Chapter 136 Part 2: Jun Qian Che’s Protection

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Ban Xiang tries to persuade her to pick up a lantern, “That is just a myth, Your Ladyship.  Although you are married, let’s just give it a try.  Just for fun.  It’s not everyday we got to go out.”

Mo Qi Qi nods in agreement, “You have a point.  Besides, I refuse to acknowledge Jun Qian Che as my predestined other half!  Maybe, I will get to meet my true soulmate if I pick out a lantern!”  Out of curiosity, Mo Qi Qi picks up a lantern that is flowing close to her and lifts the paper stuffed inside it.

Let’s grow old together and hold hands until our hairs turn white.  Till death do us apart.  –Jun Qian Che.’

Mo Qi Qi immediately crumples the paper in shock upon reading that.  She looks around, her heart beating wildly.  Is this a prank?  Why was Jun Qian Che’s name on the paper?  He should be cooped up inside the palace reading books.  It is impossible that he is here now.  Impossible!  There are so many people in this world; perhaps there’s another Jun Qian Che out there.  Yes.   Perhaps they only share a name!

Seeing her reaction, Ban Xiang becomes curious, “What’s written there, Your Ladyship?  Why did you crumple it?”

Mo Qi Qi glares at her, “There is nothing written on it!  It’s all your fault!  Why did you tell me to pick it up!  If His Majesty finds out, he will accuse me of having an affair!  No one must find out I picked up a lantern tonight, do you understand me?”

Ban Xiang is taken aback by her outburst.  She nods, “Yes, Your Ladyship.”

Mo Qi Qi is furious inside.  Hmph, Jun Qian Che deserves to die!  It’s not easy for her to escape from his crafty hands inside the palace and now that she is outside, she still has encounter someone with that same name!

Jun Yue Hen returns from the opposite bank in disappointment.  Is there really no destiny between him and Mo Qi Qi?  He had tried so hard and still couldn’t find her lantern.

He tells himself to stop thinking too much.  There are so many lanterns, it is not surprising that he fails to find hers.  Besides, this is just a myth!  If lanterns can determine other people’s fate, what is the point of having matchmakers then?  How could there be so many silly men and women out there?  He needs to stop taking this seriously.

He lifts the fireworks in hand and smiles as he approaches Mo Qi Qi, “Qi Qi—-“

Mo Qi Qi turns to him before jokingly saying, “You are finally back, Yue Hen.  You took so long, I thought you got lost.  There are shops selling fireworks here, you didn’t have to go to the opposite side to buy them!”

He smiles, “I heard this shop’s fireworks are the best.  They are also the safest.  The little extra distance is worth it.”

Mo Qi Qi nods, “You are right, quality matters most.  Let’s do it over there.”

“Alright.” They walk to an empty space and lights up the tip of one of the fireworks.

Pretty lights in the shape of flowers fill the open air before dispersing like little stars.  Although the fireworks went out as quickly as they came, the beautiful impression it made lasts in people’s hearts.

Mo Qi Qi lights up two of the little firework sticks in her hands, watching them as they emit beautiful lights.  Then, she helps Ban Xiang and Jun Yue Hen light up theirs by sharing her fire.  She jumps excitedly as she appreciates the lights.

“Miss, be careful.  You are pregnant,” reminds Ban Xiang.

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“Yes.  Be careful, Qi Qi,” adds Yue Hen.

Mo Qi Qi grins at them, “No biggie!  I know my own body!  My child is strong!”

After playing with fireworks, Ban Xiang urges Mo Qi Qi to return to the palace in case if the Emperor is worried.

However, it is not easy for them to leave the palace, so how could Mo Qi Qi willingly return so early?  She insists on visiting Yue Lao Temple.

Seeing Mo Qi Qi so happy, Jun Yue Hen decides to fulfill her wish.

Mo Qi Qi pats him in the shoulder, pleased, “You are indeed my good friend, Yue Hen!  Let’s go!”

In the end, since both Masters have decided so, Ban Xiang could only follow them.

On the way there, Jun Yue Hen keeps inquiring over Mo Qi Qi’s condition; if she is tired, or if she feels sick.

She shakes her head, touched by his concern.  He loves the previous owner and not only is he not jealous that she is carrying another man’s child, he is also considerate of the baby.  He is such a good man.  This kind of man is so hard to find.

There are many other people heading to Yue Lao Temple, mostly young men and women who are keen to know about their future destiny.

Be it in the future or the ancient times, marriage is always the one big matter that everyone is concerned about.  Men aspire to marry virtuous ladies to have a peaceful family life, while young women wish to marry handsome gentlemen to ensure a happy marriage life.  It is pretty much an important life event for everyone.

Yue Lao Temple is located in the middle of a hill.  The hill is not that high and the road is flat and wide, so there are many people walking to and from the temple.  Some even ride carriages.

Ever since Mo Qi Qi arrived in this time, the only time she has ever been out was when Jun Qian Che took her out during that long and perilous trip, in which both of them fell off a cliff midway.  Other times, she was cooped up inside the back palace.  Although Jun Yue Hen offers to rent a carriage to make it easier for her, Mo Qi Qi refuses cause she prefers to walk.

As the three of them walk closer to the temple, they suddenly spot an old man collapsing in front of them.

“That old man just fell, let’s help him up,” says Mo Qi Qi in worry.

Jun Yue Hen stops her, “Qi Qi, you are pregnant, it will be inconvenient.  I will help him up.  You and Ban Xiang walk slowly.”  Jun Yue Hen rushes to the old man’s aid.

“Today, it’s mostly young people outside.  What is an old man doing here?” asks Ban Xiang curiously.

Mo Qi Qi laughs, “Why?  Are old people not allowed to pursue their happiness?  Have you ever heard of ‘finding love at dusk’?  Or perhaps he is praying for his children!  There are so many possibilities.”

(TN:  Finding love at dusk refers to falling in love at old age.)

Ban Xiang nods in agreement, “You have a point, Miss.  Let’s go.”

The old man thanked Jun Yue Hen profusely after he helped him. 

At that very moment, a carriage speeds over out of control from the hill, drawing gasps and screams from the pedestrians on the road.

Mo Qi Qi and Ban Xiang look at the direction of the commotion and find the carriage heading straight towards them.

They could hear Jun Yue Hen hollering, “Be careful, Qi Qi!”

Ban Xiang stands in front of Qi Qi, hoping to protect her, but Mo Qi Qi pushes her aside.

Jun Yue Hen rushes towards Mo Qi Qi while she stays rooted in her spot, closing her eyes in dread.  Deep down inside, she knows she will not be able to escape this trouble today.

At that very moment, a black silhouette appears midair and literally flies towards Mo Qi Qi.  He picks her up and flies into the air.

Mo Qi Qi can feel that her feet are no longer touching the ground.  She quickly opens her eyes, and promptly regrets doing so.  Perhaps, keeping her eyes closed will be better than opening it and seeing the person right in front of her.  Who would have thought that the person who saved her would be Jun Qian Che?  Isn’t he supposed to be in the palace?  Why is he suddenly here?

What Mo Qi Qi does not know is that it is impossible for Jun Qian Che to remain calm once he let her leave the palace, so he changed into normal attire and secretly followed her.

Mo Qi Qi looks down and finds everyone below staring at them in shock.

She suddenly feels like she is a star in the center of attention.  She smiles and waves at them daintily, as though it was all a show and she hadn’t just literally escaped calamity.

Jun Qian Che does not know what to say at the blatant display of flamboyance. 

Everyone who witnessed the near-accident is overjoyed by her lucky escape.

Ban Xiang, who got pushed away by Mo Qi Qi did not expect the Emperor would suddenly appear to save the day.  The tears on her eyes quickly turn to tears of joy.

Jun Yue Hen looks at them from below.  Although he is disappointed, he is also relieved.

Some of the pedestrians who know martial arts immediately subdue the carriage.  The driver of the carriage thank them.  According to him, the horse was spooked by a crow as it travelled down the hill.  Lucky no one is hurt, otherwise, the consequences would have been disastrous.

Jun Qian Che lands on the ground gently while holding Mo Qi Qi tight.

“Thank you,” giggles Mo Qi Qi coyly.

“Was this what you meant by keeping yourself safe?” asks Jun Qian Che, displeased. 

Mo Qi Qi pouts, “Everything happened so suddenly, I did not see it coming.”

The driver of the carriage rushes down to thank them.

Jun Qian Che eyes the carriage before coldly saying, “It’s alright.  Be careful from now on.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”  The driver expresses his gratitude at them before leaving.

Jun Yue Hen steps forward before nodding respectfully.  Since they are currently out and about, he does not wish to expose Jun Qian Che’s identity.

One of the people crowding them speaks up, “Are you alright, Miss?”

Mo Qi Qi shakes her head, “Don’t worry, everyone.  I am fine.”

“Lucky this young gentleman is here to save you.  Otherwise, the situation would have turned really ugly,” says another.

Mo Qi Qi turns to Jun Qian Che and smiles at him sweetly.

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Jun Qian Che looks back at her before calmly saying, “She is my wife.  Thank you for your concern.”

Comprehension suddenly dawns everyone, “So you two are married!  No wonder you anxiously rushed over the moment she was in danger!”

“You two look good together.”

“Yes!  The young man is so handsome and the young lady is so beautiful!”  Everyone begins praising the couple.

Jun Qian Che’s heart is filled with joy when he hears all that.

As for Mo Qi Qi, she is used to hearing this, so she simply plays along.

Ban Xiang watches the loving couple happily from the sideline.

Only Jun Yue Hen watches the scene in utter bleakness. 

After that precarious event, everyone returns to doing what they were doing prior.

“Why are you here, Husband?” asks Mo Qi Qi as she looks at Jun Qian Che.  She chose to call him that because calling him by the usual term of addressment will expose his identity and might cause commotion.

Jun Qian Che is overjoyed to hear that.  He cannot help but glance at Jun Yue Hen, whose eyes flash in surprise and sadness before quickly calming down.

Jun Qian Che returns to Mo Qi Qi before indifferently saying, “You are too muddle-headed, I could not stop worrying.  Lucky I got here in time, otherwise—– You owe me your life.”

Mo Qi Qi suddenly remembers what Jun Yue Hen told her.  She also begins putting the pieces together: of the rogue carriage, of Jun Qian Che generously forgiving the driver….  “Hmph, don’t think I don’t know who arranged all this…..” she mutters to herself.

Jun Qian Che could not hear her clearly, “What did you say?”

Mo Qi Qi forces herself to smile, “Yes, I am only alive thanks to Husband!  If you had not been here, I would have been in deep trouble.  I owe you my life.”

“Since I saved you, your life now belongs to me,” declares Jun Qian Che overbearingly.

Mo Qi Qi sneers, “Yes.” Hmph, you are the Emperor!  It does not matter if you save me or not, my life will always be in your hands!  I just can’t understand why you try to get me killed on one hand and then saves me on another hand!  What are you trying to pull?  Are you hoping that by saving me, I will be grateful to you and obediently gives you this child?  If so, everything you’ve done is pointless.  I will definitely give birth to this child, just, it won’t be because of you.

She turns to the Yue Lao Temple nearby and happily says, “Look, Husband!  Yue Lao Temple is just right there!  Let’s go!” 

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