Chapter 49: Miscarriage


Mo Qi Qi tilts her head to look at Jun Yue Hen; his side profile looks so handsome.  Actually, he looks handsome no matter from what angle one looks from.  He looks really enticing; perfect from all angles.  If he was born in the modern time, he would have become a household superstar.

His music resembles him; gentle, heart-wrenching and enthralling.  The night wind blows gently, lifting his long dark hair.  Flower petals falls from the trees above them, it is as though it is raining flowers.  It makes him looks like a celestial and adds to the charm of his song.

Once his song ends, he turns to look at her and notices a couple of flower petals resting on top of her hair.  He casually lifts his hand and carefully takes it off; the gentleness of his action is as though he is touching a priceless treasure.

Mo Qi Qi sighs in her heart:  The previous owner must have been blind.  She must have been really muddle-headed.  Why didn’t she marry such a nice man and had instead married a temperamental ice-block who didn’t even love her?  She had wasted the 7th king’s deep love.

However, the current Mo Qi Qi is no longer the old Mo Qi Qi.  She will not like Jun Qian Che or Jun Yue Hen.  She will not easily trust men anymore.  Both of them are the people she cannot love and scorn.  She must control her heart and not fall for either of them.

“Yue Hen, it is late and I am sleepy.  You should go back and rest early!” Mo Qi Qi says with a smile as she gets up.  Honestly, she enjoys being friend with Jun Yue Hen.  He is very warm, like a dependable older brother.  He can give her peace and stability whenever her mind gets messy.  But since he can never be more than a friend, she does not wish to give him hope.

Jun Yue Hen gets up; the way he looks at her is really gentle and warm, “Rest early, Qi Qi.  If you ever need my help, just send someone to inform me and I will do everything I can to help you.”

Mo Qi Qi nods, “I will.  Good night.”

Jun Yue Hen looks at her with a pair of affectionate eyes before walking away.

Mo Qi Qi shakes her head and sighs, “Love is when a couple spend their lives together.  It is a pity her head was muddled.  She made the wrong choice and now, neither could have their happy ending.”  She gives a great yawn before walking back to her own room.

The next few days are peaceful.  Other than unable to leave Feng Yang Palace, everything remains the same for Mo Qi Qi, be it her clothes or her meals.  Her ears have been given a rest for these past few days.  Since she is now a suspect, those concubines cannot enter Feng Yang Palace to give her their greetings.  As a result, Mo Qi Qi is able to have a few complain-free days.

In the blink of an eye, 5 days passed.  An esteemed (or rather, uninvited) guest comes to Feng Yang Palace.

“This official greets Your Ladyship,” Chu Ling Xiao pays Mo Qi Qi his respect the moment he steps into Feng Yang Palace.

Mo Qi Qi who is sitting on the phoenix seat asks him, “What is the purpose of Prime Minister’s visit to Feng Yang Palace?”

Chu Ling Xiao smiles amicably, “Answering Your Ladyship, this official is investigating Dong Fei’s death under His Majesty’s order.  This official discovered a few questionable things and decides to pay Your Ladyship a visit.”

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“If you have question, just baidu it!” blurts Mo Qi Qi.  The 7th king already sent people to inform her about Jun Qian Che instructing Chu Ling Xiao to investigate the death.  Since nothing happened these past few days, she thought the emperor had simply let the matter be, after contemplating over Mo Clan’s influence.  She didn’t think this dude will continue to pursue the matter.  He is indeed worthy of being Jun Qian Che’s best friend.

(TN: Baidu is the Chinese version of google.  She is basically telling him to google it.)

“Who is baidu?” Chu Ling Xiao asks with an earnest face.

Mo Qi Qi bursts out in laughter before waving her arm away, “Nobody.  It was just a joke!”

Chu Ling Xiao feels like he is being teased.  He clears his throat awkwardly, “I’m afraid, once the question is asked, Your Ladyship will no longer be in the mood to joke around.”

“The Prime Minister is so serious; did you find anything incriminating against bengong?” Mo Qi Qi calmly asks though her heart is already in a furore.

“Not really.  This matter is not really incriminating, but this official still has to question you.”

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Mo Qi Qi is an impatient girl; her patience runs thin at the way Chu Ling Xiao drags things on, “Just say whatever it is you need to say.  Stop beating around the bush.  Bengong is a very busy person, bengong has no time to chat idly with you!”

Chu Ling Xiao chokes a little before he smiles, “Since Your Ladyship wants to get over this quickly, this official will go straight to the point.  When we autopsied Dong Fei’s corpse, we discovered injuries on her body.  It is as though someone had purposely hit her before she died.  Did you punish her when she was here?”

Eh?  It has been so many months and they still finds out?  But yeah, it isn’t really mind-blowing.  In her field of work, a person can die 2000 years ago and they can still figure out how.

Mo Qi Qi decides to be honest, “Yes.  Bengong had summoned her here, prior to her death.  Because she was disrespectful, bengong ordered her to be hit twenty times.  Bengong also slapped her a couple of times.  But it wasn’t serious enough to cause her death.”

Chu Ling Xiao nods lightly, “It really wasn’t grave enough to endanger her life, but investigation shows that before Dong Fei died, she suffered a miscarriage.”

Mo Qi Qi is so shocked that she has to hold the hand-rail to remain calm, “What?  Dong Fei was—- Dong Fei was pregnant?”

Chu Ling Xiao’s tone is firm as he speaks, “Yes.  She was 2 months pregnant when the miscarriage happened.  Your Ladyship doesn’t know that?”

“How was I supposed to know?  If I had known, I wouldn’t have asked people to hit her!” Mo Qi Qi weeps tearlessly.  All of these are the disasters brought by the previous owner! Why is she so unlucky as to entered her body?  Great, just great.  One corpse but two lives; she is so going to die for this!  No wonder Ban Xiang said that Dong Fei was bleeding back then, she was having a miscarriage!  The previous owner was too cruel; if she knew Dong Fei was pregnant, that means she purposely did that to harm both the mother and the child.  Huhu, what is she going to do now?

Mo Qi Qi forces herself to appear calm.  She looks at Chu Ling Xiao before calmly saying, “Even if bengong did cause the miscarriage, Dong Fei was only at the early stage of pregnancy.  The miscarriage shouldn’t have posed any risk to her life.  Dong Fei’s death is another completely unrelated matter.”  Even though she has never been pregnant before, she knows that a miscarriage at the early stage of pregnancy will not pose any risk to the mother’s life.

Chu Ling Xiao respectfully replies her, “It is up to His Majesty to determine whether there is another reason or not.”

“What?  Everything is up to Jun Qian Che?” Mo Qi Qi’s heart immediately tenses up.  Jun Qian Che has been looking for excuses to get rid of her.  If he finds out that she had not only punished Dong Fei, but had also killed his child, he will not let her off.  Huhu, why is her life so tragic?

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