FAQ 1 Pt. 1

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I hope you enjoy!

If you don’t want any form of hints or insights into the background system then you’d best skip this FAQ, but the latter half has a lot of frequently asked questions that don’t have to do with the system … fun ones and exasperating ones.  I give a lot of detail into some of the background workings as has been described.  Much of this is observable in the novel, but if you’re casually reading then you could miss a lot of it.


Is this an LitRPG or GameLit Series?

Yes, there have been many hints sprinkled about; I decided to take the hidden system approach. I’ve revealed small glimpses of stat distribution, skills, and abilities.

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The System: From hints throughout the book, you can theorize there’s some kind of system at play behind the scenes. This system doesn’t seem to hold your hands and gives you the information only once. However, that information is imprinted in the person’s mind; it’s as if they knew the knowledge from the day they were born.

Skills, Attributes, Talents, etc: From what information has been given, the system automatically sinks your points into what you desire. Fiona wished for protection against the water and she learned Wind Shield, Rachel wished for a means to protect herself from Conner’s strength and so she received Wenet’s Minor Protection, etc.

As you can imagine, this type of system can be seen as good or bad. You cannot simply browse through a ton of potential skills and pick whatever you want; this desire based system could create the perfect class and desired skillset or make your movepool a nightmare. People that learn about the system and have RPG or Gaming knowledge might be tempted to experiment, distributing many of their points into a great many skills, but waste all their points into useless or early stage skills. This could severely damage your end-game potential, as some might call it. This could also lead to people developing into specialists, excelling in the field they most desire to achieve.

Current Races: From The Oscillation there seems to have sprouted many types of creatures, but they seem to have some form of commonality; the Beastkin for one, but you haven’t been told how wide that race is. Lizard-men, Bird, and Squirrel-women to name a few; there have been these and others that have been shown, but not been named. Some of these Beastkin were shown to be more bestial than others. For instance, these are some examples and possible speculations:

Beastkin -> Domestic Cat (Zoey)

Beastkin -> Panther (Mentioned to have a child that changed into the same race as its mother)

Beastkin -> Fox (Erica)

Beastkin -> Bull (Thomas; Teenage Hero Group)

Beastkin -> Bear (Soo-geun; Rachel’s cousin)

Beastkin -> Lizard (Guy Scarlet slaughtered)

Beastkin -> Squirrel (Girl in the classroom)

Beastkin -> Raccoon (Women taken hostage)

Beastkin -> Bird (One in classroom and one as a hostage)

Beastkin -> Tiger (Woman in line)

Beastkin -> Rabbit (Corral)

You also have the seemingly rare races, Mythickin and Legendkin, that Rachel has speculated separates themselves by mythical creatures vs legendary figures throughout history. In the report that Richard and Julia had, they mentioned 52 known Mythickin, at that time, which later there was talk about a new one found in England. That isn’t to say there are only that meny … that was only several hours after the event happened. There should be many more in over twenty million changed. Among the known Mythickin and Legendkin there are:

Mythickin -> Lunar Hare (Rachel)

Mythickin -> Vampire -> Vespertine Reaper (Scarlet)

Mythickin -> Unicorn (Maria)

Mythickin -> Prismatic Fairy (Fiona)

Mythickin -> Nymph (Female; created a massive tree in England)

Mythickin -> Vampire (Male; Vampire in Seattle that killed over 800 people before vanishing)

Mythickin -> Succubus (Female; mentioned in report)

Mythickin -> Incubus (Male; mentioned in report)

Mythickin -> Kitsune (Unknown; mentioned in report)

Legendkin -> Antaeus (Conner)

There are still unknown races that have not been mentioned yet, such as the demon girls and other scary creatures that caused mass panic and mobbing. You also have humans that have gained some form of powers that may be a race of their own. So far those shown have been:

Nam (Rachel’s brother): Stated to have the ability to create energy constructs to fight for him.

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Greg (Teenage Hero Group): He had the ability to view places around him in a Clairvoyant manner, but couldn’t see well in the dark.

David (Teenage Hero Group): Could create illusions that were effective against normal people, but against Mythickin True Sight it seemed utterly useless.

Laura (Teenage Hero Group): Seemed to be a magical girl that could shoot ice balls that froze whatever they touched and fireballs by chanting a strange language.

Ice-man (nickname): The man that Scarlet subdued that could create an ice shell and expand it into a blizzard at will. He also seemed immune to the cold.

Harris (Gang-Member; RIP): Could create poisonous black smoke and poisonous goo.

Marcus (Gang-Leader): Can create a honeycomb-like shield that can be expanded and retracted to increase shield strength or protection size. It seems to be linked to Marcus’ body as well as Rachel’s strikes caused internal damage.

Daran (Gang-Leader): Can teleport; it seems to be limited to those he touches and he can only teleport a mile at a time before having to wait for an internal cooldown of several seconds.

Terrell (Gang-Boss): Seems to be able to project his consciousness to another location to observe it; it seems to be a more advanced form of Greg’s ability but could be entirely different.

Fire-dude (At University): The guy that was on fire, running around the building.

What hare myth did you base Rachel’s liner hare nature and initial skills on?

Rachel is based on a great many myths; I’ve looked at many sites with a whole lot of mythology … there’s a lot of sites I have bookmarked. This site seems to have the most information though, if you’re interested. I tend to look at a large conglomerate of myths to attribute to the Mythickin nature/abilities.

When people changed especially the legend/ mystic kin was their old selves personality, etc. required to get that certain racial changes?

There’s some more nuances with that, and it’s a bit of a mystery in the novel and I’d prefer to keep it that way. Fans can theorize all they want. =)

Which vampire legend was origin of Scarlet’s form?

It’s the same for Scarlet in connection with Rachel, but Scarlet has some interesting nuances that are also mysteries in the novel.

Racial Skills: It seems that all races, be it Beastkin, Mythickin, Magic Users, and any other type of category have passive skills or abilities that are shared within that specification. Such as True Sight with the Mythickin that are able to see past illusions with mythical eyes. This also shows in Zoey and Rachel with their senses enhanced; however, Rachel did need to desire for her sense of smell to increase before that talent was activated.

With the whole ‘skills require points’ thing, does that apply to racial skills as well, or are they free, so to speak?

Racial ‘skill points’ come at the base of one; you’ll learn more about ‘skill points’ in the next arc.

Psyche Change: It seems that with the racial change, a change of nature has also been introduced. This is shown most predominantly with the main Mythickin group, but hints have been dropped in regard to Beastkin with Zoey. There also seems to be a correlation with their primary attunement source that dramatically increases this change in nature as shown with Fiona with sugar, Scarlet with live blood, and Rachel with the moon, however, Maria has yet to enter her supposed affinity, the sun.

Quick Stat Examination:

  • Power vs. StrengthPower is defined as the ability to use explosive force or to move weight with speed. Strength is the ability to exert maximal force against resistance; strength is slower and more controlled force than power which is much more sudden.
  • Speed, Agility, QuicknessSpeed is defined as the ability to move the body in one direction as fast as possible. Agility is the ability to accelerate, decelerate, stabilize, and quickly change directions with proper posture. Quickness is the ability to react and change body position with a maximum rate of force production.
  • Stamina vs. Endurance: They are related, but there are subtle differences between the two. Stamina is about the short term bust power an individual can perform; such as Rachel’s quick and agile busts of speed, while Endurance has to do with a longer measurement of time, such as Maria’s long-running distances. In the novel, Rachel has explained it that Stamina is the pool of energy they have to use, and Endurance is the mitigation stat to the cost of performing their feats.
  • Toughness vs. ResilienceToughness is the amount of damage one can absorb without taking damage or still keeping the same shape; think of a train and the amount of impact it can take without being damaged. Resilience is the ability to absorb damage and return to the same state; think of a spring that could withstand or redirect the energy absorbed.

Skills and Abilities:

  • It is still very vague, but with the last chapter we found out about the Chang’e Branch, which seems to suggest that there’s some kind of tree-based skill system at play. You’d have the base abilities and they’d shoot up into branches. That’s all we seem to know for now since it was the first time Rachel asked where a skill came from. Perhaps more will be revealed in the future.

Rachel the Lunar Hare:

  • Stats: At the beginning of the novel, Rachel discovered she was high Agility and low Endurance, and in addition, it seems she has high Quickness; however, later, while under direct moonlight, it has been shown that she has some sort of passive ability that grants her recuperative effects to her Stamina Pool. Although, without the moon’s recuperative light, her body can rapidly become fatigued with her quick and agile motion.
  • Physical Changes:
    • Hare Ears: Rachel has been shown to have extremely good hearing; she’s stated that she can hear popping in joints as people move, the motion of their lungs, which foot people put the most weight on as they come within a certain distance. She can hear as far as several miles away with louder sounds, such as gunfire, but her hearing to normal tone of voice is stated to be two and a half miles.
    • Enhanced Sense of Smell: She’s also been seen to have a great sense of smell, but she hasn’t identified all the scents yet.
    • Pink-Redish Eyes: Rachel’s vision changed when she became a Lunar Hare, and expanded to see the entirety of her field of vision with the added effect of having it all in focus. This has been shown to aid her in perceiving threats, and move at her accelerated speed while keeping track of her environment to make quick and agile shifts.
    • White Aura: She produces a soft glow that isn’t as radiant as Maria’s; this seems to reflect the level of moonlight is currently in her Lunar Pool.
    • Lunar Hair: Rachel’s butt-length, white pink-hued hair seems to have mystical properties of its own as even with medical scissors and her own explosive strength she was unable to cut it. She speculated that it was another layer of defense to protect her back. It also seems to always return to the same shape of fanning around her back.
    • Hare Tail: She obtained a white tail from The Oscillation. This doesn’t seem to provide any purpose, but can provide her discomfort if constricted or smashed.
  • Passive Moonphase Racials:
    • Lunar Pool: As a Lunar Hare, she has been shown to have a form of Lunar Bar or Pool that fills up in moonlight and decreases in sunlight. With her testing at the hospital, she’s discovered that the amount of moonlight she absorbs stays constant if she stays out of sight from the moon and sun; it does not drain over time. She also has an extra burst of strength when in moonlight (like 125% strength) and a weakening effect while in sunlight (like -25% strength). This boost or negative strength is instantly reduced or increased when she exits sunlight or moonlight. She recently learned that she has abilities that can drain her Lunar Pool if used, such as Wenet’s Minor Protection.
    • Lunar Empowerment: Moonlight also seems to empower her natural stats and feed her Stamina Pool. It doesn’t heal the physical strain against her body but does seem to reinforce her body to withstand the stress for a longer period of time.
  • Enhanced Power: A lot of her points seem to be spent in the Power and Speed category. In regards to physical force, she’s been shown to rip into steel like putty while under the moonlight of a 3/4th’s lunar phase and even has the power to rip apart a tank; although, it takes some effort and leverage. However, when outside of the stat enhancing effects of the moon, she’s shown that it takes effort to damage steel, and when in direct sunlight, she’s no stronger than a really fit man, but with a lot less stamina.
  • Enhanced Speed: Her movements are described as a blur while under a 3/4th’s lunar phase and leaves sharp whirlwinds in her wake from the drag she generates. Even indoors she’s shown to leave gusts, but of much less ferocity than when under moonlight. It can be speculated that in sunlight, she’ll be as quick as a really fit man, but she won’t have the stamina to keep up over an extended distance. Rachel has also stated that she knows she can move faster under moonlight than she already is, but she doesn’t have the proper footwear to accelerate properly.
  • Mental Acceleration: It would do little good if you could run at blurred speeds and hit everything around you. Rachel can increase her perception of time, but this seems to also be linked to her Stamina Pool.
  • Risk Assessment: Since changing, Rachel has become more calculative and whether an ability or not, it is unsure, but she did question herself as to why she was considering things in a particular light and this thought came up.
  • Cold Resistance: This seems to be a passive skill that was most predominantly shown with the Ice-man incident. It could be something more, but for now, only Cold Resistance seems to be observed.
  • Lunar Deadening: Similar to painkillers, it seems the moon can hide her body’s actual damage; making her aware of the damage to her HP, but not healing her. This was first shown when smashing through the steel crate, leaving moonlight.
  • Wenet’s Minor Protection: A coat made of moonlight that seems to protect her, absorbing 30% of incoming damage. However, it also requires a large amount of her lunar energy and drains her Moon Pool reserve; while in the light of a 3/4th lunar phase, it seems completely sustainable.
  • Lunar Step: Rachel learns about this ability when fighting Conner. In the moonlight she’s able to take two steps within three seconds; these small transparent disk-like shapes appear under Rachel’s feet and can even tilt with her desired trajectory. She felt that they were even more sturdy and reliable than the steel crate for absorbing the kinetic throwback of launching at extreme speeds, but it comes with a forty-five-second cooldown.

Maria the Unicorn:

  • Stats: Not much has been stated but observed, it seems she has high Stamina, Endurance, and Speed, but low AgilityQuickness, and Power. Her high Stamina and Endurance are to be highlighted; without obtaining any additional energy from her primary resource, she’s been able to perform a great many feats. It is unknown if sleep or rest has any effect on her Stamina, but if it doesn’t then she has exceptionally high Stamina and Endurance.
  • Physical Changes:
    • Unicorn Horn: As a Unicorn, Maria has a large spiral horn of pure white energy that appears when she utilizes her abilities.
    • Silver Eyes: Her eyes were changed to solid, glowing silver. It is unknown if her vision changed as well.
    • White Aura: Maria has a radiant aura that emanates from her that seems linked to the amount of energy she has in her energy pool as it has continued to fade the more she uses her abilities without recharging.
    • Bright White Skin: According to Marcus, Maria’s changed ‘as white as it gets’ in a derogatory manner, identifying that she likely had brown skin before The Oscillation, representing her Latino heritage.
    • Elongated Ears: Her ears seem to have elongated with her transformation, which seems to have also given her enhanced hearing. It has been shown that she has decent hearing since she was able to listen to Rachel and Scarlet whisper so Richard and Julia couldn’t hear the conversation, but nothing more has been observed. She relies on Rachel’s ears, so it is by no means enhanced to the same degree.
    • Shimmering White Hair: It can be assumed that her hair was black from her heritage, however, The Oscillation seems to have changed that. Her hair is described as shimmering with her bright aura.
    • Hourglass Figure: Either from The Oscillation or not is unclear, but Rachel observed that she has rather voluptuous curves (similar to Jennifer Lopez).
  • Passive Solar Racials: According to Corrupted Scarlet, The Reaper of Blood spoke of Maria’s Solar Attunement in her sleep. Therefore, it can be theorized that similar to Rachel, Maria would have abilities related to the sun, such as her energy pool being something similar to a Solar Pool. However, Unicorn lore does paint them as creatures of the sun. More on this will have to be revealed when Maria enters sunlight.
  • Ambassador of Truth: In Unicorn lore, they have been stated to be beacons of truth and purity. Maria cannot lie and can detect lies, even half-truths. Whether this is the intent of the individual or something deeper is not known, but you can imagine what kind of double-edged sword this ability is.
  • Teleportation: It has yet to be shown, but Maria stated that she could teleport long distances; however, it requires a large amount of energy, more than she was willing to use at the time.
  • Diagnosis: She has been shown to know exactly what ails those around her, whether it be health concerns such as heartburn or seemingly Status Effects such as Blood Corruption.
  • Healing: Maria has been shown to possess exceptional healing capability. She was even able to restore appendages such as Coral’s rabbit-ears. She’s been shown to heal within an area of effect with her horn’s light. She has also been shown to be able to specify what she wishes to heal, allowing her to micromanage the energy cost.
  • Purification: As one of the primary and forefront abilities listed among Unicorn myths, Maria seems extremely proficient in purifying illnesses, poisons, corruption, and harmful status effects from those around her.
  • Status Shielding: Maria has shown the ability to shield people from effects such as Scarlet’s Fear Aura that seems to function differently than a one-time Purification. This ability seems to be a consistent drain on her energy pool rather than a one-time cost.
  • Speed Enhancement: She’s been shown to run at extremely high speeds and can likely outperform Rachel in long-distance, but she doesn’t have the same quick and agile movements as it took her a distance to stop.

Scarlet the Vespertine Reaper (basically a Vampire):

  • Stats: Scarlet’s stat distribution doesn’t seem to be very apparent. She seems to be proficient in most skills; so, perhaps she’s more of an all-rounder, but there’s nothing definitive. However, when corrupted, she was able to move at an accelerated pace, but not able to keep up with Maria or Rachel without using her Blood Portals.
  • Physical Changes:
    • Vampiric Eyes:
      • Shadow Eyes: When Scarlet just uses her Shadow Teleportation, her eyes turn into a void black abyss before returning to her normal blue eyes.
      • Crimson Eyes: When Scarlet drinks blood, is corrupted or uses Blood Manipulation without enhancing her vision then it turns entirely crimson.
      • Crimson Halo Eyes: When Scarlet is looking through objects her eyes turn void black with crimson halo irises; however, when corrupted, the shadow completely fades. We don’t know if her vision alters from this changes or not when in this state or what the shadows mean.
    • Vampire Fangs: Her canines have elongated, and it seems to absorb blood once in contact. Scarlet managed to absorb all of Pete’s blood within ten seconds, stating that she could have made it last hours.
    • Blood Thirst: Scarlet lives off blood with her changed biology, and it’s been shown to function essentially as water to humans; she was dehydrated, craving to satiate her thirst when transformed.
    • Pale Skin: She may or may not be weak to sunlight as she’s stated that she’s afraid to test it. Rachel asked why her skin doesn’t shrink when her blood leaves her body and Scarlet shrugged, suggesting magic.
    • No Body Heat: As the Lizard-man and she stated herself, she has no body heat.
    • Heart: Scarlet stated that the shotgun to her back didn’t penetrate to her heart, causing a little speculation on if her heart is vulnerable to any damage.
    • Black Fingernails: It’s unclear why her fingernails changed; she found it strange too.
    • Crimson Lips: Her lips are darker than normal as if she’s wearing crimson lipstick.
  • States: We know of at least one state or mode that Scarlet can enter.
    • Blood Corruption: When Scarlet drinks old blood in large amounts, as demonstrated with the expired blood packs, she can enter a state known as Blood Corruption. In this state Scarlet’s darker impulses rise and she’s unable to use her Shadow Teleportation, forcing her to only use her blood abilities. In addition, her eyes turn entirely crimson; the void black is completely gone.
  • Shadow Teleportation: Shadows wrap around her and she’s able to teleport to another location with shadows (basically anywhere during the night). She’s stated that there’s a golden distance before the cost efficiency becomes too high, but a cooldown has not been observed. She’s been able to teleport with Rachel and Maria if they’re close enough, but it’s a tight fit.
  • Cold Resistance: This seems to be a passive skill that was most predominantly shown with the Ice-man incident. It could be something more, but for now, only Cold Resistance seems to be observed.
  • Blood Portals: Utilizing her own blood, Scarlet can create a portal to two locations as the blood in the current space seems to occupy both locations, bridging the space. She can split her blood to create smaller portals, but it divides her total blood she’s able to utilize. She’s stated that the size and length of time a portal is open increases the energy spent.
  • Emotional Sense: Scarlet seems haunted by emotional energy around her, able to actually sense the feelings of others. It seemed that she was able to teleport to Rachel through shadows, detecting her location just by an emotional spike back at the hospital. She’s described negative emotions as tantalizing and that they act as pokers, prodding her to action. She also has stated that she was able to turn this sense off, which her Corrupted State turned back on, giving The Reaper of Blood some energy she had to release.
  • Selective Paralysis Touch: If Scarlet is able to touch someone then she can activate this ability; she can select which parts of the body are paralyzed at any time.
  • Blood Consumption: It seems the blood she consumes can be converted and used in several ways. She can squeeze the personalities and emotion out of the blood and convert it into energy where before she was allowing those personalities and emotions to filter inside her; however, her Blood Corrupted self-managed to discover how to utilize those aspects as energy as a corrupted personality amalgamation itself, returning herself to a purer version of her own personality.
  • Self-Blood Manipulation: She’s able to manipulate her own blood, defying gravity. Her blood can be formed into any shape she desires. She can eject her blood through cutting microfractures in her own skin.
  • Regeneration: Scarlet is shown to have the ability to heal the cuts in at least her own skin and seems to be fairing fine after taking a shotgun blast to the back.
  • Blood Crystallization: Scarlet’s blood can harden into a crystalline-like state that acts like knives. She can even manipulate this into a partial liquid form that forms around its target, slicing everything along the surface, such as what she did to one of Terrell’s gang members. Her blood can also be formed into spears and likely other such shapes to deliver deadly strikes.
  • Blood Protection: When intimidating the Ice-man, Scarlet mentioned that her blood responds to protect her, warning him against attacking her. It seems to respond to Scarlet’s sense of danger.
  • Fear Aura: Scarlet can emit an aura that strikes unspeakable horror upon those around her. This aura was enough to mentally break a few of Terrell’s thugs. However, Scarlet cannot choose who is affected by this ability, causing foes and friends alike to be struck with terror. Terrell insinuated that Scarlet turned into a nameless horror, causing Rachel to speculate that at least part of Scarlet’s Fear Aura was a mental attack.
  • The Reaper of Blood: There are some interesting theories that can be proposed with this ability, being, or split-personality—we’ll just call it a thing to be safe. This thing has given insight into several phenomena and abilities but is still a mystery. Scarlet seems terrified of it and does her best to suppress its influence. This thing hasn’t seemed to have been active since Rachel met Scarlet; it can be theorized that somewhere between S2 and Rachel’s meeting, The Reaper was starved and thrown below some ocean to sleep.

Fiona the Prismatic Fairy:

  • Stats: Fiona sadly has extremely low power and strength; however, she seems to make up for it in magical potential.
  • Physical Changes: Fiona’s appearance changes dramatically based on the magic she uses. As a Prismatic Fairy, her colors hold many shades with the magic she uses.
    • Size: Fiona shrunk to three inches tall; she’s also lost a lot of muscle and fat mass ( she became an AA cup D= ). Her legs also seemed to have gotten a bit longer from her human state.
    • Prismatic Eyes: Her eyes will mix with the colors of the magic she’s currently using and if no magic is being produced then they turn back to white, framed by a faint black pupil.
    • Pointed Ears: Like many Fairies in fiction, her ears have pointed, but it is unsure if she has better hearing because of it.
    • Prismatic Luminance: Anything keratin based changes color to represent what kind of magic she’s currently using (hair and nails). If no magic is being used then it turns pure white. Her large eyes also change color to represent the type of magic she uses.
    • Fairy Biology: Fiona’s life force seems to be connected to the amount of energy she has; she began to dim and collapsed when her energy ran low before eating the sugar Scarlet found. Whatever type of energy this is is unknown.
    • Disaccharides Conversion: Fiona’s only current source of sustenance seems to be table sugar, but that could translate to other similar sugars; it is unsure what happens to her if she ingests different types of sugar, but currently, refined table sugar seems to make her kind of aggressive and jumpy.
  • Fairy Wings: Fiona has a mix between moth and fairy type wings made of pure energy that appear when she desires them. They are not physically attached to her back but does connect. She does not have to beat them to move, but if she does then she can move extremely quickly as shown in the shower. The wings also change color based on the magic she’s using and is otherwise white.
  • Zoolingualism: She’s been able to understand and talk to animals since her transformation.
  • Wind Magic (Green): Fiona’s first element to awaken.
    • Wind Shield: Fiona’s first spell; this spell seems to function at minimal output until it comes in contact with something. It operates in a 360° sphere around her and instantly expending the appropriate amount of energy to counter the force it encounters. It seems she can project this spell on others too based on her response about shielding the kids that the snipers were using as hostages.
    • Wind Prison: Fiona was able to completely trap the poisonous smoke of Harris with this spell, making it air-tight (hehe).
    • Wind Wall: Used to push Rachel back when she dashed toward the poisonous smoke. It seems to have the ability to throw back objects that strike it, but requires energy from Fiona to decide the force used as she was shocked with how difficult it was to throw Rachel back.
    • Levitation: Rachel heard Scarlet mention that she thought it was cool how Fiona was able to lower the children through her Blood Portal slowly to transport them safely.
  • Fire Magic (Red): Fiona first used this in F2 (for Patrons; 2nd Element).
    • Inferno: It seems that she was enraged with her sudden sugar rush mixed with her worry for Erica and outrage of the horrible things she was witnessed to, creating a massive Inferno to threaten Harris with that was the size of a bonfire. Could be seen as an AOE spell.
    • Hot Air: She used this in F2.
  • Water Magic (Deep Blue): Fiona first used this in F2 (3rd Element).
    • Water Ball: Used in F2.
  • Ice Magic (Light Blue): First used to threaten Terrell that she’d kill Marcus and Daran if he hurt Erica (4th Element).
    • Ice Spear: Thin six-foot long ice shards that could be seen as a penetration spell; it could be theorized that Fiona was desperately wishing for some spell or ability to penetrate Marcus’ shield.
  • Earth Magic (Color Unknown): First used to displace the material covering the victims of the tank shell (5th Element).
    • Earth Displacement: Simple enough; displaces earth-like material a short distance.

Holy cow … that was a bit long of an answer, but I hope that solved a bunch of questions. That’s what’s been revealed to a general sense from the top of my head.

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