Chapter 48: The Man Who Trusts Her

Ban Xiang nods in agreement, “What Your Ladyship said is right.  But, I can say this for sure, Dong Fei’s death has nothing to do with you.  The twenty hits were a lot, but it wouldn’t jeopardize her life.”

Mo Qi Qi nods, “What you said is right as well.  Never mind, just forget it.  If something is going to happen, it will happen.  I can only sit and wait.”

“Do not worry, Your Ladyship.  No matter what happens, you have Duke Zhen’s manor to support you,” Ban Xiang optimistically says.

Mo Qi Qi helplessly shakes her head while smiling:  She never considers her maiden family’s power as an advantage.  A tall tree courts winds.  In history, most kings were wary of powerful clans like the Mos.  Mo Clan’s haughtiness will only be temporary. For the emperor, bringing down the Mo Clan is just a matter of time.  Perhaps, he might even use this as an excuse to weaken Mo Clan’s clout.  Ugh!  She is the daughter of Mo Clan who has been made the empress; she is a mere chess piece from the very beginning.  In the end, she will become a discarded piece.  If she really cannot travel back to her own time, she must start making deliberation for her future.  Otherwise, she can only wait to be sent to the guillotine.

After returning to his imperial study, Jun Qian Che summons the Prime Minister.

Night arrives.  After eating dinner, Mo Qi Qi does not feel sleepy.  She sends her maids to rest while she strolls in her courtyard in boredom.

She wonders how Jun Qian Che plans on dealing with her.  Will he send people to investigate this or will he take this chance to weaken Mo Clan?

The more she thinks, the more nervous she becomes.

A shadow suddenly slips into Feng Yang Palace and approaches Mo Qi Qi, “Your Ladyship—-“

Mo Qi Qi whose mind was drifting around, is taken aback.  She has no idea how she ends up standing here in front of a guard who is dressed in black.  The guard is keeping his head lowered.

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Mo Qi Qi suddenly conjures up a scene in her head: The moment the guard raises his head, he pulls out his sword from it’s scabbard and brandish it towards her.

Thinking of that frightens her.  She retreats two steps and glares at that man, “W-Who are you?  Did the emperor sent you here to kill bengong?” Other than Jun Qian Che, nobody else has the ability to send assassins to kill her right in the middle of the palace.

“Qi Qi, it is me,” the man raises his head, revealing a peerlessly handsome face.

Mo Qi Qi’s jumping heart immediately calms down again.  She is overjoyed, “Yue Hen, it is you!”

Jun Yue Hen looks at her with a face full of worry, “I heard about what happened to you today.  I was worried, that’s why I sneaked into here while impersonating a guard.  Are you alright, Qi Qi?  Did the emperor hurt you?”

Mo Qi Qi immediately turns the question around, “Did you see any injuries on me?

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Jun Yue Hen smiles, “As long as you are alright.”

“Don’t worry.  Jun Qian Che will not be able to do anything to me without any proof.  No matter what, I am still his empress; and I have the backing of Duke Zhen’s manor to boot.  He will not do anything reckless.  But, I am still happy that I get to see you.  I was looking for someone to chat with me.  Yue Hen, will you come into my chamber with me?”

Just as she turns around to return to her chamber, Jun Yue Hen suddenly pulls her back.

Mo Qi Qi freezes and turns around to look at him.

Jun Yue Hen’s eyes are full of pain, “Qi Qi, come with me.  We will leave the palace together.  It is too dangerous for you to remain in the palace.  I’m afraid, the emperor will aim for you!”

Mo Qi Qi discreetly pulls her hand back before fixing her hair and saying, “What are you talking about, Yue Hen?  Even though you and I are friends in private, you are my uncle in name.  What you said just now is not only inappropriate, but also dangerous.”

“Qi Qi, I am really worried about you.  A life is lost in the harem, this is no trivial matter.  You are the empress, it is really dangerous for you now that you have been dragged into this.”  Jun Yue Hen expresses the worry that has been plaguing his heart.

Mo Qi Qi comforts him, “Don’t worry.  I believe in my innocence.  I did not kill Dong Fei.  Even if Jun Qian Che wants to root me out, he still needs sufficient evidence.  Yue Hen, don’t tell me you think I killed Dong Fei?”

Jun Yue Hen shakes his head, “I believe in you.  But what about Jun Qian Che?  Aren’t you worried that he will target you?  You are the mistress of the harem.  A life is lost; he can easily accuse you of neglecting your duty.  It is not hard to gather up excuses if he feels like it.”

Mo Qi Qi sighs before smiling, “I believe that Jun Qian Che’s main priority is peace.  Peace is not obtained by mere luck.  If he wants to root me out and placed accusations on my head, it will tarnish his reputation and magnanimity.  As a ruler, a good reputation is a must.  He will not go that far.”

“Thank you for worrying about me, Yue Hen, but the world is vast and it belonged to the emperor.  If I leave now, I will become a very probably culprit in Dong Fei’s death.  I will have to bear the name of a murderer for the rest of my life.  Even if I do managed to run from the palace, I would have to spend the rest of my life trying to evade capture.  I do not want that kind of life.  Even if I will have to leave the palace one day, I want to leave with my head held high.  That way, I can in freedom, do you understand?”

Jun Yue Hen nods, “Qi Qi, you have changed.  You are more careful and calm now, a lot better than how you used to be.”

Mo Qi Qi laughs, “I am not as good as what you said.  Honestly, I am really impulsive most of the time.  Just, this time, it involves my life.  I had to think and ponder carefully.”

“Qi Qi, no matter what your choice may be, I will always stand with you.  I will trust you, support you, protect you….”  Jun Yue Hen is looking at her with a pair of eyes full of love and affection.

Seeing that look in Jun Yue Hen’s eyes, Mo Qi Qi quickly becomes enthralled.  She never knew a man’s eyes can be so gentle, so enthralling.  But then, remembering the wounds that trash from her past life inflicted on her, she retrieves her gaze.  She must not trust men easily anymore; she must not love easily either.

The way she avoids his eyes makes Jun Yue Hen’s heart falls.  However, he does not intend to waste this rare opportunity with that slight disappointment.  He smiles, “Qi Qi, let me play you a song.”

Mo Qi Qi nods, “Alright!”

The two of them sits on a stone bench nearby with the blossoming flowers acting as their background.  The golden lights of lanterns highlight their figures.  The moon’s silvery light penetrates the cracks of the trees and falls on them, creating a beautiful and mystical atmosphere.  The two of them sit side by side, resembling celestials from up above.

Jun Yue Hen takes out his jade flute and plays out a song.

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