Volume 2, Chapter 5: Compensation for Fabric

Wells-san had been brought back to life after I used ‘Resurrection.’ Asia had moved from cradling his decapitated head to now embracing her husband’s regenerated body.

Thanks to the effectiveness of my skill, all of the blood that previously covered the room has completely disappeared. Everyone else in the room is acting like Asia didn’t decapitate her husband moments ago.

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…but not me.

Yanderes are scary. Yanderes are scary. Yanderes are scary. Yanderes are scary. Yanderes are scary. Yanderes are scary.

“Mou~, Master, would you stop acting so frightened.”

“No, I think this is a perfectly normal reaction given the situation.”

Because of my fear resistance, I’m able to maintain some semblance of control. If it wasn’t for that, I’d probably have already run from the room screaming.

“You worry too much, Master. In the first place, you have the ‘Immortality’ skill. So what do you have to be afraid of?”

“A companion I thought I could trust drugging me with sleeping pills and cutting my head off in my sleep causing me to develop a deep distrust of everyone….”

“It’ll be okay. I’ll always be there to protect you.”

“…of course.”

Claudia’s recently been acting more like a Yandere and it’s been causing me to feel like I may no longer be able to trust her.

No, I know I can trust her. I could never imagine Claudia being hostile towards me, and I’m sure she’d do everything she could to protect me from an enemy. She’s already given her life once to protect me.

Even if this is all true….

How do I say it….it’s not a matter of trusting or not trusting her. I just don’t know what she’s capable of doing if I inadvertently anger her….

“Master, we should be going.”

“…umm, where to?”

“Karen’s. You need to buy fabric, right?”

“…oh, that’s right.”

I gave up on my dream in my previous life, but this will be the first step in my new life towards finally living out that dream. I became understandably sidetracked after witnessing Wells-san’s beheading.

“Then, let’s get going!”

“…I just briefly mention clothing and you’re suddenly over your fear.”

Clothing is more important.

— It was now just the two of us walking through the city. We arrived at the shop owned by Karen’s parents.

Wells-san mentioned that Karen’s family was refusing to sell him any fabric, but Claudia entered the shop without any hesitation.

“This shop is strictly a wholesaler. We don’t sell anything to individuals…. Claudia!?”

A black haired girl that was working behind the counter looked shocked after noticing Claudia. Within seconds she had run out from behind the counter and jumped into Claudia’s arms.

“Uwaa, Claudia is it really you!? I was told you were sold into slavery! Was that a lie!?”

“Hey, Karen, I-I’ll explain! J-Just stop shaking me.”

Claudia’s chest was shaking frantically as Karen was shaking her and screaming. It’s quite the sight — *cough* I don’t feel any hostility from her so I’ll keep watching.

As I was enjoying the sight of Claudia’s chest bouncing around, Karen suddenly turned a murderous gaze towards me.

“Nii-san, I don’t know what business you think you have with this girl but I love her and I have already made my claim to take her first time. The shop is now closed for the day, please leave.”

Are there no decent human beings in this world!?

…but isn’t this good? Karen clearly likes Claudia which will make buying fabric from her a lot easier.

However, at the same time, these strong emotions from reuniting with Claudia combined with my own skills…. Couldn’t they drastically increase her Yandere trait?

“Stop saying strange things to my master! Master, you can’t believe anything she said! Even if you were to cheat I’d never do the same!”

…what kind of person does this girl think I am?

“…did you just call him ‘Master?’”

Aah…this all too familiar murderous intent.

I said, “That’s too bad. Then, I’ll be leaving,” and attempted to leave.

“Wait a second, nii-san.”

Aaaahhhhh, she grabbed my arm!

“…w-what can I help you with?”

“Nii-san, you came into the store with Claudia, right? What kind of relationship could the two of you have?”

“Our relationship, umm….”

“Master is my very horny master.”

Claudia-san, was that intentional? Was that revenge for me trying to escape?

…when I turned to look at her, she was sticking her tongue out at me.

“Nii-san, are you listening to me?”

“No, I was just…. What is it?”

“What kind of relationship do you have with Claudia for her to be calling you ‘Master!?’ More importantly, umm, w-what did she mean by horny!?”

“…umm, various things have happened but it started when I bought Claudia from a slave merchant.”

“Ha! I knew it would be something like that!”

Karen began trembling as her anger continued to build.

I wish she’d direct all that anger at the parents that sold Claudia.

“I-In other words, what C-Claudia meant by h-horny master…. I won’t forgive you! I’ll absolutely never forgive you for what you’ve done! Claudia’s purity was meant for me!”

Karen’s arm began shaking as she still held my arm in her tight grip.

She looked as if she was ready to hit me, but Claudia placed her hand on Karen’s arm to calm her down.

“Karen, I’m happy you were so worried about me, but I won’t forgive you if you hurt Master.”

“C-Claudia…? Wait, are you under a slave contract!?”

“Well, I am but that’s unrelated….”

“Don’t worry about anything, Claudia! I’ll protect you from this man! You’ll never have to dirty your body to satisfy this man!”

So this girl is the type of person that doesn’t listen to what other people are saying.

“Karen, listen to me. He hasn’t forced me to do anything.”

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“You don’t have to make any excuses for this man. I’ll save you from this pervert so just stand back. I’ll protect your chastity!”

“Oh, that’s impossible. I already gave Master my first time.”

The air in the room froze.

“…t-that was a joke, right?”

Karen looked at Claudia’s smiling face. She fell even further into despair before turning to me, her last hope.

In response to her desperate gaze I….I turned away.

“…i-it’s the truth?”

This time, she turned to Claudia.

“I’m not lying. I spend every day in my master’s loving embrace. And I’m very happy because of this.”

“E-Every day…? This has to be a cruel joke. Claudia’s chastity…her pure body was defiled by this man….”

Karen collapsed to the ground.

After that, we explained everything that’s happened since I became Claudia’s master and why we needed to buy fabric from her.

Although there were several times when Karen interrupted and Claudia repeatedly had to reassure Karen that she was happy. Each time this happened, I could see Karen become increasingly more dejected. After I had finished speaking, Karen’s eyes looked empty.

She was murmuring something like, “My beloved Claudia was defiled…” over and over. I think she’s broken.

“And that’s why I’d like you to sell fabric to my master. He needs it in order to save my family’s business.”

“Claudia’s chastity…. The chastity that was destined to be mine….”

“…hey, Karen, are you listening?”

“Claudia, my Claudia, has been sullied by a man. How could something like this happen…it can’t be. How can the world be so cruel…? Just imagining it causes my heart to hurt….  Why…why am I feeling so excited!?”

This girl isn’t a yandere, she’s just a pervert.

“What was that…Karen?”

“ — Ha!? I-It was nothing! It’s not like I’m interested in being a cuckold or anything!”

“I didn’t say you were. We just want you to sell us some fabrics.”

“O-Ooh. Fabric…. Of course, fabric!”

I kind of feel bad for her.



“Okay, Yuzuki-san. You can call me Karen… So you were saying you needed fabric to make clothing for nobles?”

“Yeah…do you have something like that available?”

“Of course! We have several varieties of fabric in our warehouse in the back. Feel free to choose whatever you like.”

Karen guided me to the back and allowed me to look around.

I was very anxious out in the front of the shop, but that anxiety has melted away now that we’re back here.

That’s because of all of the amazing fabrics.

“This is…amazing!”

I was surprised to see many different fabrics that were comparable to those I’d find on Earth.

“Your shop hasn’t received any harassment or threats, Karen?”

“Hm? Oh…I remember we were told specifically not to sell to Wells’ Clothing Shop. It’s also become increasingly difficult to buy high quality fabrics. But, why do you ask?”

“Wait, you’re not able to buy high quality fabrics? You seem to still have a great selection here.”

“Oh, that’s because we’re not affected too much by it being unavailable to trade.”


“We’ve made all the fabric you see here.”

“– Karen is studying how to craft new fabrics and cloth.”

Claudia whispered this to me.

Studying on her own…? If so, that’s amazing — no, I don’t think amazing accurately describes this.

There were countless different fabrics available here. One of them even resembled velvet. That type of fabric would’ve been created around the 13th century on Earth.

Even though I’m sure the two worlds have evolved differently…velvet still seems out of place. Were people able to create it using magic? Or is Karen just a genius….

“Claudia, you seem to be really close to Karen, you said you two are childhood friends, right?”

“Yeah. We’ve been together for as long as I can remember. Why do you ask?”

“It’s nothing. I was just curious because you two are so close.”

I was actually thinking Karen may be a reincarnator like me. But if that’s true, Claudia wouldn’t have been friends with her for that long.

Anyway, I’m thankful that such high quality fabric is available. With this, I should be able to make an even better dress for that goth loli than I imagined.

“Would you be able to mass-produce this?”

“It depends on which fabric you’d want. It’s already quite difficult to produce the amount we are now.”

“I see….”

Well, if we’ll only be making the highest quality dresses for the wealthiest nobles, we really won’t need that much fabric. Actually, if I can get funding from Rose, we should be able to fund Karen’s shop.

But that all has to wait until I make Rose’s dress.

“By the way, how much is this fabric here?”

If Karen is the inventor of this fabric, the price must be incredibly high. If that’s the case, I might have to show the design to Rose first in order to get money from her to buy it —

“I just make these so I can learn. Since Claudia likes you so much, you can just take whatever you need.”

Karen said something ridiculous.

“No, you made all of this yourself, right? There’s no way something of this quality can be free.”

“Eh, really?”

“Yeah, there’s no mistake.”

I’m sure if I wasn’t close with Claudia, Karen would be negotiating a high price.

“So, nii-san, what do you think a reasonable price for it would be?”

“Even if you ask me…..”

Given this fabric’s rarity, the price would be enormous.

And, after giving Wells-san the money he needed, I only have five gold coins left. Considering the quality of the fabric…. I definitely won’t have enough.

“After we’ve sold the clothes we intend to make, we’ll be able to pay you…. Would it be possible to postpone payment until then?”

“I wasn’t even planning on asking for payment, so that’s fine. But, instead of payment, can I make a request?”

“…a request?”

“Instead of money, I would like –”

Karen whispered something in my ear. This girl is ridiculous. I looked up at the ceiling and decided to go along with her.

…actually, considering the new skills Claudia developed on her status window….

“…Master? What did Karen say?”

“Oh, it was nothing. Anyway…I guess this will work.”


“What? Did you change your mind?”

“No, well…I’m just surprised. Are you really okay with it?”

“Of course. If you can just give me some time to pick out the fabric I’ll need.”

“Fabric? O-Oh, you were talking about fabric. Okay, take your time. I’ll be working over there so come get me when you’re done.”

Karen nodded and hastily walked to the other end of the room.


Claudia scratched her head as she was still unable to understand the situation. I just rubbed her head and told her it was nothing.

And then, I activated Goddess Medea’s blessing and increased both of our stats by 57% and added the ‘Euphoria’ stat to each of us.

“Anyway, can you show me your status window, Claudia?”

“Fueh!? What are you saying so suddenly!? Doing something like that here –”

I quickly covered up Claudia’s mouth with my hand. Claudia at first looked shocked and then confused.

“That’s not what I meant. And, more importantly, if you say something like that so loudly, Karen will probably hear you. Me being able to view your status window whenever I want is supposed to be secret, remember?”

I whispered in her ear before looking into her eyes to confirm she understood.

“I-I understand. By why do you suddenly want to see my status window?”

“It will be difficult to make the clothes on my own so I was thinking about having you help me.”

“You’ll already have a few people helping you at the store.”

“That’s true but…I want you to help me.”

“If so, can’t we wait until later to do this?”

“No, I’ll change the design based on how much you’ll be able to help.”

I forcefully opened Claudia’s status window.

“Thank you. Now then…I just need to look at some things. Let’s see here…your sewing is rank C. That’s a bit low but you’ll still be able to help.”

While thinking about which of her skills could be useful, I slowly moved my finger around Claudia’s status window.

“Ahn~…mmm. Master, you’re…you’re being more gentle than usual…hn~”

I’m only touching Claudia’s open status window.

However, the status window seems to be directly connected to that person’s existence. While touching her status window, Claudia seems to fall under the illusion that I’m actually touching her.

In other words, Claudia feels like she’s being played with relentlessly and due to this her voice is becoming increasingly more excited.

“Ha~…M-Master? A-Are you almost done?”

“I just want to confirm the details of this skill so please be patient with me. And, if your voice gets too loud Karen might hear you.”

“I-I don’t want that. If K-Karen saw me like this, I’d be so embarrassed.”

The moment I mentioned the fact Karen might see her, Claudia became even more excited.

…well, I expected that much. Claudia now has the shyness skill at rank F. This skill causes her embarrassment to sometimes turn into pleasure.

While thinking this, I continued to interact with her status window while making a strange face.

“Hey, isn’t your voice getting too loud?”

“I-I can’t help it. The way you move your finger along it feels so…so…so good~~”

Claudia’s body began to tremble and she almost collapsed.

I took my hand away from her status window and hugged her body close to mine.

Behind Claudia, I could see Karen intently staring at us.

…which is what I expected.

This is because the request Karen had for me was, “…to see my beloved Claudia dirtied by nii-san.”

So, while pretending to do something perverted to Claudia in public, Karen got her wish. Although, I was really just touching her status window.

Claudia was still breathing heavily and didn’t seem to notice Karen and I exchange looks….or so I thought. Claudia began clinging to my arms.

“Claudia, what’s wrong…?”

I couldn’t finish my sentence.

Claudia looked up at me, her breathing had become even more ragged. Her eyes were wet and I could recognize the lust that was in them.

“Master~…I can’t hold it in any longer.”

“No, we can’t do something like that in your childhood friend’s house.”

There’s no way I can do that in the house of a girl I just met.

“That’s…a little embarrassing. Karen was saying we should go find her when we’re ready. We shouldn’t keep her waiting!”

That was just a lie to get Claudia to stop. In reality, Karen had moved from the opposite side of the room and was now standing directly behind Claudia.

My mouth was quickly covered up by Claudia.

“Hmm, Claudia?”

“…fufu~, Master, you’re terrible. You think you can just do whatever you want to my status window and not take responsibility for it…? So, keep going.”

Claudia licked her lips as she continued looking up at me.

It’s impossible for me to resist Claudia when she gets like this. I had to get Claudia to finish three times before we were done…and that was only because Claudia screamed when she noticed Karen was watching.

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