Death Awaits. What Will You Do? – An Interview with XenoDark

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It’s been a couple of weeks since we launched a new novel or updated the site. But the rainy season is fading away and exams are coming to an end. CrN has quite a few novels lined up for the next few weeks, all with interesting artwork from various artists!

And starting us off is XenoDark’s Death’s Embrace. If you like action, power and a protagonist that wants to become the strongest, then pick this novel up right away!

Oh, and if you want to read about the man himself, here’s his interview:



Q: Hello everyone! Today I am joined by our latest author, XenoDark a.k.a Xenocrow. Welcome. Please introduce yourself to the audience.

A: What it do folks! Thanks for having me, it’s an honor to be here!

Q: That’s an odd sentence haha. Anyway, now that that’s sorted, let’s go into the meat of the interview. Xeno, what is your novel called?

A: Well it’s called Death’s Embrace

Q: Can you give us a brief summary of the story? Maybe including some certain parts you like about it?

A: It’s about a man who dies and is randomly selected to be Reborn in the God’s games. He uses this opportunity to rise up, become powerful, and conquer the world! Kinda overdone but I feel like most stories like this aren’t really done right. They are rushed most of the time and unplanned to get to the action. My careful consideration is what sets this novel apart from the rest.

Q: Interesting stuff and this leads us nicely to the next question: what inspired you to write this sort of story?

A: Well you see I’ve always loved stories like this. Inspired by heavy hitters like A Song of Ice and Fire and the Prince of Thorns trilogy, I’m determined to make something similar yet completely different. Something did my way.

Q: Have you faced any hardships? If so, tell us of any experiences.

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A:  Yes of course, mostly it’s time. With work and schooling, it’s hard to write sometimes, but I somehow get through it.

Q: do you have an odd habit quirk or habit when you write?

A: Actually yes, I always seem to make my characters selectively sociopathic, meaning towards friends and family the character seems normal, but always has a dark side. Usually not even coming from a messed up past or anything, it’s just who they are.

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

A:  If you want something, bet your pride, put your heart out, and take it! Never let anything hold you back.

Q: Ok, final and my favorite question. What’s the origin of your pen/author name?

A:  Lol well at one point I had a YouTube channel. With over 700subs I was rising up, although my videos sucked. My name was actually XenonDark and my subscribers were called CrowBloods

Q: That explains both why you’re called XenoDark and XenoCrow. Ok then, let’s wrap things up. Tell us a joke.

A: One day I asked a pretty young homeless woman if I could take her home. With a beautiful smile, she said yes…..  The smile dropped however when I went over and took her cardboard box….lol Dark Humor

That’s it for the interview. Thank you again for joining us and we hope your new novel is a success