sucks!”

“Master says that too!  It sucks. You really are Master!”  Finally, at least we’re getting somewhere.

“Alright,” she lowered herself a little.  “Brion, I’m going to grab that cloth on the ground.  You go wait in the kitchen for me to get you some snacks, okay?”

“Cat snacks!”  Brion cheered as he jumped off the table and raced to the kitchen.

Flying down, Fiona grabbed the microfiber fabric and rose back into the air.  Okay, got the cloth … wow, it’s a bit taller than I am.  She breathed a depressed sigh.  Alright, let’s fold it a little bit and wrap it around like a towel … freaking hair gets in the way!  She struggled with it for a bit.  Doing it in the air is a lot harder than I thought…

“New Master!  I’m hungry!” Brion meowed.

“Give me a second, I’ll be there in a bit!”  She yelled back as she dropped to the table top.  Tuck it in, and … there!  Her eyes settled on a shed whisker.  Oh, that would be a decent belt!  She picked it up and tied it around her waist.  It’s a bit stiff and long, but it’ll do.  I’m so freaking small!

Flying to the kitchen, she landed on the black granite countertop; the floor was white tile and there were plenty of lightly stained wooden cabinets around the stove, fridge, and microwave.  She looked at the plastic container filled with cat treats in the back corner, grimace creasing her lips. Crap, how am I going to get this open.

“You’re going to have to give me a second,” Fiona grumbled.  “I need to figure out a way to open the jar.”

“What, why?  Master can do it super fast, you can’t?”

“I am your old and new master!”  Fiona huffed. “I’m a lot weaker than I used to be … physically at least.”  How am I supposed to open this?  It seems like a harder task than turning off the shower.  She folded her arms.  Yup, seems impossible, but if I want Brion to behave then I need to get him one.  I’m at the mercy of my cat’s attitude… “This is sad…”  She muttered.

“What’s sad, new Master?”  Brion asked innocently.

How can I open it?  Wind? Nope, nothing.  Well, what about fire… “Yes!”  She grinned.  I can use fire!  Flying close to the container top, she held out her hand and called upon the element with a desire.  A small flame lit in her hand as her fingernails, hair, wings, and glowing aura turned red. This is pretty cool.

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She expelled the radial heat toward the lid in a jet of hot air; she watched as a hole opened in the plastic, the edges curling.  Great!  This works.  I can feel it draining me like the wind though, and it’s a lot faster than the passive Wind Shield.  She finished a big enough hole for her to slip into and cut her fire, light dimming as her wings vanished.

Okay, just gotta get in and grab one!  She stepped near the sides.  “Ach!” She quickly retracted her foot.  Stupid!  Of course, it would be hot near the edges.  Do I have ice … yup! Sweet! Holding out her hand, she began glowing a bluish-white as she expelled a cold burst of air; cutting the magic, she stepped forward.  Round two!  Smiling, she sat on the edge and lowered herself into the bowl.

“Okay, these things are pretty big—the size of my head.”  She lifted one up with a grunt. “They weigh like freakin’ fifteen pounds!”  She hoisted it up through the hole, dropping it on the counter. “They used to weigh nothing when I was a human.”  She sighed, looking down. Two more!

Finished lugging the treats through the hole, she climbed out.  “I hope you’re happy Brion. These things are heavy now!”

“I’m hungry!”

“Okay, here they are!”  She tossed them over the edge, watching Brion scramble to get them with a small chuckle.  It’s so crazy watching a cat the size of a house run after treats.  Okay, well, Brion should be satisfied now. Slowly flying down, Brion looked at her, blinking as her white glow faded.

“What’s New Master going to do?”  Brion purred.

“I’m you’re old master, okay?  I’m Fiona! Say it, Fiona.”

“Fiona,” Brion repeated.  “My master is Fiona.”

Smiling, Fiona flew up to his head, scratching between his eyes.  “That’s a good boy, Brion.” He purred, pushing forward. “Oof!” She gasped as she was sent flying back, skidding across the ground, wings vanished.  Coughing, she wheezed, “Brion … I’m fragile now—okay? You need to be gentle with me.”

“I don’t understand?”  Brion asked with concern; walking up to her, he sat down, feet tucking under.  “I always rub against Master.”

Fiona chuckled.  “Well, Master got a lot smaller and weaker; now Master rubs against Brion.  Sound good?”

Brion cocked his head.  “Okay, I understand.”

“Good!”  Fiona got up, fixing her makeshift robe.  “Alright, let’s see if we can figure out what’s happening.”

She flew to her laptop, Brion following behind her.  Standing beside the touchpad, she glanced over at her cat as he leapt onto the tabletop, sitting beside the computer.  “Hey! What did I say about the tables, Brion.”

“I like to be close to Master…”

Do I have water?  The knowledge came.  This is awesome!  A globe of water appeared above her hand.  “Brion! Remember the rules.”

He tensed as he caught sight of the water.  “You are Master! Master uses water to punish!”  Leaping off the table, he ran into her room.

Feeling a little bad, Fiona called after him.  “Aww, Brion, hey! Look, you can sit on the couch, but remember, no scratching!  You have a scratching post for that. Brion!” She looked at the water above her palm with a frown; on a thought, the water turned into vapor, and her dark blue light faded, tinting red for a moment.  This is so fascinating, but I can’t feel my magical power building back up; I just keep using it.  I feel like … a quarter drained.

She pressing on a key with her foot, but it didn’t drop.  I’m too freaking light!  Stepping atop the key, she jumped, and it compressed, lighting up her screen.  This is going to be such a pain; freaking mechanical keyboards and stiff keys!  She slowly typed in her password, hovering between keys to drop down on the right letters.

Entering her desktop, she used her feet to slowly move the cursor down to her streaming program.  Opening it, it took her a few minutes to initiate a stream. “Finally!” She growled as her stream went live.  She watched the side of the screen, and after a minute a few people started to join, and the messages started flooding in.

Daxton: “Fiona, what the crap?  You’re one of the changed people!”

Nonumapu: “She’s like a little pixy!  She’s so cute!”

Daxton: “She’s obviously a fairy, not a pixy.”

Ulitron13 “What’s the difference?”

Seabrax: “Do you have powers?”

Trollex1313: “What the crap is this?  Fiona’s a gnome?”

Daxton: “Freaking Trollex again!”

Daxton: “How can you troll when the world has gone to ****”

Nonumapu:  “Hey, who knows … she could be a Gnome.”

Seabrax:  “That towel looks so cute!  You’re so small and beautiful!”

“Guys!”  Fiona said with a tired sigh.  “So, I changed into a Prismatic Fairy—anyone know what’s going on?”

Trollex1313: “Hey, at least you’re a smaller target for people to shoot at!”

Seabrax: “Okay, that’s dark!  Where’s a mod when you need them?”

Daxton: “Yeah, that was too much!  I’m hiding in my basement right now.”

“Wait, what?”  Fiona asked. “Is there people being shot right now?  What’s going on?”

Nonumapu: “There were a ton of lights in the sky.

Trollex1313: “The sky cracked like an egg!”

“Seriously, Trollex, please be serious,” Fiona muttered.

Daxton: “Actually … he wasn’t trolling on that one…

skGGh: “The epic troll juke … but seriously, dude.”

Nonumapu: “I just heard another gunshot!  What’s happening out there?”

Seabrax: “You guys didn’t hear?  The U.S. just went into Martial Law.”

Trollex1313: “Australian dude, get that American garbage out of here!”

Fiona frowned.  “Martial Law? The sky cracked, and there were lights all over?  What’s going on?”

Ulitron13: “Okay, so, basically the world is going to **** and everyone’s gone crazy.  Some people changed into monsters; not pretty like you, like scary monsters.  The U.S. has gone full lockdown, and the CDC has been called in.”

Daxton: “People have changed and … yeah, Ulitron’s got it.  Government’s saying find a safe place.

Nonumapu: “I’m sitting in my closet with my phone and a shotgun…”

Trollex1313: “CDC … Clinically Diseased Citizens, A.K.A. Stupidity!  Run for the hills!”

Pushkin1: “Bottle of Vodka, MP-443 Grach, my dog, and my ZIL-130.”

skGGh:  “Actually … seeing Trollex makes me feel a little better.  At least I know trolls will never die.”

Daxton: “Seriously guys?”

Fiona watched the comments with pursed lips.  What did I expect?

Trollex1313: “Hail Mother Russia *salutes* Pushkin1”

Seabrax:  “Seriously though, Fiona, do you have any powers?”

Pushkin1:  “Wait, when did Fiona turn into a tiny person?  My cow’s floating … Anatoly’s stealing my cow!”

She shook her head.  “Yup, I have magic powers.  Someone’s seriously stealing your cow … by making it fly?”

skGGh: “Oh **** **** his **** up Pushkin!”

Trollex1313: “Rule 1: Don’t steal a Russian man’s cow!”

Daxton: “It’s sad your cow is being stolen, but can we get back on topic?  Fiona needs some answers. And you know the no swearing rule skGGh…”

Fiona looked right as Brion came around the couch and hopped up on the cushion, ears back with pleading eyes.  “Master won’t punish me?”

Sighing, she shook her head.  “No, Brion, I won’t punish you.  Just don’t get on the counter, okay.”  She turned back to the screen as Brion meowed his acceptance, reading the short backlog of comments.

Seabrax: “I want to know your powers!  Fairy powered Fiona!”

Tolvesta3: “Wait, Fiona’s a fairy?  Can she still sing?”

Nonumapu: “Oh, you do have powers?”

skGGh: “It’s probably flying powers; she’s basically Tinker Bell.”

Daxton: “Oh, Brion is there.”

Trollex1313: “Brion’s a giant compared to Fiona!  Well, goodbye, your lovely voice has been recorded for history.”

Roxy44: “RIP Fairy Fiona…”

Seabrax: “Wait, you can talk to animals now?”

Tolvesta3: “F’s in the chat!”

Daxton: “F!”

Nohh: “f”

Nonumapu: “She’s a cat whisperer! 0_0”

Trollex1313: “Sabrina, is that you?”

skGGh:  “We going to talk about the floating cow in Russia?”

Seabrax: “Powers, Fiona, Now!”

Roxy44: “My role model just turned into a Fairy … I don’t know how to feel about this…”

basti1993kekyo: “f … what we f’ing?  Pixy Fiona!”

Daxton: “I’m interested in her powers too, Seabrax.”

skGGh: “No … okay…”

Tolvesta3:  “Sing Ocean Eyes!”

Nonumapu: “Oh, don’t let Daxton hear you say that, Basti!”

Trollex1313: “Yeah, Basti, Pixy!  She’s totally a Pixy!  Pixy in the chat!”

Daxton: “She SAID she was a PRISMATIC FAIRY!  Fairy!”

skGGh: “F’s in the chat for Fairy?”

Fiona puffed out a long breath.  “Okay, guys, focus here. Yes, I can talk to Brion; he’s a good boy.  I’ve only tested out ice, fire, wind, and water magic so far, but I can do all of them.  I can also make Navi like wings and my color changes when I use specific magic, like green when I use wind, see?  Then it goes back to white when I stop it.”

Seabrax: “0_0”

Nonumapu: “Pretty!”

Daxton: “Wow…”

skGGh: “F!”

basti1993kekyo: “I feel blessed!”

Nohh: “Donating 5k right now!  Give us m0re!”

Trollex1313: “What’s up with the microfiber cloth?  Thought this was a family stream >.>”

Fiona’s eyes shot to the door as she heard a key inserted in the lock; Brion shot to his feet, vision locked on the door  “Master, who is it?” Is it Erica?

The door opened to reveal a scared looking Erica, but she seemed five years younger; she looked like she was in her early twenties.  She wore her standard business outfit; a black undershirt with a gray overcoat and skirt. Her feet were bare, and her long black hair that hung to her lower back was tangled.  More surprising were the furry fox ears and tail poking out from under her skirt, both black with white tips.

“Fiona!  I’ve—you—what?”

Fiona’s white wings appeared as she rose into the air, soft glow enveloping her.  “Erica! You’re a fox-girl?”

Erica quickly shut the door, rushing over to her.  “Fiona? You’re so tiny! What’s happening? There were all those lights in the sky, and then I got a message on my phone about Martial Law and the CDC being mobilized.”

“Yeah, my stream says there’s chaos all over the world!  I was in the shower and suddenly there was this pulse that shot through me and I turned into a Prismatic Fairy … it really sucked.  What about you?”

“Prismatic Fairy?  You’re a fairy … this is so surreal.”  She breathed a tired sigh as she moved around the table to sit next to Brion, but paused as he hissed, fur on end.

“Master!  Who is this new thing?  It smells dangerous!”

“What’s going on with Brion?”  Erica asked with concern.

“It’s okay, Brion.  It’s only Erica … well, I guess she would smell different than what she normally smelled like.  It’s okay, she a friend, okay?”

“I smell different?”  Erica muttered, glancing at Fiona with a furrowed brow before returning to Brion as he settled down.

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